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Here you will get Best Divination with Runes Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Runes for Beginners: A Guide to Reading Runes in Divination, Rune Magic, and the Meaning of the Elder Futhark Runes

Author: by Lisa Chamberlain
136 pages

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Everything You Need to Know to Begin Working With RunesThe enigmatic nature of the runes is undeniable. In fact, the English word rune comes to us from the Norse word runa, which means a secret, or to whisper. As symbols, the runes mean little to the untrained eye, yet the magical energies they activate can be used for positive, impactful change in your everyday life.

But what are runes, exactly? On the surface level, runes are the characters in a writing system used by the ancient Germanic peoples of Europe. But unlike our modern letters, the runic symbols had been used for magical purposes long before they were fashioned into an alphabet.

This is known from runic inscriptions found on ancient artifacts as well as Germanic myth and lore handed down over the centuries. Indeed, those who work with the runes today are taking part in an age-old magical tradition established by our Northern European pagan ancestors.

In Runes for Beginners, best-selling author Lisa Chamberlain shines the light on these ancient symbols, showing you how to discover and utilize their unique magical energies. With both an eye toward tradition and a multicultural spirit, Lisa combines an appreciation for the Germanic roots of the runes with a more eclectic Neopagan approach.

2. Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, and Embrace Your Power

Author: by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
Adams Media
224 pages

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Banish bad energy, ward off unpleasant people, and defend your belongings, your spirit and your space with this spellbook focused specifically on protection. In our modern world there is a lot to worry about, from the global-scaleclimate change, political uncertaintyto the personala toxic ex, cyber bulling.

Spellcrafting can help you find comfort in a stressful world. This book will give you the tools to take charge of defending yourself in both energy and physicality. With over 100 spells for protection and defense, and a glossary of protective symbols, stones, and other objects to keep on hand, this book can help you cleanse your room and cast out old negative energies, put a protective and peace-preserving bubble around yourself as you ride the bus, deflect grumpiness and negativity from people you work withand so much more!

3. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences: A Comprehensive & Cross-Referenced Resource for Pagans & Wiccans (Llewellyn's Complete Book Series, 4)

Author: by Sandra Kynes
Llewellyn Publications
552 pages

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Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences is a clear, straightforward companion for Pagan and Wiccan ritual and spellwork. Entries are cross-referenced, indexed, and organized by categories and subcategories, making it easy to find what you need. This comprehensive reference provides a fascinating look at why correspondences are more than just lists of objects to focus intent onthey are fundamental to how we think.

When we use correspondences, we weave together our ideas, beliefs, and energy, creating deeper meaning in our rituals and spellwork as we unite our individuality with a larger purpose. The use of correspondences embodies both physical and symbolic energy and provides the means for uniting the seen and unseen worlds.

Packed with content yet easy to use, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences covers traditional correspondences and also provides instruction for forging new ones that hold special meaning for you. Plants Minerals Animals Deities Zodiac Moon Phases Days and Times Ogham Runes Tarot Elements Numbers Chakras Colors And More

4. The Beginner's Guide to Runes: Divination and Magic with the Elder Futhark Runes

Author: by Josh Simonds
172 pages

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From divination to magica beginner-friendly guide to runes Discover a simple way to unlock the ancient power of runes. Digging deep into both history and mythology, The Beginner’s Guide to Runes serves as the perfect starting point for anyone interested in exploring these ancient and magical symbolsFocused around the Elder Futhark (the oldest runic alphabet), this informative book offers a simple and effective path to bringing runes into your day-to-day life.

Whether you want to gain insight into the future through divination or creating protective talismans, straightforward and concise instructions make them simple to understand. The Beginner’s Guide to Runes helps you: Explore the Elder FutharkGet a complete breakdownincluding meanings, magical uses, and moreof all 24 runes that make up this archaic alphabet.

Seek guidanceLearn how to practice the art of runic divinationa fortune-telling technique that calls on runes to provide insight into the future. Master magicFrom creating runescripts (straight-line arrangements) to bind runes (2 or more combined into a single symbol), find out how this mystical script can be used to bring change to your world.

