Best British & Irish Humor & Satire Books

Here you will get Best British & Irish Humor & Satire Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Anxious People: A Novel

Author: by Fredrik Backman
352 pages

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An instant #1 New York Times bestseller, the new novel from the author of A Man Called Ove is a quirky, big-hearted novel. Wry, wise and often laugh-out-loud funny, it’s a wholly original story that delivers pure pleasure (People). Looking at real estate isn’t usually a life-or-death situation, but an apartment open house becomes just that when a failed bank robber bursts in and takes a group of strangers hostage.

The captives include a recently retired couple who relentlessly hunt down fixer-uppers to avoid the painful truth that they can’t fix their own marriage. There’s a wealthy bank director who has been too busy to care about anyone else and a young couple who are about to have their first child but can’t seem to agree on anything.

Add to the mix an eighty-seven-year-old woman who has lived long enough not to be afraid of someone waving a gun in her face, a flustered but still-ready-to-make-a-deal real estate agent, and a mystery man who has locked himself in the apartment’s only bathroom, and you’ve got the worst group of hostages in the world.

2. Sorrow and Bliss: A Novel

Author: by Meg Mason
Harper (February 9, 2021)
February 9, 2021

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“Brilliantly faceted and extremely funny…. While I was reading it, I was making a list of all the people I wanted to send it to, until I realized that I wanted to send it to everyone I know.” Ann PatchettImprobably charming…

Will have you chortling and reading lines aloud. PEOPLEThe internationally bestselling, compulsively readable novelspiky, sharp, intriguingly dark, and tenderthat combines the psychological insight of Sally Rooney with the sharp humor of Nina Stibbe and the emotional resonance of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.

Martha Friel just turned forty. Once, she worked at Vogue and planned to write a novel. Now, she creates internet content. She used to live in a pied–terre in Paris. Now she lives in a gated community in Oxford, the only person she knows without a PhD, a baby or both, in a house she hates but cannot bear to leave.

But she must leave, now that her husband Patrickthe kind who cooks, throws her birthday parties, who loves her and has only ever wanted her to be happyhas just moved out. Because there’s something wrong with Martha, and has been for a long time.

3. When Life Gives You Lemons: the feel-good romantic comedy you need to read, from the #1 Kindle best selling author: the perfect feel-good romantic comedy for summer 2020

Author: by Fiona Gibson
Avon (March 5, 2020)
March 5, 2020

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Escape it all with this hilarious, heartwarming read from the number one bestselling author. Sometimes life can be bittersweet … Between tending to the whims of her seven-year-old and the demands of her boss, Viv barely gets a moment to herself.

It’s not quite the life she wanted, but she hasn’t run screaming for the hills yet. But then Viv’s husband Andy makes his mid-life crisis her problem. He’s having an affair with his (infuriatingly age-appropriate) colleague, a woman who unlike Viv doesn’t put on weight when she so much as glances at a cream cake.

Viv suddenly finds herself single, with zero desire to mingle. Should she be mourning the end of life as she knows it, or could this be the perfect chance to put herself first? When life gives you lemons, lemonade just won’t cut it.Bring on the gin!

Fiona’s hilarious new book,The Dog Share, is available for pre-order now! The perfect antitode for Lockdown 3. 0Readers love When Life Gives You Lemons:A fun, wild and light-hearted read and a look inside what most women are faced with today!’ *Give me more stories like this one!

4. The Getaway Girls: A hilarious feel good summer read about second chances

Author: by Dee MacDonald
340 pages


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“One morning, Connie McColl wakes up and decides to swap her ordinary life, for an extraordinary adventureConnie McColl is finally free to make her own decisions for the first time in decades. And when she meets glamorous Gill and downtrodden Maggie, at a rather dull flower arranging class, it seems that she’s not the only one dreaming of adventure.

The three very different women all agree it’s about time they had a holiday to remember. So they make a pact for this summer to be their best yet – and drive off into the sunset togetherAs they meander their way along the beautiful beaches of France and onto the glorious delights of Italy in their luxury campervan, the new friends have plenty of fun and frolics in the sunshine.

