Best Crowdfunding Books

Here you will get Best Crowdfunding Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Book on Investing In Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down: Creative Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Using Other People's Money (BiggerPockets Rental Kit, 1)

Author: by Brandon Turner

224 pages

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COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED Is your lack of cash holding you back from your real estate dreams? Discover the creative real estate financing techniques that savvy investors are using to do more deals, more often. No matter how much money you have in your checking account, there is always real estate you can’t afford.

Don’t let the contents of your wallet define your future! This book provides numerous strategies for leveraging other people’s money for amazing returns on your initial investment. Active real estate investor and co-host of The BiggerPockets Podcast, Brandon Turner, dives into multiple financing methods that professional investors use to tap into current real estate markets.

Not only will you be able to navigate the world of creative real estate finance, but you’ll get more mileage out of any real estate investment strategy. Financing deals just got easierlearn how to be a smart investor by using creativity, not cash!

Inside, you’ll discover: The truth about no-money-down investingInvesting with little to no money down is possible, but it’s not about a step-by-step strategy. It’s about a mindset. How to get started investing in real estateLooking for your first deal, but you have no money or experience?

2. Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint To Quitting Your Job With Real Estate – Even Without Experience Or Cash

Author: by Michael Blank
257 pages

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Michael has written a must-read book for anyone who wants to quit their job with real estate investing. Read this book, and learn from one of the best -Ken McElroy, Principal of the MC Companies, Best-Selling Author of The ABCs of Real Estate Investing, International Speaker and Real Estate Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki.

Discover the (surprising) secret to lifelong financial freedom with real estate investing Real estate has always been a powerful tool for investing, and many people believe that a single-family home investment strategy will help them achieve their goals. However, the true path to financial freedom using real estate is found in apartment buildings.

Real estate investing expert and author Michael Blank learned that once investors did their first deal, the curious Law of the First Deal led to the second and third deals in rapid succession. Most were able to quit their jobs within 3-5 years of getting started.

Of course, when most people hear “apartment buildings” they immediately assume they need years of investing experience and money saved up to be able get into the game. This simply isn’t true. Michael has compiled the results of his research into his new book, Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint to Quitting Your Job with Real Estate Even without Experience or Cash.

3. Accounting QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Financial & Managerial Accounting For Students, Business Owners and Finance Professionals (QuickStart Guides™ – Business)

Author: by Josh Bauerle CPA
ClydeBank Media LLC
215 pages

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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ACCOUNTING FOR STUDENTS, BUSINESS OWNERS, & FINANCE PROFESSIONALS! | UPDATED AND EXPANDED 3RD EDITION |A must read for all small or aspiring business owners. Amazon CustomerA great introduction to Accounting. Amazon CustomerThe ONLY accounting book written by a CPA for both a small business owners and accounting students!

#1 AMAZON BEST SELLER! Are you a student that wants to master the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting? Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today! Are you a business owner who wants to operate a successful and financial sound operation?

Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today! Are you a finance professional who need to understand financial statements? Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today! Meet Josh Bauerle, reluctant accounting student turned super CPA and author of the Accounting QuickStart Guide, 3rd Edition.

This revolutionary book expertly simplifies accounting fundamentals and is an invaluable resource for accounting students, business owners, bookkeepers, and other finance and record keeping professionals everywhere! Whether you are a business owner looking to boost your bottom line or an accounting student looking to boost your grade, this book will prove indispensable on your journey.

4. The Hands-Off Investor: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications

Author: by Brian Burke

‎ English
367 pages

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Finding an experienced syndication sponsor matters now more than ever. By learning to select the right sponsors and properties, you’ll find the best deals and mitigate risk during times of economic instability! Want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time?

No matter your level of experience, real estate syndications provide an avenue to invest in real estate without tenants, toilets, or trashand this comprehensive guide will teach you how to invest in these opportunities the right way. Syndications are like the stock mutual funds of the real estate worldmultiple investors passively invest into a fund, while a manager is responsible for picking the real estate and managing the portfolio.

Author Brian Burke, a syndications insider with decades of experience in forming and managing syndication funds, will show you how to evaluate sponsors, opportunities, and offerings so you can pick the right sponsors and achieve the highest odds of a favorable outcome.

