Best Boxer Biographies Books

Here you will get Best Boxer Biographies Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Talking to GOATs: The Moments You Remember and the Stories You Never Heard

Author: by Jim Gray
336 pages

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INSTANT USA TODAY BESTSELLER! WITH A FOREWORD BY TOM BRADY As a sportscaster and sports historian, Jim’s career genuinely stands the test of time…. This book is sports history about some of the greats by one of the greats, who was taking it all in on the sidelines, in the stands or the dugout, by the eighteenth green, courtside, or in the broadcast booth.

Tom Brady, seven-time NFL Super Bowl champion GOATA riveting, insightful memoir of never-before-told stories from Jim Gray, twelve-time Emmy Award-winner, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster, and renowned interviewer that explores the author’s career and the inside stories and memorable moments of the famous legends he has covered including, Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson.

In Talking to GOATs, award-winning broadcaster Jim Gray looks back at his four decades of sports reporting from the unparalleled perspective of one of the world’s most respected and skilled interviewers. A journalist who many iconic athletes have trusted to tell their stories (of both triumph and disgrace), Jim has had unprecedented access to the people, places and extraordinary events in the world of sports.

2. Undisputed Truth

Author: by Mike Tyson
608 pages

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Be sure to check out IRON AMBITION: My Life with Cus D’Amato by Mike TysonRaw, powerful and disturbinga head-spinning take on Mr. Tyson’s life. Wall Street Journal Philosopher, Broadway headliner, fighter, felonMike Tyson has defied stereotypes, expectations, and a lot of conventional wisdom during his three decades in the public eye.

Bullied as a boy in the toughest, poorest neighborhood in Brooklyn, Tyson grew up to become one of the most ferocious boxers of all timeand the youngest heavyweight champion ever. But his brilliance in the ring was often compromised by reckless behavior.

Yeteven after hitting rock bottomthe man who once admitted being addicted to everything fought his way back, achieving triumphant success as an actor and newfound happiness and stability as a father and husband. Brutal, honest, raw, and often hilarious, Undisputed Truth is the singular journey of an inspiring American original.

3. (Low)life: A Memoir of Jazz, Fight-Fixing, and The Mob

Author: by Charles Farrell
Hamilcar Publications
312 pages

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With deadpan humor, whip-smart insights and some damn fine sentences, Charles Farrell has written a classic chronicle of life in the twilight world, on par with masters of the genre like Damon Runyon, Mezz Mezzrow, Nat Hentoff and Nick Pileggi.A truly great read.

Debby Applegate, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher, and author of Madam: The Life of Polly Adler, Icon of the Jazz-AgeA world-class jazz pianist, Charles Farrell made his living working Mob clubs from the time he was a teenager in the 1960s.

He later moved from music to the complex world of professional boxing, managing dozens of fighters, including former heavyweight champion Leon Spinks and former gang leader Mitch Blood Green, who famously went toe-to-toe with Mike Tysononce in the ring and once in the street.

A fight-fixer and gangster, Farrell ran afoul of New York mobsters in the 1990s and retreated to the mountains of Puerto Rico, coming home only after an infamous boxing legend brokered his safe return. Retired from the fight game, he returned to jazz and, among other collaborators, played frequently with his friend Ornette Coleman, the godfather of Free Jazz and one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century.

4. The Cost of These Dreams: Sports Stories and Other Serious Business

Author: by Wright Thompson
400 pages

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The instant New York Times bestseller! From one of America’s most beloved sportswriters and the bestselling author of Pappyland, a collection of true stories about the dream of greatness and its cost in the world of sports.”Wright Thompson’s stories are so full of rich characters, bad actors, heroes, drama, suffering, courage, conflict, and vivid detail that I sometimes thinks he’s working my side of the street – the world of fiction.” – John GrishamThere is only one Wright Thompson.

He is, as they say, famous if you know who he is: his work includes the most read articles in the history of ESPN (and it’s not even close) and has been anthologized in the Best American Sports Writing series ten times, and he counts John Grisham and Richard Ford among his ardent admirers (see back of book).

But to say his pieces are about sports, while true as far as it goes, is like saying Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove is a book about a cattle drive. Wright Thompson figures people out. He jimmies the lock to the furnaces inside the people he profiles and does an analysis of the fuel that fires their ambition.

5. Education of a Wandering Man: A Memoir

Author: by Louis L'Amour
Bantam (December 1, 1990)
272 pages

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From his decision to leave school at fifteen to roam the world, to his recollections of life as a hobo on the Southern Pacific Railroad, as a cattle skinner in Texas, as a merchant seaman in Singapore and the West Indies, and as an itinerant bare-knuckled prizefighter across small-town America, here is Louis L’Amour’s memoir of his lifelong love affair with learningfrom books, from yondering, and from some remarkable men and womenthat shaped him as a storyteller and as a man.

Like classic L’Amour fiction, Education of a Wandering Man mixes authentic frontier drama-such as the author’s desperate efforts to survive a sudden two-day trek across the blazing Mojave desert-with true-life characters like Shanghai waterfront toughs, desert prospectors, and cowboys whom Louis L’Amour met while traveling the globe.

