Best Children's Philosophy Books

Here you will get Best Children's Philosophy Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Our Class is a Family

Author: by Shannon Olsen
27 pages

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Teachers do so much more than just teach academics. They build a sense of community within their classrooms, creating a home away from home where they make their students feel safe, included, and loved. With its heartfelt message and colorfully whimsical illustrations, Our Class is a Family is a book that will help build and strengthen that class community.

Kids learn that their classroom is a place where it’s safe to be themselves, it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s important to be a friend to others. When hearing this story being read aloud by their teacher, students are sure to feel like they are part of a special family.

Family isn’t always your relatives. It’s the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.Unknown

2. What Should Darla Do? Featuring the Power to Choose (The Power to Choose Series)

Author: by Adir Levy
Elon Books
76 pages

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8 Stories in 1!EMPOWERING, INTERACTIVE & FUN! NEW 2nd edition just in time for the holidays! Join Darla on an exciting adventure your kids will love! Darla is a young and spunky astronaut-in-training. She wants to go to Mars one day, just like her favorite doll, Astronautica.

But before she does, she will need to learn to navigate through relatable scenarios that so many kids face on a daily basis. Written in a “Choose Your Own Story” format, your kids can help Darla through her day by making choices for her!

There are eight stories in one, so the fun never ends! From the creators of What Should Danny Do? And the Power to Choose Series, your kids are sure to love this all-new, exciting adventure featuring a lovable lead character learning about her Power to Choose!

3. My Magical Choices (The Magic of Me Series)

Author: by Becky Cummings
Boundless Movement LLC.
40 pages

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Do your children realize they have one of life’s greatest gifts, the ability to make choices that determine how their day will go? No more, “I can’t, I don’t know, or I’m not!” As you use My Magical Choices to teach your children positive, conscious language, they will choose to be responsible, calm, confident, fun, a good sport, forgiving, generous and more!

Boys and girls will be instantly drawn to the beautiful illustrations and fun rhymes that empower them to be responsible for their own happiness. Parents and teachers love the social-emotional message that greatness comes by making the choice to take positive actions towards a goal.

These actions create feeling of happiness inside and help develop life-long healthy habits. A perfect book to add to every child’s library and primary teachers’ collections!

4. The Magic of Manifesting: 15 Advanced Techniques To Attract Your Best Life, Even If You Think It's Impossible Now (Law of Attraction)

Author: by Ryuu Shinohara
146 pages

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Why Celebrities Swear by These 15 Powerful Techniques As The Secret to Anything You Want in LifeDo you easily complain or start nagging whenever something isn’t going your way? Do you give fault and make others responsible for your misery? Are you annoyed looking around seeing others having exactly what you want in life?

Believe it or not, you are the driver of your own life and no one else can steal your seat… If you don’t let them. What if there were straight-forward, easy principles to get everything you want in life? Maybe you already manifest regularly or you’ve heard of it, but never tried it.

Manifesting means using the power of your thoughts, feelings or beliefs to bring something into your physical reality. At first, it sounds abstract, but science has proven, everything is made of energy: objects, animals, thoughts, and humans. There are laws that control how this energy flows and where it goes just as there are laws of gravity and laws of growth.

The more you know about these laws the easier it is to navigate the energy you need in the right direction. No wonder that even stars like Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, and Lady Gaga swear by manifestation as the secret to their success.

5. I Can Do Hard Things: Mindful Affirmations for Kids

Author: by Gabi Garcia
34 pages

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What kids tell themselves matters! It becomes their inner voice. It can help them connect with their power within. Help your child tap into their inner strength and resilience when challenges arise. I Can Do Hard Things introduces children to the practice of using mindful affirmations for support and encouragement when they need it.

It reflects the beautiful diversity in our world. I Can Do Hard Things is a perfect addition to your home or school social emotional library. Parents and educators can find free resources to accompany this book at . (Available in Spanish as Yo Puedo Hacer Cosas difciles: Afirmaciones Conscientes Para Nios).

6. My Magical Words (The Magic of Me Series)

Author: by Becky Cummings
40 pages

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Do you want to increase confidence in your children and promote strong self-esteem? Teach children their words have power and how they speak about themselves is important! What we say we feel! What we feel we believe! What we believe we become!

Have you ever heard your child say…I am bad at it!Nobody likes me.I can’t do it! It’s heartbreaking to hear children say negative things about themselves, but ALL children struggle with learning to manage emotions. And now you can help!

My Magical Words is the experience children need to grow self-love and build confidence. It is a first book of positive affirmations. Children will learn to SAY I am statements that empower them to FEEL and BELIEVE they are special, loved, smart, beautiful, strong, healthy, and more.

Your special time with your children will soar to a new level as you show them that words have power and what they say about themselves matters. Teaching your children positive self-talk at an early age will lay the foundation for future success!

