Best Mennonite Christianity Books

Here you will get Best Mennonite Christianity Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Significant – A Study of Women in Jesus' Genealogy: Six Ordinary Women, One Extraordinary God

Author: by Rachel Risner
255 pages

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How can you walk by faith in the face of uncertainty? There’s a big difference between living a life trusting in the fake stability of the world and living a life of significance with an unshakeable God. We’ve all gotten the wind knocked out of our sails, but it’s time to keep going forward.

In this study, learn from scripture how to:Dig in your heels with tenacity when you feel like giving up. Worship instead of worry when life throws you curve balls. Quit living skin-deep by cultivating the inner beauty of trust in God.

Come for this timely six-week journey. Walk alongside real women of the Bible through their struggles and successes, and discover how to become a woman of significance. What women are saying about Significant:”This book was my favorite Bible study of all time!” ~Charla S.”What a fantastic subject matter!

God is going to do something awesome with this!” ~Ellie D.”This study is so amazing!” ~Elsie H.”I am enjoying this study – it is the best!” ~Irene S.”I am LOVING this study!” ~Megan S. Includes:Online video lessons and discussion guides – no separate Leader Kit needed!

2. House Calls and Hitching Posts: Stories From Dr. Elton Lehman's Career Among The Amish

Author: by Elton Lehman
January 27, 2015


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Medical technology meets rural values of simplicity, home health remedies, and unwavering faith in divine providence when a country-boy-turned-country-doctor returns to his roots. House Calls and Hitching Posts is a sometimes humorous and often intimate account of Dr. Elton Lehman’s 36 years practicing medicine among the Amish of Wayne, Holmes, and surrounding counties in Ohio, for which he was named Country Doctor of the Year.

Now you can witness house calls and private moments between doctors and patients. Joe brings his dismembered fingers to the office in a coffee can filled with kerosene. Katie delivers a boy for the doctor’s first home-birth. And three-year-old Davy rallies to overcome a life-threatening illness at birth only to be crushed under a tractor wheel.

Hoover captures in sometimes local vernacular the joys and dilemmas of a family practitioner among a rural and predominantly-Amish community. Includes two galleries of photographs from Dr. Lehman’s distinguished career. Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Arcade, Good Books, Sports Publishing, and Yucca imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs.

3. The Little Book of Restorative Justice: Revised and Updated (Justice and Peacebuilding)

Author: by Howard Zehr

Good Books
112 pages

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Over 150,000-copies sold! Author Howard Zehr is the father of Restorative Justice and is known worldwide for his pioneering work in transforming our understanding of justice. Here Zehr proposes workable principles and practices for making Restorative Justice possible in this revised and updated edition of his bestselling, seminal book on the movement.

Restorative Justice, with its emphasis on identifying the justice needs of everyone involved in a crime, is a worldwide movement of growing influence that is helping victims and communities heal, while holding criminals accountable for their actions. This is not soft-on-crime, feel-good philosophy, but rather a concrete effort to bring justice and healing to everyone involved in a crime.

In The Little Book of Restorative Justice, Zehr first explores how restorative justice is different from criminal justice. Then, before letting those appealing observations drift out of reach into theoretical space, Zehr presents Restorative Justice practices. Zehr undertakes a massive and complex subject and puts it in graspable from, without reducing or trivializing it.

4. The Big Book of Restorative Justice: Four Classic Justice & Peacebuilding Books in One Volume (Justice and Peacebuilding)

Author: by Howard Zehr
368 pages

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For the first time, the four most popular restorative justice books in the Justice & Peacebuilding seriesThe Little Book of Restorative Justice: Revised and Updated, The Little Book of Victim Offender Conferencing, The Little Book of Family Group Conferences, and The Little Book of Circle Processesare available in one affordable volume.

Restorative justice, with its emphasis on identifying the justice needs of everyone involved in a crime, is a worldwide movement of growing influence that is helping victims and communities heal while holding criminals accountable for their actions. This is not a soft-on-crime, feel-good philosophy, but rather a concrete effort to bring justice and healing to everyone involved in a crime.

Circle processes draw from the Native American tradition of gathering in a circle to solve problems as a community. Peacemaking circles are used in neighborhoods, in schools, in the workplace, and in social services to support victims of all kinds, resolve behavior problems, and create positive climates.

