Best Children’s Flower & Plant Books

Here you will get Best Children’s Flower & Plant Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (Smithsonian)

Author: by DK
DK Children
192 pages

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A unique guide to the extraordinary world of plants, from the smallest seeds to the tallest trees. Packed with more than 1,000 incredible images and full of fascinating facts, this beautiful children’s book takes you on an exciting adventure through the wonders of the plant kingdom.

Explore the incredible world of plants, from the smallest seeds to the tallest trees. Find out about the weirdest, smelliest, and deadliest flowers. Which plants eat insects? How do cacti store water? What flower looks like a bee? Where is the tallest tree in the world?

Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds explores the mysterious world of plants to find the answers to these and many more questions. Each type of plant – such as a flowering plant, a tree, a grass, or cactus – is examined close-up, with examples shown from all angles and in cross-section.

Picture-filled galleries also show the wonderful variety of plants on different themes, from the habitats they grow in to the plants that supply us with our staple foods. But Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds also takes a fun, more sideways look at some truly strange plants, such as trees with fruit like gigantic fingers, orchids that look like a monkey’s face, seeds that spin like helicopters, and trees that drip poison.

2. Indestructibles: Let's Go Outside!: Chew Proof · Rip Proof · Nontoxic · 100% Washable (Book for Babies, Newborn Books, Safe to Chew)

Author: by Amy Pixton
Workman Publishing Company
12 pages

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Enjoy the wonders of nature in a book that’s indestructible! Look up at the BIG BLUE sky. SPLISH in the water just like a fish. Take a walk and STRETCH like tall, tall trees. Indestructibles is the trusted series for easing little ones into story time.

Beloved by babies and their parents, Indestructibles are built for the way babies read (i.E., with their hands and mouths) and are: Rip Proofmade of ultra-durable tight-woven materialWaterproofcan be chewed on, drooled on, and washed! Emergent Literacy Toolbright pictures and few or no words encourage dialogic readingPortablelightweight books can go anywhere, perfect for the diaper bag and for travelSafe for Babymeets ASTM safety standards

3. The Magic and Mystery of Trees

Author: by Jen Green

DK Children
80 pages

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This breath-taking book about trees takes children on a captivating journey of nature packed leafy exploration, showing them just how special these mighty organisms are. Discover how they communicate and warn each other of predators, how they nurture their networks, record the past, and anticipate the future to ensure their survival.

There’s so much more to trees than meets the eye. Learn about the amazing natural science of trees in this nature and science children’s book. From the highest branches, all the down to the complex “wood wide web” of roots, every part of a tree plays an important role.

Not only in its own growth but that of the whole ecosystem of the forest or woodland. Did you know that trees take care of each other and that a whole forest is connected? A truly delightful non-fiction read that is suitable for all ages – each page of this nature book is nothing short of astonishingly beautiful.

Enjoy a mixture of real images, vibrant illustrations, and patchwork-layering, making each page feel like a nature scavenger hunt. You’ll learn unbe-leaf-able tree facts, see extraordinary trees from around the world, and the animals that call them home. Find out what trees do for us and how we are damaging them with pollution and deforestation.

4. The Big Book of Blooms (The Big Book Series)

Author: by Yuval Zommer
Thames & Hudson
64 pages

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The next installment in the popular Big Book series is a fascinating introduction to some of the most magnificent and surprising flowering plants from around the world. In The Big Book of Blooms, the next installment in the wildly successful Big Book series, Yuval Zommer’s charming illustrations bring to life some of the most colorful, flamboyant, and unusual flowers from across the globe.

In the opening pages, readers will learn all about botany, including how to recognize different types of flowers. Subsequent pages illustrate the various habitats that are home to flora such as pitcher plants, the giant water lily, and the weirdly wonderful corpse flower.

Readers will discover which flowers are endangered and why some blooms are fragrant or colorful, not to mention grisly details about carnivorous and poisonous flowers. This title pairs picture-book charm and concise, informative text to create a beautiful book for children to return to.

Zommer’s quirky illustrations appeal to young readers, who will relish these fun and amazing facts about the world’s most exciting plants. Illustrated in color throughout

5. Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt: (Nature Book for Kids, Gardening and Vegetable Planting, Outdoor Nature Book)

Author: by Kate Messner
Chronicle Books
56 pages

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A companion to the new Over and Under the Pond and the beloved Over and Under the Snow, this sweet exploration of the hidden world and many lives of a garden through the course of a year “could not be more lovely,” according to the Washington Post.