7. I Am Stronger Than Anger: Picture Book About Anger Management And Dealing With Kids Emotions And Feelings (Preschool Feelings Book, Self-Regulation Skills) (World of Kids Emotions)

Author: by Elizabeth Cole
32 pages

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Tired of telling your child not to shout or kick things when they are angry? Then this book is the perfect solution for you! When children are angry, they can manifest their anger through bad behavior. They might shout, cry, throw things and roll on the floor or all of these things combined.

That’s why most parents need help managing their kids emotions and feelings. This book about little Nick:contains lovely illustrations and lightly rhyming storylinehelps children recognize and cope with their anger in a funny way through communication with zoo animalsoffers a variety of calming techniques and is aimed to improve kids self-regulation skillsteaches children to admit their mistakes and say I’m sorryincludes a bonus coloring page”This story has helped my preschoolers to understand, recognize and deal with their emotions.

Very useful picture book which offers fun kids activities and is full of amazing illustrations.” Jennifer*Even if you have tried everything, this book is perfect for gaining a deeper understanding of children anger management and how to help kids control their emotions.

8. Goodbye Preschool, Hello Kindergarten

Author: by Sonica Ellis
27 pages

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Going to kindergarten is exciting but it can also be stressful for young children. This easy to read and beautifully illustrated rhyming Children's book is the story of a sweet and adorable little duck named Max. Max just graduated preschool and he’s having a hard time leaving his preschool teachers, friends, and all that he knows behind.

Follow him as he says his goodbyes, centers himself and looks forward to starting something new – being a Kindergartner! Going to kindergarten is huge milestone for kids and should be celebrated. The goal of this book is to help children overcome the anxiety, jitters, and worries of starting kindergarten, and instead get them excited about a new experience and being a part of something fun and exciting.

Goodbye Preschool, Hello Kindergarten is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, early and emerging young readers, parents and teachers. Great for children ages 3-5Get your copy now.

9. Kindness Starts With You – At School

Author: by Jacquelyn Stagg
ISBN: 978-1775183310
Published at: Jacquelyn Stagg (April 22, 2018)

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Kindness is the single most powerful thing that we can teach our children. Follow Maddy through her day at school, where your child will learn how easy it can be to spread kindness! From taking turns on the swing to including everyone in the game – this storybook shows that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

A lightbulb lesson of kindness is found on each page! Included in the book is a Kindness BINGO download and a Weekly Kindness Challenge to help encourage your child to: Say Sorry, Be Polite, Take Turns, Be a Helping Hand, Include Others, and Show Respect.

If you value raising kind kids that make the world a better place, then this book is for you!

10. The Choices I Make: (Children’s Books About Making Good Choices, Anger, Emotions Management, Kids Ages 3 5, Preschool, Kindergarten) (Self-Regulation Skills)

Author: by Michael Gordon
38 pages

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Self-Regulation Skills Series 14 Decisions Can Be HARD! Here’s a great story for helping kids manage their emotions and anger. Teaching kids how to make good choices* Every choice (good or bad) comes with consequences* Helps children with decision-making process* Learn how to behave, tolerate frustration, adapt to change* Teaching kids about empathy, kindness, and compassion It has a great message: Excellent for sharing and encouraging discussion…

Very good teaching tool for kids ages 3-5 and adults. KellyLove this book! We’ve only read it one time, but it has already helped my kids see things a little differently. TaylorExplains choices & consequences:The book flows really well, rhymes and paces just right.

The illustrations are beautiful too. EmilyMy 5 year old son’s behavior changed immediately! AnneAnd* Cute illustrations with nice rhyming story * Not too long, grabs kid’s attention * Print version includes COLORING PAGES*Perfect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergartenGET IT NOW and get the ebook for FREE!!

11. Breathing is My Superpower: Mindfulness Book for Kids to Feel Calm and Peaceful

Author: by Alicia Ortego
34 pages

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Do you want to help your child learn healthy ways to deal with angry feelings? For most parents, helping their child deal with anger is at the top of the list. Breathing is my Superpower teaches children to regulate their emotions, especially if they are feeling upset, angry, or stressed.

Sofia will show your little ones how to control their breathing in various situations, whether at school, at home, or on the playground. Breathing Techniques presented in the book, will help calm your children and show them a fun way of managing their own body, breath, and emotions.

Discover 5 simple breathing techniques for kids to help control their feelings: To relax when they think adults do not understand them. To deal with anger, fears and worries. To cope with rejection at school. To regain self-confidence. To give kids relief from anxiety and teach them yoga basics.

“y niece very loves it. We are doing this exercise everyday! And she asked me to do it with her ( and I like it too).” – Vera*Your children will identify with our heroine, Sofia, and love the cheerful illustrations and charming rhymes in this bedtime story.

12. Big Ideas for Curious Minds: An Introduction to Philosophy

Author: by The School of Life
The School of Life
156 pages

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Children are, in many ways, born philosophers. Without prompting, they ask some of the largest questions about time, mortality, happiness and the meaning of it all. Yet too often this inborn curiosity is not developed and, with age, the questions fall away.

