Best Canadian Cooking, Food & Wine Books

Here you will get Best Canadian Cooking, Food & Wine Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes for Busy People on the Keto Diet

Author: by Jen Fisch
210 pages

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The ketogenic diet made fast and easy with 5-ingredient recipes When life gets busy, sticking to your diet can be hard, but this keto cookbook helps you stay on track with recipes that only require a handful of ingredients to create a complete and satisfying meal.

It’s your guide to turning everyday, easy-to-find foods into keto-friendly meals that are full of the healthy fats your body needs to thrive but fast enough to throw together even on the most hectic days. This ketogenic cookbook features: The basics of ketoGet an overview of the ketogenic diet so you’ll understand what makes these recipes keto, and learn how to count macros and interpret nutritional information.

Quick mealsRecipes require only 5 main ingredients, not including basic kitchen staples like salt and pepper, and most can be made in less than 30 minutes or in just one pot or pan. Customizable optionsUse the quick tips for swapping out ingredients to adapt these dishes to your own tastes and health needs.

2. Matty Matheson: A Cookbook

Author: by Matty Matheson
304 pages

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Matty Matheson, star of Viceland’s It’s Suppertime and Dead Set On Life, reveals his favorite recipes and stories in a cookbook that his devoted fans have been waiting for. Matty Matheson is known as much for his amazing food as his love for life, positive mental attitude, and epic Instagram account.

This debut cookbook is about Matty’s memories of the foods that have defined who he is. With a drive to share his zest for life, he creates dishes within these pages that reinterpret the flavors of his youth in Canada, as well as the restaurant fare for which he has become so well-known.

Interpretations of classics like Seafood Chowder, Scumbo: Dad’s Gumbo, and Rappie Pie appear alongside restaurant recipes like Bavette, Pigtail Tacos, and his infamous P&L Burger. This is a very personal cookbook, full of essays and headnotes that share Matty’s lifefrom growing up in Fort Erie, exploring the wonders of Prince Edward Island, struggling and learning as a young chef in Toronto, and, eventually, his rise to popularity as one of the world’s most recognizable food personalities.

3. The Ultimate Canadian Cookbook: 111 Dishes From Canada To Cook Right Now (World Cuisines Book 30)

Author: by Slavka Bodic
June 23, 2021

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Food is the most accessible pleasure. It is nourishing and comforting. It connects people and makes them feel good. Eating is what all of us have in common, and we all love to do it well. Plus, food is the easiest way to explore a different culture.

Do you like to cook? But you are tired of the same old menu? Have you been looking for fun recipes for any occasion? Are you a fan of an authentic Canadian kitchen? Then you are in luck! This cookbook has it all and more.

It will upgrade your cooking routine with one hundred eleven delicious and filling meals from Canada with love. You will be happy to cook again. Explore new and exciting flavors of authentic Canadian cuisine. You will be delighted with the results.

Don’t worry if you are not a chef. This comprehensive cooking guide is good for any level. It will help tap into your creative side. You will love this cookbook because everyone can appreciate a real homemade meal and newness.

Surprise yourself, your friends, or your family. It is time to cook something new. Be ready for your taste buds to sing.

4. Renal Diet Cookbook: 1001 + Tasty Low-Sodium and Low-Potassium Recipes to Help You Eat Healthfully Without Sacrificing Taste and Get Your Energy Back. Includes a 30-Day Meal Plan

Author: by Michelle Burns
277 pages

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Revised edition July 2021: we have taken into account feedback from our customers to meet their needsWith a handy index to quickly find your favorite recipesDo you or a family member suffer from kidney failure and are you running out of ideas about what to cook?

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to help you choose tasty and healthy foods to prepare new and delicious recipes? Well, you have found the right place! As you know, a kidney diet limits the amount of protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and fluids consumed.