Up in the garden, the world is full of greenleaves and sprouts, growing vegetables, ripening fruit. But down in the dirt there is a busy world of earthworms digging, snakes hunting, skunks burrowing, and all the other animals that make a garden their home.

In this exuberant and lyrical book, discover the wonders that lie hidden between stalks, under the shade of leaves… And down in the dirt.

6. The Wonders of Nature

Author: by Ben Hoare
DK Children
224 pages

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Explore the curiosities of planet Earth and marvel at the beauty of the natural world in a new way. From opals to orchids and tapirs to toadstools, this beautiful collection brings more than 100 incredible items from the natural world to life.

Perfect for all the nature-loving readers on the planet we call home. Every page of this reference book reveals fascinating animals, plants, rocks, minerals and microorganisms that will wow children and adults alike. Fantastic photography and illustrations showcase the wonders of planet Earth beautifully.

Children will love exploring the detailed close-up images of different plants, animals and rocks. Throughout the pages of this utterly charming guide to the natural world, you’ll discover the myths and legends of living creatures and minerals. Storybook descriptions and surprising facts about their natural history will capture your child’s attention and keep them coming back for more!

Curious kids can pour over the reference pages packed with new information. Find out how the dragon blood tree got its name, why a sundew means big trouble for insects and what on Earth a radiolarian is. From orchids to opals and lichens to lizards, this beautiful book lets you find the things that interest you and uncover new favorites along the way.

7. Spectrum Grade 4 Science Workbook—4th Grade State Standards, Introduction to the Scientific Method, Research Activities With Answer Key for Homeschool or Classroom (144 pgs)

Author: by Spectrum
144 pages

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Workbook Features: Ages 9-10, Grade 4 144 pages, 8 inches x 11 inches Covers natural, Earth, life, and applied science lessons, the scientific method, and more Research extension activities, end of chapter reviews, mid-test, and final test Key word definitions and answer key includedFocused Practice: The Spectrum Science Workbook for fourth graders features 144 pages of engaging lessons and activities to help students learn essential critical thinking and science skills for future success both in and out of the classroom.

Correlated To Current State Standards: This standards-based workbook helps students build scientific knowledge surrounding the scientific method, essential science vocabulary, physical, life, Earth and space science, and more. How It Works: Each chapter features engaging lessons with examples and fun activities for student practice.

Research extension activities are featured for added practice. Chapter reviews, mid- and final tests are included to assess student knowledge. Working Together: Parents love using this book for added practice from home, and teachers love to incorporate it into hands-on science lessons.

8. What's Inside A Flower?: And Other Questions About Science & Nature

Author: by Rachel Ignotofsky
48 pages

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From the creator of the New York Times bestseller Women in Science, comes a new nonfiction picture book series ready to grow young scientists by nurturing their curiosity about the natural world-starting with what’s inside a flower. Budding backyard scientists can start exploring their world with this stunning introduction to these flowery show-stoppers-from seeds to roots to blooms.

Learning how flowers grow gives kids beautiful building blocks of science and inquiry. In the launch of a new nonfiction picture book series, Rachel Ignotofsky’s distinctive art style and engaging, informative text clearly answers any questions a child (or adult) could have about flowers.

9. On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)

Author: by Tish Rabe
48 pages

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Catch the bug buzz and learn all about insects with the Cat in the Hat-a perfect gift for little scientists on Earth Day and every day! The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library is a nonfiction picture book series that introduces beginning readers ages 5-8 to important basic concepts.

Find out all you ever wanted to know about insects when the Cat in the Hat and friends get an up-close view of life as a bug. Kids will learn how insects – from the spittlebug to the honeybee to the moth – see, smell, communicate, and pollinate, as well as sometimes pester and amaze and generally make life better for us humans.

Featuring beloved characters from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, the Learning Library are unjacketed hardcover picture books that explore a range of nonfiction topics about the world we live in and include an index, glossary, and suggestions for further reading.

10. Flora: A Botanical Pop-up Book (4 Seasons of Pop-Up)

Author: by Yoojin Kim
7 pages

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Peek inside this spring-inspired pop-up book and discover how flowers are more than just beautiful; they are critical components of the natural world. Bees buzz, hummingbirds sip, and bats flit amongst the brilliant petals. Each spread is filled with unique pop-ups, revealing pull-tabs, and captivating facts.

11. From Seed to Plant

Author: by Gail Gibbons
Holiday House
32 pages

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Flowers, trees, fruitsplants are all around us, but where do they come from? With simple language and bright illustrations, non-fiction master Gail Gibbons introduces young readers to the processes of pollination, seed formation, and germination. Important vocabulary is reinforced with accessible explanation and colorful, clear diagrams showing the parts of plants, the wide variety of seeds, and how they grow.