But the vacation isn’t quite what they expectedGill will do anything to have one last holiday romance, Connie has a surprise inheritance awaiting her in Italy, and Maggie has a secret that is going to catch up with them allIn the end, all three women discover that the journey they thought would be their last really is just the beginningFrom the bestselling author of The Runaway Wife, The Getaway Girls is a laugh-out-loud, life-affirming journey of friendship, romance and living life to the full.

5. Three Wishes: A Novel

Author: by Liane Moriarty
Harper Paperbacks
384 pages

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The funny, heartwarming, and completely charming first novel from Liane Moriarty, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Nine Perfect Strangers and Big Little Lies. Lyn, Cat, and Gemma Kettle, beautiful thirty-three-year-old triplets, seem to attract attention everywhere they go.

Together, laughter, drama, and mayhem follow them, but apart, each is dealing with her own share of ups and downs. Lyn has organized her life into one big checklist, Cat has just learned a startling secret about her marriage, and Gemma, who bolts every time a relationship hits the six-month mark, holds out hope for lasting love.

In this wise, witty, and hilarious novel, we follow the Kettle sisters through their tumultuous thirty-third year as they deal with sibling rivalry and secrets, revelations and relationships, unfaithful husbands and unthinkable decisions, and the fabulous, frustrating life of forever being part of a trio.

6. Summer at Sandcastle Cottage: The PERFECT joyful read for summer 2021!

Author: by Christina Jones
Headline (March 18, 2021)
March 18, 2021

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‘THIS BOOK IS A DELIGHT. WARM, FUNNY AND FULL OF LOVE!’ Katie Fforde, author of A Springtime Affair’LOVELY, SUNSHINEY … A TREAT’ Carole Matthews, author of Sunny Days and Sea Breezes_”… Before anyone or anything else could stop her, she pulled the flimsy airmail letter from her pocket and opened it.

The writing was black, small, and cursive, and there was a lot of it .. .”THE SUNNIEST AND MOST UPLIFTING AUTHOR RETURNS! DISCOVER WHY READERS LOVE CHRISTINA JONES … “Left me with a massive smile on my face and great warmth in my heart” Netgalley reviewer* “Lovely and sunny, with the right mix of drama and romance …

The chip shop, the beach and the sunshine just add to the joy” Netgalley reviewer* “I’ve been reading Christina’s books for longer than I care to remember … I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone” Netgalley reviewer*”A wonderful book of a family built up of friendships …

Just loved it”Amazon reviewer* “So great to see Christiana Jones back writing again … Left me with a massive smile on my face and great warmth in my heart” Amazon reviewer_After trials, tears and a torturous break-up, Kitty Appleby has finally found where she’s meant to be.

7. The Last Anniversary: A Novel

Author: by Liane Moriarty
Harper Perennial
April 2, 2010

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From Liane Moriarty, author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Big Little Lies and Truly Madly Guilty, comes an unforgettable novel defined by her signature sharp wit, page-turning storyline, and lovable and eccentric characters. Sophie Honeywell always wondered if Thomas Gordon was the one who got away.

He was the perfect boyfriend, but on the day he was going to propose, she broke his heart. A year later he married his travel agent, while Sophie has been mortifyingly single ever since. Now Thomas is back in her life because Sophie has unexpectedly inherited his aunt Connie’s house on Scribbly Gum Islandhome of the famously unsolved Munro Baby mystery.

Sophie moves onto the island and begins a new life as part of an unconventional family, where it seems everyone has a secret. Grace, a beautiful young mother, is feverishly planning a shocking escape from her perfect life. Margie, a frumpy housewife, has made a pact with a stranger, while dreamy Aunt Rose wonders if maybe it’s about time she started making her own decisions.

8. Small Gods: Discworld Novel, A

Author: by Terry Pratchett
HarperCollins e-books
March 17, 2009

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The thirteenth novel in the Discworld series from New York Times bestselling author Terry Pratchett. Lost in the chill deeps of space between the galaxies, it sails on forever, a flat, circular world carried on the back of a giant turtle Discworld a land where the unexpected can be expected.

