Best Children's Around the World Books

Here you will get Best Children's Around the World Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Would You Rather Game Book: For kids 6-12 Years old: Jokes and Silly Scenarios for Children

Author: by Charlie Wright
88 pages

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Looking for a fun-filled activity book for kids, teens and adults?Then keep reading! Everybody loves children’s “Would You Rather” questions because they appeal to their sense of adventure and are silly. Play together with kids in a very funny way.

Watching them trying to find the solution will be hilarious! The only rule that cannot be broken is that of having fun! This Game Book is great for: Travel games Car trip rides Sleepovers Party games Starting memorable conversations with your kids Screen-free time for all the family Great for all ages (6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old kids and even teens!

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2. Daddy's Little Girl: (Childrens book about a Cute Girl and her Superhero Dad) (Family Life)

Author: by Michael Gordon
29 pages

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Family Life Series Book 6Who needs a superhero when you have your dad? Written in beautiful rhyme this is an excellent story that honors all fathers in the world. Explore girls’s bond with her dad and his incredible superpowers:*Have awesome piggy back rides with daddy*Dad can gobble up monsters because they taste like cookies*Dad survives his girl finger painting and makeover sessions*He’s always there for all situations from scraped knees to broken heartsHere’s what readers are already saying about this amazing children’s book:”A sweet reminder of how much our kids look up to us as their parents.”- Helen”This is one of the kids books that are so incredible you just need to share them with everyone” – Steve “A cute baby book!

Talks about all the ways that dads are special, no matter what they do” – Jenny “My 3 years old loved it! ” – AmandaAnd*Cute illustrations with nice rhyming story*Not too long, grabs kid’s attention*Perfect gift for dads and daughtersGET IT NOW and get the ebook for FREE!!

3. We All Belong: A Children's Book About Diversity, Race and Empathy

Author: by Nathalie Goss
ISBN: 979-8670945912
Published at: Independently published (July 30, 2020)

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Get your copy of the #1 Bestseller in Children’s Books on Tolerance & Manners (Amazon, UK, Sept.2020). We all live in the one world together. Let’s see how we’re different in some ways and the same in other ways. We all Belong’ is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s picture book that recognises and celebrates the diversity in a caring group of children.

A wonderfully flowing, rhyming poem about respect… Whatever our culture, whatever the colour of our skin. If you like ‘All the ways to be smart’, you will treasure this. A stunning poem about inclusion, with excellent representation of different cultures.

Much-needed in today’s society. By recognising differences between cultures and races, and appreciating that everyone is beautiful, children can grow up with empathy – appreciating others around them. ‘We all Belong’ gives young readers a safe space to see themselves and others through a diverse group of characters.

The book includes an activity at the end, to help children appreciate how we are all similar in some ways and different in other ways too. Awards#1 Bestseller in Children’s Books on Tolerance (UK) #1 Bestseller in Children’s Books on Manners (UK) #1 Bestseller in Children’s Books on First Day of School (UK) #1 New Release in Children’s Around the World Books (US) #1 New Release in Children’s Books on Immigration (US) #1 Bestseller in Children’s Books on Multiculturalism & Tolerance (Canada) Amazon, August & September 2020It’s vital that kids see differences, rather than live in a colour-blind world.

4. Rosemary the Pacifier Fairy

Author: by Lindsey Coker Luckey
32 pages

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What’s a baby’s best friend? A pacifier of course! There to help babies soothe in the night, always nearby to make everything right. As children grow up they need their soothers less each day. But do THEY know that? Children love the story of Katie, who gets a visit from Rosemary the pacifier fairy when she’s a baby.

They especially love the part where toddler Katie can’t quite give the paci up! When Katie is ready to let her best friend go, she sees the paci fairy one more time and realizes that giving up their pacifier is a brave thing to do.

5. Awesome Riddles and Trick Questions For Kids: 300 Fun Brain-Stumpers For Ages 9-12

Author: by Riddleland

137 pages

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Put on your thinking caps because these questions are about to get tricky. Did you know that a crocodile cannot do this simple move that an alligator can easily do? Do you know what has feathers and can fly, but is not alive?

