Best Children's Mexico Books

Here you will get Best Children's Mexico Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. If You Lived Here: Houses of the World

Author: by Giles Laroche
32 pages

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Step into unique homes from around the world and discover the many fascinating ways in which people live and have lived. If you lived in the mountains of southern Spain, your bedroom might be carved out of a mountain. If you lived in a village in South Africa, the outside of your house might tell the story of your family.

And if you lived in a floating green house in the Netherlands, you could rotate your house to watch both the sunrise and sunset. With intricate bas-relief collages, Giles Laroche uncovers the reason why each home was constructed the way in which it was, then lets us imagine what it would be like to live in homes so different from our own.

Showing the tremendous variety of dwellings worldwidelog cabins, houses on stilts, cave dwellings, boathouses, and yurtsthis book addresses why each house is build the way that it is. Reasonssuch as blending into the landscape, confusing invaders, being able to travel with one’s home, using whatever materials are at handare as varied as the homes themselves.

2. Who Was Frida Kahlo?

Author: by Sarah Fabiny
112 pages

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You can always recognize a painting by Kahlo because she is in nearly all-with her black braided hair and colorful Mexican outfits. A brave woman who was an invalid most of her life, she transformed herself into a living work of art.

As famous for her self-portraits and haunting imagery as she was for her marriage to another famous artist, Diego Rivera, this strong and courageous painter was inspired by the ancient culture and history of her beloved homeland, Mexico. Her paintings continue to inform and inspire popular culture around the world.

3. My Little Golden Book About Frida Kahlo

Author: by Silvia Lopez
Golden Books
24 pages

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Help your little one dream big with a Little Golden Book biography all about the Mexican artist Frida Khalo! The perfect introduction to nonfiction for preschoolers! This Little Golden Book captures the essence of Frida Kahlo for the youngest readers.

From overcoming illness, to being one of only a handful of girls at her school in Mexico, to having her paintings hanging in museums, this is an inspiring read for future trailblazers and their parents! Features informative text and colorful illustrations inspired by Frida’s own artwork.

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4. Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos (1)

Author: by Monica Brown
40 pages

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Pura Belpr Illustrator Honor 2018 ALA Notable Children's Book 2018 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children's Book of 2017 Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2017 Smithsonian Top Ten Best Children's Book of 2017 2018 Bank Street Best Children's Book of the YearFrida Kahlo and Her Animalitos, written by Monica Brown and illustrated by John Parra, is based on the life of one of the world’s most influential painters, Frida Kahlo, and the animals that inspired her art and life.

The fascinating Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is remembered for her self-portraits, her dramatic works featuring bold and vibrant colors. Her work brought attention to Mexican and indigenous culture and she is also renowned for her works celebrating the female form.

Brown’s story recounts Frida’s beloved petstwo monkeys, a parrot, three dogs, two turkeys, an eagle, a black cat, and a fawnand playfully considers how Frida embodied many wonderful characteristics of each animal.

5. Federico and the Wolf

Author: by Rebecca J. Gomez
Clarion Books
40 pages

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Clever Federico outsmarts el lobo in this fresh and funny Mexican-American take on Little Red Riding Hood. With his red hoodie on and his bicycle basket full of food, Federico is ready to visit Abuelo. But on the way, he meets a hungry wolf.

And now his grandfather bears a striking resemblance to el lobo. Fortunately, Federico is quick and cleverand just happens to be carrying a spicy surprise! Federico drives the wolf away, and he and Abuelo celebrate with a special salsa.Recipe included.

6. Tacos!: An Interactive Recipe Book (Cook In A Book)

Author: by Lotta Nieminen
Phaidon Press
16 pages

Tacos!: An Interactive Recipe Book (Cook In A Book) Cover

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For kids who cook in a play kitchen or a real kitchen, this interactive recipe book invites readers to chop the vegetables, mash the avocado, warm the tortillas, and more – all inside the book! Step one: Cut the chicken into cubes and toss it in a bowl with the spices.

