Best Hawaiian Cooking, Food & Wine Books

Here you will get Best Hawaiian Cooking, Food & Wine Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Plant Over Processed: 75 Simple & Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for Nourishing Your Body and Eating From the Earth

Author: by Andrea Hannemann
272 pages

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A NATIONAL BESTSELLER!Trust in nature.Believe in balance.Eat the rainbow! Andrea Hannemann, aka Earthy Andy, presents a guide to plant-based eating that is simple, delicious, and fun. INCLUDES A 30-DAY PLANT OVER PROCESSED CHALLENGEAndrea Hannemann, known as Earthy Andy to her more than one million Instagram followers, believes that food is the fuel of life, and that consuming a nourishing, plant-based diet is the gateway to ultimate health.

Andy’s mantra, plant over processed, embodies the way she eats and feeds her family of five in their home in Oahu, Hawaii. But it wasn’t always this way. Andy was once addicted to sugar and convenience foods and suffering from a host of health issues that included IBS, Celiac disease, hypothyroidism, asthma, brain fog, and chronic fatigue.

Fed up with spending time and money on specialists, supplements, and fad diets, she quit animal products and processed foods cold turkey, and embarked on a new way of eating that transformed her health and her body. In Plant Over Processed, Andy invites readers to join her on a 30-Day Plant Over Processed Challenge that will detox the body, followed by a long-term plan for going plant-based without giving up your favorite dishes.

2. Cook Real Hawai'i: A Cookbook

Author: by Sheldon Simeon
Clarkson Potter
304 pages

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The story of Hawaiian cooking, by a two-time Top Chef finalist and Fan Favorite, through 100 recipes that embody the beautiful cross-cultural exchange of the islands. Even when he was winning accolades and adulation for his cooking, two-time Top Chef finalist Sheldon Simeon decided to drop what he thought he was supposed to cook as a chef.

He dedicated himself instead to the local Hawaii food that feeds his ohanahis family and neighbors. With uncomplicated, flavor-forward recipes, he shows us the many cultures that have come to create the cuisine of his beloved home: the native Hawaiian traditions, Japanese influences, Chinese cooking techniques, and dynamic Korean, Portuguese, and Filipino flavors that are closest to his heart.

Through stunning photography, poignant stories, and dishes like wok-fried poke, pork dumplings made with biscuit dough, crispy cauliflower katsu, and charred huli-huli chicken slicked with a sweet-savory butter glaze, Cook Real Hawaii will bring a true taste of the cookouts, homes, and iconic mom and pop shops of Hawaii into your kitchen.

3. Cooking With the Blackstone Outdoor Gas Griddle, A Quick-Start Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes, plus Pro Tips & Illustrated Instructions, from Quick-Start Cookbooks! (Grill Recipes)

Author: by Matt Jason
157 pages

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Your Blackstone can do more than you think! Why not take a shortcut and learn seasoned chef tips, *unofficial* tricks and workarounds that most people take months to learn through trial and error? This unofficial book from Quick-Start Cookbooks is perfect for any owner of a Blackstone Gas Griddle!

Edition 2 with new recipes! Get the most from your Blackstone Outdoor Gas Griddle with this well-researched, independent cookbook and guide from Quick-Start Cookbooks! Perfect for first-time users or seasoned chefs. Includes illustrated how to instructions, plus 101 of our best recipes written for the Blackstone.

Independent advice on how to use your Blackstone to the fullest! This book will teach you: How to use the Blackstone to its fullest potential. What the Blackstone can do (and what it can’t do). Pro tips, tricks and workarounds used by seasoned Blackstone users and chefs.

How to make the juiciest grilled steak you’ve ever tasted. Bonus illustrations and information include: What all the buttons and controls are for. 10-minute Quick-Start (a photo-illustrated step-by-step walk-through of your first recipe). Pro tips, charts and workarounds to make cooking easy.

4. Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef

Author: by Anthony Falco
Abrams (May 18, 2021)
272 pages

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In his comprehensive first book, legendary pizza czar Anthony Falco teaches you everything you need to know to make pizza wherever you are, drawing from his singular experience opening pizzerias around the globe If there’s one thing the entire world can agree on, it’s pizza.

It just might be the world’s favorite food. In every climate, in every region, in every kind of kitchen, there’s pizza to be had, infused with local flavor. In this definitive book, filled with hacks, tips, and secret techniques never before shared, International Pizza Consultant Anthony Falco brings the world of pizza to your kitchen, wherever you are.

After eight years at the famous Brooklyn restaurant Roberta’s, culminating with his position as Pizza Czar, Falco pivoted from the New York City food scene to the world, traveling to Brazil, Colombia, Kuwait, Panama, Canada, Japan, India, Thailand, and all across the United States.His mission?