How about the only place where Friday comes before Thursday? Riddles have a way of making us think beyond our usual patterns and come up with creative solutions to outrageous questions. They develop one’s inventiveness and imagination through humorous and mind-boggling brain busters that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.

With over 300 brain-twisting riddles ideal for kids age 9 to 12, Awesome Riddles for Kids, offers a fun and unique way to bond with your kids while getting them to exercise their brain at the same time. Here is just a fraction of what you will discover inside: An entertaining and stimulating way to enjoy time with your family, without having to resort to silly cartoons or pointless computer games 30 brain-teasing anagrams to help your kids discover new words to add to their ever-growing vocabulary Head-scratching Who Am I?

6. Our Pledge, Our Promise: The Pledge of Allegiance Explained

Author: by Sheri Wall
ISBN: 978-1733094337
Published at: A Matter of Rhyme (July 22, 2020)

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Allegiance?Republic?Indivisible? So many big words in such a short pledge! Developed at the request of elementary school teachers, Our Pledge, Our Promise The Pledge of Allegiance Explained will help children understand these and other words when they recite the pledge in a classroom setting, while distance learning or home school, at a special event, or just to share an appreciation of the USA.

Short lyrical verses, coupled with bright expressive pictures, help simplify the profound meanings behind the pledge. This book will spark deeper discussions about the founding of the United States of America, our country’s history, and what patriotism means today. Fun Flag Facts are also included to enhance and reinforce learning.

Contact the publisher at amatterofrhyme. Com for information on student activities designed specifically for this book. Exercise your freedom of choice and get your copy today!

7. Kids' Travel Guide – Washington, DC: The fun way to discover Washington, DC with special activities for kids, coloring pages, fun fact and more!

Author: by Kelsey Fox
44 pages

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GIVE YOUR KIDS A TRAVEL ADVENTURE WHILE STAYING SAFE AT HOME. The Covid-19 pandemic may have limited our ability to travel and introduce our kids to new cities and attractions, but it has emphasized the importance of getting to know those in faraway cities and countries, even at the other end of the world.

Even if we have to stay close to home right now, it’s still possible to teach our kids about new cities and countries and to do it in a fun and interactive way! With Kids’ Travel Guide Washington, DC Your kids will become the family experts!

They enjoy fun facts, challenging tasks, useful tips, coloring pages, and exciting quizzes. There will be no boring moments in your Washington, DC vacationWatch as your kids become little experts about Washington, DC: the relevant history, what the city looks like, the transportation system, and many fun and fascinating facts about the city.

Your little tour guide will take you through Washington, DC’s attractions Be sure to visit the best sites for kids: The National Mall, the famous White House, the inspiring National Museums, and the many magnificent monuments and memorialsplus all the fun things to do in Washington, DC!

8. Train Your Dragon To Be Kind: A Dragon Book To Teach Children About Kindness. A Cute Children Story To Teach Kids To Be Kind, Caring, Giving And Thoughtful. (My Dragon Books) (Volume 9)

Author: by Steve Herman
46 pages

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Teach your children the importance of Kindness. Your children will immediately understand how it is like to be kind, thoughtful, caring and giving. Join the journey of Drew and his dragon, Diggory Doo. Learn how Drew teaches his dragon to be Kind.

A must have book for children and parents to teach kids about Kindness. Fun, cute and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this playful book will teach kids early important lessons about kindness. Get this book now and enjoy!

9. Freddie The Farting Snowman: A Funny Read Aloud Picture Book For Kids And Adults About Snowmen Farts and Toots (Fart Dictionaries and Toot Along Stories)

Author: by Jane Bexley
34 pages

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Top Gift For 2021!Did you know that snowmen fart?It’s true! Follow Freddie the Farting Snowman to learn the hysterical kinds of farts that are a part of snowman life. The Arctic Blast, the Farticle Collider and many more will have you bursting with laughter!

