Best Eye Problems Books

Here you will get Best Eye Problems Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.


Author: by Jenny Patterson
181 pages

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These 80 Crossword Puzzles are Easy on the Eyes and Challenging to the MindThese challenges were written with the casual crossword puzzle aficionado in mind. I’ve always like to do the easy or medium puzzles, in fact, all the crossword books I own are completed up to the point the difficult ones begin.

Your mind and the minds of your friends deserve this entertaining workout, testing knowledge of words, trivia, and spelling. If you enjoy the daily or weekly crosswords in the New York Times or other such paper, the puzzles in this book will be too easy for you.

We’ve made our puzzles in large type to make them easier on the eyes. Even our solutions are in an easy-to-read format with six answer keys per page. This large-print crossword puzzle book offers:80 medium crossword puzzles to buoy the spirit and exercise the mindHours and hours of captivating challengesLarge-print puzzles and solutionsLarge grids make it easier to enter lettersMedium level crosswordsHundreds of clues to solveGreat for limbering up the mind during breakfast, an evening’s entertainment, a break at the office, or to pass the time enjoyably while on a train or plane.

2. The Focus Project: The Not So Simple Art of Doing Less

Author: by Erik Qualman
316 pages

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Whether you’re an executive, a mom, a CEO, a teacher, or an entrepreneur… THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU IF: 1. You feel stretched too thin by trying to do too much.2. There’s no time for relaxation or deep thinking.3. You’re completing thousands of tasks without achieving your goals.

Welcome to The Focus Project, a book designed to provide answers and solutions to the challenge of focusing in an unfocused world. Combining street science and institutional research alongside his own personal focus project, Qualman delivers practical advice on doing the important things instead of a bunch of things.

The following is a guide to pursuing less in order to achieve moreboth personally and professionally. Successful and happy people understand it’s not about getting more things done, it’s about getting more of the big things done. Learn the not so simple art of doing less.

3. The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses

Author: by William H. Bates
Holt Paperbacks
208 pages

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Better Eyesight Without Glasses is not only the definitive source for the classic Bates Method, it is in itself a remarkable phenomenon.Dr. William H. Bates’s revolutionary and entirely commonsensical theory of self-taught improved eyesight has helped hundreds of thousands of people to triumph over normal defects of vision without the mechanical aid of eyeglasses.

If you think that your eyesight could be made better by natural methods, you are right. After years of experimentation, Dr. Bates came to the conclusion that many people who wore glasses did not need them. He gradually and carefully developed a simple group of exercises for improving the ability of the eyes themselves to see, eliminating the tension caused by poor visual habits that are the major cause of bad eyesight.

These exercises are based on the firm belief that it is the natural function of the eyes to see clearly and that anyone, child or adult, can learn to see better without glasses. Featuring an eye chart for improving your vision at home, The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses will give you all the guidance you need for relaxed and improved vision.

4. Vision for Life, Revised Edition: Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement

Author: by Meir Schneider Ph.D.
264 pages

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All parts of the body need exercise for optimal health, and the eyes are no different. Vision for Life presents an approach to eye health for people with 20/20 vision who wish to maintain their perfect vision as well as people who see poorly and would like to improve their eyesight.

Clients of the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method experience their own capacity to bring about recovery, reversing the progress of a wide range of degenerative conditions including eye disease. Based in part on the established Bates Method of eyesight improvement and in part on his own professional and personal discoveries, Meir Schneider’s pioneering approach has helped thousands of people successfully treat a host of eye problems, including near- and farsightedness, astigmatism, lazy eye, double vision, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, retinitis pigmentosa, and nystagmus.

This revised edition includes a new chapter on children’s eye health and new research and exercises for specific conditions, i.E., glaucoma and nystagmus, near- and farsightedness. Born blind to deaf parents, Schneider underwent a series of painful operations as a young child and was left with 99 percent scar tissue on the lenses of his eyes, resulting in his being declared incurably blind.

5. Jesus' Parables and Teachings Word Search: Amazing Bible Themed Puzzle Book

Author: by Amazing G. Z.
114 pages

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50 challenging and inspiring word search puzzles to sharpen your mind and stir up your spirit! This activity book combines brain-boosting fun with the powerful teachings of Jesus. Old and young can enrich their free time finding hidden words and phrases from beloved selections of scripture.

From the Sermon on the Mount to the Parable of the Lost Sheep each themed word find is a chance for readers to reflect on Jesus’s words while finding satisfaction in solving a puzzle. With this amazing puzzle book readers will spend hours of fun contemplating biblical truths as they look in the word search vertically, diagonally, forward, and backward.

Features50 inspiring word search puzzles. Hours of meditation through Jesus’ words. Beautiful glossy finish cover with magnolia design. Complete answer key included at the end of the book.Convenient 8.5 x 11 inches size. Large font, ideal for people with low vision.

