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1. Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches, Second Edition (Tab)

Author: by Simon Monk
McGraw-Hill Education TAB
192 pages

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Program Arduino with ease! This thoroughly updated guide shows, step by step, how to quickly program all Arduino models.

Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches, Second Edition, features easy to follow explanations, fun examples, and downloadable sample programs. Discover how to write basic sketches, use Arduino’s modified C language, store data, and interface with the Web. You will also get hands on coverage of C++, library writing, and programming Arduino for the Internet of Things.

No prior programming experience is required! Understand Arduino hardware fundamentals Set up the software, power up your Arduino, and start uploading sketches Learn C language basics Add functions, arrays, and strings to your sketches Program Arduino’s digital and analog inputs and outputs Use functions from the standard Arduino library Write sketches that can store data Interface with displays, including OLEDs and LCDs Connect to the Internet and configure Arduino as a Web server Develop interesting programs for the Internet of Things Write your own Arduino libraries and use object oriented programming methods

2. Computers Made Easy: From Dummy To Geek

Author: by James Bernstein
215 pages

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A Foundation in Computers & Software That’s Easy to Understand*Updated Second Edition Now Available*Computers Made Easy is designed to take your overall computer skills from a beginner to the next level. Get a top level understanding without a complex education.

This easy to use guide will help you navigate your way to becoming proficient with computers, operating systems, hardware and software. IntroductionChapter 1 What is a Computer? Chapter 2 Computer Peripherals Chapter 3 Microsoft Windows Chapter 4 Software Chapter 5 Printers Chapter 6 The Internet Chapter 7 Email Chapter 8 Office Productivity Software Chapter 9 Antivirus and Antispyware Software Chapter 10 Avoiding Scams Chapter 11 Error Messages, Crashes, & Troubleshooting Chapter 12 Wi-Fi and Internet Troubleshooting Chapter 13 Backup and Protection Chapter 14 – Security Chapter 15 Cloud Storage Chapter 16 Basic NetworkingWhat’s Next?

About the AuthorJames Bernstein has been working with various companies in the IT field since 2000, managing technologies such as SAN and NAS storage, VMware, backups, Windows Servers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Networking, Microsoft Office, Exchange, and more. He has obtained certifications from Microsoft, VMware, CompTIA, ShoreTel, and SNIA, and continues to strive to learn new technologies to further his knowledge on a variety of subjects.

3. Raspberry Pi Cookbook: Software and Hardware Problems and Solutions

Author: by Simon Monk
O'Reilly Media
608 pages

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With millions of new users and several new models, the Raspberry Pi ecosystem continues to expandalong with many new questions about the Pi’s capabilities. The third edition of this popular cookbook provides more than 200 hands-on recipes that show you how to run this tiny low-cost computer with Linux; program it with Python; hook it up to sensors, motors, and Arduino boards; and even use it with the internet of things (IoT).

Prolific hacker and author Simon Monk also teaches basic principles to help you use new technologies with the Raspberry Pi. This cookbook is ideal for programmers and hobbyists familiar with the Pi through resources such as Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (O’Reilly).

Code examples from the book are available on GitHub. Set up your Raspberry Pi and connect to a networkWork with its Linux-based operating systemProgram your Raspberry Pi with PythonGive your Pi “eyes” with computer visionControl hardware through the GPIO connectorUse your Raspberry Pi to run different types of motorsWork with switches, keypads, and other digital inputsUse sensors to measure temperature, light, and distanceConnect to IoT devices in various ways and automate your home

4. Learn Robotics Programming: Build and control AI-enabled autonomous robots using the Raspberry Pi and Python, 2nd Edition

Author: by Danny Staple
Packt Publishing
602 pages

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Develop an extendable smart robot capable of performing a complex series of actions with Python and Raspberry PiKey FeaturesGet up to speed with the fundamentals of robotic programming and build intelligent robotsLearn how to program a voice agent to control and interact with your robot’s behaviorEnable your robot to see its environment and avoid barriers using sensorsBook DescriptionWe live in an age where the most complex or repetitive tasks are automated.

Smart robots have the potential to revolutionize how we perform all kinds of tasks with high accuracy and efficiency. With this second edition of Learn Robotics Programming, you’ll see how a combination of the Raspberry Pi and Python can be a great starting point for robot programming.

The book starts by introducing you to the basic structure of a robot and shows you how to design, build, and program it. As you make your way through the book, you’ll add different outputs and sensors, learn robot building skills, and write code to add autonomous behavior using sensors and a camera.

