Best Knots, Macrame & Rope Work Books

Here you will get Best Knots, Macrame & Rope Work Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Knot Tying Kit | Pro-Knot Best Rope Knot Cards, two practice cords and a carabiner

Author: by John E. Sherry
J. E. Sherry Company
12 pages

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By Pro-Knot, the number one trusted name in Knots with over 5,000 5 Star reviews! This complete knot tying KIT includes everything you need to learn and practice how to tie 23 essential rope knots. The six card/twelve page waterproof plastic card set contains 23 best all purpose rope knots clearly illustrated and described, bound together with a no-rust brass grommet in the corner!

Use the included cordage and carabiner to practice tying knots with. You can learn to tie two ropes together with the two cords (28 inches each of high quality 3mm static line cordage which is higher quality than paracord and easier to tie and untie), learn to tie rope to an object (a hitch knot) with the included carabiner and of course use one cord to practice loop knots such as the Bowline.

With over one million knot cards sold and more 5 Star reviews than any other knot book author on Amazon, Pro-Knot is America’s favorite knot reference. This Knot Tying Kit will help you learn to tie knots like a pro! Whether you are lashing down a kayak on the roof of your car (use the Trucker’s Hitch), hanging an adjustable line in camp (use the Tautline Hitch), tying a boat to a dock (Cleat Hitch), or you just need a quick peek at the good old Bowline Knot while outdoors, the knot cards will serve you well.

2. The Useful Knots Book: How to Tie the 25+ Most Practical Rope Knots (Escape, Evasion, and Survival)

Author: by Sam Fury
Survival Fitness Plan
68 pages

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Discover the Only Knots You’ll Ever Need! The Useful Knots Book is a no-nonsense knot guide on how to tie the 25+ most practical rope knots. It comes with easy to follow instructions, pictures, and tips on when to best use each knot.

Teach yourself knot tying today, because it’s easy, fun, and useful.Get it now. The Ultimate Knots GuideExplanations of common knots and ropes termsEasy to follow instructions and clear picturesTips for proper rope careAdvice on how to choose right knot for the jobAll the fundamental boy scout knotsLearn the 5 Main Types of Knots and When to Use ThemStopper KnotsLoopsHitchesBendsLashingDiscover all the Knots You Need…

In this complete knot tying visual guide. From basic knots to more advanced onesClimbing knotsVarious bowline knotsFishing knotsBoating knotsKnots for survival…And more. Includes 4 Free BonusesGet your copy of The Useful Knots Book today and you’ll also receive:Survival roping techniques.

Learn how to get yourself out of survival situations using nothing but a rope. A critical first aid guide including an emergency first aid cheat sheet. The useful knots cheat sheet. Special report: How to swim 50+ meters underwater. Learn how to tie the only knots you’ll ever need, because this book has the 25 most practical knots there are.Get it now.

3. Pro-Knot Outdoor Knots – Portable Waterproof Knot Book

Author: by John E. Sherry
J. E. Sherry Company
12 pages

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Pro-Knot – The portable waterproof knot book! With over one million knot cards sold and more 5 Star reviews – over 5,000 – than any other knot book author on Amazon, Pro-Knot is America’s favorite knot reference. This Outdoor Knots version will serve you well whether you are lashing down a kayak on the roof of your car (use the Trucker’s Hitch), hanging an adjustable line in camp (use the Tautline Hitch), tying a boat to a dock (Cleat Hitch), or you just need a quick peek at the good old Bowline Knot while outdoors.

And being completely waterproof solid plastic means you can take them with you anywhere without worry – great for wilderness survival kits, boating, camping, and emergency preparedness. This six card set is easy to understand with clear illustrations for the 23 best all-purpose rope knots – see complete list of knots below.

If it’s on this card set, it is a proven, useful and trusted knot! These rope knots are universal for survival, boating, climbing, prepping, search and rescue, home and ranch, scouts, camping, paddle sports and any outdoor activity involving rope.

4. The Little Book of Incredibly Useful Knots: 200 Practical Knots for Sailors, Climbers, Campers & Other Adventurers

Author: by Geoffrey Budworth
Skyhorse (April 5, 2016)

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Know-tying is an important skill, even essential if you are a boater, sailor, hiker, climber, or fishermen. Here in full color are the knots you need to know. The fundamental skill of tying knots is useful in countless situations, both indoors and out.