Kidney disease causes the kidneys to be unable to filter waste from the blood, which means the blood becomes toxic. A renal diet is designed to protect the kidneys from further damage. When nutrition is so crucial to our health, it’s easy to fall into monotony and think there aren’t many recipes you can enjoy.

That’s why this MEGA COLLECTION OF 1001+ RECIPES was created. It will help you find dishes for every moment of the day, from a simple breakfast to a tasty lunch to enjoy with your friends! For those with a family history of kidney disease, it’s even more important to learn about the symptoms and to improve your health.

5. The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook: Charming Recipes from Anne and Her Friends in Avonlea

Author: by Kate Macdonald

Race Point Publishing
112 pages

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Finally experience the foods from this classic children’s series with The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook. Join Anne Shirley and her friends in Avonlea with the charming recipes in The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook, a recipe collection inspired by L.M.

Montgomery’s famous children’s book series, Anne of Green Gables. Have you ever wanted to sneak a sip of Diana Barry’s Favorite Raspberry Cordial or try a slice of Anne Shirley’s Liniment Cake (without the liniment!? Now you can, with the delightful teatime snacks, mains, desserts, and more created by Kate Macdonald, L.M.

Montgomery’s granddaughter. From Poetical Egg Salad Sandwiches and Marilla’s Plum Pudding with Caramel Pudding Sauce (without the mouse! To Gilbert’s Hurry-Up Dinner, the recipes included here are mentioned throughout the books in the Anne of Green Gables series, along with recipes from L.M.

Montgomery’s own kitchen. With a lovely grosgrain ribbon, full-color photography, whimsical illustrations, and quotes and anecdotes, this cookbook is the ideal gift for all kindred spirits and lovers of Avonlea.

6. Sheet Pan Everything: Deliciously Simple One-Pan Recipes

Author: by Ricardo Larrivee
216 pages

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NATIONAL BESTSELLERThe simplest way to get a no-fuss delicious dinner on the table?The sheet pan! In the latest cookbook from Ricardo and team, you will find fuss-free, one-pan recipes the whole family will enjoy. Worried about what to make for dinner after a long busy workday?

Take the stress out of cooking with these one-pan recipes! Lacking inspiration for flavorful meals the whole family will enjoy? Let the sheet pan will be the hero of your every meal! Love cooking, but hate cleaning up? Sheet pan meals are easy to make, and even easier to clean up!

In this simple, beautiful, well-balanced cookbook, you will find more than 75 easy-to-follow recipes that are ready in a snap. Sheet Pan Everything has recipes that the whole family will enjoy, as well as strategies for how to plan your family’s meals for the week.

Inside are delicious recipes for any gathering, like Chicken Wings and Cauliflower with Honey-Mustard Sauce; Cheesesteak Subs; Parmesan-crusted Pork Chops; Cauliflower Tacos; Cheddar, Bacon and Baguette Strata; Beet, Chickpea and Pomegranate salad; Sheet Pan Raclette; Frangipane and Pear Tart; and Giant Ice Cream Sandwich.

7. Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse: Another Cookbook of Sorts

Author: by Frederic Morin
352 pages

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A new cookbook/survival guide/love letter to Montreal for these apocalyptic times, from the James Beard Awardnominated culinary adventurists and proprietors of the beloved restaurant, Joe Beef. The first Joe Beef cookbook changed forever what a cookbook could be.

Anything that came after had to take it into account. Now, with this latest and even more magnificent beast, the rogue princes of Canadian cuisine and hospitality show us the way out of the numbing, post-apocalyptic restaurant Hell of pretentiousness and mediocrity that threatens to engulf us all.

It makes us believe that the future is shiny, bright, beautiful, deliciousand probably Qubcois. This book will change your life. Anthony Bourdain It’s the end of the world as we know it.Or not. Either way, you want Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse in your bunker and/or kitchen.