5. Sadie's Montana Trilogy: Three Bestselling Novels in One

Author: by Linda Byler
Good Books (July 12, 2016)
1040 pages

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Sadie Miller didn’t know what to expect when her family left Ohio for the small Montana Amish settlementcertainly not horse thieves, mysterious men, or her family falling apart. Can Sadie find her place in this wild, Western community, far from the familiarand discover love along the way?

Wild Horses, Book 1: Sadie Miller is adjusting to life at Aspen East Ranch when Ezra appears. Perfect in every way and fully intending to marry Sadie, Ezra seems like a dream, but does Sadie love him? And who is this fascinating Mark who helps to rescue a dying horse and shows up at the Amish hymn-sing, though he is English?

Now Sadie’s own close-knit family is falling apart. Mam claims her head is cluttered and unclear. The worst part is, Dat refuses to acknowledge Mam’s struggles. Sadie finds some refuge in Nevaeh, a black-and-white paint. But when a dreadful accident involving wild horses occurs, Sadie must move forward into the unknown.

Keeping Secrets, Book 2: There’s horse trouble in Montana again. Only this time, horses aren’t being stolen, they’re being shot. No hard-working ranch horse or Amish horse and buggy is safe. Sadie’s heart is still set on Mark, despite warnings from concerned friends.

6. The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools: Games, Activities, and Simulations for Understanding Restorative Justice Practices (Justice and Peacebuilding)

Author: by Lindsey Pointer
136 pages

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Engaging Practices for Integrating Restorative Justice Principles in Group Settings As restorative practices spread around the world, scholars and practitioners have begun to ask very important questions: How should restorative practices be taught? What educational structures and methods are in alignment with restorative values and principles?

This book introduces games as an effective and dynamic tool to teach restorative justice practices. Grounded in an understanding of restorative pedagogy and experiential learning strategies, the games included in this book provide a way for learners to experience and more deeply understand restorative practices while building relationships and improving skills.

Chapters cover topics such as:Introduction to restorative pedagogy and experiential learningHow a restorative learning community can be built and strengthened through the use of games and activitiesHow to design games and activities for teaching restorative practicesHow to design, deliver, and debrief an activity-based learning experienceIn-depth instructions for games and activities for building relationships, understanding the restorative philosophy, and developing skills in practiceAn ideal handbook for educators, restorative justice program directors and trainers, consultants, community group leaders, and anyone else whose work draws people together to resolve disagreements or address harm, this book will serve as a catalyst for greater creativity and philosophical alignment in the teaching of restorative practices across contexts.

7. The Little Book of Racial Healing: Coming to the Table for Truth-Telling, Liberation, and Transformation (Justice and Peacebuilding)

Author: by Thomas Norman DeWolf
Good Books
120 pages

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This book introduces Coming to the Table’s approach to a continuously evolving set of purposeful theories, ideas, experiments, guidelines, and intentions, all dedicated to facilitating racial healing and transformation. People of color, relative to white people, fall on the negative side of virtually all measurable social indicators.

The living wound is seen in the significant disparities in average household wealth, unemployment and poverty rates, infant mortality rates, access to healthcare and life expectancy, education, housing, and treatment within, and by, the criminal justice system. Coming to the Table (CTTT) was born in 2006 when two dozen descendants from both sides of the system of enslavement gathered together at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU), in collaboration with the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding (CJP).

Stories were shared and friendships began. The participants began to envision a more connected and truthful world that would address the unresolved and persistent effects of the historic institution of slavery. This Little Book shares Coming to the Table’s vision for the United Statesa vision of a just and truthful society that acknowledges and seeks to heal from the racial wounds of the past.

8. Home Is Where the Heart Is: The Dakota Series, Book 3 (3)

Author: by Linda Byler
Good Books (May 15, 2018)
344 pages

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Join Amish writer Linda Byler on a trip into a world few are allowed to visitthe world of Amish romance. Hannah, feisty and independent as ever, has put everything into building up her family’s homestead in North Dakota. Despite tragedy and almost unimaginable hardship due to the Great Depression, unpredictable weather, and unforgiving landscape, she and her new husband Jerry are leading their Amish friends and family in their homesteading venture.

When the winter storms and the untimely death of a child become too much for the rest of the community to bear, they move back east. But Hannah and Jerry stay on, doggedly pursuing Hannah’s dreams of a successful ranch.

But even Jerry’s spirits begin to fail and when a flag of grasshoppers destroys every last morsel of vegetation after yet another drought, Hannah finally relents and they too return to the fertile soil of Pennsylvania, where life will be safe and predictable.

