Best Eastern European Regional Cooking Books

Here you will get Best Eastern European Regional Cooking Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. My Favorite Recipes: Blank Recipe Book to Write In: Collect the Recipes You Love in Your Own Custom Cookbook, (100-Recipe Journal and Organizer)

Author: by Happy Books Hub
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 6, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1987514100

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Write in your favorite recipes in one place. The perfect gift for any cook! Do you want a personal cookbook with the recipes you love the most? Do you want to preserve and organize all your family recipes? Are you tired of pinning, printing and bookmarking a recipe only to have a hard time finding it later when you need it?

Then this outstanding recipe journal is just for you the perfect way to organize all your favorite recipes in one place.You will love it. It is beautifully designed, simple, clear, easy to use and well organized. Features: In this recipe book: Record 100 of your favorite recipesCreate your own custom index and organize the recipes the way you wantEasily mark the recipes’ rating, difficulty, cooking time, servingsExtra space for additional notes (such as source of the recipe, why it holds special meaning to you, and etc.

Handy kitchen references to help you with measurement equivalents, substitution suggestions, temperature conversionIt is a great size (7.5 x 9. 25 in) not too big and in the same time with enough writing space to jot down everything needed. A great gift for foodies, friends and family members who love to cook and need to record and catalog their delicious culinary creations everyday meals, soups, appetizers, main courses, desserts, pies, beverages, and more.

2. My Delicious Recipes: Blank Recipe Book To Write In: Empty Cookbook And Organizer To Note Down Your 100 Favorite Recipes

Author: by This is Awesome
Published at: Independently published (January 25, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8700165303

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If you love cooking and discovering new recipes, but after writing them down you always end up forgetting where you put them, this awesome and perfectly organized blank cookbook is just for you! With this recipe journal you will keep them organized and easy to find, and will never forget that delicious recipe all your family loved so much.

See the example page on the back cover! Plenty of space for 100 of your favorite recipesEasily keep track of each recipe’s rating, preparation time, difficulty, servings and allergensA table of content/index you can fill with each recipe’s name, rating and page numberA super useful cooking conversion table with cups, ounces, grams, tablespoons, temperature etcPerfect size: 7.5″ x 9.

25″ (19cm x 23,5cm)This is a recipe book for your own recipes, so you can fill it with amazing first courses, delicious second courses, yummy desserts and make this beautifully designed empty cookbook your next family recipe book, and forget about all the other blank recipe books to write in you never managed to keep organized.

3. 101 The New Crepes Cookbook: 101 Sweet & Savory Crepe Recipes, from Traditional to Gluten-Free, for Cuisinart, LeCrueset, Paderno and Eurolux Crepe Pans and Makers! (Crepes and Crepe Makers)

Author: by Isabelle Dauphin
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (July 18, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1515139287

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Isabelle Dauphin’s The New Crepes Cookbook is a must-have for anyone who enjoys cooking and eating crepes! Her love of traditional French crepes and galettes along with a flair for international cuisine and healthy-minded ingredients makes this book a unique and valuable addition to your kitchen bookshelf.

Written for the newbie to crepe-making as well as for experienced chefs, the book explains how to make sweet and savory crepe batters, cook crepes perfectly, and finish them with mouthwatering fillings, toppings and garnishes! It also provides alternative batters for gluten-free or vegetarian eaters.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside: Traditional French batter and crepe recipes Sweet and Savory Crepes (Galettes) Alternative Batters such as Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Options American and International Crepe Recipes You will also learn: How to use your new crepe cookery: Cuisinart, LeCrueset, Paderno or Eurolux Crepe Pan or Makers The history of crepes

4. The Czechoslovak Cookbook: Czechoslovakia's best-selling cookbook adapted for American kitchens. Includes recipes for authentic dishes like Goulash, … Torte. (The Crown Classic Cookbook Series)

Author: by Joza Brizova
Published at: Clarkson Potter; Revised edition (April 13, 1965)
ISBN: 978-0517505472

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Joza BrizovaIn Czechoslovakia, a country known for fine cooks, a copy of Varime Zdrave Chutne a Hospodarne graces nearly every kitchen. Now this best-selling Czechoslovak cookbook has been adapted for American use. The Czechoslovak Cookbook contains over 500 authentic recipes that convey the essence of Czechoslovak cuisine.

Hearty soups made from modest ingredients are one of the hallmarks of Czechoslovak cuisine. Contained in this volume are recipes for such favorites as Garlic Soup, Creamed Fish Soup, and Rye Bread Soup. Robust meat dishes include Ginger Roast Beef, Braised Beef with Vegetables and Sour Cream, Beef Goulash, Tartar Beefsteak, Mutton with Marjoram, Veal Cutlets with Mushrooms, Stuffed Breast of Veal, Veal Paprika, Roast Pork with Capers, Braised Sweetbreads, and a variety of pates.