Step two: Warm oil on a skillet on the stove, then add the chicken. Step three: While the chicken cooks, chop the scallions, slice the radishes, shred the cabbage, mince the cilantro. Simple yet accurate recipe text takes readers through the steps of cooking tacos, while the interactive novelty features such as pull tabs, sliders, wheels, and pop-out pieces invite them to participate in the process.

Perfect for kids who love to help in the kitchen, or any child who prefers to “do it myself.” This is the third title in the COOK IN A BOOK series.

7. Be Bold! Be Brave!: 11 Latinas who made U.S. History (English and Spanish Edition)

Author: by Naibe Reynoso
33 pages

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Be Bold!Be Brave!11 American Latinas who made U.S.History, S Audaz!S Valiente!: 11 Latinas que hicieron historia en los Estados Unidos is a bilingual book that highlights 11 Latinas who excelled in their professions and made U.S. History by accomplishing something that hadn’t been done before in various fields including medicine, science, sports, art and politics.

By presenting the true biographical stories of these outstanding Latinas in rhyming verses, young readers will easily follow their journey to success. Some of the women highlighted include Antonia Novello (first female Surgeon General in the U.S., Ellen Ochoa (first Latina to go to space), Sonia Sotomayor (first Latina Supreme Court Justice,) Rita Moreno (first Latina to win an Oscar), and Pura Belpre (first Latina to incorporate and promote bilingual literacy in Public Libraries).

8. Cactus Soup

Author: by Eric A. Kimmel
Two Lions
32 pages

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The Spanish edition of our Mexican-flavored Stone Soup story, Cactus Soup. When a group of hungry soldiers ride into San Miguel, the townspeople don’t want to share their food. They hide their tortillas, tamales, beans, and flour and put on torn clothes to look poor.

But the Capitn is not fooled. He asks for a cactus thorn to make some cactus soup, and before long he has tricked the townspeople into giving him salt and chilies, vegetables, and a chicken as well! Whimsical watercolors by Phil Huling add to the humor in this southwestern twist on the classic Stone Soup tale.

9. The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Mexico (with Mexico patch)

Author: by Audrey Smit
This Little Street
96 pages

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To the wild ones who dream of flying… This story is for you! In this new Lily Huckleberry adventure, our brave Lily meets Maria, a migrating monarch butterfly who needs help finding her way back home. Lily and Maria embark on a whimsical journey through deserts and seas, colorful markets and magical villages, meeting all kinds of charming new friends along the way.

Will Lily be able to help Maria reunite with her family? Kids love Lily s colorful escapades in Mexico for its fun characters and whimsical twists and turns! Parents love the underlying message: You will never know if you can fly, unless you jump!

Get this book NOW and share the magical hullabaloo with your child! No magic doubter allowed! The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Mexico is the third book of a travel series for kids that aims to:1) show kids the beauty + diversity of the world2) give them a brave female role model to look up to3) foster Children's imaginations4) create a society of little explorers who are curious about the world and always ready for adventure

10. Crossing the Wire

Author: by Will Hobbs
224 pages

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In this riveting, action-packed novel from award-winning author Will Hobbs, a teenage boy hoping to help his loved ones must fight for his life as he makes the dangerous journey across the Mexican border into the United States. When falling crop prices threaten his family with starvation, fifteen-year-old Victor Flores heads north in an attempt to “cross the wire” from Mexico into America so he can find work and help ease the finances at home.

But with no coyote money to pay the smugglers who sneak illegal workers across the border, Victor struggles to survive as he jumps trains, stows away on trucks, and hikes grueling miles through the Arizona desert. Victor’s passage is fraught with freezing cold, scorching heat, hunger, and dead ends.

It’s a gauntlet run by many attempting to cross the border, but few make it. Through Victor’s desperate perseverance, Will Hobbs brings to life a story that is true for many, polarizing for some, but life-changing for all who read it.