5. The Book of Runes, 25th Anniversary Edition: The Bestselling Book of Divination, complete with set of Runes Stones

Author: by Ralph H. Blum
Thomas Dunne Books
160 pages

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A new age classic and bestseller for more than thirty-five years, The Book of Runes by cultural anthropologist Ralph H. Blum is the most renowned volume on the subject of learning how to consult this ancient Viking alphabet for self-counseling.

Based on a tradition more than two millennia old, Ralph H. Blum presents contemporary interpretations of Rune casting for Spiritual Warriors, people seeking wisdom and guidance to affect positive change in their present lives to build a better future. Includes a set of 25 Runes.

6. Runes: Unlock the Secrets of the Stones (RP Minis)

Author: by Running Press
RP Minis (April 7, 2020)
48 pages

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Tap into ancient, magical wisdom and peek into your future with this set of beautiful glass rune stones. Drawing on ancient Norse traditions, but perfect for the modern mystic, runes are the perfect way to enhance your fortune telling or meditation practice.

These stunning stones, with traditional Elder Futhark inscriptions, will help you make predictions about your wealth, love life, happiness, and future. Kit includes:25 glass rune stones in keepsake pouchCloth to do your runes casting on 88-page mini-book with instructions on rune casting

7. Nordic Runes: Understanding, Casting, and Interpreting the Ancient Viking Oracle

Author: by Paul Rhys Mountfort
Destiny Books
288 pages

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A comprehensive and practical guide to the ancient oracle based on the runic alphabet of the Norse Reveals the symbolism and divinatory significance of the 24 rune “staves” Provides clear instructions on how to craft your own rune stones Explains the role of runes in the Norse wisdom tradition and its influence on such works as Tolkien’s Lord of the RingsNordic runes are a potent and profoundly transformative magic system that gives contemporary readers access to the ancient wisdom tradition of Northern European cultures.

The runes have deep resonances within the pagan Norse world of gods and goddesses, giants, dwarves, warriors, and wizards, which have greatly influenced the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, among others. Norse tradition attributes the discovery of the runes to the “All-Father” Odin-a god of inspiration and secret wisdom and the mythical prototype for runecasters, who established the pattern for gaining his knowledge.

Nordic Runes addresses three major areas: Runelore, the history of this 2000-year-old Norse oracle; Runestaves, the meaning of the individual runes of the Elder Futhark alphabet and their powerful mythological, magical, and practical lessons for daily life; and Runecasting, a comprehensive guide to the oracular application of the ancient runes, including their crafting, divination, and self-development.

8. Asatru: A Beginner’s Guide to the Heathen Path

Author: by Erin Lale
144 pages

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A clear and simple introduction to the history, beliefs, rituals, and gods and goddesses of this popular form of Neo-Pagan belief drawn from ancient northern European traditions. Asatru is a modern pagan tradition whose roots lie in the ancient myths, folklore, sagas, and historical artifacts of those who lived in pre-Christian times in what is now Iceland, Scandinavia, Scandinavian-influenced Scotland, Germany, and other parts of northern Europe.

In Asatru, author and longtime practitioner of Asatru Erin Lale provides readers an accessible introduction to this heathen religion, one of the fastest growing religions in United States and Europe. The book includes these key topics:A brief exploration of Asatru’s mythology and prehistory, its contact with Rome, and its history up to the present dayA comprehensive survey of Asatru’s many gods and goddessesThe rituals, including holiday celebrations, toasting rituals, weddings, and other life eventsThe moral virtues of a true Asatruar: courage, honor, loyalty, truth, hospitality, industriousness, self-discipline, self-reliance, and steadfastnessThe magical practices of rune divination, spells, and bersarkrgangr (a form of trance magic)A look at the universalist and folkish interpretations of the Asatru tradition and the hijacking of the symbolism of the northern European religions in the 19th and early 20th centuriesReaders new to Asatru and experts alike will find this book to be an invaluable resource in understanding this heathen tradition.

9. Yggdrasil: Norse Divination Cards

Author: by Haukur Halldórsson
216 pages

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Based on the powerful mythology of the Norse, this 81-card divination deck brings the wisdom of the ancients into your life. Intricate pen and ink drawings are soulful representations of the Eddas, the stunning written accounts of the legends of old.

