Best Hunting & Fishing Humor Books

Here you will get Best Hunting & Fishing Humor Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion

Author: by Lauren Magaziner
Katherine Tegen Books
400 pages

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Pick-your-own-path and puzzle-packed mystery collide in the first book in Lauren Magaziner’s hilarious and high-stakes three-book middle grade series in which the reader must help Carlos and his friends put together the clues to save his mom’s detective agency. In this wildly entertaining and interactive adventure, YOU pick which suspects to interview, which questions to ask, and which clues to follow.

You pick the pathyou crack the case! Carlos Serrano has never solved a mystery in his life. But when Carlos’s mom gets sick with a flu on the morning of an investigation that could save her failing detective agency, Carlos takes on the case.

With the help of his best friend, Eliza, and her wild little brother, Frank, Carlos must uncover a mystery involving an eccentric local millionaire, anonymous death threats, and a buried treasure. But with tricky riddles, cagey suspects, hidden secrets, and dozens of impossible choices, they need your help!

Can you help Carlos and his friends find the culprit and save Las Pistas Detective Agency? Or will it be case closed? Middle grade readers will enjoy all three books in this favorite series: Mystery in the Mansion (#1), Stolen from the Studio (#2), and Haunting at the Hotel (#3)!

2. The Good Egg Presents: The Great Eggscape!

Author: by Jory John
32 pages

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A New York Times Bestseller! Based on the #1 New York Times bestselling picture book sensation The Good Egg, Jory John and Pete Oswald present: The Great Eggscape! Includes two sticker sheets, perfect for decorating your own eggs. The Great Eggscape is when the Good Egg and his pals escape their carton and drop into the store for a morning of fun, enjoyed by everybody.

Well, almost everybody. Shel (an egg) isn’t a huge fan of group activities, especially when he’s made to be It for a game of hide-and-seek. Nevertheless, Shel doesn’t want to let his friends down, so he reluctantly plays. But after a morning of hiding and seeking, somebody’s still missing.

Will the dozen eggs friends ever be reunited? Find out in this hilarious egg hunt adventure that reminds us to break out of our shells and help our friends in need! A funny book to share anytime, and the two sticker sheets make it especially egg-cellent for Easter.

3. Mistletoe and Mr. Right (Moose Springs, Alaska Book 2)

Author: by Sarah Morgenthaler
October 6, 2020

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“Fresh, fun and romantic.”SARAH MORGAN, USA Today bestselling author of A Wedding in DecemberHow the moose (almost) stole Christmas. Lana Montgomery is everything the quirky small town of Moose Springs, Alaska can’t stand: a rich socialite with dreams of changing things for the better.

But Lana’s determined to prove that she belongs… Even if it means trading her stilettos for snow boots and tracking one of the town’s hairiest Christmas mysteries: the Santa Moose, an antlered Grinch hell-bent on destroying every bit of holiday cheer (and tinsel) it can sink its teeth into.And really…

How hard could it be? The last few years have been tough on Rick Harding, and it’s not getting any easier now that his dream girl’s back in town. When Lana accidentally tranquilizes him instead of the Santa Moose, it’s clear she needs help, fast…

And this could be his chance to finally catch her eye. It’s an all-out Christmas war, but if they can nab that darn moose before it destroys the town, Rick and Lana might finally find a place where they both belong…Together.

4. Jon Klassen's Hat Box

Author: by Jon Klassen

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Hold on to all of your hats at once for this special collection of Jon Klassen’s celebrated hat trilogy. The bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. A fish has stolen a hat; will he get away with it?

Two turtles have found one hat, but the hat looks good on both of them…. Jon Klassen’s deliciously deadpan hat tales continue to surprise and delight readers of all ages, and they are all now available in one impeccably designed boxed set along with a free frameable print.

Included are:I Want My Hat BackThis Is Not My HatWe Found a Hat

5. Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners

Author: by Laurie Keller
Square Fish
40 pages

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“Do not do to others that which would anger you if others did it to you.”Socrates (the Greek philosopher), circa 470-399 B.C. Mr. Rabbit’s new neighbors are Otters.OTTERS! But he doesn’t know anything about otters. Will they get along?

Will they be friends? Just treat otters the same way you’d like them to treat you, advises Mr. Owl. In her smart, playful style Laurie Keller highlights how to be a good friend and neighborsimply follow the Golden Rule! This title has Common Core connections.

