Best Hair Care & Styling Books

Here you will get Best Hair Care & Styling Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. I Am: Positive Affirmations for Kids | Coloring Book for Young Black Girls | African American Children | Self-Esteem and Confidence Coloring Book for … and Brown Girls with Natural Curly Hair)

Author: by Aaliyah Wilson
91 pages

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BONUS: 5 self-esteem building worksheets and 11 sets of fun activities: mazes, dot to dot, I SPY, spot the difference and word searches included! This beautiful coloring book is all about building a girl’s confidence, imagination, and spirit! It seeks to remind and inspire girls that they are worthy, beautiful, intelligent and enough…

Positive affirmations will build up your child’s self-esteem and transform her sense of self! The 34 coloring pages encourage little girls to think beyond social conventions and inspire conversations with adults about what it really means to be confident, brave, and beautiful.

Girls will love coloring characters that look like them, from their natural hair to their braids. Promotes positive self-esteem. Positive and fun – a great gift for any girl! 34 beautiful and powerful illustrations. Each page contains a positive affirmation such as “I AM ENOUGH”, “I AM SPECIAL”, “MY NATURAL HAIR IS FABULOUS”, “I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE” and “MY VOICE MATTERS”.BONUS: 5 self-esteem building worksheets and 11 sets of fun activities: mazes, dot to dot, I SPY, spot the difference and word searches included!

2. An African American Coloring Book For Girls: With Positive Affirmations: For Little Black & Brown Boss Babes With Natural Hair: With Motivational Quotes: Mazes & Word Searches Included!

Author: by Merry Blossoms Press
Independently published

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Looking for an inspirational coloring book for your little girls?Look no further! This lovely book contains the following… 24 beautiful illustrations featuring black and brown girls with different hairstylesEach page contains a positive affirmation such as “I am confident”, “My hair is fabulous” & “Believe in yourself”.Illustrations are printed on single sides to prevent any bleed issueLarge size (8.

5 x 11 inches)The coloring book goes well with multicultural crayons BONUS: 8 sets of mazes and word searches included! So what are you waiting for? Make sure to grab copies for your little girls today!P.S. Click on our author’s name (Merry Blossoms Press) to check out other books for your kids!

We have a career coloring book, a daily gratitude book, a growth mindset coloring book and more!


I Need You to Know…: The ABC's of a Young King's Greatness
Author: by Mrs. Lora McClain-Muhammad
55 pages

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The much anticipated coloring book filled with all things about a Young Kings Greatness from A-Z! It was created after the overwhelming success of the girls coloring book, I Need You to Know The ABC’s of Black Girl Magic! I wanted little black and brown boys to see positive images that look like them and speak to their greatness!

Each page has encouraging words to intrigue young minds! Let’s learn, color and have hours of fun! Get one for your boys and yourself! Our boys are great and should be reminded daily!They too are MAGIC!

4. Milady Standard Natural Hair Care & Braiding

Author: by Diane Carol Bailey
304 pages

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Milady Standard Natural Hair Care and Braiding is designed to be the training resource of choice for individuals committed to nurturing textured hair and providing excellent natural hair care services. This book introduces the technical and creative aspects of braiding, styling, and grooming hair that is naturally curly, kinky, or multi-textured.

Also included, are 17 procedures with step-by-step photos and detailed instructions in techniques for styling and grooming natural hair and natural hair additions. This is a must have for those who are serious about developing a wide range of services and building a broad, diverse client base-crucial elements for success in the flourishing hair care industry.

5. Summary: The Obesity Code: Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss By Dr. Jason Fung

Author: by Knowledge Tree
98 pages

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The Obesity Code: Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss | Book SummaryTrying your best to lose weight by eating less and exercising more but not seeing the results you are hoping for?Don’t Worry! The book The Obesity Code: Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr Jason Fung lets you in on the inner workings and mechanics of weight gain, shedding much needed light on why the traditional teachings on diets and weight loss simply do not work.