The poultry and game chapter contains recipes for Chicken Paprika, Roast Capon, Roast Goose. Stuffed Roast Squab, Roast Hare with Sour Cream, and Leg of Venison with Red Wine. The Czechs are particularly fond of meals centered around egg dishes and dumplings, for instance Baked Eggs with Chicken Livers, Farina Omelet, Noodle Souffle with Cherries and Nuts, Noodles with Farmer Cheese, Napkin Dumplings, Dumplings with Smoked Meat, and Sour Cream Pancakes.

5. Recipes and Shit: Blank Recipe Journal Cooking Book Notes to Write in for Women, Food Cookbook Design, Extra large Professionally Designed (8.5 x 11) … Special Recipes and Notes for Your Favorite

Author: by Atomic Zen
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 7, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1985198203

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Blank Cookbook: Blank Recipe Book To Write In is the perfect place to write down your culinary inspiration, You’ll find it easy to organize your favorite meals created in your kitchen or passed down from family members. Your brilliant ideas, or just your everyday recipes.

Stop Pinning, Printing, and Bookmarking! This 100-page blank recipe book includes areas for cook time, ingredients, directions, and notes. These books are great for keeping your cherished recipes safe and also make a great gift. Get started today and fill this blank cookbook with favorite romantic meals, holiday feast

6. Bunch of Forking Recipes I Can Cook: Blank Recipe Book to Write In Cooking Professionally Designed

Author: by Jeed Jard
Published at: Independently published (February 3, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1795742337

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Recipes and Notes: Blank Recipe Book To Write In is the perfect place to write down your culinary inspiration, You’ll find it easy to organize your favorite meals created in your kitchen or passed down from family members. Your brilliant ideas, or just your everyday recipes.

Stop Pinning, Printing, and Bookmarking! This 110-page blank recipe book includes areas for cook time, ingredients, directions, and notes. These books are great for keeping your cherished recipes safe and also make a great gift. Get started today and fill this blank cookbook with favorite romantic meals, holiday feast.Perfect!!

Plenty of room for the recipe and ingredients.The 2 page layout. And You can add the pictures. For 50 of your Favorite Family RecipesRecord the recipe, the source, and why it holds special meaning for your family, as you create a treasure-trove of delicious and nostalgic memories!

Easily mark the recipes rating, difficulty, cooking time, servingsA Customizable Table of Contents optimal for filling in with recipe sections of your choosingPersonalize this Family Recipe Book Adults! Add in all your Secret Family Recipes in this Blank Cookbook This Book makes a great gift and Family Activity for Mom, Dad, and Grandparents to share with Kids and Grandchildren!

7. Cooking with the Cuisinart Griddler: The 5-in-1 Nonstick Electric Grill Pan Accessories Cookbook for Tasty Backyard Griddle Recipes: Best Gourmet … Flat-Top Flavor (Griddle Cooking) (Volume 1)

Author: by Elana Cordova
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (November 21, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1729785010

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THE ULTIMATE GRIDDLER GUIDE FOR YOUR HOME! Quick & Easy Meals for Any Indoor Grill or Griddle! Best 5-in-1 cookbook used as a contact grill, panini press, full/half grill, and full/half griddle. This wonderful Griddle recipe cookbook is all you need to create the meals of your dreams.

You will soon discover the uniqueness of this one of a kind cookbook that is packed with a variety of recipes for you to try for yourself. We made this book an easy to read and simple to understand step-by-step guide to making some of the best foods you could ever imagine with this Grill Press…

All right here at your fingertips. We show you that you’re not limited to just making paninis. So, we packed this guide with some restaurant-inspired meals for you and your family to enjoy. Be the life of the party and use this book to make you a popular meal hosting expert!

Delicious Vast Categories of Meals Include:Amazing BeefPulsating Poultry Fantastic Fish Perfect Pork Veggies & Sides Sweets & Desserts Breakfast Keepin it Crispy Beef Panini’s Galore Nothing but the Pork Panini’s Pulsating Poultry Panini’s Healthy Veggie No Meat Panini’s Anytime Breakfast Panini’s Best Bruschetta Big Flavorful Burgers Yummy Griddler Pizza’s!Now Get Cooking!

8. My Favorite Recipes, A Cooking Journal: A Blank Cookbook to Write In with Prompted Pages for 100 Culinary Creations and Notes for Foodies and Cooking … Gifts (Paperback Organizer) (Recipe Books)

Author: by Books by Nariku
Published at: Independently published (November 8, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8560922702

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Capture your favorite recipes in one place, to create a personalized cookbook to carry on the traditions and favorites that make meals and celebrations cherished memories. This DIY recipe journal is the perfect way to organize your favorite recipes in one place to keep and easily share.