This book is appropriate for ALL AGES who don’t mind silly toot humor (that is not overly gross). Words used include: toot, fart, gas, booty, rump, and bum. Grab this new release in time for the holiday gift giving season!8.5″ x 8.

5″Premium glossy coverHilarious collection of fart names and situationsFull color, professional illustrationsAn easy quick gift for the kids (and kids at heart) on your gift list

10. The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Mexico (with Mexico patch)

Author: by Audrey Smit
This Little Street
96 pages

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To the wild ones who dream of flying… This story is for you! In this new Lily Huckleberry adventure, our brave Lily meets Maria, a migrating monarch butterfly who needs help finding her way back home. Lily and Maria embark on a whimsical journey through deserts and seas, colorful markets and magical villages, meeting all kinds of charming new friends along the way.

Will Lily be able to help Maria reunite with her family? Kids love Lily s colorful escapades in Mexico for its fun characters and whimsical twists and turns! Parents love the underlying message: You will never know if you can fly, unless you jump!

Get this book NOW and share the magical hullabaloo with your child! No magic doubter allowed! The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Mexico is the third book of a travel series for kids that aims to:1) show kids the beauty + diversity of the world2) give them a brave female role model to look up to3) foster children’s imaginations4) create a society of little explorers who are curious about the world and always ready for adventure

11. Party Planner and Event Organizer Notebook: Event Planner Organizer, Holiday Party Planning Management, Calendar, To-Do List, Decor Idea, Guest List, … List, Budget , Gold Star & Black Cover

Author: by Valentine C
80 pages

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Staying organized of Party is a key to making the event run smoothly, whether you’ve got a small immediate family or a huge extended one. For kids, there are always parties, teacher gifts, birthday parties, activities and plays, cooking, baking, and other entertainments to keep up with every party, not only Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

This Party planner includes everything you need to take the stress & chaos out of the holidays included. Even it’s just a little Birthday Party of your kids at your home or a big event that needs to organizing everything well.

This Party Planner Book just like an Event Organizer Checklist or Task List Tracker will help you keep everything in control and make your party smoothly as you ever dream of. This book contains everything about the party that you need to do, such as:Party Planner OverviewUndated 12 Months Planner CalendarTo-Do ListsParty Budget PlannerInvitation Cards & Poster Mock upMenu PlannerGroceries ListsRecipe SheetsShopping ListsCooking Schedule Activities & Entertainment Party TimelineGuest ListsCards to sendImportant ContactsLet’s get any party organized!

12. Kids' Travel Guide – Italy: The fun way to discover Italy – especially for kids (Kids' Travel Guide series)

Author: by Shiela H. Leon
44 pages

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GIVE YOUR KIDS A TRAVEL ADVENTURE WHILE STAYING SAFE AT HOME. The Covid-19 pandemic may have limited our ability to travel and introduce our kids to new places and cultures, but it has proved that we all live in a global village.

And it has emphasized the importance of not only getting to know our neighbors, but also those in faraway countries at the other end of the world. Today, it’s more important than ever to give our kids opportunities to expand their horizons and broaden their minds.

Even if we have to stay close to home right now, it’s still possible to teach our kids about new countries and cultures and to do it in a fun and interactive way!Now More Than Ever! With the Kids’ Travel Guide series, exploring other countries and cultures is easy, fun, and educational.

Expands your kids’ horizons and introduces them to the wide range of surprises that this world has to offer! KIDS’ TRAVEL GUIDE ITALY: Let your kids discover The Magic of Italy’ from the comfort and safety of their home! This unique travel guide and activity book allows children to experience Italy from home as they explore this amazing country in a fun and educational way!

13. 10 Gulab Jamuns

Author: by Sandhya Acharya
Mascot Books
38 pages

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Join two adorable brothers in a fun-filled adventure and discover a tasty sweet from India. This is a great addition to the library shelf as a multicultural picture book and diverse children’s literature. Idu (Ee-doo) and Adu (Aa-doo) are very excited.