Do Unto Otters is a 2008 Bank Street – Best Children’s Book of the Year.

6. If You Give a Dog a Donut

Author: by Laura Numeroff
Balzer + Bray

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If you give a dog a donut, he’ll ask for some apple juice to go with it. When you give him the juice, he’ll drink it all up. Then, before you can say woof … Dog is off on a backyard adventure!

Written in the tradition of the bestselling If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond’s If You Give a Dog a Donut is another winner.The If You Give… Series is a perennial favorite among children.

With its spare, rhythmic text and circular tale, these books are perfect for beginning readers and story time. Sure to inspire giggles and requests to “read it again!”Other favorites in Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond’s bestselling series include:If You Give a Cat a CupcakeIf You Give a Moose a MuffinIf You Give a Mouse a CookieIf You Give a Pig a PancakeIf You Give a Pig a Party

7. Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes

Author: by Share The Love Gifts
51 pages

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The Authentic Original (Just like your DAD! Great Holiday Gift for DadA fun collection of 100 “so bad they’re good” Dad Jokes. Well, he’ll laugh, you may not. Eye rolls and groans guaranteed! We’ve redesigned the book for a fresh new look at the original Dad Jokes.

Bring laughter and wordplay home to share with Dad and the rest of the Family!

8. This Is Not My Hat

Author: by Jon Klassen
40 pages

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The 2013 Caldecott Medal winner! From the creator of the #1 New York Times best-selling and award-winning I Want My Hat Back comes a second wry tale. When a tiny fish shoots into view wearing a round blue topper (which happens to fit him perfectly), trouble could be following close behind.

So it’s a good thing that enormous fish won’t wake up. And even if he does, it’s not like he’ll ever know what happened…. Visual humor swims to the fore as the best-selling Jon Klassen follows his breakout debut with another deadpan-funny tale.

9. Un Pez Dos Peces Pez Rojo Pez Azul (One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Spanish Edition) (Beginner Books(R))

Author: by Dr. Seuss

72 pages

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Edicin en espaol y rimada del clsico para primeros lectores de Dr. Seuss! De all hasta ac, de ac hasta all, hay cosas divertidas en cualquier lugar. As da comienzo esta historia, un canto a la imaginacin. Comenzando con cinco peces y continuando con castillos en el aire como el abrelatas Zata, el boxeador Goxilla, el guiador Yoko, que bebe tinta rosada como loco, las graciosas rimas y los coloridos personajes de Un pez dos peces pez rojo pez azul dan un divertido enfoque a la lectura, logrando que los nios se ran de la maana a la noche: El da ha terminado.

Cunto lo hemos disfrutado!Maana otro da ser. Creada por Dr. Seuss, la serie de libros para primeros lectores (Beginner Books) anima a los nios a leer ellos solos con palabras sencillas y divertidos dibujos que dan sentido a la lectura.

Las ediciones rimadas, en espaol, de los clsicos de Dr. Seuss, publicadas por Random House, brindan la maravillosa oportunidad de disfrutar de sus historias a ms de treinta y ocho millones de personas hispanohablantes en Estados Unidos. Los lectores podrn divertirse con las ediciones en espaol de The Cat in the Hat (El Gato Ensombrerado); Green Eggs and Ham (Huevos verdes con jamn); One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Un pez, dos peces, pez rojo, pez azul); The Lorax (El Lrax); Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

10. Frank the Farting Flamingo: A Story About a Flamingo Who Farts (Farting Adventures)

Author: by Humor Heals Us
33 pages

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Warning: This book may cause farting. Frank is an awesome flamingo, except for one small problem: He has gas. He can’t help it; it’s just the way he is. Fortunately, he explains farting is so common that there are different kinds of names for each fart.

A beloved classic, this story will have kids rolling on the floor with laughter. The book series, Farting Adventures, celebrates the value of laughter. The Farting Adventures book series is geared to kids and adults ages 0-100: Taylor the Tooting Turkey Frank the Farting Flamingo Artsy Fartsy the Farting Penguin Fairy the Farting Unicorn Buddy the Burping Bunny Roses are Red, And I’m Farting Fred Lucky the Farting Leprechaun Book of Bunny Farts Pete the Pooting Pufferfish Fritz the Farting Reindeer

11. Bad Kitty Camp Daze

Author: by Nick Bruel
Square Fish
176 pages

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Bad Kitty is headed for a camp experience like no other in the eleventh installment of Nick Bruel’s bestselling Bad Kitty chapter book series. Kitty’s life is really hard. Like really, REALLY hard. All she asks for is twenty-two hours a day to sleep and food to be delivered morning and night.