The Little Book of Incredibly Useful Knots teaches you which knot to choose and exactly how to tie it, whether you’re constructing a trout fly, repairing a hammock, mooring a boat, securing a load to a car roof rack, or engaging in a rescue or survival situation.

Compiled and written by two experts on the subject, this is an invaluable manual that explains through clear line diagrams and step-by-step descriptions how to tie more than two hundred practical knots, grouped by construction and tying method. Every entry contains a brief introduction to the history and development of the knot, its alternative names, and information on its uses and special features.

Types of knots detailed include:Wagoner’s hitchEnglishman’s loopScaffold knotCordelette anchorTrident loopLobster buoy hitchThe book also contains a comprehensive glossary of terms to guide you through the complexities of different rope types. It helps you choose the right rope for every task.

5. The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots: (over 15,000 copies sold)

Author: by Geoffrey Budworth
160 pages

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From the co-founder of the International Guide of Knot Tyers, comes an oversize, easy-to follow guide perfect for sailers, campers, fishermen, climbers, and everyone else who might want or need to tie a solid, useful knotThis beautifully illustrated, full-color guide unties the mysteries of more than eighty knots.

Using clear photographs and diagrams, as well as straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions, any reader can master knots for fishing, boating, climbing, crafts, and household uses. Climbers will feel safer knowing they have tied the perfect Water or Tape knot. Home decorators will enjoy trying their hand at the beautiful and elaborate Chinese Cloverleaf.

Fishermen will fight big fish with more confidence. Filled with fascinating knot lore, The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots is perfect for anyone wishing to learn advanced knotting techniques for any purpose at all. Featuring illustrations throughout, sections include:Overhand knotsFigure of eight knotsBowlines and sheet bendsCrossing knotsAnd other useful knotsWhether for practical use or just for fun, this is a great place to start knottingso grab a piece of rope, sit back, and enjoy!

6. Macrame: The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home

Author: by Fanny Zedenius
Quadrille Publishing
143 pages

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In recent months there has been an astonishing resurgence in the striking yet simple craft of macram (first made popular in the 1970s). In Macram, Fanny Zedenius offers a refreshing twist on the addictive craft. Beginning with the basics, she takes us through all the essentials: what you need to get started, a glossary covering 30 of the most popular knots, tips on how to create different patterns through various knot combinations, and advice on how to hang and display your makes.

The book also takes readers through ombre dyeing, fraying, and customizing with beads, and includes fully illustrated step by step instructions for 22 homeware projects such as impressive wall hangings, a beautiful table runner and napkins, whimsical dream catchers, and pretty plant hangers.

7. My First Book of Knots: A Beginner's Picture Guide (180 color illustrations)

Author: by Berndt Sundsten
Sky Pony
48 pages

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Create memories and embark on the journey of knot tying together. Learn how to tie knots you can use in fishing, camping, ranching, farming, and more. What is more memorable than a child first learning to tie his shoes? Or wrapping his first Christmas presents?

Knots aren’t easy to learn, but they are very helpfulwhether you are five years old, ten years old, or even fifty years old. Here is a children’s picture book that will help parent and child learn together by simplifying the craft and bringing the reader into the world of knots through beautiful, detailed illustrations.

My First Book of Knots is a landmark gift that will impact children (and craft-loving adults) with hours of fun and a lifetime of skills. You’ll learn how Santa Claus ties up his sack full of presents and how to tie a knot that will make it easy to carry heavy objects.

Every step of each knot is drawn out for you and includes clearly written instructions. After you read this book, you can save the day with a square knot and wow your friends with a double figure eight bend.

8. Statement Macramé: Create Stunning Large-Scale Wall Art, Headboards, Backdrops and Plant Hangers with Step-by-Step Tutorials

Author: by Natalie Ranae
Page Street Publishing
168 pages

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Make Your Large-Scale Macram Dreams Come True If you’ve ever seen a stunning piece of macram and dreamed of someday being able to make your own …Now you can! Consider this book your master class on creating large-scale macram. Natalie Ranae is renowned for her large custom designs.

As the follow-up to her bestselling introductory book Macram at Home, here she takes things up a notch. Combining her years of design expertise and friendly teaching style, Natalie guides you step by step through 12 amazing pieces. From floor-to-ceiling backdrops for your wedding or special event to impressive wall art and multi-plant hangers for your home, these designs are big, bold, beautiful and guaranteed to make an unforgettable statement in any space.

