Best Educational Law & Legislation Law Books

Here you will get Best Educational Law & Legislation Law Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. School Law and the Public Schools: A Practical Guide for Educational Leaders (Myedleadershiplab)

Author: by Nathan Essex
384 pages

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An essential, practical, hands-on resource for school leaders, policymakers, and other educational personnel, this practical, clear, and easy-to-understand guide looks at both the historical background and the contemporary legal issues that affect virtually every aspect of schools today. The new Sixth Edition of School Law and the Public Schools by Nathan Essex brings readers the latest information on today’s most critical issues, among them: recent rulings on religion in public schools, social media, Facebook and Twitter challenges, virtual charter schools, administrators’ authority at bus stops, legal aspects of teachers and administrators’ evaluation, teacher performance and misconduct, 504 Rehabilitation plans, the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act, violence and tragedy in U.S.

Schools, procedures for evaluating and responding to threats, natural disasters and school safety, proposed changes to No Child Left Behind by the White House, and the use of chaperones for field trips. Numerous application exercises and case studies give the concepts real-life meaning, and illustrative tables and figures further reinforce and amplify the ideas.

2. Legal Rights of School Leaders, Teachers, and Students

Author: by Martha McCarthy
416 pages

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This succinct resource helps academic professionals understand how basic legal principles apply to educational questionsWritten in a reader-friendly style that legal novices can easily understand, Legal Rights of School Leaders, Teachers, and Students details the principles underlying school law and provides essential guidelines for school personnel to follow in their everyday work.

Descriptive scenarios of landmark cases and compelling visuals clarify concepts and help educators understand the context of legal principles as they apply to a range of school issues. While the coverage is comprehensive, the presentation is straightforward and non-technical with extensive footnotes that allow readers to delve further into topics.

This 8th Edition combines two highly successful books, Public School Law: Teachers’ and Students’ Rights and Legal Rights of Teachers and Students, with updated coverage of current and emerging legal issues, policies, and judicial decisions that affect classroom teachers. A new chapter on alternatives to traditional public schooling and expanded discussions of technology and social media use, rights of students with disabilities, and the importance of legal literacy keep readers informed and prepared to face today’s educational issues.

3. 1144 Random, Interesting & Fun Facts You Need To Know – The Knowledge Encyclopedia To Win Trivia (Amazing World Facts Book)

Author: by Scott Matthews
96 pages

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Did you know it rains diamonds on the planet Uranus? Did you know mosquitoes don’t just bite you and suck your blood, they urinate on you before flying off? Did you know the reason lego heads have holes in them is so air can pass through them if a child ever swallows one?

In these 1144 facts you’re going to learn more than you learnt from all your high school teachers combined. It’s full of interesting information that you can whip out in any conversation. You’ll never be lost for words and always have the perfect ice breaker.

You’re going to learn more about the world you live in & some of the topics include: Science-Economics-Human Anatomy-Space-Animal Species-Many, Many More! What’re you waiting for?Knowledge is power! Come on in and we’ll delve into the interesting and fascinating facts about the world around us.

Scroll up and click the add to cart’ button now! Get the e-book absolutely FREE when you get the paperback!P.S. Earlier editions of this book contained some minor spelling errors – if you are buying this after January 2020, they have now been corrected!

4. Charter Schools and Their Enemies

Author: by Thomas Sowell
288 pages

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A leading conservative intellectual defends charter schools against the teachers’ unions, politicians, and liberal educators who threaten to dismantle their success. The black-white educational achievement gap – so much discussed for so many years – has already been closed by black students attending New York City’s charter schools.

This might be expected to be welcome news. But it has been very unwelcome news in traditional public schools whose students are transferring to charter schools. A backlash against charter schools has been led by teachers unions, politicians and others – not only in New York but across the country.

If those attacks succeed, the biggest losers will be minority youngsters for whom a quality education is their biggest chance for a better life.

5. The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law: Ninth Edition

Author: by Jim Walsh
University of Texas Press
504 pages

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Much has changed in the area of school law since the first edition of The Educator’s Guide was published in 1986. This new ninth edition offers an authoritative source on all major dimensions of Texas school law through the 2017 legislative sessions.