These cards, along with the informative guidebook, are designed to be used for divination, guidance, and spiritual connection. Created by a renowned artist and long-time participant of the heathen revival, this kit is a welcome addition to those who desire to work more deeply with the Nordic pantheon.

Boxed kit includes an 81-card deck and 216-page guidebook.

10. The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft

Author: by Jamie Della
Ten Speed Press
224 pages

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Complete with over 50 spells and information on the magickal tools and traditions of witchcraft, The Book of Spells is the ultimate guide to healing, manifesting your desires, and diving confidently into the mysteries of magick. Calling upon ancient powers and the ways of the Witch, The Book of Spells contains rituals and visualizations for releasing negativity, increasing bliss, healing a broken heart, finding your Spirit guides, embarking on the adventure of astral flight, and more.

With the help of timeless myths and fables, as well as author Jamie Della’s personal anecdotes, each spell offers empowering insight to help you uncover your innate Divine essence. This beautifully gilded compendium includes need-to-know information on Sabbats and ancient traditions, Gods and Goddesses, and tools of the Craft such as herbs, crystals, tarot archetypes, moon phases, and runes.

The Book of Spells is the perfect beginner’s guide to following the Path, practicing the Craft, and incorporating magick into your daily life. Advance praise for The Book of SpellsThis book opens the door to a life of magic and inspiration.

11. Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic, New Edition (Weiser Classics Series)

Author: by Edred Thorsson
Weiser Books
192 pages

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A new, updated edition of the essential guide to the practice of the runes as a magical tool for spiritual development. In Futhark, rune master Edred Thorsson reinitiates us into our heritage, explaining the mysteries of a profound system of thought and practice that underlies our developing Western culture.

Futhark covers both the spiritual heritage of ancient runic lore and the practical steps we can take to draw on rune power. This complete book of rune instruction includes rune history and lore, its basis in metaphysical thought and mysticism, complete definitions of the twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark, and the etymology, phonetic value, and interpretation of each rune.

The reader will learn how to perform chants and rituals using runic energy, how to sign and send runes, and how to practice runic meditation. The author’s presentation of this powerful system is lucid and profound, and provides a valuable tool for spiritual transformation and self-development.

12. Taking Up The Runes: A Complete Guide To Using Runes In Spells, Rituals, Divination, And Magic

Author: by Diana L Paxson
432 pages

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Although many of us first encountered runes in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, this sacred alphabet is by no means a fabrication for books or movies. Similar to Hebrew letters in the sense that each symbol contains a meaning that transcends its original function as a letter, the runes are practical, flexible, and effective symbols with a variety of uses.

Today, the best known application of rune lore is divination: chips or stones marked with runes are drawn, cast, or laid out in patterns like tarot cards. In Taking Up the Runes, Paxson delves into the ancient historical meaning of each rune and explains their contemporary uses and meanings.

We discover that the real power of runes comes from inside ourselves when we find the wisdom and power within each symbol and internalize them.

13. The Runes: A Guide to Rune Reading & Divination with The Elder Futhark

Author: by J. Hamburger
203 pages

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A Beginner to Advanced GuideThe author seems to have a deep respect for the history of the runes and therefore attempts to portray them as accurately as possible…. It is clear that [he] has a passion for what he is doing.

Night Spirit blogFor some, rune reading is divinationa way of tapping into hidden knowledge. Others use it for self-reflection or focusing intention. Consulting the runes can be like talking to an old friend: you may know the truth, but sometimes you need to hear it before you believe it.

Before Christianity spread to northern Europe, the indigenous peoples were Germanic tribes, like the Anglo-Saxons, Goths, and Norsemen. Runes were the letters of their alphabets. Over time these letters developed rich symbolic meanings, passed down through poems and myths. The Germanic peoples were polytheistic, and they revered natural elements as sacred.

When you pick up the runes you are entering a vibrant world, grounded in nature and the mysteries of life, yet full of heroes, gods, and mythology. The Runes clearly explains each rune in its own chapter, giving plenty of examples of possible interpretations.