Or so they think, but when tragedy strikes again, Hannah is suddenly a widow, in a place that no longer feels like home and with family who cannot grasp the depth of the losses she has experienced. Hannah grapples with her faith, struggling to understand who she is and where she belongs.

9. From Plain to Plane: My Mennonite Childhood, A National Scandal, and an Unconventional Soar to Freedom

Author: by Patty Bear
408 pages

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Patty Bear grew up among the “Plain People” amidst bountiful farmlands, black bonnets, and black cars. It was a world unto itself, both bucolic and beastly, with traditions and beliefs from the old world deeply rooted in the fertile soil of Central Pennsylvania.

Insulated by a culture that steadfastly kept its distance from outsiders and the march of progress, as a little girl she anticipated following in her mother’s footsteps. But in 1972, at the age of eight, her father sparked religious controversy and ignited a scandal rare in the Mennonite community.

Abruptly subjected to the chaos that surrounded the ritual practice of shunning, Patty, her mother, and five siblings were swept into a tornado of absurd accusations and public humiliation, forced to hide and endure publicity that headlined prominent national newspapers for almost a decade.

With her childhood and adolescence overshadowed by domestic violence and her father’s abusive rhetoric, as well as persistent teaching by the Church that women were designed for subjugation and obedience, Patty’s assumed image of her future gradually shifted-leading her to heed the call of her wild soul and the whispers of her Guides toward a bold quest for freedom she never imagined possible.

10. Hester's Hunt for Home Trilogy: Three Bestselling Novels in One

Author: by Linda Byler
Good Books (July 4, 2017)

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Here is a trilogy of historical romance novels from Amish writer Linda Byler. If you love Amish Romance, you will love the Hester’s Hunt for Home Trilogy! In colonial America, a Native American orphan raised among the Amish explores her identity, torn between two cultures and unsure of where she belongs.

When she’s forced to leave everything behind and forge her own path, whereand with whomwill Hester choose to make her new home? Hester on the Run, Book 1: One April morning, an Amish couple finds a Native American infant, wrapped in deerskin and placed next to the spring where they gather water.

Kate and Hans adopt the child and name her Hester, despite the criticism of certain community members. Hester glows as she grows, an unmistakable beauty both inside and out, but begins to realize she doesn’t quite fit in. An encounter with a Lenape medicine woman gives her a glimpse of her undiscovered heritage.

When her own father becomes a threat, Hester is forced to flee from the Amish community, the only home she has ever really known.Which Way Home?, Book 2: Twice rescuedfirst by matronly Native women who find her unconscious in the woods and then by a boy in downtown Lancaster where she’d been left for dead by the dreaded Paxton boysHester finds herself wondering if she will ever find a safe haven.

11. String Quilts: 11 Fun Patterns for Innovating and Renovating

Author: by Elsie M. Campbell
Good Books
88 pages

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Award-winning quilt maker Elsie Campbell loves to take homemade fabric yardage and turn it into stunning, pieced string quilts, whose leftover yardage can then spawn appliqud sister quilts. After selling more than 10,000 copies, this beautiful book lapsed out of print.

It is now available again, with a brand new pattern! String Quilts is one part innovation, one part thrift, and a whole lot of fun. When author and educator Elsie M. Campbell needs a break from creating precision-pieced and -appliqud beauties, she turns to making string quilts.

This is my playtime, she says. The eleven quiltsperfect for any skill levelare shown in brilliant full-color photography with easy-to-follow instructions, patterns, and diagrams. Also included are Elsie’s Top Tips for Successful String Quilts and a full-color gallery of twelve additional quilts by Campbell and other playful quilters, all demonstrating the range and charm of string quilts.

12. Amish Beauty and the Beast: Amish Romance (The Amish Fairytale Series)

Author: by Ashley Emma
267 pages

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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR She’s an Amish beauty with a love of reading, hiding a painful secret. He’s a reclusive, scarred military hero who won’t let anyone in. Can true love really be enough? On her way home from the bookstore, Belle’s buggy crashes in front of the old mansion that everyone else avoids, of all places.

Though she just moved to Unity, Maine, she’s already heard the rumors of the vicious beast of a man who lives there, tormented by tragedies of his past. But Belle’s not afraid of monsters. What she finds inside the mansion is not a monster, but a man.

