Best Candle Making Books

Here you will get Best Candle Making Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Sell Your Crafts Online: The Handmaker's Guide to Selling from Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, Influencers and More

Author: by James Dillehay
Warm Snow Publishers
124 pages

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Are you bewildered about how to market your handmade products online? Discover step-by-step, how makers and artisans succeed selling on e-commerce sites working from home. Has your online sales presence failed to produce the income you’re seeking? As an artisan featured in The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur Radio, marketing pro James Dillehay’s thirty years of experience has made him a master of turning small projects into six-figure enterprises.

Now he’s here to teach you how to position your arts and crafts head-and-shoulders over the crowd of competitors. Sell Your Crafts Online is a one-of-a-kind blueprint for finding success and generating profitable returns in the highly lucrative world of e-commerce.

Between helpful how-to’s and checklists, Dillehay’s proven strategies will speed your landing your passion projects in every buyer’s shopping cart. By following his user-friendly approach, your hard work will reach wider audiences ready to invest in your talent. In Sell Your Crafts Online, you’ll learn:Pro tips for selling on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, eBay, with ShopifyDiscover how to sell from Facebook shops, Instagram, and PinterestHow to post your product listing on multiple channels at the same timeMethods for using SEO to draw in shoppers looking for products like yoursHow to price your pieces online to earn top dollarWays to pitch to influencers so your products secure social media attention and much, much more!

2. How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell: Successful Craft Business Ideas for Pricing on Etsy, to Stores, at Craft Shows & Everywhere Else

Author: by James Dillehay
132 pages

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Are your handmade goods struggling to find buyers? Learn effective tactics to make that cash register ring. Are your sales humming, but you’re operating in the red? Are you making high-quality items but can’t seem to move enough product? Is your current online store failing to attract customers?

With decades of experience as a master craftsman and educator, savvy marketer James Dillehay’s work has been featured in shops and galleries, at competitive shows, and online on Etsy and Amazon. Now he’s here to share how he cracked the code on what to charge, and how to package your merchandise for maximum profitability.

How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell is a modern-day roadmap for rate-setting strategies in the competitive handmade-products industry. With oodles of real-world examples, Dillehay’s time-tested techniques will help you refine your presentation and understand your market to hit the monetary sweet spot.

And by following his commonsense approach, the fruits of your labor will reach an excited audience eagerly clamoring for your next masterpiece. In How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell, you’ll discover:Innovative ways to make your handcrafted wares stand out over other sellersHow to set prices higher while keeping shoppers clicking that buy buttonLogical approaches to position one-of-a-kind items in the premium dollar rangeTax secrets to help you maximize your home business deductionsMethods for spotting trends to skyrocket profits, and much, much more!

3. Candle Making Business 101: The Simple 8 Step Beginner's Guide to Start, Run, and Grow a Profitable Home-Based Candle Business. From Candle Making to Marketing to Launch in as little as 30 Days.

Author: by Grace Holmes
June 28, 2021

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Do you want to start your own candle business quickly… Without wasting time or money… Even if you have never made a candle before? Then keep reading… You love candles, the different fragrances, shapes and sizes. Everything about them makes you feel relaxed.

You are constantly buying more candles, spending all your hard earned money on the next fancy fragrance. One day, it dawns on you why not create your own? Then you can make your candles in any scent and look you desire.

Why should you be giving money to other people when you could be earning that money yourself? Don’t panic, it’s not too late. I know what you are thinking, you are seeing a lot of homemade candle companies popping up left right and centre.

Who is going to buy your candles over the next candle company? But you don’t have to worry, there is space for you in the market, if you implement the right strategy. According to Verified Market Research (2020), the candle market is set to grow to USD 6.

4. Organic Body Care: 101 Homemade Beauty Products Recipes-Make Your Own Body Butters, Body Scrubs, Lotions, Shampoos, Masks And Bath Recipes (organic … homemade body butter, body care recipes)

Author: by Gabrielle Landreau
141 pages

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101 Organic Body Care Recipes So Healthy & Delicious You May Be Tempted To Eat Them!Stop! You’re consuming poison every day! Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle lately?Scary, isn’t it? Commercially sold shampoos and body lotions are absolutely filled to the brim with chemical after chemical many that are proven to be related to cancer.

I’m sure you are probably aware of all the dangers of these toxic chemicals but the real problem is organic store-bought beauty products are incredibly expensive. A bottle of organic shampoo can cost you upwards of $8 and organic lotion upwards of $12.