Inside, you’ll learn:The practical skills you need to understand income, cash flow projections, and investor waterfallsHow to find syndication investment sponsors and how to evaluate them for the best possible opportunitiesRed flags to avoid and tricks that syndication sponsors don’t want you to knowThe biggest and most common underwriting mistakes that sponsors makeHow various debt options affect risk and returnTypical sponsor fees and profit splitsThe tax implications of syndication investmentsHow to measure alignment of interest, judge performance projections, and more!

5. Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Words To Get More Clicks, Sales and Profits . . . No Matter What You Sell Or Who You Sell It To!

Author: by Jim Edwards
Author Academy Elite
328 pages

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What if you could sell anything to anyone? Nobody is born knowing how to sell. But the truth is, you can learn how to sell more …A LOT more … When you discover the right words that make people buy. Copywriting is selling.

Whether online, offline, in video, direct mail, on Facebook, or from the stage, copywriting is how you put words together that make people click, call,or pull out their wallets and buy from you. Whether you’re a coach, author, “funnel hacker”, e-commerce seller, or real estate agent, your ability to create sales copy that drives people to buy determines your paycheck, your lifestyle, and your family’s future.

In the fast-paced, attention-starved, social media-driven world of business today, two facts about your ability to create sales messages (copywriting) stand out:Fact #1: Great Copywriting = Incredible lifestyle, plenty of money, and freedom! Fact #2: Poor Copywriting = Struggle forever and die poor!

Putting The Right Words On Paper And Online Is The Single Most Profitable Skill Everyone Can Learn. This book teaches you street-smart copywriting, which means this book teaches youhow to get results today. (Because we all need to make more sales today …

6. Raising Private Capital: Building Your Real Estate Empire Using Other People's Money

Author: by Matt Faircloth
191 pages

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Raise more money (other people’s money! For your next real estate deal with the practical tips and techniques in this book. Are you ready to help other investors build their wealth while you build your real estate empire? The roadmap outlined in this book helps investors looking to inject more private capital into their businessthe most effective strategy for growth!

Author and real estate investor Matt Faircloth explains how to develop long-term wealth, as learned from his own valuable lessons and experiences in real estate. Get the truth behind the wins and losses from someone who has experienced it all.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned real estate investor, you’ll discover new ideas and fresh motivation while learning a detailed strategy to acquire, secure, and protect private money in your firstor nextreal estate deal. Inside, you’ll discover: Private money partners in places you didn’t know existed The prerequisites needed to start raising money How to structure debt and equity deals and when to use each strategy The best way to provide win-win deals to all money partners How to protect all parties involved in a private money transaction Proper private equity exit strategies And so much more!

7. Investing in Real Estate Private Equity: An Insider’s Guide to Real Estate Partnerships, Funds, Joint Ventures & Crowdfunding

Author: by Sean Cook
151 pages

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Investing in Real Estate Private Equity is your practical guide to investing in real estate through private offerings with established companies. The passive investment strategies for wealth building and income generation described in this book have traditionally been used by some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors, but are now available to nearly everyone thanks to recent regulatory changes.

This handbook will guide you through the process of building your own diversified real estate portfolio by identifying and making investments with established and experienced private real estate operators. This is NOT another get-rich-quick real estate fix & flip scheme. You will NOT be encouraged to sign up for conferences or clubs to learn a no-money-down investment strategy.

This IS a practical guide meant to help you avoid common mistakes and navigate more skillfully through an often byzantine industry. You will learn: What a private real estate investment is; the mechanics of syndicates, funds, and crowdfunding-Fundamentals of basic real estate evaluation-How to evaluate operators and investments-Fees, incentives, and other loads-Common terms and structures-Strategies to evaluate and manage risk-How to create and execute a personalized investment strategyMost people underestimate the time requirements, complexity, risk, and general brain damage involved with buying real estate directly.


The Business Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Author: by DK
352 pages

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You can achieve your business dream. Beat the odds as you learn from the best including Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates and turn your idea into an amazing and profitable enterprise. The Business Book helps you over the hurdles facing every new business, such as finding a gap in the market, securing finance, employing people, and creating an eye-catching brand.

It is a plain-speaking visual guide to 80 of the most important commerce theories including chaos theory, critical path analysis, market mapping, and the MABA matrix. Its graphics and flow diagrams demystify complicated concepts and explain the ideas of seminal business thinkers, such as Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point or Michael Porter’s five forces.