Scarred both physiologically and physically by the horrors of military combat, Cole’s burned and disfigured face tells the story of all he lost to the war in a devastating explosion. He’s been hiding from the world ever since. After Cole ends up hiring her as his housekeeper and caretaker for his firecracker of a grandmother, Belle can’t help her curiosity as she wonders what exactly Cole does in his office all day.

13. A History of the Amish: Third Edition

Author: by Steven M. Nolt
Good Books

416 pages

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Authoritative, thorough, and interestingly written, A History of the Amish presents the deep and rich heritage of the Amish people with dozens of illustrations and updated statistics. The Amish, one of America’s most intriguingly private, unique, and often misunderstood religious communities, have survived for three hundred years!

How has that happened? While much has been written on the Amish, little has been revealed about their history. This book brings together in one volume a thorough history of the Amish people. From their beginnings in Europe through their settlement in North America, the Amish have struggled to maintain their beliefs and traditions in often hostile settings.

Chapters include:Migration and Persistence: The Amish in Europe, 1693-1801Settlement and Struggle in a New World: The Amish in Eighteenth Century PennsylvaniaMerging Traditions: Amish Mennonites and Mennonites in North America and Europe, 1870-1937Finding a Place in Modern America, 1900-1945And more!

14. The Little Book of Biblical Justice: A Fresh Approach to the Bible's Teaching on Justice (The Little Books of Justice and Peacebuilding Series)

Author: by Chris Marshall
74 pages

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Chris Marshall writes, “the Bible has had a profound impact on the development of Western culture. So exploring biblical perspectives on justice can help us appreciate some of the convictions and values that have helped shape Western political and judicial thought.

Christians also regard the Bible as a uniquely important source of guidance on matters of belief and practice. What the Bible has to say about justice, thereforeboth social justice and criminal justiceought to be of great significance for Christian thought and action today.

Yet coming to grips with biblical teaching on justice is by no means easy. Chapters here include:What is JusticeJustice in the Biblical WorldviewHe Contours of Biblical JusticeJesus and JusticeUpfront, Marshall addresses the many complexities that surround “justice” in the Bible: the Bible seems to hold conflicting points of view; there is a huge amount of data to deal with; the world of the Bible and our present world are vastly different.

15. Amish Amnesia: Covert Police Detectives Unit Series, book 3

Author: by Ashley Emma
321 pages

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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Kidnapped.Starved. Hit by a car and left for dead. And she couldn’t even remember her own name. FREE BONUS: After you buy Amish Amnesia, you can access 3 FREE exclusive videos of author Ashley Emma interviewing people who grew up Amish, plus 3 Amish romance novellas!

When Officer Jefferson Martin witnesses a young woman being hit by a car near his campsite, all thoughts of vacation vanish as the car speeds off. When the malnourished, battered woman wakes up, she can’t remember anything before the accident.

They don’t know her name, so they call her Jane. When someone breaks into her hospital room and tries to kill her before getting away, Jefferson volunteers to protect Jane around the clock. He takes her back to their Kennebunkport beach house along with his upbeat sister Estella and his friend who served with him overseas in the Marine Corps, Ben Banks.

At first Jane’s stalker leaves strange notes, but then his attacks become bolder and more dangerous. Jane is fluent in several languages including German, she dresses conservatively, loves to read and write, loves going to church, and can cook better than a professional chef.

16. Plain Obsession (Hunters Ridge) (Volume 1)

Author: by Alison Stone
222 pages

Plain Obsession (Hunters Ridge) (Volume 1) Cover

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Staying safe in Amish country shouldn’t be this hard. When a close friend is murdered in her NYC apartment, Violet Jackson fears the worst-her childhood stalker has returned. But there’s no evidence she had a stalker, then or now, and no one believes her.

Plagued by panic attacks, Violet returns to her mother’s country estate in Hunters Ridge, a quiet Amish community, where she had found her center years earlier. Bad boy Theo Cooper got the discipline he needed in the army and a dose of reality when his dad got sick.

Now, back in Hunters Ridge, he’s running the family’s lumberyard and stepping up to be a father to his young son. When Violet shows up in Hunters Ridge, Theo can’t believe his good fortune. He always regretted how their budding romance in high school-however unlikely-had imploded the night of senior prom.

But Violet’s not interested in romance. She’s determined to get over her anxiety and return to her life in New York. When Violet becomes the target of an apparent stalker, Theo’s protective instincts make him determined to defend the woman he’s beginning to love, even if it means risking the life he’s built in Hunters Ridge-and his carefully guarded heart.