Intended for educators, school board members, interested attorneys, and taxpayers, the ninth edition explains what the law is and what the implications are for effective school operations. It is designed to help professional educators avoid expensive and time-consuming lawsuits by taking effective preventive action.

It is an especially valuable resource for school law courses and staff development sessions. The ninth edition begins with a review of the legal structure of the Texas school system, incorporating recent innovative features such as charter schools and districts of innovation.

Successive chapters address attendance, the instructional program, service to students with special needs, the rights of public school employees, the role of religion, student discipline, governmental transparency, privacy, parent rights, and the parameters of legal liability for schools and school personnel.

6. American Public School Law (Higher Education Coursebook)

Author: by Kern Alexander
West Academic Publishing
1386 pages

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Hardbound – New, hardbound print book.

7. School Law: Cases and Concepts (Allyn & Bacon Educational Leadership)

Author: by Michael LaMorte
424 pages

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This text gives K-12 educators a solid foundation of knowledge concerning basic legal concepts and current legal issues as they relate to schools and school administrations. KEY TOPICS: Topics include sources of law under which educators operate; legal restraints to state action in K-12 education; legal rights and restrictions applicable to students and teachers; law pertaining to persons with disabilities; and liability for damages as a result of official action or inaction.

MARKET: This text is written for K-12 educators learning about the legal aspects of their future profession in a school environment.

8. The Principal′s Quick-Reference Guide to School Law: Reducing Liability, Litigation, and Other Potential Legal Tangles

Author: by Robert F. Hachiya
432 pages

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The go-to legal resource for principals, fully updated! How often does a potential legal issue arise at your school? Now in an expanded third edition, this trusted resource provides clear and helpful guidance from a team of respected school-law experts.

Substantive new information shows principals how to: Address student use and misuse of technology, on and off campus Avoid the pitfalls of zero-tolerance discipline policies Lead school safety and violence prevention, including collaboration with school resource officers and other personnel Prevent and respond to bullying incidents Stay current with special education requirements Ensure that employment and evaluation practices reflect the law

9. Teachers and the Law (Allyn & Bacon Educational Leadership)

Author: by David Schimmel
476 pages

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Uses a unique, engaging question and answer format and a clear, jargon-free writing style to provide a comprehensive understanding of the critical topics of school law KEY TOPICS: Teachers and the Legal System.Contracts. Employment Security. Collective Bargaining.When am I liable?Slander and Libel.

Child abuse and neglect.Copyright law. Teachers’ and students’ rights. Students’ freedom of expression.Religious freedom. Freedom of association. Rights under due process. How free is my personal life? Racial Discrimination.Sex discrimination. Students with disabilities and non-English speaking students.Student records.Parents choices.

Can schools restrict personal appearance? No Child Left Behind Act. Control of the Internet. The rights of transgender students. Procedural versus substantive due process. Charter schools and vouchers. Students’ privacy rights when using computers. A comparison between federal laws affecting disabled students.

A recent affirmative action case. MARKET: For future teachers and administrators and current school professionals

10. Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide

Author: by Peter W. D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright
311 pages

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Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, second edition will teach you how to plan, prepare, organize and get quality special education services. In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will learn about your child’s disability and educational needs, how to create a simple method for organizing your child’s file and devising a master plan for your child’s special education.

You will understand parent-school conflict, how to create paper trails and effective letter writing. This book includes dozens of worksheets, forms and sample letters that you can tailor to your needs. Whether you are new to special education or an experienced advocate this book will provide a clear roadmap to effective advocacy for your child.

You will use this book again and again.

11. Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition

Author: by Peter W. D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright
442 pages

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Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition provides a clear roadmap to the laws and how to get better services for all children with disabilities. This Wrightslaw publication is an invaluable resource for parents, advocates, educators, and attorneys. You will refer to this book again and again.