Record your latest creations or ideas you gather from friends, family, online, books, etc. Preserve and organize traditions to be carried on for future generations of family and friendsCreate a gift for someone setting off for college, moving to a new home, newly married, or new parents who will love to take along the familiar comfort foodsThis paperback book is beautifully designed inside and out, and well organized to be simple, clear, and easy to use.

It is a great size (7.5 x 9. 25 inch) for easy countertop referencing, while still having plenty of space to write everything down. With this recipe book you can:Write down 100 of your favorite recipesCreate a custom table of contents with recipe number, name, and category (appetizers, soups, main course, desserts, beverages, etc.

9. Damned That's Delicious: Personalized blank cookbook journal for recipes to write in for women, girls, teens – a recipe keepsake book with custom … quotes etc. – black, floral design

Author: by Gabi Rupp
Published at: Independently published (May 26, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1070294339

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Collect the favorite recipes you love in your own custom cookbook or make a great gift. Record and organize 120 of your favorite recipesWith special dedication page at the beginning Create your own custom index Special section to record cookbooks you own, recipe title and page numberEfficient food substitution chartFail-safe international kitchen conversion chartFlexible soft cover and glossy finishHomemade with love!

Extra-large blank cookbook with soft cover for passionate hobby- and chef cooks. Now you can turn your cooking and baking into an exciting experience. Details:OPTIMAL GIFT IDEAWhether you cook as a hobby or are a professional, with Damn, that’s delicious the cooking and baking of your best recipe ideas will begin.

It also makes a great gift for children and grandchildren with recipes from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, granddaughters etc. AT A GLANCEUnder the recipe name you’ll find also information about preparation time, cooking time, ingredients, directions, rating, difficulty, servings and dates.

10. Taste of Romania, Expanded Edition

Author: by Nicolae Klepper
Published at: Hippocrene Books; Expanded edition (April 1, 2011)
ISBN: 978-0781812641

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Here is a real taste of both traditional and modern Romanian culture in a unique cookbook that combines over 140 traditional recipes with enchanting examples of Romania’s folklore, humor, art, poetry and proverbs.

11. Pizza Stone Recipe Cookbook: Cooking Delicious Pizza Craft Recipes For Your Grill and Oven or BBQ, Non Stick Round, Square or Rectangular ThermaBond Baking Set (Pizza Stone Recipes) (Volume 1)

Author: by A.J. Luigi
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (April 29, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1717364739

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THERE’S NO PIZZA LIKE PIZZA STONE PIZZA!!!”… Pizza That Taste Like No OtherBEST CRISPY CRUSTS in the Pizza Game! Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Crust. Step 2: Pick Your Best Sauce. Step 3:Choose from a List Toppings! Pizza should be fun and done the right way.

That’s why we’ve put these recipes together for you to choose the type of crust you want. Then we have a variety of sauces that we thought you’d love to choose from. Then the toppings are endless!. These simple and easy to make recipes will have you cooking like you’re a TOP CHEF right in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy pizza stone cooking just like it came from the ovens of an Italian Chef! It’s fun and easy, so impress your friends, family and loved ones, and do it in a healthy way! THE DELICIOUS SECTIONS INCLUDE:THE CRUST, THE WHOLE CRUST, & NOTHING BUT THE CRUST SECTION:Rising Pizza DoughThin Crust Pizza CrustCracker Pizza CrustSt. Louis Style Pizza CrustHEALTHIER PIZZA CRUSTS SECTION:Cauliflower CrustZucchini CrustButternut Squash CrustWhole-Wheat DoughFlatbread (Gluten Free) Pizza CrustBeet Style Pizza CrustEggplant Pizza CrustSweet Potato Pizza CrustLET’S GET SAUCEY / WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE:Pine Nutty Pesto SauceCreamy Bechamel SauceZesty Salsa RecipeSweet And Tangy Barbeque SauceSavory Pumpkin Puree SauceHum For Hummus Style Pizza SauceNo Tomato In This Tomato SauceBlack Olive Tapenade SauceCarrot Chili Paste SauceGarlic And Olive Oil SaucePeppery Jelly Pizza Style SauceMiso And Macadamia Nut Ricotta SauceCaramelized Onion SaucePIZZA TOPPINGS / LET’S GET CREATIVE SECTION:Our Hand Selected Pizza’s for You to Indulge.

12. Nutrition: Understanding The Basics: Nutrition 101, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss – Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Author: by Nicholas Bjorn
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 23, 2015)

ISBN: 978-1519485496

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The contents of this book will help you focus on what’s important while getting rid of all the unnecessary fluff about dieting and healthy living that are just bound to confuse you. I know what your next question is. How do you start making a dent in the goal of good nutrition so that you can start feeling great about yourself?

This book has all the answers. Each chapter contains useful information on the things you need to know and need to do so that you can have a foolproof guide toward achieving not just you weight goals, but your overall health goals!