Natalie also shares two design tutorials for her most popular macram pieces: headboards. These showstopping pieces are best suited for those with previous experience in macram. The process is achievable thanks to Natalie’s detailed directions and step-by-step photos. Whether you recreate the designs exactly as shown, make your own modifications or use this as an inspiring look-book, every page will have you swooning over Natalie’s boho-chic style and the intricate details in these stunning macram pieces.

9. Paracord!: How to Make the Best Bracelets, Lanyards, Key Chains, Buckles, and More

Author: by Todd Mikkelsen
176 pages

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In Paracord!, you’ll find step-by-step instructions to take you through every project. Each step is accompanied by a color photo that clearly illustrates the process. Todd Mikkelsen’s Paracord! Offers a diverse collection of projects that utilize parachute cordsknown around the world as paracord.

Used by paratroopers and other military personnel during World War II, this lightweight nylon rope is now one of the most sought-after materials by crafters. Its durability and flexibility make it perfect for creating everyday accessories such as belts, bracelets, buckles, necklaces, dog leashes and collars, key chains, and more.

Projects include:Two-Color Solomon Bar BraceletShark Jaw Bone BracelitLocked Half Hitch BraceletWest Country Whipping Inverted BraceletGenoese Quick Deploy StrapZipper Quick Deploy SinnetThree-VBord Braid Necklace with Breakaway ClasmpsID LanyardAnd many more. As you will see, this rope comes in various colors, from army green to hot pink, making it easy to personalize every type of project.


Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects: Simple Instructions for Survival Bracelets and Other DIY Projects (Fox Chapel Publishing) 12 Easy Lanyards, Keychains, and More using Parachute Cord for Ropecrafting

Author: by Pepperell Company
Fox Chapel Publishing
48 pages

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Make your own useful and attractive outdoor gear! 12 easy projects for lanyards, straps, wraps, keychains, and more Survival bracelets that come apart quickly to provide emergency cord Practical gear for camping, hiking, and more Detailed instructions and step-by-step photos Ropecrafting advice for knots, fusing, tools, and materials If you love the outdoors, you’ll love parachute cord!

Strong, lightweight, and durable, it’s the most versatile material ever developed for making outdoor gear and accessories. This book shows you how easy it is to use colorful paracord to create attractive and useful survival bracelets, lanyards, pouches, straps, slings, and more.

Perfect for kids and the beginning paracordist, Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects takes you step by step through all the knots and wraps you need to know. Get practical advice on tools and materials, and learn the right way to melt and fuse the cut ends of your cord.

Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, working outside, attending a game, or just walking the dog, you’re sure to find the ideal DIY project here!

11. The Field Guide to Knots: How to Identify, Tie, and Untie Over 80 Essential Knots for Outdoor Pursuits

Author: by Bob Holtzman
The Experiment
December 22, 2015

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A fasten-ating guide to knots for every adventure, from the author of Wilderness Survival Skills and The Camping Bible. The perfect knot can make any job quicker, easier, and saferwhether you need to build a shelter, tether a horse, rappel down a cliff, or moor a boat.

In The Field Guide to Knots, veteran outdoorsman Bob Holtzman helps you:Select and tie the right knot for any taskIdentify and untie existing knotsChoose and maintain your rope, and moreWith more than 80 time-tested knots and more than 600 color photos, this field guide is indispensable for backpackers, climbers, sailors, anglers, hunters, equestriansand anyone else who’s ever needed to change a sail, reposition a climbing rope, or splice a tent pole!

Praise for The Field Guide to KnotsA handy guide describing practical knots for outdoor enthusiasts. Library JournalThe text and illustrations are clear and precise. Manhattan Book Review

12. Knots: The Complete Visual Guide

Author: by DK

400 pages

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The ultimate visual guide to all types of knots. Avoid getting yourself into a tangle by following detailed step-by-step instructions that show you how to tie and untie more than 100 knots. Whichever knotty scenario you find yourself in, from in your own garden, to up in the mountains or across seas, this reference book will take you from novice to expert rope tier.

Covering more than 100 knots for climbing, sailing, horse-riding, survival camping, and fishing as well as for gardening, DIY, medical, and even decorative purposes. The photographs of every step use strands of rope in different colors – so you can clearly see how to tie each knot.

You’ll learn all about the fascinating stories behind how many of these knots were first tied as well as their original functions in this knot tying book. Each knot has simple to follow instructions on the features and benefits and what they can be used for.