At last, in his own words, this is a story of a one-of-a-kind life lived to the fullest … A life that inspired the books that will forever enable us to relive our glorious frontier heritage.

6. The Greatest: My Own Story

Author: by Muhammad Ali
Graymalkin Media
424 pages

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Everybody knows the record the stuff of almanacs, trade magazines and clipping services. A handful know the man. But only Muhammad Ali knows his life as he lived it. The Greatest is Ali’s own story. For six years he worked, traveled and talked with Richard Durham, a writer with a stunning talent, and the result is mesmerizing in its brilliance, drama, humanity and sheer entertainment.

This is no documented scrapbook of wins and losses strung together with anecdotes; nor is it a thin potpourri of locker room gags. This book, like Ali who has incited every reaction except indifference goes straight to the place where responses to him have always been the gut.

When the history of the twentieth century is finally recorded, it must include Muhammad Ali. He is “The Greatest.”

7. The Sixteenth Round: From Number 1 Contender to Number 45472

Author: by Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Lawrence Hill Books
368 pages

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Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was riding a wave of success. The survivor of a difficult youth, he rose to become a top contender for the middleweight boxing crown. But his career crashed to a halt on May 26, 1967, when he and another man were found guilty of the murder of three white people and sentenced to three consecutive life terms.

Written from prison and first published in 1974, The Sixteenth Round chronicles Hurricane’s journey from the ring to solitary confinement. The book was his cry for help to the public, an attempt to set the record straight and force a new trial.

Bob Dylan wrote his classic anthem “Hurricane” about his struggle, and Muhammad Ali and thousands of others took up his cause. The power of Carter’s voice, as well as his ironic humor, makes this an eloquent, soul-stirring account of a remarkable life.

8. All Blood Runs Red: The Legendary Life of Eugene Bullard―Boxer, Pilot, Soldier, Spy

Author: by Tom Clavin
Hanover Square Press
352 pages

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Winner of the Gold Medal for Memoir/Biography from the Military Writers Society of AmericaA New York Times Book Review Editors’ ChoiceA whale of a tale, told clearly and quickly. I read the entire book in almost one sitting.Thomas E.

Ricks, New York Times Book ReviewThe incredible story of the first African American military pilot, who went on to become a Paris nightclub impresario, a spy in the French Resistance and an American civil rights pioneerEugene Bullard lived one of the most fascinating lives of the twentieth century.

The son of a former slave and an indigenous Creek woman, Bullard fled home at the age of eleven to escape the racial hostility of his Georgia community. When his journey led him to Europe, he garnered worldwide fame as a boxer, and later as the first African American fighter pilot in history.

After the war, Bullard returned to Paris a celebrated hero. But little did he know that the dramatic, globe-spanning arc of his life had just begun. All Blood Runs Red is the inspiring untold story of an American hero, a thought-provoking chronicle of the twentieth century and a portrait of a man who came from nothing and by his own courage, determination, gumption, intelligence and luck forged a legendary life.

9. Amateur: A Reckoning with Gender, Identity, and Masculinity

Author: by Thomas McBee
224 pages

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Shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Nonfiction *Shortlisted for the Lambda Literary Award *Shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize One of The Times UK’s Best Memoirs of 2018, BuzzFeed’s Best Nonfiction of 2018, Autostraddle’s Best LGBT Books of 2018, and 52 Insight’s Favorite Nonfiction Books of 2018 A no-holds-barred examination of masculinity (BuzzFeed) and violence from award-winning author Thomas Page McBee.

In this refreshing and radical (The Guardian) narrative, Thomas McBee, a trans man, sets out to uncover what makes a manand what being a good man even meansthrough his experience training for and fighting in a charity boxing match at Madison Square Garden.

A self-described amateur at masculinity, McBee embarks on a wide-ranging exploration of gender in society, examining sexism, toxic masculinity, and privilege. As he questions the limitations of gender roles and the roots of masculine aggression, he finds intimacy, hope, and even love in the experience of boxing and in his role as a man in the world.

10. Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times

Author: by Kenneth Whyte
768 pages

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“An exemplary biographyexhaustively researched, fair-minded and easy to read. It can nestle on the same shelf as David McCullough’s Truman, a high compliment indeed.” The Wall Street JournalThe definitive biography of Herbert Hoover, one of the most remarkable Americans of the twentieth centurya wholly original account that will forever change the way Americans understand the man, his presidency, his battle against the Great Depression, and their own history.

An impoverished orphan who built a fortune. A great humanitarian. A president elected in a landslide and then resoundingly defeated four years later. Arguably the father of both New Deal liberalism and modern conservatism, Herbert Hoover lived one of the most extraordinary American lives of the twentieth century.

Yet however astonishing, his accomplishments are often eclipsed by the perception that Hoover was inept and heartless in the face of the Great Depression. Now, Kenneth Whyte vividly recreates Hoover’s rich and dramatic life in all its complex glory. He follows Hoover through his Iowa boyhood, his cutthroat business career, his brilliant rescue of millions of lives during World War I and the 1927 Mississippi floods, his misconstrued presidency, his defeat at the hands of a ruthless Franklin Roosevelt, his devastating years in the political wilderness, his return to grace as Truman’s emissary to help European refugees after World War II, and his final vindication in the days of Kennedy’s “New Frontier.” Ultimately, Whyte brings to light Hoover’s complexities and contradictionshis modesty and ambition, his ruthlessness and extreme generosityas well as his profound political legacy.

11. Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson

Author: by Geoffrey C. Ward
544 pages

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In this vivid biography Geoffrey C. Ward brings back to life the most celebrated and the most reviled African American of his age. Jack Johnson battled his way out of obscurity and poverty in the Jim Crow South to win the title of heavyweight champion of the world.

At a time when whites ran everything in America, he took orders from no one and resolved to live as if color did not exist. While most blacks struggled simply to exist, he reveled in his riches and his fame, sleeping with whomever he pleased, to the consternation and anger of much of white America.

Because he did so the federal government set out to destroy him, and he was forced to endure prison and seven years of exile. This definitive biography portrays Jack Johnson as he really was-a battler against the bigotry of his era and the embodiment of American individualism.

12. Iron Ambition: My Life with Cus D'Amato

Author: by Mike Tyson
Blue Rider Press
480 pages

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A New York Times Notable BookAn NPR Best Book of the Year In 1852, at age sixteen, Cixi was chosen as one of Emperor Xianfeng’s numerous concubines. When he died in 1861, their five-year-old son succeeded to the throne. Cixi at once launched a coup against her son’s regents and placed herself as the true source of powergoverning through a silk screen that separated her from her male officials.

Drawing on newly available sources, Jung Chang comprehensively overturns Cixi’s reputation as a conservative despot. Cixi’s extraordinary reign saw the birth of modern China. Under her, the ancient country attained industries, railways, electricity, and a military with up-to-date weaponry. She abolished foot-binding, inaugurated women’s liberation, and embarked on a path to introduce voting rights.

Packed with drama, this groundbreaking biography powerfully reforms our view of a crucial period in China’sand the world’shistory.

14. Twisted: The Tangled History of Black Hair Culture

Author: by Emma Dabiri
Harper Perennial
272 pages

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A Kirkus Best Book of the YearStamped from the Beginning meets You Can’t Touch My Hair in this timely and resonant essay collection from Guardian contributor and prominent BBC race correspondent Emma Dabiri, exploring the ways in which black hair has been appropriated and stigmatized throughout history, with ruminations on body politics, race, pop culture, and Dabiri’s own journey to loving her hair.

Emma Dabiri can tell you the first time she chemically straightened her hair. She can describe the smell, the atmosphere of the salon, and her mix of emotions when she saw her normally kinky tresses fall down her shoulders. For as long as Emma can remember, her hair has been a source of insecurity, shame, andfrom strangers and family alikediscrimination.

And she is not alone. Despite increasingly liberal world views, black hair continues to be erased, appropriated, and stigmatized to the point of taboo. Through her personal and historical journey, Dabiri gleans insights into the way racism is coded in society’s perception of black hairand how it is often used as an avenue for discrimination.

15. Ali: A Life

Author: by Jonathan Eig
Mariner Books
672 pages

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Winner of the 2018 PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing Winner of The Times Sports Biography of the Year As Muhammad Ali’s life was an epic of a life so Ali: A Life is an epic of a biography … Pages in succession its narrative reads like a novela suspenseful novel with a cast of vivid characters.

Joyce Carol Oates, New York Times Book Review Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Clay in racially segregated Louisville, Kentucky, the son of a sign painter and a housekeeper. He went on to become a heavyweight boxer with a dazzling mix of power and speed, a warrior for racial pride, a comedian, a preacher, a poet, a draft resister, an actor, and a lover.

Millions hated him when he changed his religion, changed his name, and refused to fight in the Vietnam War. He fought his way back, winning hearts, but at great cost. Jonathan Eig, hailed by Ken Burns as one of America’s master storytellers, sheds important new light on Ali’s politics, religion, personal life, and neurological condition through unprecedented access to all the key people in Ali’s life, more than 500 interviews and thousands of pages of previously unreleased FBI and Justice Department files and audiotaped interviews from the 1960s.

16. LIFE Muhammad Ali: A Life In Pictures

Author: by The Editors of LIFE
LIFE (May 21, 2021)
96 pages

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Ali: A Life in Pictures tells the story of perhaps the most influential athlete of the 20th century, both in the joyous way he celebrated his achievements and in his willingness to stand up for matters of conviction. This special issue follows Ali’s journey from his Louisville youth to the pinnacle of the boxing world.

Ali delighted fans with his ability to fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and star in some of the greatest spectacles in the history of the sweet science. But when asked to serve in a war he considered unjust, he sacrificed his heavyweight title in the name of his beliefs, drawing both scorn in his time and respect for all time.

Documenting his ring skills, his celebrity, and his status as a cultural icon, the words and pictures in this special issue show why Ali was “the Greatest.” Please note that this product is an authorized edition published by the Meredith Corporation and sold by Amazon.

This edition is printed using a high quality matte interior paper and printed on demand for immediate fulfillment.