12. Teacher's Pocket Guide to School Law, A (Myedleadershiplab)

Author: by Nathan Essex
240 pages

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KEY BENEFIT: Gives current and future educators and school policy makers vital information on virtually every topic of concern in education today, in an easy-to-read, accessible organization and style KEY TOPICS: School district policies; meditation in schools; community norms and religious conflicts; social media, Facebook, and Twitter; child abuse reporting; school safety; Rehabilitation Act Plans; administrative control and bus stops; digitalization and integration of student records MARKET: For current and future educators and school policy makers, regardless of their familiarity with the topics

13. 609 Letter Templates & Credit Repair Secrets: The Best Way to Fix Your Credit Score Legally in an Easy and Fast Way (Includes 10 Credit Repair Template Letters) (609 Credit Repair)

Author: by Bradley Caulfield
129 pages

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Fix your Credit in a 609 legal and fast way and bring FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Beginners Step-by-Step Guide for Fixing CreditUS territory focused wayIncrease your Score +800Legal 609 Loopholes+10 Letters Templates includedAre you tired of being rejected by the banks and other financial institutions because you have bad credit?

Are you ready to get through and work on improving your credit score in order to get the funding that you need? What if you could write a few letters and attach a few supporting documents and get a lot of your credit score cleared up and ready to go?

That is exactly what this guidebook is going to help us do. We are going to learn some of the basics that we need in order to understand what our credit score is and how we can help it or harm it if we are not careful.

But the crowning jewel that we are going to spend time on is the idea of Section 609, and how some of the loopholes that we are able to work with can help to clear out our credit report and raise that score almost instantly.

14. The Law of Higher Education: Student Version

Author: by William A. Kaplin
1056 pages

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A single-volume text that distills information for students Based on the sixth edition of Kaplin and Lee’s indispensable guide to the law that bears on the conduct of higher education, The Law of Higher Education, Sixth Edition: Student Version provides an up-to-date reference and guide for coursework in higher education law and programs preparing law students and higher education administrators for leadership roles.

This student edition discusses the most significant areas of the law for college and university attorneys and administrators. Each chapter is introduced by a discussion of key terms and topics the students will encounter, and the book includes materials from the full sixth edition that are most relevant to student interests and classroom instruction.

It also contains a crosswalk that keys sections of the Student Edition to counterpart sections of the two-volume treatise. Complements the full version Includes a glossary of legal terms and an appendix on how to read legal material for students without legal training Discusses key terms in each chapter Concentrates on key topics students will need to know This is fundamental reading for law students preparing for careers in higher education law and for graduate students in higher education administration programs.

15. Law and Ethics in Educational Leadership (Allyn & Bacon Educational Leadership)

Author: by David Stader
320 pages

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Law and Ethics in Educational Leadership, 2/e presents a real-world, problem-based approach that shows leadership candidates how to apply the legal knowledge, ethical dispositions, and other skills necessary to become successful school leaders. In a user-friendly, coherent approach to the study of legal issues the author shows how changes in law and society impact decision-making, and how to apply ethical frameworks to their own future decision-making.

Included are numerous opportunities to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize legal knowledge and ethical frameworks to begin thinking like school leaders. Illustrative case studies show readers the ambiguity presented by many problems they will face as school leaders and encourage them to analyze the circumstances surrounding the dilemma and respond appropriately.

16. A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door: The Dismantling of Public Education and the Future of School

Author: by Jack Schneider
256 pages

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A trenchant analysis of how public education is being destroyed in overt and deceptive ways-and how to fight backIf America’s public schools don’t survive the COVID-19 pandemic, it won’t just be due to the virus. Opponents of public education have long sought to dismantle our system of free, universal, and taxpayer-funded schooling.

But the present crisis has provided them with their best opportunity ever to realize that aim. Books like Jane Mayer’s Dark Money and Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains sounded a clear warning about the influence that right-wing plutocrats increasingly exert over American politics.

Now, A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door takes their analyses a step further, addressing an urgent question: Why is the right so fixated on dismantling public education in the United States? Education historian Jack Schneider and journalist Jennifer Berkshire trace the war on public education to its origins, offering the deep backstory necessary to understand the threat presently posed to America’s schools.