In their much-loved first cookbook, Frdric Morin, David McMillan, and Meredith Erickson introduced readers to the art of living the Joe Beef way. Now, they’re back with another deeply personal, refreshingly unpretentious collection of more than 150 new recipes, some taken directly from the menus of Fred and Dave’s acclaimed Montreal restaurants, others from summers spent on Laurentian lakes and Sunday dinners at home.

8. The Art of Living According to Joe Beef: A Cookbook of Sorts

Author: by David McMillan
Ten Speed Press
304 pages

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The debut cookbook from one of the most celebrated restaurants in Canada, featuring inventive twists on French market cuisine, plus spirited anecdotes and lush photography. Earning rave reviews for their unforgettable approach, Joe Beef co-owners/chefs David McMillan and Frdric Morin push the limits of traditional French cuisine with over 125 recipes (nearly all of them photographed) for hearty dishes infused with irreverent personality.

The Strip Loin Steak comes complete with ten variations, Kale for a Hangover wisely advises the cook to eat and then go to bed, and the Marjolaine includes tips for welding your own cake mold. Joe Beef’s most popular dishes are also represented, such as Spaghetti Homard-Lobster, Foie Gras Breakfast Sandwich, Pork Fish Sticks, and Pojarsky de Veau (a big, moist meatball served on a bone).

The coup de grce is the SmorgasbordJoe Beef’s version of a Scandinavian open-faced sandwichwith thirty different toppings. Featuring lively stories and illustrations showcasing gangsters, oysters, Canadian railroad dining car food, the backyard smoker, and more, this nostalgic yet utterly modern cookbook is a groundbreaking guide to living an outstanding culinary life.

9. MIND DIET Cookbook for Beginners: What to Eat and Avoid to Improve Brain Health

Author: by Garry Goodman

‎ 197 pages

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Unlike other brain-health books, this cookbook contains MIND diet-specific recipes and excludes or limits ingredients that diet researchers recommend avoiding. BETTER EATING FOR BETTER BRAIN HEALTH! This book is written specially to help you learn the benefits of the MIND diet.

Every chapter carefully selects essential things such as symptoms, development, and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, suitable foods that the MIND diet recommends, and lifestyle changes that should help you lower the risk of developing this disease. The MIND diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) combines two heart-healthy, whole-food eating plansthe Mediterranean and DASH dietswhich are shown to reduce the risk or slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

This helpful guide presents an easy-to-follow program for keeping your mind sharp by eating the right foods and avoiding brain-harming ones. Reading this book will help you learn and perhaps even recognize some early signs of this disease and make the needed changes to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

10. Renal Diet Cookbook for Beginners 2021: Regain Kidney Health with Renal Diet. Easy Recipes for Beginners to Manage Kidney Disease

Author: by Nicole Mitchell
190 pages

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My kidneys are falling….What can I do? Are you facing chronic kidney disease? Do you want to regain your kidney health? Dealing with degenerative kidney disease is very stressful with food being something we eat daily…. Renal Diet low in potassium, sodium and phosphorous is helpful to slow down the evolution of the disease and even prevent your kidney’s health from getting worse over time.

The Renal Diet Cookbook for Beginners 2021 is an updated book implementing the latest doctors’ guidelines to get more energy, sleep like a baby, get good skin and cook the dishes you love! Adopting the renal diet into your everyday lifestyle is an easy and simple process with the Renal Diet Cookbook for Beginners 2021.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:Step-by-step recipes – giving you the time and energy to enjoy mealtimes with your familyRecipes are written for one person don’t waste your time in conversionsDetailed ingredient list and nutritional information, including sodium, phosphorus, and potassium for each recipe Giving you the confidence that you are nourishing your kidneys as recommended by doctorsEveryday dish ideas that are easy to cook, using ingredients that are easy to find – enjoy dishes you are familiar with and explore new ones to excite your palate!

11. Eat With Us: Mindful Recipes to Make Every Meal an Experience

Author: by Philip Lago
272 pages

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A beautiful, minimalist cookbook that invites you to take a more mindful approach to every meal. CONSIDER A SLOWER, MORE MINDFUL APPROACH TO COOKING and eating together. A way to disconnect from the outside world’s distractions and truly connect to each other and yourself.