Includes knots such as figure-of-eights, reef knots, highwayman’s hitches, and monkey’s fists. Find out about techniques like sheer lashing and the constrictor knot. The book begins by teaching you all about rope materials and construction and how to maintain them.

13. Friendship Bracelets All Grown Up: Hemp, Floss, and Other Boho Chic Designs to Make (Design Originals) 30 Stylish Designs, Easy Techniques, and Step-by-Step Instructions for Intricate Knotwork

Author: by Suzanne McNeill
64 pages

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Add instant eco-chic street fashion to any outfit with upscaled friendship bracelets for teens and grown-ups! 30 stylish designs from bohemian and mod to all-out fashionistaStep-by-step directions for each knot patternMore than 100 photos to illustrate variations in every style, from classic to eclecticCool patterns for making chevrons, stripes, waves, diamonds, twists, braids, and moreGet that trendy bohemian look with bountiful, bright colors on your arms and wrists!

Inside you’ll find dozens of stylish designs and easy techniques for making beautiful bracelets with embroidery floss and hemp. Friendship Bracelets: All Grown Up offers fresh ideas for expressing yourself with the texture and beauty of intricate knotwork. You’ll find cool patterns here for making chevrons, stripes, waves, diamonds, and more, with step-by-step instructions for each knot pattern.

Gorgeous color photographs illustrate variations in every style, from classic and natural to playful and eclectic. Stack your bracelets for a boho arm party, and embellish them with beads and buttons. Learn how to make inexpensive hemp jewelry in fun colors, inspired by laidback hippie vibes.

14. Macramé Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts for Your Stylish Home

Author: by Chrysteen Borja
200 pages

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Adorn your cozy interiors with 30 hand-woven DIY art and hanging plants. Are you a DIY home decorator, plant lover, or flower lover?We got you! Macram plant hangers are the perfect little touch to accent your cozy, designer home. Macramthe art of knotting made popular in the seventiesis now on a revival, bringing trendy boho vibes into your living room, bedroom, and more.

And there’s simply no better way to display your hanging plants than stringing them up in handmade woven knots. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned knotter, Macram Plant Hangers provides thirty quirky yet stunning projects that will spark your DIY artist’s imagination and get you creating.

Follow detailed photographs and instructions to construct patterns with various natural fibers, including cotton rope, felted wool, silk ribbon, jute, recycled fabric, and more. There are knotted projects suitable for bigger eight-inch pots, small four-inch pots, vintage bottles, and even air plants.

Including a practical beginner’s section of knot basics; an introduction to weaving; customizable variations to add playful beads, funky fringes, and chic rope tassels to your macram design for whimsy; and a bonus chapter on special projects that mix macram with a dash of weaving and earthy elements, Macram Plant Hangers is your handy guidebook to adorning interiors with your own custom hand-knotted, vintage art you can be proud ofwhile keeping it green!

15. Macramé For Beginners: Exclusive Macramé Guide for Beginners With Over 150 DIY Projects – Step-by-Step Instructions and Illustrations Included

Author: by Camila Silva Rodriguez
347 pages

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Discover the Easiest Way to Master the Art of Macram with Detailed Guides and 150 Step-by-Step DIY Macram Projects! Do you like DIY projects and creating hand-made art? Do you consider yourself to have an artisanal personality, or you’d just like to learn a new to express yourself artistically?

Either way, the best thing you can learn and the perfect niche for you would be Macram!Stop! Don’t you even dare to think, “I don’t know anything about Macram.” Macram is an excellent way to express your artistic persona, as the possibilities are endless because if you can imagine it, you can make it with Macram.

Also, with this guide in your hands, you will become an expert with ease. The in-depth guides and illustrated instructions will show you the quickest way to acquire all necessary skills, and you’ll be creating art in no time. Here are some of the DIY Macram projects you can find inside:Festive Christmas projects Macram holiday angel, Macram Christmas baubles, seven-point snowflake, etc.

16. Macrame: 11 projects to make including dreamcatchers, wall hangings, plant holders and clutch bag

Author: by Sian Hamilton
108 pages

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Discover the art of macram with 11 projects perfect for the beginner and more advanced alike. Projects and techniques have fully illustrated step-by-step instructions that make learning macram quick and stress free! With projects ranging from making a simple wall hanging that’s great for a beginner to a useful market bag with T-shirt yarn for the more advanced crafter, this book will give the reader hours of creative fun and relaxation.