But does she get it?No. And when Puppy and Baby get a little rambunctious during her naptime, Kitty gets bonked on the head and starts to believe she’s …A dog. This new dynamic freaks out Puppy, so he’s sent away to Uncle Murray’s Camp for Stressed-Out Dogs to relax with other canine campers.

But guess who sneaks along? Still believing she’s a dog, Kitty fits right in. That is until she and Uncle Murray encounter a bear, and then the feline claws come out. Bad Kitty Camp Daze is perfect for any kid with or without camping experience.”Will satisfy [Bad Kitty’s] millions of fans with plenty of cat-titude and feline foolishness.” Kirkus Reviews”A must-have for early chapter book readers.” School Library Journal

12. Big Fish: A Novel Of Mythic Proportions

Author: by Daniel Wallace
Algonquin Books

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The classic novel that inspired the beloved Tim Burton film and the Broadway musical. In his prime, Edward Bloom was an extraordinary man. He could outrun anybody. He never missed a day of school. He saved lives and tamed giants.

Animals loved him, people loved him, women loved him. He knew more jokes than any man alive. At least that’s what he told his son, William. But now Edward Bloom is dying, and William wants desperately to know the truth about his elusive fatherthis indefatigable teller of tall talesbefore it’s too late.

So, using the few facts he knows, William re-creates Edward’s life in a series of legends and myths, through which he begins to understand his father’s great feats, and his great failings. The result is hilarious and wrenching, tender and outrageous.

13. Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)

Author: by Bonnie Worth
48 pages

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The Cat in the Hat, Sally, and Dick take an undersea voyage aboard the S.S.Undersea Glubber! Traveling down from the Sunny Zone to the Dark Zone to the Trench at the bottom, Captain Cat and his crew get up close and personal with the different life forms found at each level of the ocean.

Along the way, they meet sharks, jellyfish, dolphins, manatees, whales, and sea cucumbers, to name just a few!

14. "Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!"

Author: by Patricia Thomas
32 pages


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A picture book filled with giggles. Publishers WeeklyAll the animals are in a panic. The elephant’s sneeze would blow the monkeys out of the trees, the feathers off the birds, the stripes off the zebra! Even the fish and the fly, the crocodile and the kangaroo know what a catastrophe that sneeze would be.

“Please don’t sneeze!” they beg…. This classic story of an enormous sneeze in the marking, told in sprightly nonsense verse, is fun to share with a child at home or as a read-aloud at school. It’s sure to make even wriggling little ones pay attention and join in!

15. Always You (Bachelor Brotherhood Book 3)

Author: by Denise Grover Swank

‎ 5627 KB

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An instant USA Today bestseller! First love is better the second time around. Matt Osborn had no idea coaching his five-year-old nephew’s soccer team would get him so much attention from the mothers-attention he doesn’t want now that he’s given up on love and having a family of his own.

Yep, Matt’s the last of his bachelor buddies, and plans on staying that way. That is, until he finds himself face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart. Single mom Anna paused her life in England to help her father recover from an illness.

She can’t afford complications, and too-hot-for-his-own-good Matt Osborn-her almost former fiance is definitely a complication. He’s a reminder of what might have been-or should have been. That irresistible pull between them isn’t over.Not even close. But if she’s not careful, she’ll break both their hearts …Again.

16. Bad Kitty Joins the Team

Author: by Nick Bruel
144 pages

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See Kitty as you’ve never seen her before: EXERCISING (reluctantly) in Bad Kitty Joins the Team, the latest installment of Nick Bruel’s phenomenally successful New York Times bestselling series. Kitty is terribly out of shapeshe can barely torment Puppy without needing a break to huff and puff!

When Kitty’s owner catches her wheezing, Kitty is told it’s time to EXERCISE. It takes some serious convincing, a high-stakes competition, and a little bit of trickery but eventually Kitty gets into the competitive spirit …Albeit reluctantly. What did you expect?

Will our favorite feline friend learn what it means to be a good sport? Find out in this hilarious addition to the Bad Kitty series.