He shows us through evidence based studies why eating less does not necessarily lead to weight loss, and moving more contributes less significantly to fat burn than what we had initially thought. If you are looking for a clear and concise explanation on the secrets of weight loss, as well as a simple but effective way to burn fat and get in shape, then this book has got to be just the right one for you!

Dr Jason Fung leads you in on the critical factors which contribute to the obesity build up in the population, while clearly pointing out what we have got to do in order to shed the excess weight for good! This book holds a detailed, comprehensive summary of the original book by Dr Jason Fung and it succinctly collates all the important facts into easy-to-remember points for quick and effective understanding of the original work, so that you can hit the ground running and start to see the benefits from The Obesity Code in the shortest possible time!

6. The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care

Author: by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy
258 pages

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You are viewing the Standard Edition: Black & White. The Science of Black Hair is the ultimate consumer textbook on black hair care. Technically oriented and detailed throughout, this book was written with the serious hair care consumer in mind. Hair science, research and testimony combine in this carefully written text designed to examine black hair on a deeper level.

With its light academic style it is truly the last hair book you ll ever need. The special, salon professional edition of The Science of Black Hair features full-color photographs and color-tab organization to enhance the reading experience. All versions of the book feature special multimedia capabilities that bring the book to life including additional live tips and updated voice messages from the author for the life of the book!

Readers will learn how to: * Maintain chemically-treated or natural hair in optimal health. Stop hair breakage with a novel, protein/moisture balancing method. Regulate product pH balance for shinier, more manageable hair. Grow their hair longer, stronger and healthier for life!

7. Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint

Author: by Mikey Moran
206 pages

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Mikey Moran had only a single advantage when he started his hair and beauty business: his idea was different from anything he’d seen in the industry. Seven years later, Mikey has expanded his original idea into ten different brands, five retail locations, and one partnership with global e-commerce giant Shopify.

Now Mikey wants to share what he’s learned so burgeoning entrepreneurs have a bigger advantage than he had. In Fearless Beauty, Mikey provides you with a roadmap to achieve success easier, faster, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

He shows you how to think like an entrepreneur by introducing you to practical theories that should guide every decision, then presents a step-by-step plan for taking action and getting started. You’ll learn core marketing techniques that yield the biggest impact, how to select the best web platform for your business, and why consistencyor a lack of itcan make or break you.

No matter your industry or where you are in the process of becoming an entrepreneur, you’ll gain insightful strategies for maximizing returns and enjoying every step in the journey of your business.

8. Summary: The Obesity Code – Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss By Dr. Jason Fung

Author: by The 60 Minutes Summary
94 pages

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ARE YOU READY TO DISCOVER THE RIGHT WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT? The60MinutesSummary introduces[SUMMARY] The Obesity Code: Unlocking The Secrets Of Weight LossImagine for a moment how you would feel if you were able to finally understand how to lose your weight understanding the real factors that impact on weight increase, so that you can be able to finally get the results you desire.

If I told you that it would really be possible, wouldn’t you be curious to know more about that? From understanding why traditional teachings on diets and weight loss simply don’t work and from learning how lazy theories like calorie-reduction and exercising have been distracting people from actually losing weight, in The Obesity Code you will not only find out the biological reasons behind overweight but also the exact same thing that really impacts on your weight nonetheless you are trying to eat less and to do physical exercise.

After reading this summary, you would have learned:The truth about obesity and geneticsThe impact of calorie-reduction to the bodyWhy physical exercise is a mythThe truth about weight lossWhy insulin is the main cause of obesityWhat to eat and what not to eat to lose weightThe secret to burn fat fastHow obesity targets childrenand much more!

9. Summary: The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers In "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain By Dr Steven R. Gundry

Author: by Knowledge Tree
72 pages

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Book Summary l The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers In Healthy Foods That Cause Disease And Weight GainWhat would you do if someone told you that most of what you had believed about health and diet was just plain wrong?

The book The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers In Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain by Dr Steven Gundry points out exactly where and what went wrong with most commonly held views on food, health and diets. He sheds much needed light to dispel the myths about plant based foods, which were believed to be healthy, when they were actually causes of harm for the human body.