5. Amazon Alexa: The Complete User Manual – Tips, Tricks & Skills for Every Amazon Alexa Device (Alexa Amazon Echo)

Author: by CJ Andersen
123 pages

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UPDATED 2020 – 2021 EditionDiscover EVERYTHING that Alexa can do! The perfect companion guide for every Alexa enabled device including:Amazon EchoAmazon Echo DotAmazon Echo PlusAmazon Echo ShowAmazon Echo Show 5 & 8Amazon Fire TabletsAmazon Fire TVsThis guide is full of tips and tricks as well as clear step by step instructions on how to setup and use ALL of Alexa’s features.

Discover:Alexa App BasicsWatching Amazon VideoWatching Movie TrailersControlling Fire TVControlling Dish TVListening to MusicListening to Audio BooksShopping Lists & To-do ListsReminders, Alarms & TimersAlexa SkillsSmart Home DevicesAsking QuestionsCheck and Manage Your CalendarFind Local Businesses and RestaurantsFind Traffic InformationWeather InformationGo to the MoviesHear the NewsSportsShop AmazonCalls and MessagingAnd all other Alexa Settings

6. Alexa For Dummies

Author: by Paul McFedries
For Dummies
304 pages

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Upgrade your Echo expertise with this Dummies guide to all things Alexa Amazon’s hugely popular family of Echo devices has made Alexa a household name. She can answer your questions, entertain you, and even help around the house. Alexa for Dummies is the perfect guide for Alexa users who want to get up and running with their Echo devices.

From basic setup to making the most of Alexa’s powerful smart home capabilities, this is your one-stop resource to all things Alexa. Whether you’ll use Alexa to send text messages, play music, control your thermostat, look up recipes, replenish your pantry, or just search the internet for information, you’ll find detailed instructions in this fun and easy-to-understand guide.

Set up and personalize your Alexa device with an Amazon account and custom settings, including your preferred Alexa voice Use Alexa to play music throughout your home, stream videos online, and meet all your entertainment needs Unlock the power of advanced features like Alexa Skills and make your Alexa accessible Turn your ordinary house into a modern smart home with advanced smart home features and Echo accessories The virtual assistant you’ve dreamed of is now a reality with your favorite Echo device.

7. SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 5G USER GUIDE: The Complete and Illustrated Manual with Tips and Tricks to Master and Operate the New Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra

Author: by Evan S. Bussard
199 pages

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A Comprehensive User Guide with Clear Screenshots to Guide you in Mastering your Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 UltraCongratulations on purchasing the latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy family, the S21 Series. Now, you need a well-illustrated user guide that contains all the hidden tips and tricks to help you to maximize the full potentials of your Samsung device.

This user guide has all the tricks and tips you need to know to familiarize yourself with the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus or S21 Ultra. There is a whole lot to know about these new Galaxy S devices, and we have combined all this information into this easy to understand and well-illustrated user guide.

Here is a preview of what you will get from this user guide:How to Set up the Samsung Galaxy S21Power On/ Off Your DeviceAuto- Restart Your DeviceLift to Wake FeatureTransfer Files Instantly with Quick ShareSet Up and Use Music ShareAttend to Calls from Your Connected DevicesLink Your Phone to Your ComputerEnable Caller ID and Spam ProtectionEnable Digital WellbeingUsing Samsung FinderMaximize Battery Life of your PhoneEnable Fast ChargingWireless PowerShareCustomize the Home Screen and Lock ScreenManage Google Assistant on S21Add a Trippy Audio TrackExtend the TimerShoot 8K VideosCustomize Slow Motion VideosAdd a Filter to your Videos/ PhotosEnable Scene OptimizerActivate Shot SuggestionLive Focus ModesExplore the Food ModeAutomatically Correct Wide-Angle ShotsAdvanced Recording OptionsTake Photos with PalmPlay with Sound Settings (Separate App Sounds)Customize Sound Based on AgeDolby AtmosUsing UHQ UpscalerChange Bluetooth Audio CodecExplore the Sound Assistant AppIn-Display Ultrasonic Fingerprint ScannerThe Alternate Look FeatureEnable Wi-Fi Calling on the Galaxy S21Using the Google Duo in the Phone DialerAlways On DisplayChange Refresh Rate on your S21Screen ModeBlue Light FilterEnable One-Handed ModeSwitch to Vivid DisplayDual MessengerAssistant MenuPin Windows FeatureAnd lots more!

8. 3D Printing For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

Author: by Richard Horne
ISBN: 978-1119386315
Published at: For Dummies; 2nd edition (May 22, 2017)

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The bestselling book on 3D printing 3D printing is one of the coolest inventions we’ve seen in our lifetime, and now you can join the ranks of businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists who use it to do everything from printing foods and candles to replacement parts for older technologiesand tons of mind-blowing stuff in between!

