Best Children's Pirate Books

Here you will get Best Children's Pirate Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Legend of the Star Runner: A Timmi Tobbson Adventure Book for Boys and Girls (Solve-Them-Yourself Mysteries for Kids 8-12)

Author: by J. I. Wagner
160 pages

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Ages 8-12 | Chapter Book | Short Attention Spans | 30+ Mysteries to Solve | Video Trailer BelowNote to parents: Please read our ‘No-Bad-Language’ notice below. Following the clues concealed within a centuries-old family legacy, Timmi Tobbson and his friends hope to save a dear friend.

But only twenty-four hours remain to unravel the legend of a long-lost pirate ship, buried somewhere deep beneath the city streets. Unbeknownst to them, their search awakens a mystical dark power, sworn to protect what is hidden on board the once famous Star Runner.

Unravel ‘solve-them-yourself picture mysteries’ and uncover the Legend of the Star Runner! Mysteries to Solve The adventure is divided into 31 concise chapters, each of which ends with a puzzle to be solved by finding and interpreting visual clues concealed within a beautiful color illustration.

Suited for explorers and sleuths young and old. Children under 8 years may need assistance in solving some of the puzzles. Grade level: 3rd and up. Beautiful Color IllustrationsLegend of the Star Runner gives readers the best of both worlds, merging the visual appeal of a graphic novel with text-based storytelling’s power to spark imagination.

2. Hook's Daughter: The Untold Tale of a Pirate Princess (The Pirate Princess Chronicles)

Author: by R.V. Bowman
206 pages

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Her biggest hero may be Neverland’s greatest villain. Stuck at an exclusive boarding school year round, Andromeda Rommy Cavendish counts down the days to her seafaring father’s twice-yearly visits. Every year, she hopes this will be the summer her father takes her with him on his travels.

But he always says she is too young, and it’s too dangerous. But this summer is going to be different. As the newest and youngest member of her school’s fencing team, danger is her new best friend. There’s no way her father can say no.

But he never shows up for his visit. Worried that something awful has happened, Rommy dresses as a boy and sneaks out of her school. Traveling through nineteenth-century London, she discovers more questions than answers. To find her father she’ll have to go to the magical island of Neverland where heroes are villains, and her father might be the baddest villain of them all.

If you enjoy Once Upon a Time’s fairytale twists, swashbuckling adventures, and spunky heroines, you’ll love Hook’s Daughter: The Untold Tale of a Pirate Princess, first in the middle-grade fantasy adventure trilogy The Pirate Princess Chronicles.Join the adventure! Pick up Hook’s Daughter today!!

3. A Big Kid Bed is Coming! (How to Transition and Keep Your Toddler in Their Bed)

Author: by Liz Fletcher
Brave Kids Press
28 pages

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‘A Big Kid Bed is Coming’ is a sweet adventure created to help kiddos love sleeping (and staying in) their new ‘Big Kid Bed.’As parents, we all know that as children grow older, they face many new milestones and transitions.

Like adults, kids need to dig deep for their inner courage and bravery to navigate these new tides. Anything new at first is well…New! And new things often are accompanied by some big nerves. That’s why we created Louie.

The sweetest, most brave elephant around. Gift your child the experience of conquering this new milestone with a buddy by their side and gaining some newfound confidence. Louie will not only show them that a ‘Big Kid Bed’ can be exciting but also adventurous and fun!The best part?

A restful, great night’s sleep. A Big Kid Bed is Coming is the first book of its series; we hope you enjoy it. Sweet dreams!”With sweet rhymes and beautiful illustrations, this Children's book inspires bravery and greatness.” – Lauren Steed, New York

4. Who Was Blackbeard?

Author: by James Buckley Jr.
Penguin Workshop

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Though much of his early life remains a mystery, Blackbeard most likely began his life as Edward Teach in the sailing port of Bristol, England. He began his career as a hired British sailor during Queen Anne’s War. He eventually settled in the Bahamas under Captain Benjamin Hornigold who taught the young sailor to go “a-pirating.” Soon enough, Blackbeard was commanding his own fleet and stealing ships around the Caribbean and up and down the Eastern seaboard.

Known for his thick, black beard and fearsome reputation, the legend of Blackbeard has influenced pirate legend and lore for over 300 years.


I Escaped Amazon River Pirates

Author: by Scott Peters
126 pages

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15-year-old Nick battles pirates, gators, and jungle storms when he’s separated from his parents on vacation. The Survival Series that celebrates the awesome history of us. From multi-award winning Ellie Crowe and Scott Peters comes a wild escape based on true tales of recent Amazon River pirate attacks.

When river pirates attack their ferry in the middle of the night, Nick escapes on a surfboard, along with his family. But the Amazon’s wild currents separate Nick from his parents. One minute they’re together, the next, he’s lost in a deadly rainforest filled with piranha, jaguars, alligators, and giant anaconda.