And that’s on the low side. That’s why as a licensed esthetician and someone who is absolutely obsessed with organics, I created this collection of 101 natural, chemical-free recipes that provide safe and healthy alternatives for personal body care. Not only will they leave your skin and hair feeling silky smooth, radiant, and healthy, but the 101 Organic Body Care Recipes contained in this book from the shampoos to lotions, the body butters to body scrubs, the facial masks to bath bombs are simple and very easy to make.

5. Beeswax Alchemy: How to Make Your Own Soap, Candles, Balms, Creams, and Salves from the Hive

Author: by Petra Ahnert
Quarry Books
136 pages

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Featuring over 40 DIY projects that illustrate how to transform one of the world’s most natural ingredients into tangible creations, Beeswax Alchemy is the perfect amalgamation of recipe craft book and beekeepers’ guide. Considered the miracle of the beehive and used by humans for 8,000 years, beeswax remains a vital ingredient to society and is still used as the foundation for many household products in the twenty-first century.

Learn from apiarist and entrepreneur Petra Ahnert about the history of beeswax, as well as tips and techniques on how to mold it into beautiful, reusable creations. An introduction details the different ways in which beeswax has been used throughout history, as well as the products that contain it today.

You’ll also find an explanation of the different types of beeswax, as well as insider tips on working with beeswax, followed by step-by-step instructions for making candles, balms, salves, creams, scrubs, soaps, ornaments, art, and more out of beeswax (either your own or store-bought).

6. Candle Making Business 2021: How to Start, Grow and Run Your Own Profitable Home Based Candle Making Startup Step by Step in as Little as 30 Days With the Most Up-To-Date Information

Author: by Clement Harrison
131 pages

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The thriving hobby-turned-business idea hidden in plain sight. About 70% of US households use candles. Just stop and think about the size of that market for a second. If you’re a home candle maker, you could be sitting on a gold mine you haven’t yet unearthed.

There are candles for just about every market you can imagine: novelty candles for gifts; aromatherapy candles for relaxation; household candles for practical lighting; elegant tapers for fancy dinners; floating candles to create ambience the list is endless. But then, you already know that.

The problem most candle makers face is not how to make candles: there are hundreds of books out there for that. The problem is how to turn those candles into a lucrative income stream. The problem is figuring out how to continue to do what you love while selling hand-crafted candles that you can guarantee are safe and high quality.Every.Single.Time.

That means you need up-to-date information on licensing, legal requirements, and setting up the business side of things when what you’re really passionate about is making candles. In Candle Making Business 2021, you’ll find everything you need to turn your passion into a successful startup.

7. Art Of Candle Making Business Startup: How to Start, Run & Grow a Million Dollar Success From Home!

Author: by Suzanne Carpenter
178 pages

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Art Of Candle Making Business StartupHow to Start, Run & Grow a Million Dollar Success From Home! In this book, I don’t tell you how to make beautiful candles in few steps and then give you a few recipes to try, so you can start your own Candle making business.

You can find that information anywhere, don’t have to buy my book to learn that.Wait!Oh! I did that in this book. I did explain how to make Beautiful Candles, I also did give you a few simple recipes too.

But I hope that is not why you bought this book. In this book my goal is to explain to you in simple terms how to CREATE great natural and organic candles and not just MAKE any candles, there is a difference.

You will get to see and understand that difference when you understand each ingredients and how they interact and react with each other. You will not have a great business if you are just making carbon copy of few candles of other people which your customers can go buy from any local stores.

What will make you unique is when you create a blend or two of your own and people start liking your creation. That is when you can hit the home run in business. Imagine growing your candle company into a local, regional and ultimately a national brand, where your candles will be sold at every Whole food, Body, Bath and Beyond, Home Goods and many other great retailers.

8. 200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beauty

Author: by Shannon Buck
Fair Winds Press

144 pages

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A step-by-step guidebook that shows you how to make your own skin creams, hair products, and perfume blends using essential oils and other natural ingredients. Many of today’s beauty products contain chemicals and oer additives that most of us have never heard of-and probably would avoid if we knew how harmful they really were.

With 200 Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Natural Beauty, you’ll learn all that you need to know to make your own safe and healthy beauty products, with recipes and formulas such as:Lemon Verbena Cleansing MilkExquisite Bulgarian Rose Hair PowderPeppermint Cocoa Lip BalmHerbal Rosemary & Mint ShampooBrilliant Blueberry & Manuka Honey Face ScrubSkin-Soothing Bath TeaPeppermint and Tea Tree Leave-In ConditionerCreate delightful body butters, salves, balms, glosses, scrubs and more using all-natural, holistic ingredients like herbs, flowers, tea, baking soda, and coconut oil.