11. Waiting for Wings (Rise and Shine)

Author: by Lois Ehlert
40 pages

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Every spring, butterflies emerge and dazzle the world with their vibrant beauty. But where do butterflies come from?How are they born? What do they eat-and how? With a simple, rhyming text and glorious color-drenched collage, Lois Ehlert provides clear answers to these and other questions as she follows the life cycle of four common butterflies, from their beginnings as tiny hidden eggs and hungry caterpillars to their transformation into full-grown butterflies.

Complete with butterfly and flower facts and identification tips, as well as a guide to planting a butterfly garden, this butterfly book is like no other.

12. What Can You Do With a Paleta? / ¿Qué puedes hacer con una paleta? (English and Spanish Edition)

Author: by Carmen Tafolla
Tricycle Press
English, Spanish
32 pages

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Where the paleta wagon rings its tinkly belland carries a treasure of icy paletasin every color of the sarape … As she strolls through her barrio, a young girl introduces readers to the frozen, fruit-flavored treat that thrills Mexican and Mexican-American children.

Create a masterpiece, make tough choices (strawberry or coconut?, or cool off on a warm summer’s day-there’s so much to do with a paleta.

13. The Princess and the Warrior: A Tale of Two Volcanoes (Americas Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature. Commended)

Author: by Duncan Tonatiuh
40 pages

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Award-winning creator Duncan Tonatiuh brings a cherished Mexican legend to lifeA Pura Belpr Illustrator Honor Book and ALA/ALSC Notable Children's Book! Izta was the most beautiful princess in the land, and suitors traveled from far and wide to woo her.

Even though she was the daughter of the emperor, Izta had no desire to marry a man of wealth and power. Instead, she fell in love with Popoca, a brave warrior who fought in her father’s armyand a man who did not offer her riches but a promise to stay by her side forever.

The emperor did not want his daughter to marry a mere warrior, but he recognized Popoca’s bravery. He offered Popoca a deal: If the warrior could defeat their enemy, Jaguar Claw, then the emperor would permit Popoca and Izta to wed.

But Jaguar Claw had a plan to thwart the warrior.Would all be lost? Today two majestic volcanoesPopocatpetl and Iztacchuatlstand overlooking Mexico City. They have been admired and revered for countless generations, and have formed the basis of many origin and creation myths.

14. What do You See Around the World, a Look and Find Book – PI Kids

Author: by Kathy Broderick
20 pages

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What do you see?From New York to Paris, From Egypt to Australia, Discover what makes each place unique! This book is an Adventure because: Learning about geography sparks an interest in the wider world Bright, simple illustrations engage the youngest readers Look and Find play encourages focus and discovery

15. ¡Vamos! Let’s Go Eat (World of ¡Vamos!)

Author: by Raúl the Third III
48 pages

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Winner of the 2021 Pura Belpr Illustrator Medal Little Lobo returns to share his love of food and wrestling in this delicious follow-up to Vamos! Let’sGo to the Market from Pura Belpr Medal-winning illustrator Ral the Third.In this new Vamos!

Title, Let’s Go Eat, Little Lobo is excited to take in a show with wrestling star El Toro in his bustling border town. After getting lunch orders from The Bull and his friends to help prepare for the event, Little Lobo takes readers on a tour of food trucks that sell his favorite foods, like quesadillas with red peppers and Mexican-Korean tacos.

Peppered with easy-to-remember Latin-American Spanish vocabulary, this glorious celebration of food is sure to leave every reader hungry for lunch! Jam-packed with fun details and things to see, the Vamos! Books are perfect for fans of Richard Scarry and Where’s Waldo?

16. Soccer on Sunday (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

Author: by Mary Pope Osborne
144 pages

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The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system!Goal! Jack and Annie have tickets to one of the most exciting soccer games everthe 1970 World Cup! They are sure the famous soccer player Pel will tell them a secret of greatness.

The game is nonstop action and the stands are packed. But how will they find Pel in a crowd of 100,000 soccer fans? Have they failed their mission? Or will the answer come when they least expect it? Formerly numbered as Magic Tree House #52, the title of this book is now Magic Tree House Merlin Mission #24: Soccer on Sunday.

Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures