Best Children’s Islam Books

Here you will get Best Children’s Islam Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. This is Why We Pray: Islamic Book for Kids: A Story About Islam, Salah, and Dua

Author: by Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins
64 pages

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Build a bond with Allah through this top choice in Islamic books for kids ages 5 to 7 Join Aliya and Amar as their Mama and Papa tell them all about the Five Pillarsespecially salah. One of the most engaging Islamic books for kids, this book helps you learn what it means to pray, discover how it helps you grow closer to Allah, and hear awesome stories from the Quran that teach even more about the importance of salah.

This standout among Islamic books for kids features: Salah and dua explainedFind out what salah and dua are, why they matter so much, and how talking to Allah can help you. Playful learningGrab your family and keep the learning going with fun activities you can do together.

Engaging picturesFollow along with colorful illustrations that take you through the story and teach you how to perform wudu and salah. Go beyond other Islamic books for kids with this fun and educational exploration of salah and more.

2. Getting to Know & Love the Holy Quran: A Children’s Book Introducing the Holy Quran (Islam for Kids Series)

Author: by The Sincere Seeker Collection
32 pages

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Learning the Holy Quran while reciting it & understanding it is mandatory for every Muslim household & a heavy weight on our shoulders as parents. Every parent must instill interest & love for the Holy Quran among their children at an early age, so they can grow up with an Islamic mindset & lifestyle.

The Holy Quran is the verbatim word of Allah (God), & every household should set a time daily to develop & grow their connection & their Children's connection to these Words to nourish their souls. Just like our physical bodies need food & water to survive, our souls need the Holy Koran & the remembrance of Allah to enrich, nourish, & give life to our souls.

Getting to Know & Love the Holy Quran is an Islamic book for kids introducing the Holy Koran to your children in an easy, fun, engaging, & educational way. The goal of this book is to teach your children the basics they need to know about the Holy Coran & express the importance of learning it, so it can spark their interest in developing a strong love & bond for the Holy Coran.

3. But…Who is Allah?: (Islamic books for kids)

Author: by Bachar Karroum
31 pages

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Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim,Follow the story of Adam, a young Muslim child that is curious about religion and wants to learn about Allah. Through a fun story for both children and parents, allow your kids to start comprehending religious concepts and daily-used expressions, while also inciting curiosity for further knowledge about their Islamic religion.

Enjoy with your little one a unique and creative journey that will introduce her/him to the religion, and offer your child a positive and comforting perception of the Islamic belief, culture and way of life. A must-have Children's story that shouldn’t be missing from any family’s bookcase or Islamic books collection!

This Islamic story has been thought and written for Muslim children born and raised outside of their parents’ country of origin (i.E.: European and Muslim American, etc., to help them understand the notion of God in a simple and fun way, mentioning that there is no God but God (la ilaha illallah).

In addition, this Muslim book uses several Arabic and Islamic terms coming from the Quran (Qur’an) and explained to be easily understood by Muslim kids. Dear Parents, Inshallah you and your children will benefit from this story and from our upcoming Islamic books (Muslim books).

4. Getting to know Allah Our Creator: A Children’s Book Introducing Allah (Islam for Kids Series)

Author: by The Sincere Seeker Collection

34 pages

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Children are a trust given to parents by Allah (God) as much as they are a precious gift. Parents are responsible for the care & upbringing of their children. Parents will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement for how they raised their children.

With proper upbringing must come the teaching of Islam and the introduction to who Allah (God) is at an early age so they can develop their Islamic worldview and virtues. A fun way to start introducing Allah (God) to your children is through reading to them and encouraging them to read.

Getting to Know Allah Our Creator by the Sincere Seeker Kids Collection teaches your children who Allah, our Creator is & introduces His Attributes to them in a fun, interesting, & engaging way. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate God’s Love & Mercy to your children so they can grow up to love Him & be more conscious of Him.

This book also teaches your child some of the 99 names of Allah. This Islam for kids book also makes a great Eid gift for kids as well as a great Ramadan for kids’ book. Grab this cute Amazon best-seller Islamic storybook for Muslim kids now!

5. The Story of the Holy Prophet Muhammad: Ramadan Classics: 30 Stories for 30 Nights

Author: by Humera Malik
101 pages

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The first title in the Ramadan Classics series, “The Story of the Holy Prophet Muhammad” is written for children and young adults in the West to read over the Islamic month of Ramadan. Families can read the daily chapter together and discuss the beautiful personality of the Holy Founder of Islam, and take away lessons that will last a lifetime.

Order now to receive before Ramadan!

6. 30 days of learning and good deeds: (Islamic books for kids)

Author: by Bachar Karroum
63 pages

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A must-have for little Muslims – perfect for kids all year long! Let your child experience a positive learning journey and make 30 days become a lifelong habit, helping them become a better version of themselves. This book invites young ones to take action daily with good deeds, learn more about the Prophet, about His personality traits, discover more about Islam and read simple Surah of the Quran in English.

Great to help parents engage in conversation and teach the fundamentals of Islam to their children. Perfect for kids aged between 4-12, but also for anyone who wants to learn about Islam in a straightforward way. Each page in this essential Muslim book is divided into 5 sections.

Little (and big) Muslims will:1) Learn to become a good citizen and do well through good deeds. The book includes one good deed a day through realistic examples, such as helping with chores at home or giving a hand to a neighbor, everyone is encouraged to take simple action and do good during 30 days so it becomes a habit.


PENGUIN (March 1, 2019)
48 pages

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Shortlisted for the Little Rebels Children's Book Award! As a child in Pakistan, Malala made a wish for a magic pencil that she could use to redraw reality. She would use it for good; to give gifts to her family, to erase the smell from the rubbish dump near her house.

(And to sleep an extra hour in the morning. As she grew older, Malala wished for bigger and bigger things. She saw a world that needed fixing. And even if she never found a magic pencil, Malala realized that she could still work hard every day to make her wishes come true.

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells Malala’s story, in her own words, for a younger audience and shows them the worldview that allowed her to hold on to hope and to make her voice heard even in the most difficult of times.

8. Discover the power of salah

Author: by Ms Ariba Farheen
203 pages

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Do you want your children to understand the power and the success salah brings in our life? Do you want your children to understand the reasons we pray, so they are even more motivated to pray? Do you want your children to love their salah even more and look forward to the incredible blessings it brings in our lives?

Then this is the book you MUST give your child. Why do we have to pray? Why do we have to wake up so early for fajr?Why pray everyday? How will my salah help me? Why do I have to pray early?

Don’t just tell your children to pray but strengthen their emaan and love for it, by helping them understand “Why” we pray. This book is not like the multitudes of great books out there, on the topic of “HOW we pray” or to simply to tell children that they must pray.

Rather this is a book that goes DEEP into reasons, uses exciting and relatable anecdotes, engaging stories to help children understand the various benefits they will enjoy from prayingPage count: 201Age group: 8 to 15 Parents can read to children younger than 7 and help them in understanding the concepts.

9. The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for School Children

Author: by Yahiya Emerick
828 pages

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The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an for School Children is a graphic-intensive translation of the Qur’an tailored to the needs and interests of young readers. It contains the full translated text in child-friendly English, reasons for revelation and information of interest to better understand the verses.

Great for grades 3-7 and beyond.

10. Getting to Know and Love Prophet Muhammad: Your Very First Introduction to Prophet Muhammad (Islam for Kids Series)

Author: by The Sincere Seeker Collection
42 pages

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We can’t get the closeness of Allah (God) SWT until and unless we love & follow His Messenger & Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Simply loving our Prophet; Muhammad is not enough; one needs to follow up that love by living the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the best role model that ever lived.

We should be eager to follow our Messenger Muhammad, PBHM footsteps, and eager to meet him. No one shall have complete faith unless he loves Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, more than he loves wealth, his or her children, and themselves for the pure sake of Allah.

Studying the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is an obligation given to us by our Creator- Allah. And helps us better understand the Holy Quran and its context. Getting to Know and Love Prophet Muhammad for Kids aims to introduce Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in an easy, fun, & educational way to develop and instill a love for our Prophet, peace be upon him.

Studying the story and life of Prophet Muhammad is the best way to develop that love for our Prophet, Mohammad. This cute Islamic Children's book about Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, is a summarized biography of Allah’s Messenger, designed for kids ages 6+, tweens, and young teens, for developing a deep appreciation, respect, & love for HIM (Pbuh) in their hearts.

11. My First Book of Mormon Stories

Author: by Deana Draper Buck
Deseret Book Co
1 pages

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Your children and grandchildren will delight in the colorful pictures and simplified writing. You’ll love its durability. Retold by Deanna Draper Buck, these abbreviated stories present twenty of the best-known scriptural accounts from the Book of Mormon, as well as an additional story of Joseph Smith and Moroni.

The author retells the familiar events in ”read aloud” language that will entertain as it teaches. Stories include ”Lehi Was a Prophet,” ”King Benjamin,” and ”The People of Ammon.” Enhanced by bright, colorful illustrations, My First Book of Mormon Stories will provide many special moments for parents and grandparents of young children.

This durable board book is sure to become a family treasure.

12. My First Quran with Pictures: Juz' Amma Part 1

Author: by Shereen Sharief
48 pages

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Islamic Book for Babies & Toddlers; My Baby’s First Islamic Alphabet ABC Words Book; Islamic ABC Book from Letter A to Z from the Holy Quran in English for Babies & Toddlers; Baby/ Toddler Muslim Book This beautiful 26-page colorful book introduces Islamic terminology to Muslim babies in a fun and educational way.

My Baby’s First Islamic Words book contains Islamic words from A to Z along with illustrations on each page so they can help stick to your child’s brain. These are important words that your child will eventually need to learn, and this book gives them a head start!

This cute Islamic book for toddlers is amongst the best Islamic books for babies offered on Amazon!Grab your copy now! Note, this is an Islamic paperback book for babies & toddlers & young kids and is not an Islamic board book for babies & kids.

This book makes a great first Quran for toddlers or my first Quran storybook for children as it makes a great introduction for our young ones & a great gift of Ramadan or Eid book! Check out The Sincere Seeker’s Collection for future greatest stories from the Quran books, Ramadan books for toddlers & Islamic storybooks for toddlers in English and for UK buyers.

14. My First Words In Arabic: (Arabic books for children)

Author: by Bachar Karroum
37 pages

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Arabic book for kidsWant your kids to learn Arabic or introduce your grandchildren to your mother tongue? This delightful picture book has been designed to help any child (or grown-up! Easily learn their first words in Arabic. My first words in Arabic is a great way to kick-start their Arabic-speaking learning journey!

Easy and fun way to learn Arabic for childrenLanguage experts have long held that using visual cues is one of the easiest ways for most people to learn a new language. In My first words in Arabic, each word is accompanied by an illustration of the object being described, including the English transliteration to ensure correct pronunciation.

For example, an orange in Arabic is boortookal, and is pronounced boor-too-kal. This book is destined to become a classic that will help children (or anyone) learn basic Arabic words. Who will find this classic Arabic Children's book helpful? This Arabic book for children has been designed for Arabic-speaking parents (or of Arab descent) residing in English-speaking countries who want to introduce their little ones to their mother tongue.

15. I Say Bismillah (I Say Board Books)

Author: by Noor H. Dee
The Islamic Foundation
20 pages

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Muslims should say Bismillah many times in a day. Bismillah means in the name of God in Arabic. Nabil and Noura’s mum has just made some cupcakes. Will they remember to say Bismillah, or will the temptation be too much?

The first title in the I Say series that will also include: I Say Alhamdulillah, I Say As-salamualaykum, and I Say Mashallah.

16. My First Book on Hadith for Children: An Islamic Book Teaching Kids the Way of Prophet Muhammad, Etiquette, & Good Manners (Islam for Kids Series)

Author: by The Sincere Seeker
35 pages

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As parents, we must raise our children in the Islamic Faith. This requires us to introduce our children to our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the role model that Allah sent down for us to emulate and follow so that we will succeed in this world and the next.

He has the best manners and character, and we should learn from him and love him. But simply loving our Prophet is not enough. We must actually live the lifestyle that our beloved Prophet teaches us. My First Book on Hadith for Kids introduces Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his teachings in an easy, fun, and educational way so our kids develop and are instilled with love for our Prophet and learn to live the way he teaches us to live.

This book shares various Hadiths of our Prophet, ranging from a Hadith on good manners and remembering Allah to a Hadith on the etiquette of eating, sleeping, and hygiene. Every concept this book teaches contains colorful images to help your child understand and appreciate what they need to learn!