If you happen to be doing all the exercises and sticking to strict diet regimes but don’t seem to be seeing any improvements in health or weight issues, then you would have to pick this book up! Dr Gundry lets you know the REAL cause behind that stubborn weight gain, as well as the whole host of chronic diseases which seem to be plaguing the entire adult population at one point or other.

10. Workbook for Milady Natural Hair Care and Braiding

Author: by Milady
96 pages

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The Student Workbook contains detailed interactive exercises such as fill-in-the-blank and matching, designed to reinforce learning and increase student comprehension.

11. A Complete Essential Oils Reference Guide: With Over 500 Aromatherapy Oil Remedies, Diffuser Recipes & Healing Solutions (Essential Oil Recipes and Natural Home Remedies)

Author: by Nancy Connor
273 pages

‎ 1677027649

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This is a 6-in-1 book on essential oils comprising of:The Complete Essential Oils Reference Book for BeginnersA Basic How to Use Essential Oils Guide for Stress & DepressionA Basic How to Use Essential Oils Guide for Colds & AllergiesA Basic How to Use Essential Oils Guide to Natural Home RemediesA Basic How to Use Essential Oils Guide for Skin Care & MassageA Basic How to Use Essential Oils Guide for Hair Care & PerfumeThis book is for you if:You are seeking natural ways and home made remedies to deal with minor ailments like colds, headaches and pains, like back pain caused by stress and how to start using essential oils in the home…

You are interested in learning how to harness nature’s healing powers contained in essential oils through the process of aromatherapy, and how to use aromatherapy oils… You want to learn the many benefits and uses of aromatherapy oils, how to use essential oils for hair, using essential oils on skin, various essential oil blends for your diffuser, and perfume recipes using essential oils…

12. Natural Hair Care: 125+ Homemade Hair Care Recipes And Secrets For Beauty, Growth, Shine, Repair and Styling (Easy To Make All Natural Hair Care … You Fuller More Beautiful and Stronger Hair)

Author: by Susan Hollister
74 pages

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Are you ready to get gorgeous, rich and easily managed hair all naturally? Whether you want to (1) get away from harsh, toxic chemicals that damage your hair, (2) stop paying through the nose for expensive hair care products, or (3) find solutions for your specific hair challenges that actually work, then keep reading as this book will show you everything you need to know.

Ditch the damaging chemicals and use easily applied natural hair care products! No more guessing; now you can know exactly what you’re putting into your hair and why. You can support a healthy hair lifestyle by choosing from mixtures of raw organic ingredients to make your hair shine.

These treatments are silicone free and most are gluten free. Find out what nutrients your hair needs in order to look its very best. Learn to use organic ingredients that will repair your specific hair type and will enhance its shine and manageability.

Learn how to reduce the oiliness of oily hair and how to effectively moisturize dry hair. You can experience some dramatic anti-aging benefits by turning to natural solutions that are surprisingly simple to make. You’ll be using ingredients you have around your house to keep your hair vibrant, luscious, and glowing all year round.

13. Unicorn & Black Princess Coloring Book: For Little Black & Brown African American Girls With Natural Hair: Positive Affirmations & Activity Pages (Mazes, Word Searches, Dot to Dot)

Author: by Merry Blossoms Press
78 pages

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Looking for a unicorn & princess coloring book for your little girls?Look no further! 25 illustrations of unicorns & black princesses (9 pages of unicorns, 9 pages of black princesses, 7 pages of both unicorns & black princesses)Each page contains a positive affirmation/quote that your little girl can read aloud!

Illustrations are printed on single sides to prevent any bleed issuesActivity pages included for extra fun! Mazes, word searches & dot to dot pages can be found at the back of the book!Birthday?Christmas? This coloring book makes for a great gift for all little black girls on any occasion!Large size (8.

5 x 11 inches)So don’t wait any longer, scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button! Grab your copies today and put a smile on your girls’ faces!P.S. Don’t forget to click on our author’s name (Merry Blossoms Press) to check out other inspirational coloring and activity books for your little kids!