Worse, he’s got angry pirates on his tail and a box of stolen gold. Talk about a family trip gone wrong! He wishes they’d never left California. A massive jungle storm hits and he’s forced to build a makeshift cover of leaves and branches.

As the days pass and he delves deeper into the jungle, Nick must use all of his smarts to survive. Can he find his parents before the pirates find him first? Can he ever hope to escape the Amazon rainforest?

6. Whole Enchilada (Choose Your Own Adventure 1-40)

Author: by R. A. Montgomery

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GET THEM ALL!Available for the first time ever on Amazon, The Choose Your Own Adventure Whole Enchilada: Books 1-40 in the Choose Your Own Adventure series, including beloved nostalgia classics like MYSTERY OF THE MAYA, ESCAPE, JOURNEY UNDER THE SEA, and much much more.

Navigate the deep sea, train with ninjas, trek through the Khumbu Ice Fall in search of the yeti – they’re all here. The Choose Your Own Adventure series is widely commended for its appeal for reluctant readers, but that’s not why you’re on this page, is it?Right.We thought so.

You’re here because Choose Your Own Adventure does interactive fiction best. You loved it as a kid and want to share it with a kid now. (Or maybe just spend the weekend on the couch reading and remembering a simpler, happier time.

It’s the 4th bestselling Children's book series of all time, and will look fabulous on your bookshelf. Oh, and one more thing. These books are different than other books. There are dangers, choices, and consequences ahead and YOU can decide what happens next…

7. Pirates Magnified: With a 3x Magnifying Glass

Author: by David Long
Wide Eyed Editions
48 pages

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Ahoy, shipmate!Explore the lives of 10 real pirates and learn about life on the high seas, whilst using the magnifying glassincluded inside the book’s foil-accented coverto spot more than 200 pirate-themed items in 16 eye-boggling illustrations. Meet history’s most notorious pirates as you follow Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, and more rogues on their real-life adventures in this book by award-winning author David Long.

As you spot, explore cutaways of ships and learn about navigation, survival at sea, the merchant trade, and finding treasure. At the back, find a rogues gallery of even more pirates and dangerous individuals on the prowl in the era of sail ships and ocean travel, plus more things to spot, an answer key, and a guide to talking like a pirate.

The intricate illustrations and fascinating facts in this seafaring adventure will inform and entertain the youngest landlubber for hours.

8. Neverland's Key: A Pirate Princess's Last Chance (The Pirate Princess Chronicles)

Author: by R.V. Bowman
222 pages

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All she wants to do is leave Neverland. All Pan wants to do is keep her there forever. When Rommy arrived on the magical island, she was looking for her father. Instead, she found a fantastical world that is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Now she and her friends must set out on one more quest to stop Pan and persuade her father to leave his revenge behind. But before they can do that they have to find the key that can lock the passage to Neverland permanently.

The only problem is the key belongs to a crazy fairy, and the lock is guarded by murderous mermaids. And the clock is ticking. Rommy has until the next sunrise, or she and everyone she loves will be sealed in Neverland forever.

Will she rise above her own fears to find a real happily-ever-after? If you love fairytale twists, villainous heroes, and spunky girls, you’ll love Neverland’s Key: A Pirate Princess’s Last Chance, the final installment of the middle-grade fantasy-adventure trilogy The Pirate Princess Chronicles.

9. Pirates: Dead Men's Tales: Incredible Facts, Maps and True Stories about Life on the High Seas

Author: by Anne Rooney
64 pages

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Ahoy, there!Get set for a thrilling voyage as you explore pirates throughout history and across the globe. Who were the real pirates of the Caribbeanand beyond?Find out! Pirates: Dead Men’s Tales brings us face to face with some of the most villainous and scurrilous rogues ever to sail the seven seas.

Travel from North Africa to the China Seas to meet the notorious Blackbeard, the fearsome Barbarossa brothers, and the women pirates Mary Read, Anne Bonny, and Zheng Shi. With five sumptuous maps, themed spreads, and true tales of a pirate’s daily life, this book takes you on an epic adventure.

10. Ghost Island (Choose Your Own Adventure: Dragonlarks)

Author: by Shannon Gilligan
56 pages

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Ghost Island by Shannon Gilligan takes YOU on a family vacation in the Caribbean islands that is full of spooks, adventure, and fun. Your 6-8 year old reader will meet a pirate ghost, sail across the sea, recover a haunted skull from a museum, and enter a cave that transports YOU back in time!

Choose Your Own Adventure Ghost Island is an interactive gamebook in which YOU decide what happens next. Should you join a group of kids to go spy on the island ghost? Or steal away to the cemetery in the middle of the night and brave the ghost alone?