Guests are coming over for dinner and their Mamma has already cooked a lot. Next, she is cooking Gulab Jamuns, but Idu and Adu don t know what Gulab Jamuns are. Before long, they discover just how good these wonderful golden, sugary syrup-soaked balls are and how quickly they melt in their mouths.

But Mamma has only made 10 Gulab Jamuns. Will they last until their guests come? This light-hearted, humorous story will warm your heart and tantalize your taste buds. It also includes some basic lessons in counting and an easy recipe to make those delicious Gulab Jamuns yourself.

Ideal for children ages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 it is a great gift for those who want to learn more about India or indian/desi culture and value multicultural stories and diversity in kids literature. The highlight of family cooking and enjoying together make It a thoughtful gift for Diwali, Holi, other holiday celebration, baby showers and birthdays.

14. A Day of Pride: A Children's book that Celebrates Diversity, Equality and Tolerance!

Author: by Roy Youldous-Raiss
36 pages

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Are you interested in teaching your kid the beauty of diversity and differences among us? Do you believe in LGBTQ rights and equality for all? A Day of Pride is the perfect children’s book for you! A Day of Pride is a rhymed book celebrating love and pride, and teaching the importance of acceptance and tolerance.

It encourages children of all kind to be proud of themselves and accepting of othersexactly as they are. Invite your kid to an empowering and exciting journey on a magical day where everyone has a place. It is a colorful day of celebration.

Soon, the streets will be filled with people of all kinds, who will march in the festive Pride Parade. Miss Rainbow is ready to paint the city with her hues and colors, to fill every corner with love and pride.

When the Witch of Shame appears, she threatens to ruin the great party. Once again, this day arrives,The streets are cheering, the city thrives. With laughing sun and dancing skies,Chirping birds, the wind complies. All is love, no one’s afraidWelcome to the Pride Parade!”Main themes in the book: Diversity and inclusion!

15. Kids' Travel Guide – Paris: The fun way to discover Paris – especially for kids (Kids' Travel Guide series) (Kids' Travel Guide Sereis)

Author: by Shira Halperin
44 pages

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Ever dreamed of a fun family vacation and ended up with bored, complaining kids instead?NOW! Get the secret to a fun, relaxingand educationalfamily trip in Paris Yes, with the kids! Paris travel guide and activity book in one! Enjoy a new family adventure in Paris!

With Kids’ Travel Guide Paris Your kids will become the family tour guide! They enjoy fun facts, challenging tasks, useful tips, coloring pages and exciting quizzes. There will be no boring moments in your vacation in Paris Watch as your kids become little experts about Paris: the relevant history, what the city looks like, the transportation system, and many fun and fascinating facts about the city.

Your little tour guide will take you through Paris attractions Be sure to visit the best sites for kids: The amazing Buckingham Palace, the famous Tower of Paris, Paris’s excellent zoo, and many magnificent parks and streets plus all the fun things to do in Paris!

From planning and packing to returning home. The Paris guide and diary will become a souvenir of your travel that the whole family can treasure for a lifetime. You, the parents All you need to do is to find an available bench and relax.

16. Your Baby Unicorn (Choose Your Own Adventure Dragonlarks)

Author: by Erin Falligant
Chooseco (May 1, 2021)
80 pages

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Your Baby Unicorn by Erin Falligant takes YOU on the biggest adventure of your life when your new pet pony turns into a baby unicorn after smelling blueberries at the town’s annual berry festival. Readers ages 5-8 will soar through the night skies on the back of their pet unicorn, meet magical fairies deep in the woods, and might even win first place in the talent show.

Your Baby Unicorn is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next. When your new baby brother arrives, your parents understand that you’re a little jealous. They give you something of your very own to care fora pony named Sunny.

But Sunny isn’t your average pony. When the annual blueberry festival fills your town with the sweet smell of blueberries, Sunny magically transforms into a unicorn! Can you keep your new baby unicorn a secret? For readers who enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure Dragonlark series, including: Princess Island by Shannon Gilligan, Mermaid Island by Sarah Bounty Ridyard, and Unicorn Princess by Shannon Gilligan.