Where the strangest things happen to the nicest people. Like Brutha, a simple lad who only wants to tend his melon patch. Until one day he hears the voice of a god calling his name. A small god, to be sure.But bossy as Hell.

9. Past Mortem: A heart-stopping thriller and killer comic romance

Author: by Ben Elton

Transworld Digital

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‘A writer who provokes, almost as much as he entertains’ Daily Mail’Engaging and smartly plotted’ Observer_With old friends like these, who needs enemies? It’s a question mild mannered detective Edward Newson is forced to ask himself when, in romantic desperation, he logs on to the Friends Reunited website in search of the girlfriends of his youth.

Newson is not the only member of the Class of ’88 who has been raking over the ashes of the past. As his old class begins to reassemble in cyberspace, the years slip away and old feuds and passions burn hot once more.

Meanwhile, back in the present, Newson’s life is no less complicated. He is secretly in love with Natasha, his lovely but very attached sergeant, and failing comprehensively to solve a series of baffling and peculiarly gruesome murders. A school reunion is planned and as history begins to repeat itself, the past crashes headlong into the present.

Neither will ever be the same again. What readers are saying:* ‘Fun, frightful and relentlessly gripping.’* ‘Clever and original … A great read’* ‘Darkly comic, intriguing … And with a real twist in the tail.’

10. Highland Treasure: Highland Brides

Author: by Lynsay Sands
Avon (January 26, 2021)
January 26, 2021

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A Buchanan brother finds a love to treasure in this scintillating historical romance from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands After escaping from the English soldiers who attacked her home and imprisoned her in a dungeon, Lady Elysande de Valance is grateful for the rugged Scots who are escorting her to safety in the Highlands.

Even with danger dogging their every step, she hadn’t expected to welcome the strong comforting embrace of their leader, Rory Buchanan. They say he’s a healer, but she finds the heat of his touch does so much more Let his brothers get marriedRory is too busy tending to the sick to be bothered with wooing a bride.

But when he is tasked with accompanying a family friend’s treasure to the Highlands, he is surprised to learn the treasure is a beautiful woman on the runand even more surprised to discover bruises hidden by her veil. Rory makes it his mission to tend to her injuries and protect her, but the thought of losing her makes him realize that perhaps it is his heart that is most in need of healing

11. For Once in My Life: An absolutely perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy

Author: by Colleen Coleman
262 pages

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Feel-good, funny, uplifting Will make you laugh out loud and leave you smiling from ear to ear.’ NetGalley ReviewerTwenty-nine-year-old Lily Buckley planned to be happily married and in her dream job by now. Instead she’s been single since being left at the altar three years ago, and works at her local paper, writing about giant vegetables at the village fete and a dog who looks exactly like Chewbacca.

Not quite what she was dreaming of. So when Lily’s given the opportunity to write her own column it’s exactly what she’s always wanted except what she has to write about. She has to do one thing every week that scares her.

With encouragement from sexy colleague and adrenalin-junkie Christopher, Lily agrees. From sky-diving to haunted houses, Lily is going to be pushed to her limit. But Lily is hiding something the thing that she fears the most of allEver since her heart was broken Lily has been afraid of falling in love again.

Will fear hold her back once more or can Christopher help her to finally find happiness? An uplifting, feel-good story about friendship, romance, and finding the hero inside yourself. Fans of Marian Keyes, Mhairi McFarlane and Sophie Kinsella will love Colleen Coleman!

12. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel

Author: by Rachel Joyce
384 pages

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER [Rachel] Joyce’s beguiling debut is [a] modest-seeming story of ordinary’ English lives that enthralls and moves you as it unfolds. People (four stars) IN DEVELOPMENT AS A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE LONGLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE WASHINGTON POST Meet Harold Fry, recently retired.

He lives in a small English village with his wife, Maureen, who seems irritated by almost everything he does. Little differentiates one day from the next. Then one morning a letter arrives, addressed to Harold in a shaky scrawl, from a woman he hasn’t heard from in twenty years.

Queenie Hennessy is in hospice and is writing to say goodbye. But before Harold mails off a quick reply, a chance encounter convinces him that he absolutely must deliver his message to Queenie in person. In his yachting shoes and light coat, Harold Fry embarks on an urgent quest.