Discover conditioning carrier oils, sumptuous butters, and aromatic floral extracts that will nourish you from head to toe. Some of the recipes can also be used for overall health, including curative herbal extracts and therapeutically effective essential oils. With step-by-step photographs, clear instructions, and expert tips, each recipe is easy to follow.

9. Soap and Candle Making Business Startup 2021-2022: Step-by-Step Guide to Start, Grow and Run your Own Home-based Soap and Candle Making Business in as … 30 days with the Most Up-to-Date Information

Author: by Clement Harrison
323 pages

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How to turn a pleasurable pastime into a booming businessDo you have a special soap recipe that’s proven to be effective with your children’s skin sensitivities? Do your handmade soap gifts to your friends often get compliments and requests for more?

If so, you might want to share your talents with a wider market and earn some extra income at the same time. With the popularity of clean and natural living in recent years, handmade bath products have become increasingly appealing for people who wish to stay away from harmful chemicals in commercially made goods.

That popularity is also reflected in the rise of soap making classes. In fact, you may have even started honing your craft in one of these classes yourself. While most will just try it for fun, if you’ve got a knack for mixing oils and picking out scents, you could be sitting on the perfect business opportunity!

The global handmade soap industry is valued at $150 million worldwide, and it is expected to grow even further. Getting even just a small share of this segment could be very lucrative. However, just because you’re good at making soap doesn’t mean you’ll easily be raking in money.

10. WEIGHT WATCHERS NEW COMPLETE COOKBOOK #2021: Mouth-Watering, Quick, Easy and Healthy Weight Watchers Recipes with 1000-Day Diet Meal Plan

Author: by LUCILLE S. FORD
149 pages

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Are you looking for ways to watch your weight? Do you want to shed off that extra pound and get your life back? It is time you start loving yourself and cut yourself some slack! One thing that you need to understand is that any recipe you have can be adopted into a weight watchers’ recipe.Yes, that is right!

The most important thing is for you to tweak things here and there, lighten it up and keep a close eye on your portions. Weight watching is not about being uptight, instead, it is a freestyle program that is aimed at ensuring that you not only live a normal life, but also eat well and love every moment of it.

Here, you will learn:Food to include and limit in your dietHow to follow a healthy and realistic eating pattern130+ weight watchers’ recipesComprehensive 1000-day meal planWith this and more, you can effectively lose weight and keep it off for as long as you like.

These mouth-watering recipes will sure make it worth your while. So, what are you still waiting for? Come with me and let’s adopt a new lifestyle of health and wellness.Now go get cooking.

11. Beehive Alchemy: Projects and recipes using honey, beeswax, propolis, and pollen to make soap, candles, creams, salves, and more

Author: by Petra Ahnert
Quarry Books
160 pages

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From crayons to cough drops, cookies to candles, Beehive Alchemy offers a comprehensive introduction to incorporating the miracle of bees into everyday life. Beehive Alchemy is a continuation of Petra Ahnert’s best-selling Beeswax Alchemy. With this new book, beekeepers (and bee lovers) will learn about the benefits and attributes of beeswax, honey, propolis, and more alongside a full range of projects and techniques to process and harness the amazing gifts of bees.

Inside, you’ll find instructions to make Ahnert’s award-winning hand-dipped birthday candles, the classic French dessert canele bordelais, and much more, including:Alchemy for the BodyLiquid soap with honeyBeard balmOlive and honey lotionAlchemy of LightTaper candlesTea lightsPillarsAlchemy for the HomeFurniture polishWaxed cotton food wrapsWoodcutter incenseAlchemy in the StudioBeeswax crayonsEncausticBatikAlchemy in the KitchenCookies and candiesBeveragesFermentationsWhether you keep bees or just love them, Beehive Alchemy will become your go-to comprehensive guide for hive-to-home creations.

12. Candle Making Business: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting and Growing a Home-Based Candle Making Business

Author: by Doug Yimmer
181 pages

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Do You Want To Turn Your Candle-Making Hobby Into a Successful Business Venture? If So, Then This Guide Will Show You the Easiest Way! Candle-making is truly a magnificent hobby sometimes it’s even more than a hobby because it allows you to express your artistic and creative personality in so many ways.

Those who don’t know how candle-making is great would say, “Duh, you pour wax, and that’s it.” What they don’t understand is that candle-making isn’t just a simple pour of wax into a mold when you pour that wax, you are pouring your soul into a unique piece of art.

We understand that, and that’s why we made this guide for you. With this guide, you will discover the easiest way to turn your love for candle-making into a profitable business so that you can make a living out of what you love to do.

With comprehensive guides and step-by-step instructions, you will learn everything you need to know to build a candle-making business from scratch and from the comfort of your home, nonetheless! Here is what this candle making business guide can offer you:Turning your hobby into a business a how-to guideThings to know before you beginMaking a bulletproof business plan with the help of expert knowledgeHelp with pricing, labeling, and packagingSecrets of successful marketing strategiesAnd much more!

13. The Art, Craft, and Economics of Soap and Candle Making and Selling: A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Successful Home-Based Soap and Candle Making Business

Author: by Lynn Robinson
283 pages

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Successful Home-Based Soap and Candle Making BusinessDo you dream of being your own boss? Are you concerned about the chemicals that are readily used in commercial soap and candles? Imagine coming home at the end of a long, challenging day at work to a warm bath, surrounded by the glow of relaxingly scented candles.

As you dip your feet into the water, you feel its warmth wash over you. You grab the handcrafted bar of soap off the side of the tub. As you lather up, you’re confident that the ingredients are organic and safe for your skin.

The smell, the ambiance, and the bubbles melt away the day’s worries. For most of us, there is nothing like taking a hot bath or shower with a lovely bar of soap. The art and craft of soap making has been around for centuries, ensuring that we as humans are forever bathed in good smelling scents.

It’s easy to locate a nice bar of soap that makes us feel clean and vibrant after use. Yet, how much more fun is it to create a soap that is organic and made to your personal specifications for yourself and your loved ones?

14. How to Make Candles: A Guide for Learning How to Make Candles for Beginners

Author: by Rebecca Wellner
61 pages

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Discover How to Easily Make Your Own Homemade Candles With This Comprehensive Guide to Candlemaking! Candles are probably one of the most versatile tools of relaxation ever invented. They have found a way to persist in the modern world even when there are more options than ever for lighting.

This is because candles are more than just another source of light. Physically, emotionally and even spiritually, you can find a use for candles that fluorescent or LED bulb will never be able to imitate. If you’ve ever soaked in a bath while a scented candle was burning in the background, if you’ve ever had a romantic dinner by candlelight, then you know that candles have the power to set a mood that can’t be described in words or replicated by modern inventions.

What if you are tired of the limited selections available and really want to try your hand in crafting your own candles? In this step-by-step guide filled with pictures, DIY expert Rebecca Wellner shows you everything you need to know about the craft of candlemaking and how you can learn to make your own candles for personal and commercial use.

15. DIY Easy Step By Step Guide to Making Scented Soy & Beeswax Candles and Wax Melts at Home: Learn to Make Seasonal & Healing Candles with Aromatherapy Blends

Author: by Ally Russell
134 pages

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DIY Easy Step By Step Guide to Making Scented Soy & Beeswax Candles and Wax Melts at HomeLearn to Make Seasonal & Healing Candles with Aromatherapy Blends Why do we love candles? For their great looks? Or for their great fragrance? Well, if you guessed the latter, then you are right.

We all love candles mostly because of their aroma, the fragrance they emit that fills the room and sets the mood for any occasion. What if I show how you can in a few simple and easy to follow steps make beautiful Soy, beeswax and other candles that can do just that?

Candles that fills a room with lovely aromatic fragrance? Better yet, what if I can show how you can create your own unique scent that you can add to your own candles? Think how wonderful it would be to have a few of your own signature fragrances that no one else has, and all your friends can identify them as YOURS?

If you are reading this, I can safely assume you like candles and want to learn how to make them. There are over 100 books that teach you how to make candles, but not many can guide you how to make uniquely aromatic scented candles that can become your own signature brand.

16. Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty (Process Self-reliance Series)

Author: by Susan M. Parker
Process (March 3, 2015)
336 pages

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Fixed oils play a large part in most all commercial beauty treatments. Power of the Seed offers instruction on how to use these oils to create topical skin care, cosmetics, and massage oils. Additionally, Susan M. Parker presents advice and in-depth information on the different types, sources, uses, and structures of these precious oils.

Over ninety rare and common oils are comprehensively treated, along with suggestions on how readers can use them to create their own original “recipes.”Power of the Seed is the newest release of Process Media’s popular Self-reliance Series that presents important DIY information in a visually enhanced easy-to-read and understand manner.Susan M.

Parker is the owner and founder of Solum & Herbe, a skincare company that uses a wide range of natural oils to create nourishing, natural personal care products.