Best Chocolate Baking Books

Here you will get Best Chocolate Baking Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. How to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations (Dessert Cookbook)

Author: by Ann Reardon
Mango (June 15, 2021)
200 pages

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How to Cook That Dessert Cookbook: Pastries, Cakes and Sweet CreationsHow to Cook That is the most popular Australian cooking channel in all the world, and it’s not hard to see why. PopSugarAmazon Best Cookbook for Month of June 2021 and Editor’s pick Best Books of 2021 So Far #1 Best Seller in Chocolate Baking, Confectionary Desserts, Pastry Baking, Garnishing Meals, Holiday Cooking, Main Courses & Side Dishes, Cookies, and Cooking by IngredientOffering a fun-filled step-by-step dessert cookbook, Ann Reardon teaches you how to create delicious and impressive pastries, cakes and sweet creations.

Join food scientist Ann Reardon, host of the award-winning YouTube series How to Cook That, as she explores Crazy Sweet Creations. An accomplished pastry chef, Reardon draws millions of baking fans together each week, eager to learn the secrets of her extravagant cakes, chocolates, and eye-popping desserts.

Her warmth and sense of fun in the kitchen shines through on every page as she reveals the science behind recreating your own culinary masterpieces. For home cooks and fans who love their desserts, cakes, and ice creams to look amazing and taste even better.

2. The Great British Baking Show: Love to Bake

Author: by Paul Hollywood
288 pages

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Love to Bake is The Great British Bake Off’s best collection yet – recipes to remind us that baking is the ultimate expression of thanks, togetherness, celebration and love. Pop round to a friend’s with tea and sympathy in the form of Chai Crackle Cookies; have fun making Paul’s Rainbow-coloured Bagels with your family; snuggle up and take comfort in Sticky Pear & Cinnamon Buns or a Pandowdy Swamp Pie; or liven up a charity cake sale with Mini Lemon & Pistachio Battenbergs or Prue’s stunningRaspberry & Salted Caramel Eclairs.

Impressive occasion cakes and stunning bakes for gatherings are not forgotten – from a novelty frog birthday cake for a children’s party, through a towering croquembouche to wow your guests at the end of dinner, to a gorgeous, but easy-to-make wedding cake that’s worthy of any once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Throughout the book, judges’ recipes from Paul and Prue will hone your skills, while lifelong favourites from the 2020 bakers offer insight into the journeys that brought the contestants to the Bake Off tent and the reasons why they – like you – love to bake.

3. Sirtfood Diet: 3 Books in 1: Complete Guide To Burn Fat Activating Your “Skinny Gene”+ 200 Tasty Recipes Cookbook For Quick and Easy Meals + A Smart 4 Weeks Meal Plan To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss.

Author: by Kate Hamilton
ISBN: 979-8670561105
Published at: Independently published (July 29, 2020)

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BEST SELLING AUTHOR ON AMAZON – THOUSANDS OF COPIES SOLDAre you looking for a diet that won’t leave you hungry but will boost your weight loss like never before? Do you want to lose weight fast with a guided, step-by-step 4-week plan and 290+ recipes that will get you to some amazing results?

If that’s the case, it’s time to consider the Sirtfood Diet! The Sirtfood Diet is based on eating foods that contain a lot of sirtuins. These amazing proteins help with cellular rejuvenation, give you a healthy glow, and, the best part, make you skinny!

Yep, it’s scientifically proven that sirtuins activate the skinny gene and enhance weight loss. Have you seen how much weight has the famous singer Adele lost? The Sirtfood Diet is her SECRET. And it’s easy to understand why: it offers a sustainable, flexible approach that adapts to your needs, offering delicious foods like chocolate and red wine that combined with other sirtuin-rich ingredients will take your body and your health to the next level!

4. The Chocolate Touch

Author: by Patrick Skene Catling

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In this zany twist on the legend of King Midas and his golden touch, a boy acquires a magical gift that turns everything his lips touch into chocolate! Kids will eat this up for summer reading or anytime! Can you ever have too much of your favorite food?

John Midas is about to find out. The Chocolate Touch has remained a favorite for millions of kids, teachers, and parents for several generations. It’s an enjoyable story that pulls in even reluctant readers.

5. Chocolate Fever

Author: by Robert Kimmel Smith
Puffin Books

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Getting Chocolate Fever can change your ideas about chocolate and life! Henry Green is a boy who loves chocolate. He likes it bitter, sweet, dark, light, and daily; for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; in cakes, candy bars, milk, and every other form you can possibly imagine.

Henry probably loves chocolate more than any boy in the history of the world. One day-it starts off like any other day-Henry finds that strange things are happening to him. First he makes medical history with the only case of Chocolate Fever ever.

Then he finds himself caught up in a wild and hilarious chase, climaxed by a very unusual hijacking!

6. Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners: 1000+ Quick & Easy Flavorful Recipes to Ensure Lifelong Health and Lower Cholesterol. 12-Week Easy Meal Plan to Build Healthy Habits & Change Your Lifestyle

Author: by Zoe Valastro
359 pages

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Have you adopted the world’s healthiest diet, the Mediterranean diet, and are loving it, but are struggling to prepare enough tasty meals that make you look forward to following the diet for an extended amount of time? And are you looking to add variety to your cooking so you never again feel as if you don’t have options?

If you’ve answered YES, then keep readingYou Are About To Discover 1000+ Mouthwatering Mediterranean Diet Recipes That Will Instantly Make You Want To Adopt The Diet For The Rest Of Your Life! Having been ranked as the world’s healthiest diet for several years in a row, it makes perfect sense why everyone wants to adopt the diet and make it part of their lifestyle.

But because the diet is a bit foreign’ because it promotes eating foods that people living around the Mediterranean diet eat, it can be pretty hard for the average American to get creative to a point where you have more than enough meal options.

That’s where a comprehensive cookbook comes in handy to take the guesswork out of the whole process of adopting the diet! But what makes this book unique? Simple the fact that it has over 1,000 recipes means you will find something you love every day, for months or even years!

7. Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner

Author: by Peter P. Greweling
544 pages

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Chocolates and Confections

8. Everything Chocolate: A Decadent Collection of Morning Pastries, Nostalgic Sweets, and Showstopping Desserts

Author: by America's Test Kitchen
America's Test Kitchen
376 pages

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Make your decadent dreams come true with this chocolate-covered collection of more than 200 foolproof recipes that showcase the treasured dessert ingredient-from delicious morning baked goods and pick-me-up treats to rich after-dinner delights for special occasions. Chocolate may be the most universally loved (and craved) flavoring, and Everything Chocolate is the definitive guide to any sweet treat you can imagine featuring it, for any time of day.

Wake up with streusel-topped Chocolate-Walnut Muffins that are easy to make or professional-grade Chocolate Croissants when weekend time allows. Pack lunches with pleasing Milk Chocolate Revel Bars or serve Magic Chocolate Flan Cake or Chocolate Pavlova with Berries and Whipped Cream after dinner.

Much of why we fall for chocolate is because it brings back memories of candy bar snacks and sneaking just-baked chocolate chip cookies while they’re still warm (we have the best recipe). We channel the nostalgia in recipes like Chocolate Fluff Cookies and Frozen Snickers Ice Cream Cake.

9. Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry Between the World's Greatest Chocolate Makers

Author: by Deborah Cadbury
October 19, 2010

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In the early nineteenth century the major English chocolate firms – Fry, Rowntree, and Cadbury – were all Quaker family enterprises that aimed to do well by doing good. The English chocolatiers introduced the world’s first chocolate bar and ever fancier chocolate temptations – while also writing groundbreaking papers on poverty, publishing authoritative studies of the Bible, and campaigning against human rights abuses.

Chocolate was always a global business, and in the global competitors, especially the Swiss and the Americans Hershey and Mars, the Quaker capitalists met their match. The ensuing chocolate wars would culminate in a multi-billion-dollar showdown pitting Quaker tradition against the cutthroat tactics of a corporate behemoth.

Featuring a cast of savvy entrepreneurs, brilliant eccentrics, and resourceful visionaries, Chocolate Wars is a delicious history of the fierce, 150-year business rivalry for one of the world’s most coveted markets.

10. Easy Bake Oven Cookbook: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Recipes

Author: by Hasty Tasty Chef
112 pages

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“This Easy Bake oven cookbook belongs at the top of your list if you’re looking for easy bake oven accessories”. Hasty Tasty ChefWhat if you could say goodbye to always having to buy easy bake oven mixes & refills and hello to a brand new world of delicious easy bake oven food?

What if your little chef could serve up sweet and savory items like Unicorn cake, Cookies & Creme, Peanut Butter Cups, Pizza, Breadsticks and more, all from an ez bake oven. Now imagine all of this from simple ingredients usually found right in your kitchen.

After endless kids taste test, the Hasty Tasty chef has selected the all-star favorites to showcase in this newest easy bake oven recipe book. Inside this cookbook you’ll find:Exciting recipes that will have your child smiling in anticipation as their creativity is unleashed with different choices of flavors, colors, frostings and more!

89 Easy, simple recipes of the kids favorites from the taste test including: Unicorn Rainbow cake, Cookies & Cream cake, Peach Cobbler, Pizza, Bread Sticks and many moreHow to make easy, delicious and fun foods for a small fraction of the cost of the refills and mixes using simple ingredientsHow to make an assortment of cookies, desserts and more from everyday mixes found at your grocery storeIf you’re searching for a cookbook to help your little kitchen master get the most out of their easy bake oven, then scroll up and add this book to your cart now.

11. Baked to Perfection: Delicious gluten-free recipes with a pinch of science

Author: by Katarina Cermelj

384 pages

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The only gluten-free baking book you’ll ever need, with delicious recipes that work perfectly every time. From proper crusty bread, pillowy soft cinnamon rolls and glorious layered cakes to fudgy brownies, incredibly flaky rough puff pastry and delicate patisserie everything that once seemed impossible to make gluten-free can now be baked by you.