With 3D Printing For Dummies at the helm, you’ll find all the fast and easy-to-follow guidance you need to grasp the methods available to create 3D printable objects using software, 3D scanners, and even photographs through open source software applications like 123D Catch.

Thanks to the growing availability of 3D printers, this remarkable technology is coming to the masses, and there’s no time like the present to let your imagination run wild and actually create whatever you dream upquickly and inexpensively. When it comes to 3D printing, the sky’s the limit!

Covers each type of 3D printing technology available today: stereolithology, selective sintering, used deposition, and granular binding Provides information on the potential for the transformation of production and manufacturing, reuse and recycling, intellectual property design controls, and the commoditization of products Walks you through the process of creating a RepRap printer using open source designs, software, and hardware Offers strategies for improved success in 3D printing On your marks, get set, innovate!

9. 3D Printing Projects

Author: by DK
DK Children
96 pages

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From a simple desk tidy to an elaborate castle, this step-by-step guide to 3D printing is perfect for children and beginners who want to learn how to design and print anything even if they do not own a printer. 3D Printing Projects provides an introduction to the exciting and ever-expanding world of 3D designing and printing.

Learn how a 3D printer works and the different types of 3D printers on the market. Understand the basic 3D printing and designing terms, how to create and prepare files for printing, and also how to scan things to create a 3D model!

You will also find out the common troubles faced while 3D printing and simple tricks to fix them. All the projects included in the book can be made using freely available online 3D modeling/CAD programs. Each project has a print time, details of filament or material needed, and a difficulty rating from “easy” for beginners to “difficult” for those looking for a new challenge.

Step-by-step instructions walk you through the 3D design process, from digital modeling and sculpting to slicing, printing, and painting so that children can make their own shark-shaped phone stand, customized lamps, and much more. The book also gives inspiration to further enhance your projects once you’ve mastered the basics.

10. BUILD YOUR OWN GAMING COMPUTER: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Assembling Your Ultimate High-Performance PC

Author: by C.S. Barnett
59 pages

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Buying a new PC usually means settling for a computer that doesn’t match your budget or your needs. And it’s often an exercise in frustration. So, what’s the solution? Building your own, of course. Assembling your own computer isn’t as scary, complicated, or expensive as it sounds.

All you really need is a good guide to show you how. Build Your Own Gaming Computer: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Assembling Your Ultimate High-Performance PC will walk you through each of the individual stages of custom-building a PC from start to finish.

A practical, hands-on guide that’s written in easy-to-understand layman’s terms, this illustrated manual enables even novice computer users to build the PC of their dreams. Topics covered include:What a computer needs for basic operationHow to shop for componentsHow to avoid costly compatibility issuesStep-by-step assembly instructionsChoosing and installing an operating systemOverclocking basicsBuild Your Own Gaming Computer: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Assembling Your Ultimate High-Performance PC also offers color photos highlighting key steps in the assembly process, helpful hints and tips, and a glossary of terms that every computer user should know.

11. Learning RSLogix 5000 Programming: Build robust PLC solutions with ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and Studio 5000/RSLogix 5000, 2nd Edition

Author: by Austin Scott
384 pages

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Get to grips with the Logix platform, Rockwell Automation terminologies, and the online resources available in the Literature Library Key Features Build real-world solutions using ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000 Understand the different controllers and form factors offered by the ControlLogix and CompactLogix platforms Explore the latest changes in the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering and Design software suite Book Description Understanding programmable logic controller (PLC) programming with Rockwell Software’s Logix Designer and the Studio 5000 platform, which includes ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and SoftLogix, is key to building robust PLC solutions.

RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000’s Logix Designer are user-friendly IEC 61131-3-compliant interfaces for programming the current generation of Rockwell Automation Controllers using Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST), and Sequential Function Chart (SFC). This second edition of Learning RSLogix 5000 Programming guides you through the technicalities and comes packed with the latest features of Studio 5000, industrial networking fundamentals, and industrial cybersecurity best practices.

12. Raspberry Pi 4 For Beginners And Intermediates: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginner and Intermediates to Master the New Raspberry Pi 4 and Set up Innovative Projects

Author: by Craig Berg
133 pages

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You Are About To Discover How To Set Up Your Raspberry Pi 4, Step By Step, The Easy Way, And Make The Most Of This Revolutionary Technology To Achieve So Much More Than You Can Imagine! Have you been looking for a simple and inexpensive way to do basic computing and even learn programming, boost your software development tasks or just simplify your life at home with a convenient computer?