Determined to walk six hundred miles to the hospice, Harold believes that as long as he walks, Queenie will live. A novel of charm, humor, and profound insight into the thoughts and feelings we all bury deep within our hearts, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry introduces Rachel Joyce as a wiseand utterly irresistiblestoryteller.

13. Flashman: A Novel

Author: by George MacDonald Fraser
February 26, 2013

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If ever there was a time when I felt that ‘watcher-of-the-skies-when-a-new-planet’ stuff, it was when I read the first Flashman.” P.G. WodehouseFraser revives Flashman, a caddish bully from Tom Brown’s Schooldays by Thomas Hughes, and relates Flashman’s adventures after he is expelled in drunken disgrace from Rugby school in the late 1830s.

Flashy enlists in the Eleventh Light Dragoons and is promptly sent to India and Afghanistan, where despite his consistently cowardly behavior he always manages to come out on top. Flashman is an incorrigible anti-hero for the ages. This humorous adventure book will appeal to fans of historical fiction, military fiction, and British history as well as to fans of Clive Cussler, James Bond, and The Three Musketeers.

Flashman is the first book of the famous Flashman Papers series.

14. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Book 2)

Author: by Douglas Adams
Del Rey
December 24, 2008

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Now celebrating the 42nd anniversary of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, soon to be a Hulu original series! Douglas Adams is a terrific satirist. The Washington Post Book WorldFacing annihilation at the hands of the warlike Vogons? Time for a cup of tea!

Join the cosmically displaced Arthur Dent and his uncommon comrades in arms in their desperate search for a place to eat, as they hurtle across space powered by pure improbability. Among Arthur’s motley shipmates are Ford Prefect, a longtime friend and expert contributor to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; Zaphod Beeblebrox, the three-armed, two-headed ex-president of the galaxy; Tricia McMillan, a fellow Earth refugee who’s gone native (her name is Trillian now); and Marvin, the moody android.Their destination?

The ultimate hot spot for an evening of apocalyptic entertainment and fine dining, where the food speaks for itself (literally).Will they make it? The answer: hard to say. But bear in mind that The Hitchhiker’s Guide deleted the term Future Perfect from its pages, since it was discovered not to be!

15. A Cat's Guide to Bonding with Dragons: A Humorous Fantasy Adventure (Dragoncat Book 1)

Author: by Chris Behrsin
December 28, 2020

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The unlikely duo who might just save the worldBen must be the hungriest cat everOne moment, he was enjoying a breakfast of salmon trimmings in his home in South Wales. The next, he was teleported across time and space onto the cold stone floor of an evil warlock.

Locked in the warlock’s tower through day and night, Ben may have to serve him for a while. He’ll hate this, especially having to hunt those infernal demon rats when the warlock doesn’t feed him well at all. Meanwhile, in a distant academy, a dragon is bored out of her mind.

Unable to wear a saddle, no human dares mount her. Is there anyone in this land who can ride her into battle against the forces of the evil warlocks? Somehow, she doubts she’ll ever find a suitable bond. Unless there is another creature with enough dexterity to fulfil that role.

One, perhaps, who is currently sprinting right out of a warlock’s front door

16. Dead Man's Sins (The Dublin Trilogy)

Author: by Caimh McDonnell
312 pages

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How far would you go to protect a dead man? It’s the year 2000 in Dublin and, following some traumatic events, Detective Bunny McGarry is taking a well-earned break from the force. However, just because you’re not looking for trouble doesn’t mean trouble isn’t looking for you.

Bunny’s former partner died in the line of duty under dubious circumstances but his murky background has suddenly resurfaced, threatening Bunny’s reputation as well. As if that isn’t enough, a young boy is in danger and a woman from the big fella’s past is trapped in a loveless marriage to a monster.

They both need Bunny’s help, but he must get to work fast it seems someone is trying to frame him for murder Dead Man’s Sins is a continuation of McDonnell’s critically acclaimed bestselling Dublin Trilogy and mixes high-octane thrills with a distinctly Irish wit.