This is a book designed to harness Children's spontaneous philosophical instinct and to develop it through introductions to some of the most vibrant and essential philosophical ideas of history. The book takes us to meet leading figures of philosophy from around the world and from all eras – and shows us how their ideas continue to matter.

The book functions as an ideal introduction to philosophy, as well as a charming way to open up conversations between adults and children about the biggest questions we all face. What people are saying about Big Ideas for Curious Minds: “This is an absolute must have for ALL children.

It is absolutely fantastic and helps children understand a number of their daily struggles. In fact I take that previous comment back, this is an absolute must for EVERYONE. I have had read it from cover to cover, and as a 40 year old woman I have honestly learnt something new.” Freddies Mummy UK “This is a beautifully produced book published by the School of Life (founded by well known philosopher Alain de Botton).

13. I Am Stronger Than Anxiety: Children’s Book about Overcoming Worries, Stress and Fear (World of Kids Emotions)

Author: by Elizabeth Cole
30 pages

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Often face with kids’ anxiety and still have no idea how to deal with Children's big emotions and feelings? Try this entertaining picture book and learn how to help children cope with their worry and stress. All children worry from time to time and it is a normal part of growing up.

But, when anxiety becomes overwhelming, it can greatly affect kids’ behavior. It may lead to a feeling of stress, exhaustion, isolation and many others. It is very important to be aware of these emotions and to know how to deal with them in a healthy way.

This activity book captures Children's attention, provides kid-friendly entry points into understanding the essence of the feeling of anxiety, and is a perfect tool for educating them about how to overcome worries, fear and phobias. This cute book about Little Nick:contains lovely illustrations and a lightly rhyming storyline.

Helps children recognize and manage their anxiety by interacting with animals in a funny way. Provides tips and techniques on what to do when your children feel worried, nervous, anxious or scared. Delivers important messages aimed at improving kids’ self-regulation skills.

14. My Magical Dreams (The Magic of Me Series – Encouragement Gifts for Kids, Uplifting Books for Graduation)

Author: by Becky Cummings
Boundless Movement LLC.
40 pages

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You see your Children's potential. You want them to see it too! Teachers and parents agree that My Magical Dreams is the perfect tool for helping children learn to set goals and visualize their future. It’s never too early to ask questions that get your children thinking about their future hopes, big and small.

Twelve fun questions, beautifully illustrated, will allow children to explore their interests. What do you want to be or do? What do you want to learn more about? Where do you want to go and explore? What do you want to build or create?

How will you help the world someday?Plus more! Your children deserve to reach their full potential. What you do now will lay the foundation for their future success. Encourage the boys and girls you love and get this book into their hands!

Don’t forget to also get a copy of My Magical Sketchbook: Draw, Color, Write, to go with your hardcover. It is the perfect companion book for your children to draw and write about their dreams. Also available on Amazon.

15. I Choose to Calm My Anxiety: A Colorful, Picture Book About Soothing Strategies for Anxious Children (Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose)

Author: by Elizabeth Estrada
39 pages

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In this rhyming story, Lucas is weighed down by his worry and anxiety. Through colorful illustrations and rhythmic rhymes, he learns coping mechanisms on how to deal with big emotions like anxiety. For every child who has experienced anxious thoughts, this story teaches kids how to respond to anxiety through several soothing strategies.

I Choose to Calm My Anxiety is a story with social emotional learning (SEL) in mind. It has been praised by teachers and therapists worldwide. Lucas acknowledges negative thoughts, then actively replaces them with positive thoughts instead. He shares how he uses deep breathing and focus on things he can control.

With Lucas in real life examples, your child will learn to develop their understanding of their own emotions. I Choose to Calm my Anxiety is a quiet, thoughtful story that teaches readers how to practice mindfulness, focusing on thoughts that bring happiness and calm into their lives.

Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose is an empowering series curated to empower young children to become aware of big emotions. A new book series developed in tandem with teachers and therapists to help children cope with a range of emotions and teach them that they indeed hold the power to choose their actions and reactions.

16. Positive Ninja: A Children’s Book About Mindfulness and Managing Negative Emotions and Feelings (Ninja Life Hacks)

Author: by Mary Nhin
35 pages

Positive Ninja: A Children’s Book About Mindfulness and Managing Negative Emotions and Feelings (Ninja Life Hacks) Cover

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Positive Ninja used to struggle with negativity until a simple strategy for positivity is discovered. Find out what happens in this comedic book about optimism and mindfulness.Life is hard! And it’s even harder for children who are just trying to figure things out.

The new Children's book series, Ninja Life Hacks, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. Fun, pint-size characters in comedic books easy enough for young readers, yet witty enough for adults. The Ninja Life Hacks book series is geared to kids 3-11.

Perfect for boys, girls, early readers, primary school students, or toddlers. Excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers alike. CVisit the Ninja Life Hacks site found in the author profile for fun freebies!