Baked to Perfection begins with a thorough look at the gluten-free baking basics: how different gluten-free flours behave, which store-bought blends work best, and how to mix your own to suit your needs. Covering cakes, brownies, cookies, pastry and bread in turn, Katarina shares the best techniques for the recipes in that chapter, and each recipe is accompanied by expert tips, useful scientific explanations and occasional step-by-step photography to help you achieve gluten-free perfection.

Recipes include classic bakes like super-moist chocolate cake, caramel apple pie and chocolate chip cookies, the softest, chewiest bread, including crusty artisan loaves, baguettes, brioche burger buns and soda bread, and mouth-watering showstoppers like toasted marshmallow brownies, coffee cream puffs and strawberries + cream tart.

12. The Art of Lamination: Advanced Technical Laminated Pastry Production 2020

Author: by Jimmy Griffin
187 pages

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Do you want to make excellent croissants and laminated pastry? Are your croissants not as good as you would like them to be? Having problems with laminated pastry products? Confused about folding techniques and the thickness of your pastry? Do you want to not only understand but fix all of your pastry making issues and ensure you make consistent, beautiful pastry time and time again?

If you want to master laminated pastry, this is the book for you! Already dubbed the lamination bible by happy customers, this book takes you from simple pastry to advanced competition level products, explaining each step in great detail. To build a good house, it must first have a solid foundation!

The same principles apply when making laminated pastry products. My book The Art of Lamination is built on a solid knowledge of understanding the recipes, methods, processes and ingredients required to make the finest laminated viennoiserie possible. This book is the culmination of seven years of research, in particular, it was my chosen subject during my masters degree studies.

13. The Sweet Book of Candy Making: From the Simple to the Spectacular-How to Make Caramels, Fudge, Hard Candy, Fondant, Toffee, and More!

Author: by Elizabeth LaBau
Quarry Books
160 pages

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Do you want to approach the Ketogenic Diet, but you do not know where to start? Are you looking for a new easy, and sustainable diet, in the long run, to knock down those extra pounds that make you feel insecure?

You have been told that, especially for women after 50 like you, the Ketogenic Diet is the one to follow to benefit from all its positive effects on your health. With the Ketogenic Diet, your metabolism will get used to getting from fat the energies you need daily, preferably attacking the deposits then fat accumulated under the skin, leading the body to slim down more quickly.

You see, when it comes to “diet,” people often associate that term with a “sacrifice” too great to bear, failing miserably. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Diet is nothing more than a diet plan (almost a way of life if you want) that, if followed correctly, allows you to achieve your goals.

In this book, you will: Find An Incredibly Good 30-day Meal Plan that will guide you, day after day, in your diet without suffering hunger. Discover the Reason for Adopting a Protein Diet with Zero Carbohydrates is a safe diet for your health, and that allows you to eliminate excess fat, especially after 50.

15. The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces

Author: by Ewald Notter

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A must-have guide to chocolate making and chocolate showpiece design, from renowned confectionery expert Ewald Notter. Covering the full spectrum of chocolate work-from the fundamentals of chocolate making to instruction on advanced showpiece design and assembly-The Art of the Chocolatier is the most complete and comprehensive guide to chocolate making on the market.

The book covers basic information on ingredients, equipment, and common techniques in the pastry kitchen, while also offering clear, step-by-step instructions on creating small candies and large-scale chocolate pieces. This is the ideal book for pastry students enrolled in chocolate and confectionery courses, as well as working professionals and even serious home confectioners who want to improve their skills in advanced chocolate work.

Illustrated step-by-step instructions cover all the essentials of chocolate-making, from tempering and creating ganache and gianduja to using molds, transfer sheets, and more. An entire chapter devoted to Creating a Competition Piece covers the ins and outs of confectionery competition, from preparing for the event and developing a concept to designing and building a winning chocolate showpiece.

16. Le Cordon Bleu Chocolate Bible: 180 Recipes from the Famous French Culinary School

Author: by Le Cordon Bleu
416 pages

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“There is something for every occasion and every skill level in this excellent collection. This appetizing work will quickly become a go-to on the topic.” Publishers WeeklyDiscover a world where chocolate is king, where this most versatile of ingredients is transformed into luscious cakes, tarts, mousses, iced desserts, drinks, biscuits and sweets.

Here is the ultimate collection of tempting classics as well as a selection of new and original creations. Success is guaranteed because the recipes have been created by the chefs of the world’s oldest and best known culinary institution, Le Cordon Bleu, which is famed for presenting cookery expertise in ways that are clear and simple to grasp.

As well as including a photograph of every finished dish, a range of indispensable techniques is illustrated in step-by-step photographs, which makes mastering the recipes possible for even the novice cook. Any of the 180 mouthwatering recipes presented here will provide the high point of any meal whether you are looking for a dazzling finale to a dinner, a stunning treat for a special day, or simply something to please yourself, your family or friends you need look no further.