Here is what this book has in store for you:Nutrition defined and simplifiedDietary guidelines made easy to followNutrition labels made understandableVitamins and minerals explainedFat-burning foods enumeratedPeak health made achievableMeal planning and recipes made doableStart reaping the benefits of eating healthy and living healthy!


Blank Recipe Book: Our Family Recipes: Lovely Blank Cookbook: 128 recipe pages (2 pages per recipe); Complete table of contents. 8×10 Inches, matte.

Author: by The Bubble Press
Published at: Independently published (July 1, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8662901490

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Collect and record all your favorite recipes in this Elegant Recipe Book! Whether it’s an original idea from a friend, a family recipe inherited from your Grandmother, or a secret recipe you Just stumbled on, write it in and chose the right category.

As Starter, Main course, Desserts, or Baking. Use the ingredient and the description section to achieve the same great result every time, and the notes section in case of any small adjustments to your recipe. A table of contents added at the beginning to help you to find your recipe rapidly.

In this way, this book will be a proper reference for you and your family and will contain your best recipes. In this Recipe Book:Complete table of contents. 64 recipes (2 pages per recipe. Plenty of room to add notes and adjust your recipes if needed.

The recipe pages are all numbered. Buy it now and preserve your recipes!

14. INSTANT POT Cookbook for Beginners: Amazing, Quick, Easy and Delicious Recipes for Your Whole Family and Friends

Author: by Olivia Wood
Published at: Independently published (January 5, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8590812318

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Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced user, you will make great use of this cookbook and its recipes. HERE YOU’LL LEARN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BECOME A PRO AT USING THE INSTANT POT ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER. I focused on creating an awesome Instant Pot cookbook for beginners to show you how to maximize your Instant Pot’s potential and make your life easier.

The Instant Pot is a genuinely innovative gadget; it is an extremely efficient, modern-day technology with versatile cooking processes like steaming, slow cooking, rice cooking, sauting, and much more. You will learn more about the benefits of cooking with the Instant Pot, different functions, and tips, along with a collection of mouth-watering recipes to prepare using your acquired device.

This book includes:A fantastic layout that will make you feel at ease reading your cookbookInstant Pot recipes that work for complete beginners and advanced usersI believe that what you eat has a direct impact on your overall quality of life.

15. Instant Pot Cookbook: 550 Easy and Healthy Instant Pot Recipes You’ll Wish You Discovered Sooner

Author: by Alexia Burns
Published at: Independently published (July 5, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8663841160

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If you are new to the Instant Pot, or just need some quick, easy and affordable recipes, I’ve got you covered! Do you want to make an effortless progress in your kitchen regardless of the occasion? Do you want to save time cooking healthy meals on any budget?

If you want to make great recipes for yourself and family using the Instant Pot You Just Need to Your Copy of this Cookbook right now! This Instant Pot Cookbook by Alexia Burns is focused on creating the one and only Instant Pot recipe book with 550 delicious meals, that you’ll ever need to cook to master the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

Its many functions do the work of at least six separate appliances, and it’s perfect for creating delicious home-made meals. The Instant Pot functions as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, veggie steamer, saut pan, and warming pot. It’s a necessary tool for any busy person who needs to be able to put a dinner on the table in just a couple of simple steps.

Here you can find 550 fast, healthy and super easy recipes like:Lamb and Green Beans StewTurkey and Brussels Sprouts StewDill Okra MixChicken and Black Eyed PeaseLime Turkey Winges etc. Mango cake and other yummy dessert reipes

16. Instant Pot® Mini Cooking for Two: Beginners Guide with Fast and Tasty Recipes for Your 3-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker: A Cookbook for Instant Pot® MINI Duo Users

Author: by Tiffany Shelton
Published at: Independently published (February 28, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8619276763

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Instant Pot Mini Cooking for Two the only one cookbook you need for perfectly portioned weeknight meals with no leftovers, no waste, and no guesswork. Instant Pot Mini Cookbook for Two is what you really need if you like tasty meals but aren’t ready to spend hours in your kitchen.

Here you’ll find some of the most nutritious, simple, and healthy Instant Pot Mini recipes that you can easily convert into mouth-watering dishes that are the perfect size for two! The Instant Pot Mini Cookbook for Two contains:A DETAILED OVERVIEW of the main Instant Pot Mini functions and features, including the key benefits for busy couples, special Instant Pot Mini options, and settings for cooking different cuisinesUSEFUL TIPS AND TRICKS that help you make your Instant Pot Mini your best friend in the kitchen.

Chapter 2 includes general advice on how to cook Instant Pot meals for two with your Instant Pot Mini, how to overcome the most common IP problems, and, of course, how to clean this invaluable kitchen device properly50+ RECIPES FOR TWO inspire you to cook a true masterpiece every time you visit your kitchen.