To discover the secrets and spread the gospel of making the world’s favorite food better. Now the planet’s leading expert pizza consultant, he can make great pizza 8,000 feet above sea level in Bogot or in subtropical India, and he can certainly help you do it at home.

5. Aloha Kitchen: Recipes from Hawai'i [A Cookbook]

Author: by Alana Kysar
Ten Speed Press
240 pages

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From a Maui native and food blogger comes a gorgeous cookbook of 85 fresh and sunny recipes reflects the major cultures that have influenced local Hawaii food over time: Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Filipino, and Western. IACP AWARD FINALIST NAMED ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR AND LIBRARY JOURNAL In Aloha Kitchen, Alana Kysar takes you into the homes, restaurants, and farms of Hawaii, exploring the cultural and agricultural influences that have made dishes like plate lunch and poke crave-worthy culinary sensations with locals and mainlanders alike.

Interweaving regional history, local knowledge, and the aloha spirit, Kysar introduces local Hawaii staples like saimin, loco moco, shave ice, and shoyu chicken, tracing their geographic origin and history on the islands. As a Maui native, Kysar’s roots inform deep insights on Hawaii’s multiethnic culture and food history.

In Aloha Kitchen, she shares recipes that Hawaii locals have made their own, blending cultural influences to arrive at the rich tradition of local Hawaii cuisine. With transporting photography, accessible recipes, and engaging writing, Kysar paints an intimate and enlightening portrait of Hawaii and its cultural heritage.

6. 500 15-Minute Low Sodium Recipes: Fast and Flavorful Low-Salt Recipes that Save You Time, Keep You on Track, and Taste Delicious

Author: by Dick Logue
352 pages

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Create great, low-sodium meals in a jiffy while still enjoying all the foods and flavors you love with 500 15-Minute Low-Sodium Recipes! In these pages, you’ll be treated to dishes so delightful you’d never guess they’re low in salt and quick to prepare.

Packed with 500 recipes to choose from, you’ll find everything from beef, chicken, and vegetables dishes to international takeout-style recipes, desserts, and more. And with 15 minutes or less prep time on every recipe, staying on track is as easy as pie!

You’ll also find a nutritional breakdown on every recipe, making it easier than ever to track your daily sodium intake. Just a few of the easy and delicious low-salt recipes:Quick Chicken a la KingSteak StroganoffBaked Tilapia RockefellerQuick and Easy GazpachoCranberry Pork RoastGrilled Chocolate-Filled BananasNutty Apple WedgesCutting sodium doesn’t mean cutting flavor or variety, or spending hours in the kitchen on complicated recipes.

Make staying on course easyand delicious! With 500 15-Minute Low Sodium Recipes.

7. The Ultimate SPAM Cookbook: 100+ Quick and Delicious Recipes from Traditional to Gourmet (Fox Chapel Publishing) How to Elevate Ramen, Pizza, Sliders, Breakfast, & More with Hormel's Little Blue Can

Author: by The Hormel Kitchen
Fox Chapel Publishing
152 pages

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The Ultimate SPAM (R) Cookbook is here! Over 100 one-of-a-kind recipes for every meal of the day, including musubi, ramen, breakfast skillets, and more Discover out-of-the-box flavors with SPAM (R) products as the perfect ingredient to incorporate in new and updated ways Recipes from celebrity chefs, Hormel Foods, TV personalities, food journalists, magazine publishers, restaurant owners, and other renowned industry leaders Learn the history of the SPAM (R) brand and its road to worldwide fame in a fascinating introduction Foreword by Tara Cox, Executive Managing Editor at Rachael Ray Every Day magazine and founding editor-in-chief of the award-winning magazine RVLiving In 1937, the first can of SPAM (R) product came off the production line.

Since then, it has won the hearts of soldiers, celebrities, chefs, presidents, kids, and parents and is now sold in 44 countries around the world! Finally, The Ultimate SPAM (R) Cookbook is here, filled with more than 100 unique and elevated recipes for breakfast, appetizers, main courses, and snacks, all starring this key ingredient.

8. The Taco Tuesday Cookbook: 52 Tasty Taco Recipes to Make Every Week the Best Ever

Author: by Laura Fuentes
Fair Winds Press
176 pages

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The Taco Tuesday Cookbook is the cookbook your family has been dreaming of, because if there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that tacos are awesome. They’re customizable.They’re quick.They’re delicious. And most importantly, they make us all happy!

Inside, you’ll find taco recipes for every week of the year, all of which are made with real-food ingredientsand most of which are ready in 30 minutes or less. There are also vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo options throughout, so you’ll be able to fully customize recipes based on your family’s needs.