A moment to take the time to enjoy and elevate the experience of every day cooking. For Philip and Mystique (the co-creators and couple behind the blog Chef Sous Chef), this approach in the kitchen is a way of life.

Mystique is the “sous” to Philip’s “chef,” and through her elegant, authentic touches, his delicious dishes come to life. In their debut cookbook, they share their simple, stunning recipes, and the stories and memories behind them. Eat with Us’s recipes are inspired by Philip and Mystique’s family favorites growing up and the multicultural city they live in.

The chapters are organized by occasion to reflect the way we truly eat today: Simple (weekday meals), Comfort (food for the soul), Lavish (special occasions), Al Fresco (dining outdoors), and Feasts (larger parties). From breakfast (Baked Eggs in Tomatillo Sauce with Bacon) to dinner (Channa Curry with Coconut Milk), and salads (Fig Panzanella with Ricotta and Basil) to sweets (Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies), these recipes celebrate and elevate home cooking.

12. Weight Loss, God's Way: Low-Carb Cookbook and 21-Day Meal Plan (Healthy by Design)

Author: by Cathy Morenzie
Guiding Light Publishing
120 pages

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Looking for a Christian cookbook or weight loss devotional without the strict vegetarian diet of the Daniel Plan book? In this award-winning weight loss cookbook, Cathy Morenzie – Author of the best-seller Weight Loss, God’s Way: The Proven 21-Day Devotional and Bible Study – provides a complete, easy-to-follow 21-day meal plan with over 60 delicious low-carb recipes to help you to not only lose weight, but to develop sustainable healthy eating patterns for life.

The Weight Loss, God’s Way cookbook and meal plan is both science-based and rooted in biblical principles. It is easy to follow and carefully designed to equip you to begin eating the way God designed you to. As you transform your relationship with food, you will be amazed by the physical and spiritual benefits you will experience.

Cathy Morenzie is an award-winning author, international speaker, and Christian weight loss coach who has empowered hundreds of thousands of women to transform their bodies by embracing their true identity in God and harnessing the power of His Word. Her popular Healthy by Design series of weight loss devotional books have won awards, topped best-sellers list and helped countless women to lose weight and become closer to God in a sustainable manner by providing simple, practical, biblical teachings that can be immediately applied to your life.

13. Quintessentially Quebec Recipes: Learn to Cook like French Canadians Do!

Author: by Rose Rivera
June 6, 2021

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What are some of the most well-known dishes made in the Canadian province of Quebec? What other types of recipes are cooks in the area especially fond of? Can you recreate the French Canadian dishes authentically at home? Quebec is among the most historic and oldest Canadian provinces.

They have world class dining, especially in and around Montreal; much of it based on French cuisine. Even though this cookbook includes 30 recipes, it’s only scratching the surface of the types of dishes you can make using French Canadian recipes.

The cuisine of Quebec ranges from that fine dining to greasy spoon home-made dishes. Many foods in the province are as iconic as Canada, including maple syrup, pea soup, smoked meats and poutine. Quebec is rightfully known for its maple syrup, providing about 75% of all maple syrup consumed worldwide!

The original inhabitants of Canada taught settlers how to properly tap the trees, then boil off water. The sugary-sweet sap is included in many of the recipes, and they’re not all desserts, either. From fine dining restaurants to home-cooking, from breakfast to lunch, dinner, side dishes and desserts, you’ll find lots of authentic recipes here.

14. Pizza Stone Recipe Cookbook: Cooking Delicious Pizza Craft Recipes For Your Grill and Oven or BBQ, Non Stick Round, Square or Rectangular ThermaBond Baking Set (Pizza Stone Recipes) (Volume 1)

Author: by A.J. Luigi
100 pages

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THERE’S NO PIZZA LIKE PIZZA STONE PIZZA!!!”… Pizza That Taste Like No OtherBEST CRISPY CRUSTS in the Pizza Game! Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Crust. Step 2: Pick Your Best Sauce. Step 3:Choose from a List Toppings! Pizza should be fun and done the right way.