It shows that you can succeed with stories of rags-to-riches entrepreneurs, including the founders of Hewlett-Packard, who began their global enterprise from their garage. Whether you are a student, a CEO, or a would-be entrepreneur, The Business Book will inspire you and put you on the inside track to making your goal a reality.

9. Get Backed: Craft Your Story, Build the Perfect Pitch Deck, and Launch the Venture of Your Dreams

Author: by Evan Baehr
224 pages

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Anyone who comes to pitch on Shark Tank should read this book first! Barbara Corcoran, ABC’s Shark TankI have seen literally thousands of companies trying to raise capital and know that a great pitch deck is critical. This book gives you the playbook for creating yours.

Naval Ravikant, cofounder and CEO, AngelListI raised twice the amount of money I set out to in a mere five weeks. I’m naming my firstborn child after the Evans. Slava Menn, cofounder and CEO, Fortified BicycleHOW DO YOU LAUNCH THE VENTURE OF YOUR DREAMS?

Get Backed isn’t just about startup fundraising. It’s a handbook for anyone who has an idea and needs to build relationships to get it off the ground. Over the last 3 years, entrepreneurs Evan Loomis and Evan Baehr have raised $45 million for their own ventures, including the second largest round on the fundraising platform AngelList.

In Get Backed, they show you exactly what they and dozens of others did to raise moneyeven the mistakes they madewhile sharing the secrets of the world’s best storytellers, fundraisers, and startup accelerators. They’ll also teach you how to use the friendship loop, a step-by-step process that can be used to initiate and build relationships with anyone, from investors to potential cofounders.

10. Nonprofit Fundraising 101: A Practical Guide to Easy to Implement Ideas and Tips from Industry Experts

Author: by Darian Rodriguez Heyman
368 pages

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Raise more money for your cause! Based on expert advice and insights from a variety of respected industry experts, Nonprofit Fundraising 101 is an essential text for nonprofit professionals, volunteers, activists, and social entrepreneurs who want to leverage best practices to promote their cause.

Built upon the success of the best-selling Nonprofit Management 101, this easy to digest book provides practical, comprehensive guidance for nonprofit fundraising around the globe. With tips and tools, expert advice, and real-world insights from almost fifty industry leaders, this robust resource addresses the entire spectrum of fundraising for nonprofits, including: Planning, hiring, and tracking progress Individual donors, major gifts, events, and direct mail Board and volunteer engagement Foundation and government grants Corporate partnerships Online and email fundraising Social media and mobile crowdfunding Earned income and social enterprise Written by and for front line practitioners and geared towards a global audience of emerging and established leaders, this field guide offers step-by-step formulas for success.

11. Making It in the Art World: Strategies for Exhibitions and Funding

Author: by Brainard Carey
240 pages

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How today’s artists survive, exhibit, and earn moneywithout selling out! Career-minded artists, this is the book you have been waiting for! Making It in the Art World, Second Edition, explains how to be a professional artist and shares new methods to define and realize what success means.

Whether you’re a beginner, a student, or a career artist looking to be in the best museum shows, this book provides ways of advancing your plans on any level. Author Brainard Carey, an artist himself with prestigious exhibitions like the Whitney Biennial under his belt, draws on more than twenty years of experience in the art world and from over 1,500 interviews with artists and curators for Yale University Radio.

Included is a thirteen-part workbook to help you formulate and execute a winning career advancement strategy, a process that will prepare you for navigating the art world successfully. Friendly chapters walk you through it all with topics such as: Evaluating your workSubmitting proposals to museums and galleriesCreating pop-up showsPresenting work to the publicDoing it your way (DIY exhibits) Organizing eventsWriting press releasesFinding collectors online and connectingUsing social media effectivelySelling onlineRaising funds for projectsGetting international recognitionMaking It in the Art World, Second Edition, is an invaluable resource for artists at every stage, offering readers a plethora of strategies and helpful tips to plan and execute a successful artistic career.

12. Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters

Author: by Kara Goldin
240 pages

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WALL STREET JOURNAL Bestselling Business BookDon’t let anyone crush your dreams! Whatever you want to achieve, no matter how hard it might seem, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Undaunted will inspire you to move past your fears and defy the doubters.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel confident; it matters what you actually do. Author Kara Goldin turned her unsweetened flavored water into one of the most successful beverage businesses of our time and has been named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California.