Tortilla, salsa, drink, and dessert recipes will make your taco night complete. Here are just a few of the ways you can get your taco night started:Huevos Rancheros TacosChickpea and Butternut Squash TacosBuffalo Chicken Tacos with Homemade RanchSlow Cooker Thai Chicken Lettuce CupsMexican Short Rib TacosGreek Steak Tacos with Cucumber SalsaPork Tacos with Pineapple Pico de GalloBaja Fish TacosSheet Pan Fajita Shrimp TacosTurn every Tuesday into a true fiesta with The Taco Tuesday Cookbook.

9. A Kid's Guide to Native American History: More than 50 Activities (A Kid's Guide series)

Author: by Yvonne Wakim Dennis
Chicago Review Press
256 pages

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Hands-on activities, games, and crafts introduce children to the diversity of Native American cultures and teach them about the people, experiences, and events that have helped shape America, past and present. Nine geographical areas cover a variety of communities like the Mohawk in the Northeast, Ojibway in the Midwest, Shoshone in the Great Basin, Apache in the Southwest, Yupik in Alaska, and Native Hawaiians, among others.

Lives of historical and contemporary notable individuals like Chief Joseph and Maria Tallchief are featured, and the book is packed with a variety of topics like first encounters with Europeans, Indian removal, Mohawk sky walkers, and Navajo code talkers. Readers travel Native America through activities that highlight the arts, games, food, clothing, and unique celebrations, language, and life ways of various nations.

Kids can make Haudensaunee corn husk dolls, play Washoe stone jacks, design Inupiat sun goggles, or create a Hawaiian Ma’o-hauhele bag. A time line, glossary, and recommendations for Web sites, books, movies, and museums round out this multicultural guide.

10. The 'Ohana Grill Cookbook: Easy and Delicious Hawai'i-Inspired Recipes from BBQ Chicken to Kalbi Short Ribs

Author: by Adrienne Robillard
144 pages

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You don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy the tropical flavors of the Pacific! With The ‘Ohana Grill, you can have your own pina (party) every night with delicious recipes made for your outdoor grill. This unique Island guide will help you master your equipment, choose the best ingredients for grilling, and achieve perfectly cooked results sure to please.

The author and photographer team, based in Hawai’i, share stunningfull-color photos and mouth-watering culinary creations. Explore the diverse cultures and flavors that make up Island grilling with ‘ono (delicious) recipes, including: Guava Chicken- Pulehu Tri-Tip- Spicy Li Hing Mui Pineapple- Furikake Party Mix- Grilled Mahimahi- Shoyu Hot Dogs- Adobo Pork Belly Bao with Won Bok SlawAnd much more!

Whether you’re new to lighting the grate or an experienced BBQ chef, these accessible recipes will bring the flavors of Hawai’i to your own backyard.

11. The Big 10 Fish & Seafood Cookbook: 10 Seafood, 80 Recipes, 240 Variations

Author: by Terri Dien
Rockridge Press
198 pages

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A virtual sea of cooking possibilities for the 10 most essential fish. A surplus of options with lower saturated fat content than beef or chicken. Bursting with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, seafood is one of the best protein sources you can add to your diet.

Yet, most people are intimidated by experimenting outside of their favorite one or two fish cookbook recipes. The Big 10 Fish & Seafood Cookbook will give you the know-how to expand a lackluster seafood repertoire into 80 creative and delicious recipes, with additional variations for up to 240.

From Spicy Tuna Poke to Fire Roasted Salmon with Herbs, break free of the usual fish cookbook worries, like knowing how to buy sustainably, or when it is appropriate to use fresh, frozen, and canned. You’ll be amazed at how quick, inexpensive, and delicious it can be to incorporate more fish into your diet with this convenient fish cookbook.

This fish cookbook is packed with useful information like:Variety on tapFollow these 80 fish cookbook recipes or with a small change, such as new aromatic herb or flavoring, create an all-new dish. Sustainable and budget-friendlyRecipes that embrace fresh, frozen, even canned fish to fit a wide range of budget needs.

12. Dumpling Soup

Author: by Jama Kim Rattigan
32 pages

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The food and family love are equally warm in this gorgeously illustrated and delicious tale that celebrates mixed families. Marisa gets to help make dumplings this year to celebrate the New Year. But she worries if anyone will eat her funny-looking dumplings.

Set in the Hawaiian islands, this story celebrates the joyful mix of food, customs, and languages from many cultures.

13. Pizza Stone Recipe Cookbook: Cooking Delicious Pizza Craft Recipes For Your Grill and Oven or BBQ, Non Stick Round, Square or Rectangular ThermaBond Baking Set (Pizza Stone Recipes) (Volume 1)

Author: by A.J. Luigi
100 pages

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THERE’S NO PIZZA LIKE PIZZA STONE PIZZA!!!”… Pizza That Taste Like No OtherBEST CRISPY CRUSTS in the Pizza Game! Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Crust. Step 2: Pick Your Best Sauce. Step 3:Choose from a List Toppings! Pizza should be fun and done the right way.