That’s why we’ve put these recipes together for you to choose the type of crust you want. Then we have a variety of sauces that we thought you’d love to choose from. Then the toppings are endless!. These simple and easy to make recipes will have you cooking like you’re a TOP CHEF right in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy pizza stone cooking just like it came from the ovens of an Italian Chef! It’s fun and easy, so impress your friends, family and loved ones, and do it in a healthy way! THE DELICIOUS SECTIONS INCLUDE:THE CRUST, THE WHOLE CRUST, & NOTHING BUT THE CRUST SECTION:Rising Pizza DoughThin Crust Pizza CrustCracker Pizza CrustSt. Louis Style Pizza CrustHEALTHIER PIZZA CRUSTS SECTION:Cauliflower CrustZucchini CrustButternut Squash CrustWhole-Wheat DoughFlatbread (Gluten Free) Pizza CrustBeet Style Pizza CrustEggplant Pizza CrustSweet Potato Pizza CrustLET’S GET SAUCEY / WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE:Pine Nutty Pesto SauceCreamy Bechamel SauceZesty Salsa RecipeSweet And Tangy Barbeque SauceSavory Pumpkin Puree SauceHum For Hummus Style Pizza SauceNo Tomato In This Tomato SauceBlack Olive Tapenade SauceCarrot Chili Paste SauceGarlic And Olive Oil SaucePeppery Jelly Pizza Style SauceMiso And Macadamia Nut Ricotta SauceCaramelized Onion SaucePIZZA TOPPINGS / LET’S GET CREATIVE SECTION:Our Hand Selected Pizza’s for You to Indulge.

15. Delicious Green Gables Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook Inspired by "Anne of Green Gables"!

Author: by Ronny Emerson
June 30, 2021

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How many generations have loved L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables? Quite a few it was originally published in 1908 and is one of those rare books that is even more popular today than when it was launched. Set in the fictional community of Avonlea, the very real Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, the book is also unique in that it appeals to adults and children alike.

Do you have to read Anne of Green Gables in order to enjoy these recipes? It’s not essential, but I think it’s fun to see how the recipes relate to Montgomery’s book. Fair warning, though if you’re not yet acquainted with the delightful Anne Shirley and her supporting cast of characters but intend to read the book, you may find more spoilers than you like as you read through the recipes.

Are the recipes all from Prince Edward Island?No. PEI is known for its delicious potatoes, so of course, I’ve included potato recipes. Being an island, it’s surrounded by water, so you’ll also find seafood represented. Mostly, though, I’ve tried to create a representation of the recipes you’d find in a conventional cookbook they’re all there, but they’re not arranged by category.

16. Atelier: The Cookbook

Author: by Marc Lepine
320 pages

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Chef Marc Lepine’s debut cookbook, Atelier, is a celebration of a restaurant that has reinvigorated the fine-dining culture in Canada. It begins with Origins, which traces Lepine’s expansive careerfrom his relationship with food at an early age to his formal training in Europe and, eventually, the U.S.

At Michelin-starred Alinea to the opening of Atelier. Vision explores a unique creative approach that is fueled by a restless imagination and personal expression, while Innovations features a spirited collection of 48 artful dishes that critics and fans have come to loveCarrot Hoop, Octopus Terrarium, Dino Egg, and many more.

Here, we’ll see thought-provoking recipes inspired by local ingredients, seasonality, and pioneering techniques. This impressive and beautiful volume is an exciting tribute to a unique culinary philosophy. Featuring beautiful photography by award-winning photographer Christian Lalonde, Atelier is an essential book for chefs, culinary professionals, and foodies with an interest in modern cuisine, food culture, and an unconventional approach to dining.