Meaningful gift for any occasion. Enjoy the timeless pleasure of word searching with these large-print puzzles based around the lessons of Jesus!

6. Sam's Extra Large Print Word Search Games, 51 Word Search Puzzles, Volume 1: Brain-stimulating puzzle activities for many hours of entertainment

Author: by Sam Mark
LegendaryMedia Publishing
107 pages

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Entertaining, challenging, and in EXTRA large printThese stimulating puzzles demand focus and concentration. The books include:Puzzles for a huge variety of interests and many diverse themes. Easy-to-read extra large type used for puzzles as well as word lists. Solutions for most puzzles are conveniently included on the following page.

Free bonus puzzles available for download.

7. Eat Right for Your Sight: Simple, Tasty Recipes that Help Reduce the Risk of Vision Loss from Macular Degeneration

Author: by Jennifer Trainer Thompson
The Experiment
240 pages

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Safeguard your vision with 85 simple, satisfying recipes rich in the nutrients that fight macular degenerationThe Bad News: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of central vision loss in adults over the age of fifty. It can wreak havoc on the ability to see faces, read, drive, and move about safely.

Millions of people are at risk, and we still don’t have a cure. The Good News: The latest research suggests that healthy lifestyle choices, including a diet rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and other key nutrients, can delay the onset and progress of AMD.

Eat Right for Your Sight provides a delicious way to add the best ingredients for eye health to every meal of the day. Feast your eyes on these appealing recipes: Sweet Pea GuacamoleChicken-Vegetable Noodle BowlsGarlic-Lime Pork ChopsCarrot-Ginger Juice …And more!

Every recipe includes comprehensive nutrition information and has been carefully crafted to act like medicine but not taste like it. Taking care of your eyes has never been easier! With Recipes from Lidia Bastianich, Ina Garten, Jacques Ppin , Alice Waters, Andrew Weil, MD, and other superstars of healthy cooking.

8. SUPERSIZED FOR CHALLENGED EYES: Large Print Word Search Puzzles for the Visually Impaired

Author: by Nina Porter
Independently published
92 pages

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This is the Large Print Word Search book you’ve been waiting for! Supersized for Challenged Eyes puzzle books are exactly what the title implies – super large print word search puzzles for those who are visually impaired. These puzzle books combine the largest print and easiest to use format for maximum enjoyment while continuing to challenge your brain and boost your memory.

PLUS each puzzle is accompanied by a theme related Scripture Verse, Inspiring Quote, Fun Fact, or Bonus Word to find – making every puzzle that much more enjoyableYou’ll enjoy:Super Large Print in Puzzles & Word ListsPuzzle and Word List on one page for easiest useSame size large print Solution page follows each puzzleFun Brain Challenging Themed Puzzles with 18 words to find in eachMakes the perfect gift for any puzzle lover with visual impairmentFree Sample Puzzles can be downloaded at SupersizedPuzzles.Com

9. Large Print Mandala – Coloring Book: Bold Lines, High Contrast, Large Patterns

Author: by Rachel Mintz
86 pages

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35 Large Bold Lines Mandala Patterns to Color! Coloring pages for visually impaired people! Harmonic images, abstract designs, shape and patterns. Look Inside & Back Cover. ONE IMAGE PER PAGE for clean coloring, no colors bleeding into other pages. Bold lines with easy contrast, so people with visual impairment can track and color.

Mandala close up designs, zoom in on patterns so they are full page large scaled.Level: EASY. This book is for teenagers, grownups. For elderly and seniors coloring.


Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist's Journey Into Seeing in Three Dimensions

Author: by Susan R. Barry
Basic Books

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A revelatory account of the brain’s capacity for change When neuroscientist Susan Barry was fifty years old, she experienced the sense of immersion in a three dimensional world for the first time. Skyscrapers on street corners appeared to loom out toward her like the bows of giant ships.

Tree branches projected upward and outward, enclosing and commanding palpable volumes of space. Leaves created intricate mosaics in 3D. Barry had been cross-eyed and stereoblind since early infancy. After half a century of perceiving her surroundings as flat and compressed, on that day she saw the city of Manhattan in stereo depth for first time in her life.

As a neuroscientist, she understood just how extraordinary this transformation was, not only for herself but for the scientific understanding of the human brain. Scientists have long believed that the brain is malleable only during a “critical period” in early childhood.

According to this theory, Barry’s brain had organized itself when she was a baby to avoid double vision – and there was no way to rewire it as an adult. But Barry found an optometrist who prescribed a little-known program of vision therapy; after intensive training, Barry was ultimately able to accomplish what other scientists and even she herself had once considered impossible.