That’s why we’ve put these recipes together for you to choose the type of crust you want. Then we have a variety of sauces that we thought you’d love to choose from. Then the toppings are endless!. These simple and easy to make recipes will have you cooking like you’re a TOP CHEF right in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy pizza stone cooking just like it came from the ovens of an Italian Chef! It’s fun and easy, so impress your friends, family and loved ones, and do it in a healthy way! THE DELICIOUS SECTIONS INCLUDE:THE CRUST, THE WHOLE CRUST, & NOTHING BUT THE CRUST SECTION:Rising Pizza DoughThin Crust Pizza CrustCracker Pizza CrustSt. Louis Style Pizza CrustHEALTHIER PIZZA CRUSTS SECTION:Cauliflower CrustZucchini CrustButternut Squash CrustWhole-Wheat DoughFlatbread (Gluten Free) Pizza CrustBeet Style Pizza CrustEggplant Pizza CrustSweet Potato Pizza CrustLET’S GET SAUCEY / WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE:Pine Nutty Pesto SauceCreamy Bechamel SauceZesty Salsa RecipeSweet And Tangy Barbeque SauceSavory Pumpkin Puree SauceHum For Hummus Style Pizza SauceNo Tomato In This Tomato SauceBlack Olive Tapenade SauceCarrot Chili Paste SauceGarlic And Olive Oil SaucePeppery Jelly Pizza Style SauceMiso And Macadamia Nut Ricotta SauceCaramelized Onion SaucePIZZA TOPPINGS / LET’S GET CREATIVE SECTION:Our Hand Selected Pizza’s for You to Indulge.

14. Simmer Down

Author: by Sarah Smith
Berkley (October 13, 2020)
336 pages

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A PopSugar Must-Read for October! In this finger-licking good rom-com, two is the perfect number of cooks in the kitchen. Nikki DiMarco knew life wouldn’t be all sunshine and coconuts when she quit her dream job to help her mom serve up mouthwatering Filipino dishes to hungry beach goers, but she didn’t expect the Maui food truck scene to be so eat-or-be-eatenor the competition to be so smoking hot.

But Tiva’s Filipina Kusina has faced bigger road bumps than the arrival of Callum James. Nikki doesn’t care how delectable the British food truck owner ishe rudely set up shop next to her coveted beach parking spot. He’s stealing her customers and fanning the flames of a public feud that makes her see sparks.The solution?

Let the upcoming Maui Food Festival decide their fate. Winner keeps the spot.Loser pounds sand. But the longer their rivalry simmers, the more Nikki starts to see a different side of Calluma sweet, protective side. Is she brave enough to call a truce?

Or will trusting Callum with her heart mean jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

15. Electric Skillet Cookbook Complete: Big Mouth Watering Recipes for your Best Rated BPA Free Nonstick Energy Saving Cookware

Author: by Shannon McMillian
182 pages

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SIMPLE, EASY & FOOLPROOF RECIPES ALL YEAR LONG! With Nutritional Values Included with the Recipes! This great instructional cookbook is all you need for alternative dishes for any time of the year… Including the Holidays! We show you how to get the most out of your Presto Electric Skillet by helping you to create some of the most Impressive Meals that are Easy to make but “Skillfully Creative!” If you’ve recently purchased an electric non-stick skillet, then this book can quickly give you the expertise, knowledge and know-how to fully enjoy and experience the benefits of good non-stick home cooking that you’ve been missing.

This Electric Skillet Cookbook was written just for you… Having very simple and easy to follow recipes to not only “wet your whistle” but give you a variety of healthy, nutritious, succulent, tasty foods that use less grease / oils to lower the cholesterol count in every meal that you make, but keeping all of the delicious flavors that you love and enjoy!

16. The Monocle Travel Guide to Honolulu: The Monocle Travel Guide Series

Author: by Monocle
gestalten (June 24, 2016)
148 pages

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Honolulu where surfers and hula dancers mingle on pristine beaches beneath a volcano. The capital of paradise, Honolulu is more than just the gateway to surf, sand, and sun. Beyond the beaches and behind the palmlined streets there’s a bustling city of culture and the arts, of fine dining and clubs.

It’s a city by the sea where cultures melt and mingle and the beautiful surroundings are a backdrop for even more incredible goings on. The Monocle team has set sail to bring back more than just picture postcard sunsets, reporting on the vibrant nightlife in Chinatown, the starred chefs and farmers markets, the pan-Pacific arts scene, and more.

This guide also provides unique possibilities for getting away from it all: make Honolulu your base for hikes up volcanic mountains and relaxing beach excursions or finally learn how to surf. The city is truly a world apart. And now you’ve got the key.