Undaunted is a rare opportunity to gain insights and proven advice unlike anything you’ll find in the conventional business press. Kara combines real honest stories from her life with observations that might just change how you think about your own.

Whether you want to get healthy, start a company, break an addiction, find a new career or just grow in life, Undaunted will inspire you to just go for it and help you find the courage to get there. As she started to achieve her goals, Kara found herself being called fearless, confident and even unstoppable, but nothing could be further from the truth.

13. Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits: Real-World Strategies That Work

Author: by Ilona Bray JD
488 pages

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Jump start your fundraising efforts! Whether your nonprofit has just gotten tax-exempt status or has been operating for years, its success or failure depends on its ability to raise donations from individuals, companies, and institutions. The question you’re facing is, How do we make our voices heard and bring in the needed support?

Here, you’ll find plain-English answers. Featuring advice and stories from over 50 experienced fundraisers, foundation staffers, journalists and more, this book explains how to: make a fundraising plan work with individual donors keep givers giving plan special events solicit grants from foundations and corporations use traditional and social media to engage supporters start a side business to raise funds and much more.

Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits also provides creative grassroots strategies and dozens of real-life success stories. Best of all, it cuts out the jargon and consultant speak that’s all too common in nonprofit books. The 6th edition is completely updated with new stories and samples, the latest IRS rules and regulations, and the latest communication strategies.

14. How to Write a Winning Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs to Build a Solid Foundation, Attract Investors and Achieve … Bulletproof Business Plan (Entrepreneurship)

Author: by Walter Grant

202 pages

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Discover how to craft a bulletproof business plan with minimal effort even it’s your first time. Having a great idea isn’t enough to launch a multi-million-dollar business. Let’s face it, investors don’t put money in ideas. They need concrete evidence that they’ll get return on their investment, and a good business plan gives them such information.

Do you have a hard time figuring out how to get a business plan down on paper? Are you tired and confused by all the business jargon, just wanting a straightforward how-to guide outlining exactly what you need to do?

Business plans are the heart and soul of a successful company they give you focus and operational clarity that can kick major mistakes to the curb. No matter how good your business idea is, you will need a plan to create a solid foundation before going on the market or trying to get investors on board.

Did you know that even science says you need a business plan to make your startup a success? One study found out that companies with a business plan grow 30% faster than competitors! In addition, startups with a business plan achieve more sustainable success in the long run.

15. Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World (Exponential Technology Series)

Author: by Peter H. Diamandis
Simon & Schuster
336 pages

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A visionary roadmap for people who believe they can change the worldand invaluable advice about bringing together the partners and technologies to help them do it. President Bill ClintonA radical, how-to guide for using exponential technologies, moonshot thinking, and crowd-powered tools, Bold unfolds in three parts.

Part One focuses on the exponential technologies that are disrupting today’s Fortune 500 companies and enabling upstart entrepreneurs to go from I’ve got an idea to I run a billion-dollar company far faster than ever before. The authors provide exceptional insight into the power of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, networks and sensors, and synthetic biology.

Part Two draws on insights from billionaires such as Larry Page, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos and reveals their entrepreneurial secrets. Finally, Bold closes with a look at the best practices that allow anyone to leverage today’s hyper-connected crowd like never before.

Here, the authors teach how to design and use incentive competitions, launch million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns to tap into tens of billions of dollars of capital, and finally how to build communitiesarmies of exponentially enabled individuals willing and able to help today’s entrepreneurs make their boldest dreams come true.

16. CROWDFUNDED: The Proven Crowdfunding System For Launching Products, Raising Millions, And Scaling Brands Using Indiegogo And Kickstarter

Author: by Mark Pecota
224 pages

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Master the art of crowdfunding to launch your product on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a booming business, this is the exact playbook the most innovative companies are using to launch successful products today.

What if you could build a community that eagerly counted down the days until they could buy your product? What if you could develop such powerful positioning in your market that you rose above your competition? And what if you could actually feel confident your product was going to be successful before you pressed the launch button?

CROWDFUNDED is not just another “how-to” book on launching products. There is no fluff here. No feel good stories without substance. No claims without data. This is a no BS blueprint for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. Mark Pecota, CEO and co-founder of the most successful crowdfunding agency LaunchBoom, reveals the system his team has developed since 2015 a system that has raised over $50 million on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.