If yes, then you’ve been looking for a Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer that is taking the tech world by storm. Even though when it was released in 2013, its main aim was to promote the basics of software development or programming to school-going kids, today, it’s being used to handle tons of other tasks in households and industries.

Besides learning programming in a simplified way, this is a device that you can use as a web server to host your personal files locally or remotely without paying hosting costs, display dynamic media discreetly, stream audio and handle many more tasks at a very low cost and power consumption.

13. 20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius

Author: by Aaron Graves
McGraw-Hill Education TAB
224 pages

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. 20 fun and inventive Makey Makey projects for Makers from beginner to expertThis hands-on guide is filled with DIY projects that show readers, step-by-step, how to start creating and making cool inventions with the Makey Makey invention kit.

Each project features easy-to-follow, fully-illustrated instructions and detailed photographs of the finished gadget. Readers will see how to apply these skills and start building their own Makey Makey projects. 20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius starts off with very approachable introductory projects, making it a great starting point for beginners.

It then builds to more challenging projects, allowing more experienced users to go further by incorporating technologies like Raspberry Pi, Processing and Scratch programming, 3D Printing, and creating wearable electronics with Makey Makey. Projects are divided into four categories: Fun and Games, Interactive, Hacks and Pranks, and Makey Makey Go.

14. Amazon Echo Show 5 & Echo Show 8 The Complete User Guide – Learn to Use Your Echo Show Like A Pro: Includes Alexa Skills, Tips and Tricks

Author: by CJ Andersen
135 pages

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2020 – 2021 EditionThe Amazon Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 are the two new outstanding Alexa enabled Echo devices. This is the complete, up to date Echo Show 5 & Echo Show 8 user guide from Tech Ace CJ Andersen that will show you how to use this new device like a pro.

This guide covers every aspect of the Echo Show and its AI software Alexa including:Echo Show Setup Alexa App BasicsWatching Amazon Video Watching Movie Trailers Controlling Fire TV Controlling Dish TV Listening to MusicListening to Audio BooksShopping Lists & To-do ListsReminders, Alarms & Timers Alexa Skills Smart Home DevicesAsking Questions Check and Manage Your Calendar Find Local Businesses and RestaurantsFind Traffic Information Weather Information Go to the Movies Hear the News SportsShop Amazon Calls and Messaging And all other Echo Show Settings

15. Building Your Own Computer Made Easy: The Step By Step Guide (Computers Made Easy)

Author: by James Bernstein
131 pages

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Everyone has to get a new computer at some time or another so why not get the computer you always wanted? Sure you can buy a nice computer off of the store shelf but you never really get exactly what you want that way.

When you build your own computer, you are in charge of what components are going to be used so you know that it will perform the way you want it to. The goal of this book is to help you choose the parts (components) for your new computer so you can end up with a computer that does what you want it to do.

Then you will be taken through the build process with step by step instructions and illustrations making it easy to get your new computer up and running in no time. Finally you will be guided through the process of installing an operating system on your computer so you can start enjoying your work.

The chapters in the book cover the following topics:Chapter 1 Why Build Your Own Computer? Chapter 2 Choosing Components Chapter 3 Planning Your BuildChapter 4 Putting the Pieces TogetherChapter 5 Initial Power UpChapter 6 Installing Your Operating SystemAbout the AuthorJames Bernstein has been working with various companies in the IT field since 2000, managing technologies such as SAN and NAS storage, VMware, backups, Windows Servers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Networking, Microsoft Office, Exchange, and more.

16. Apple Watch Series 6 For Seniors: The Ultimate Guide to Master Apple Watch 6 and WatchOS 7 (Tech Explained)

Author: by Colombo Publishing Company
112 pages

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Have you bought a new Al Watch series 6 or upgraded from the previous series 5 and are confused by the new WatchOS7? Do you want to pair your new iPhone to the Al Watch series 6 you used on your previous iPhone but can’t figure it out and are looking for a guide that will break that down for you and teach you lots of other things you may be struggling with?

If you answered YES, then continue reading… You Are About To Master How To Use And Customize Your Al Watch Series 6 That Comes Bundled With Watch OS7! The Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest watch from a series that was launched in September 2015.

Even though it looks identical to the Apple Watch Series 5, it has enhanced performance attributed to its processor chip and lots of new integrated health-related features. By the virtue that you are reading this, it is clear that you too have been caught up with the Apple Watch trend and you are aware of its amazing features especially with their latest one the Apple Watch Series 6, and you are probably wondering…