11. OphthoBook

Author: by Dr Timothy Root
180 pages

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OphthoBook is the printed version of the amazing OphthoBook. Com online book and video series. The combination of this text, along with the online video lectures, creates the most informative and easy-to-understand ophthalmology review ever written. It is geared toward medical students, optometry students, and non-ophthalmologists who want to learn more about the eye without getting bogged down with mindless detail.

The book is broken down into ten chapters: 1.Eye History 2.Anatomy 3.Glaucoma 4.Retina 5.Infection 6. Neuroophthalmology 7. Pediatric Ophthalmology 8.Trauma 9.Optics 10. Lens and Cataract Each chapter also includes “pimp questions” you might be asked in a clinic. Also, an entire chapter of ophthalmology board-review questions, flashcards, and eye abbreviations.

Perhaps most useful, each chapter corresponds to the 20-minute video lectures viewable at OphthoBook.Com. And lots of fun cartoons!

12. How To Read and Write Braille Alphabet Letters & Numbers – Grade 1: Step By Step PRINTED Braille Language Workbook For Beginners-Not Including Contracted Braille Signs

Author: by Rachel Mintz
104 pages

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IMPORTANT – THIS IS A PRINTED WORKBOOK FOR THE SIGHTED!NOT RAISED BRAILLE. Easy Step by Step – GRADE 1 PRINTED Braille Tutorial for Beginners! Learn how to write the 26 letters in Braille Alphabet! Recognize each letter and number, know how to write them.THAT’S IT.

The book teaches “HOW TO READ & WRITE BRAILLE LETTERS and NUMBERS”.Great for novice learners. Write each letter, practice creating the dots at the right place. SIMPLY learning the absolute Alphabet and Numbers basics. This book includes uncontracted Braille – Grade 1!.

Lots of practice pages, follow the easy visual study step by step explanations and examples. What is NOT Included in This Book: No Grade 2 Braille contracted pronunciation shortcuts.WHY? Because for beginners it would be so much information, before knowing the basics, how to write the 26 letters and numbers.

NOTE – THIS IS NOT a STUDY BOOK FOR BLIND PEOPLE. NOTE – The Braille inside the book is printed NOT raised. Raised Grade 2 BRAILLE alphabet is used by blind people to read. This book can assist family members, friends and those who work with people that have vision impairment to learn the basics of Braille.

13. Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century

Author: by Nathan T. Oxenfeld
336 pages

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Give Up Your Glasses for Good is a step by step self-healing course that teaches you how to improve your vision naturally. Heal your own eyes holistically with this comprehensive workbook that includes over fifty vision enhancing practices and dozens of eye charts and reading that can help decrease eyestrain and increase clarity.

Sit back and relax as you watch your vision return to its original state; a state of equilibrium, ease, and auto-focus. After its original release in 2015, this new updated third edition provides an even clearer path to clarity with a brand new chapter on healing the mental and emotional root causes of vision problems as well as a more in-depth description of how to turn books and eye charts into vision training tools.

With nearly 100 more pages than the last version and even more powerful techniques contained within, this new version will yield even more rapid and measurable results in your natural vision and help you do what the title suggests: give up your glasses for good.

14. Iridology Simplified: An Introduction to the Science of Iridology and Its Relation to Nutrition

Author: by Bernard Jensen
Book Pub Co
48 pages

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Bernard Jensen, who pioneered Iridology in the United States, presents a basic introduction to this science which analyzes the delicate structures of the iris to reveal and locate inflammation in the body. Readers are given an explanation of how the chart works, including detailed illustrations of iris topography showing individual systems charts, and over two dozen color photographs of irises diagnosing stages of different ailments.

This book supports Jensen’s belief that iridology is an important element in the total, holistic health care program.

15. Healing is Voltage: Acupuncture Muscle Batteries

Author: by Jerry L Tennant MD, MD
168 pages

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Cells in the body require voltage to work and to make new cells to replace worn out cells. Our muscles are rechargeable batteries that provide this voltage. Each organ has its own battery pack. Such battery packs are specific stacks of muscles.

These muscle stacks are known as acupuncture meridians.

16. Take Off Your Glasses and See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight

Author: by Jacob Liberman

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This revolutionary new look at vision will broaden your understanding of how you see and how you can see without your glasses or contact lenses. Take Off Your Glasses and See shows you how to free yourself from the crutch of prescription lenses, to build your self-confidence and awareness, and to open up your inner and outer vision in order to see more clearly.

Jacob Liberman, an internationally recognized authority on holistic vision care, explains how most vision problems are the result of an unconscious decision to “close your eyes” to emotional discomfort or pain, and how increasingly powerful corrective lenses only encourage eyesight to withdraw even further.

By removing lenses and practicing breath- and movement-awareness techniques to shift your perception, you can reintegrate the original disruption in the mind/body system. Dr. Liberman’s approach can help you join the thousands who have escaped from the self-defeating cycle of poor vision.