14. Energy Magick of the Vampyre: Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation

Author: by Don Webb
352 pages

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A guided initiation to becoming an adept in Vampyre energy magick Explains how a Vampyre is not a blood-sucking mythical figure but a shaman who is skilled in gathering, using, and storing energy for magical power and personal liberation Reveals how to gather and store energy from the world around you and shares magical techniques, manifestation methods, and practices to utilize the energy you have collected Looks at servitors and familiars, vampyric runes, dream architecture, money magick practices, and sex magick techniques as well as advanced practices such as healing with vampyric magick In this initiatory guide, Don Webb explains how to learn from the myth of the vampire to gather, use, and store energy for magical power, manifestation, and personal liberation.

A Master of the Order of the Vampyre within the Temple of Set, the author shares a 9-month process to awaken and initiate you as a Vampyre and allow you to actualize your hidden potential. Webb begins by explaining how to gather energy from the world around you and store it in the body, in artifacts and talismans, and in groups of people, such as a coven.

15. The Book of Shadows: Beginner Witchcraft Rituals and Spells, Divination, Sigils, Runes, White and Black Magic, Love Spells (Second Edition)

Author: by Brittany Nightshade

‎ 142 pages

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Beginner Witchcraft Rituals and Spells, Divination, Sigils, Runes, White and Black Magic, Love Spells (Second Edition). A Book of Shadows is a collection of spells, notes, rituals and ingredients that a witch, wiccan, pagan or any other magick practicioner compiles for use in spellwork and magickal practice.

The Book of Shadows: Red, White and Black Magic is an eclectic grimoire that has been compiled from Brittany Nightshade’s personal book of shadows. It contains a wealth of magick rituals selected by the author that’s meant to be perfect for the beginner that’s learning how to create and conduct their own spells and rituals.

The book explains the nature of magick rituals and how we use these ancient traditions to cast our intentions and direct our energies to achieve the outcomes we set out to manifest, with the rituals and incantations being a guiding force for our inner magick.

The Book of Shadows: Red, White and Black Magic spellbook contains many spells and rituals, including but not limited to:Detailed Rune GuideSpell of ProtectionRune of ProtectionSummoning of HecateBlessing of NyxProtection PotionMoon WaterSea Water (Blessings of Amphitrite)Protection From StormsCalming SpellRemove Evil from an ObjectFinancial ProsperityRain ChantBanishing SpellCreating a FamiliarTo Prevent NightmaresBasic Healing SpellCleansing a New WandGarden Growth SpellSecond Sight SpellA Fairy Love SpellA Seduction SpellCandle Carving RitualAdoration Candle Spell Aphrodite Sea CharmAttraction PoppetReverse Love Spell (undoing)Aphrodisiac BathAphrodite Beauty OilShadow CirclePact with LyssaRing of PowerEffigy Curse SpellEvil Eye EnchantmentJinxPoppet Curse of Slight PainBinding by FearDiscord and DarknessSuccubae’s Lament (Dream Invasion)Summon a stormSevered LoveVoodoo TormentContacting the DeadForbidden Death CurseWhether you are a beginner wiccan or an advanced practitioner this spellbook is sure to be a great inspiration while walking the path the gods and goddesses have laid before you.

16. A Modern Guide to Heathenry: Lore, Celebrations, and Mysteries of the Northern Traditions

Author: by Galina Krasskova
320 pages

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An accessible yet in-depth guide to this increasingly popular pre-Christian religious tradition of Northern Europe Heathenry, is one of the fastest growing polytheistic religious movements in the United States today. This book explores the cosmology, values, ethics, and rituals practiced by modern heathens.

In A Modern Guide to Heathenry readers will have the opportunity to explore the sacred stories of the various heathen gods like Odin, Frigga, Freya, and Thor and will be granted a look into the devotional practices of modern votaries.

Blts, the most common devotional rites, are examined in rich detail with examples given for personal use. Additionally, readers are introduced to the concept of wyrd, or fate, so integral to the heathen worldview. Unlike many books on heathenry, this one is not denomination-specific, nor does it seek to overwhelm the reader with unfamiliar Anglo-Saxon or Norse terminology.

For Pagans who wish to learn more about the Norse deities or those who are new to heathenry or who are simply interested in learning about this unique religion, A Modern Guide to Heathenry is the perfect introduction. Those who wish to deepen their own devotional practice will find this book helpful in their own work as well.