For readers that enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure Dragonlark series including: The Haunted House by R.A. Montgomery, Sand Castle by R.A. Montgomery, and Return to Haunted House by R.A.Montgomery.

11. Diamonds Are For Never: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery & International Adventure Series Book 2

Author: by Paul Aertker
Flying Solo Press, LLC

256 pages

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This second installment in the international action-packed Crime Travelers Spy School series from Amazon best-selling and award-winning author Paul Aertker is a mind-opening adventure for elementary and middle-grade readers of Gordon Korman, James Patterson, and Stuart Gibbs. “The Crime Travelers series combines action and adventure with global awareness and smart humor.” ClarionRating:5 StarsLexile Measure: 740L | AR Points from Renaissance Accelerated Reader | Parents, teachers, and librarians will appreciate the worldwide geography and appropriate language for Ages 8 – 14 Grades: 3 – 8| #1 Amazon best-selling series in Children's Travel | 300 Geographic References plus illustrative maps!| FUNNY.SMART.ACTION.

| DIAMONDS ARE FORE NEVER continues the international excitement of The Crime Travelers Adventure Series | Also available: Book 1: BRAINWASHED & Book 3: PRICELESS When a rogue group of modern-day pirates pushes everything important to the edge of life, Lucas Benes becomes a boy on a mission.

12. Scratch & Sketch Pirates (Trace Along)

Author: by Peter Pauper Press
64 pages

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Come aboard, matey, and scratch and sketch an adventurous life at sea! Trace 20 simple sketches of famous pirates, their ships, weapons, flags, and more! This is a Trace-Along title! White outlines on black scratch-off pages create a fun way for younger children (5 and up) to build confidence in their creativity and reveal brilliant patterns, swirls, and colors beneath!

Use the wooden stylus included to uncover sparkles and colors as you trace and draw. Art activity book contains 10 black-coated gold and silver glitter pages, 10 black-coated colorful swirl pages, 20 illustrated pages, 20 extra pages for sketching and doodling, and the wooden stylus for drawing.

Informative text about pirates throughout. Sturdy hardcover art activity book measures 6-3/8” wide x 8-1/2” high.64 pages. Shrinkwrapped with stylus.

13. Pirates (Magic Tree House Research Guide, paper)

Author: by Mary Pope Osborne
128 pages

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A 2018 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults FinalistThe exciting true story of the captaincy, wreck, and discovery of the Whydah the only pirate ship ever found and the incredible mysteries it revealed. The 1650s to the 1730s marked the golden age of piracy, when fearsome pirates like Blackbeard ruled the waves, seeking not only treasure but also large and fast ships to carry it.

The Whydah was just such a ship, built to ply the Triangular Trade route, which it did until one of the greediest pirates of all, Black Sam Bellamy, commandeered it. Filling the ship to capacity with treasure, Bellamy hoped to retire with his bounty but in 1717 the ship sank in a storm off Cape Cod.

For more than two hundred years, the wreck of the Whydah (and the riches that went down with it) eluded treasure seekers, until the ship was finally found in 1984 by marine archaeologists. The artifacts brought up from the ocean floor are priceless, both in value and in the picture they reveal of life in that much-mythologized era, changing much of what we know about pirates.

15. Eyelike Stickers: Pirates

Author: by Workman Publishing
Workman Publishing Company
12 pages

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Over 400 irresistible, reusable, and collectible stickers to mix, match, and trade! Whether on windows, notebooks, lunch boxes, or scrapbooks, these peel-and-place stickers are perfect for creating your own work of artanytime, anywhere!

16. You're the Hero: Pirate Adventure (Let's Tell a Story)

Author: by Lily Murray
Ivy Kids
32 pages

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Imagine if you could have an adventure as a pirate. What if you could have MILLIONS of them? With this story-building book, readers aged 5+ can create their own pirate-inspired adventures, over and over again. Just read the question and choose from the vibrant pictures on the page to build the story.

The book is packed full of fun, silly and exciting things for the reader to choose from, including: Visiting a pirate milkshake barWearing a sparkly eye patch and a beardPacking a treasure mapVoyaging on a ghost shipSailing past an island made of chocolateFacing a tentacled sea monster Once they’ve finished, the reader can turn back to the start and make different choices to build a completely new tale.

There are millions of possible combinations and endless stories to be told! And can you find the cheeky penguin hidden on each page? You’re the Hero is a series of books designed to help readers dream up their very own adventures.

From selecting which hero to be and where to visit, to deciding on how the story will end and choosing a reward, the reader controls the action from start to finish. Packed full of imaginative characters, thrilling places to go, hilarious random objects, and extraordinary situations to choose from, these books are made to be read again and again.