The book includes instructions for a seed-growing project, and a page of interesting facts about plants, seeds, and flowers. A nonfiction classic, and a perfect companion for early science lessons and curious young gardeners. According to The Washington Post, Gail Gibbons “has taught more preschoolers and early readers about the world than any other children’s writer-illustrator.” Ms. Gibbons is the author of more than 100 books for young readers, including the bestselling titles From Seed to Plant and Monarch Butterfly.

Her many honors include the Washington Post/Childrens Book Guild Nonfiction Award and the NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book Award. From Seed to Plant was included in the Common Core State Standards Appendix B.

12. Can You Hear the Trees Talking?: Discovering the Hidden Life of the Forest

Author: by Peter Wohlleben
Greystone Kids
84 pages

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WINNER OF THE AAAS/SUBARU PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE BOOKSBASED ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES This interactive and illustrated book for kids aged 8-10 introduces the wonderful science of the forest through outdoor activities, quizzes, fun facts, photographs, and more!

Discover the secret life of trees with this nature and science book for kids: Can You Hear the Trees Talking? Shares the mysteries and magic of the forest with young readers, revealing what trees feel, how they communicate, and the ways trees take care of their families.

The author of The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben, tells kids about the forest internet, aphids who keep ants as pets, nature’s water filters, and more fascinating things that happen under the canopy. Featuring simple activities kids can try on their own, along with quizzes, photographs, and more, Can You Hear the Trees Talking?

Covers a range of amazing topics including: : How trees talk to each other (hint: through the wood wide web! Why trees are important in the city How trees make us healthy and strong How trees get sick, and how we can help them get better This engaging and visually stunning book encourages at-home learning and fun as kids discover the wonder of the natural world outside their windows.”Lush full-color photos and pictures create an immersive experience and the layout facilitates engaged, delighted learning….

13. Hungry Plants (Step-into-Reading, Step 4)

Author: by Mary Batten
48 pages

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This book offers readers a bug’s-eye view into the strange and fascinating world of carnivorous plants. From the jaws of the Venus flytrap to the pretty sundew plant whose delicate tentacles entrap its prey, the unique anatomy and behaviors of meat-eating plants are detailed with clear, engaging text and art.

14. A Seed Is Sleepy: (Nature Books for Kids, Environmental Science for Kids)

Author: by Dianna Aston
Chronicle Books
40 pages

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This gorgeous book from award winning artist Sylvia Long and author Dianna Hutts Aston offers children a beautiful and informative look at the intricate, complex, and often surprising world of seeds. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, the book introduces children to a fascinating array of seed and plant facts, making it perfect reading material at home or in the classroom.

15. The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library

Author: by Dr. Seuss
960 pages

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Learn to read and read to learn, with this classic case from the one and only Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat! An entertaining and educational collection featuring Dr. Seuss’s most beloved creation! Come and join the Cat in the Hat in these twenty books jampacked with fantastic facts and fun, and learn about everything from animals to rainforests.

Titles included are:A Great Day for PupMiles and Miles of ReptilesI Can Name 50 Trees Today! My, Oh My a Butterfly! Would You Rather Be a Tadpole? Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today? One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New CentA Whale of a TaleClam-I-am!

Inside Your Outside! If I Ran the RainforestOh, The Pets You Can Get! There’s No Place Like Space! Fine Feathered FriendsOh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You!On Beyond Bugs! Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?

Wish For a FishIs a Camel a Mammal? Oh Say Can You Seed? With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr. Seuss has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years.

16. Hello, World! How Do Apples Grow?

Author: by Jill McDonald
26 pages

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Learn from home and explore the world with these fun and easy board books! Young children love to eat apples and go to orchards. Here’s a Hello, World! Board book that teaches toddlers all about how apples growfrom seed to sapling to tree to applesauce.Hello, World!

Is a series designed to introduce first nonfiction concepts to babies and toddlers. Told in clear and easy terms (“Apple seeds start to grow when they are planted in soil and given sunlight, water, and fresh air”) and featuring bright, cheerful illustrations, Hello, World!

Is a perfect way to bring science, nature, and culture into the busy world of a toddler, where learning never stops. Look for all the books in the Hello, World! Series: Solar SystemWeatherBackyard BugsBirdsDinosaursMy BodyHow Do Apples Grow? Ocean LifeMoon LandingPetsArctic AnimalsConstruction SiteRainforest AnimalsPlanet Earth ReptilesCars and Trucks Music