14. How To Draw Faces And Natural African Hairstyles: Step By Step & Easy To Follow Drawing Guide For Kids: Suitable For Older Kids Ages 8 & Up, Young Artists and African American Children

Author: by Merry Blossoms Press
70 pages

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Do your kids wish to draw characters that look more like themselves? Do you want your kids to include more diverse characters in their drawings? If yes, this is the book for you and your kids! Here’s what you’ll find in this fun and awesome book:More than 40 faces with natural hairstyles (both boys and girls)More than 10 different facial expressions (happy, sad, afraid, worried, and more!

Each character is broken down into 6 or 8 simple steps/boxesTake a look at the book’s back cover for examples of our step-by-step drawing guide! Note: Illustrations are broken down into boxes to make it easy for kids to replicate them.

But there will be no written instructions. Note: This book is best suited for older kids ages 8 and aboveBonus: 12 writing and drawing exercises included at the back for extra practice! All your children need is this book, a pencil, an eraser and a few pieces of paper!

With ample practice, they will soon learn how to draw various expressions and natural hairstyles! Don’t wait any longer, scroll up and click to “Buy Now” button!P.S. Click on our author’s page (Merry Blossoms Press) to check out our beautiful collection of coloring books for kids and women!

15. DR.SEBI Recipe Book:: 101 Tasty and Easy-Made Cell Foods for Detox, Cleanse, and Revitalizing Your Body and Soul Using the Dr. Sebi Food List and Products (Dr.Sebi's Recipe Book Series)

Author: by M.S. Greger
176 pages

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DR.SEBI 100+ healthy and super easy recipes! Have you learned about Dr. Sebi’s diet and ready to get started? Can’t figure out what to cook? Well, you don’t have to look any further. Continue reading, and you’ll learn why. Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet can turn your unhealthy body into a health machine.

Dr. Sebi learned that modern medicine wasn’t curing diseases, but, instead, was creating more problems for people. He learned about herbalism from his grandmother and an herbalist in Mexico and realized that this was the key to a much better health.

Through the herbalist in Mexico, he was able to heal all the health problems that he had been diagnosed with. While his diet will require you to cut out a lot of foods, a lot of people have found success with his teachings.

This book is here to provide you recipes to help you get started on Dr. Sebi’s diet. Within this book, you will find:Introduction to Dr. Sebi’s dietHow to use Dr. Sebi’s diet of natural eating to become healthyThe best alkaline meals that you can enjoy throughout the dayDelicious smoothies that will nourish and heal your bodyHerb recipes that will leave you feeling good and healthyOver 100+ easy and tasty meals to prepareA wide variety of teas that will aid your daily health issues like : Respiratory Support Teas, Pregnancy Teas, Energizing Teas, Stomach soothing Teas, Teething Teas, Stress Teas , Pregnancy-Safe Headache Tea And much moreA delicious selection of smoothies, desserts, cereals, wraps & sandwiches, pasta & pizza, soups, and saladsWithin these pages, you will find 100+ different recipes.

16. If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide To Healthy, Beautiful Natural Hair

Author: by Phoenyx Austin
Phoenyx Austin
220 pages

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HOLISTIC CARE FOR NATURAL HAIR!! It’s finally here- a book that takes a holistic approach to natural, afro-textured hair care! Thanks to Dr. Phoenyx Austin, a proven expert in health/nutrition, beauty, and textured hair care, we now have a fabulous book that explains how to grow and maintain healthy and longer natural hair.

And with a head of gorgeous, long afro-textured hair herself, Dr. Phoenyx proves that she’s not only talking the talk, she’s walking the walk! In this book, you will learn all the secrets and sage advice for achieving healthy and longer hair.

You will learn: How afro-textured hair grows and why it’s unique from other hair types How to use Dr. Phoenyx’s beauty smoothie recipe to maximize hair growth and hair health from the inside out How to stop hair breakage and hair loss that plagues many women with afro-textured hair How to develop a lifelong and flexible hair regimen based in holistic hair care How to love your hair so it can be its healthiest, strongest, and most beautiful!