Best Men's Grooming & Style Books

Here you will get Best Men's Grooming & Style Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures

Author: by Alexandra Redgrave
228 pages

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A trusty companion for the slow and thoughtful home and the inner utilitarian in us all, The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster and Master Other Simple Pleasures allows you to experience the singular satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Each project, whether caring for cast iron or planting with the seasons, is supplemented with expert tips to inspire and empower. Organized into five sectionsKitchen, Outdoors, Home, Gardening, and Groomingthe comprehensive guide features detailed instructions and original artwork for tasks both simple, such as brewing the perfect cup of coffee, and exploratory, such as fording a stream and reading the sky.

Accompanying the how-tos are tried-and-true products selected from the Kaufmann Mercantile store that not only help one get the job done but are also a joy to use. As editors Alexandra Redgrave and Jessica Hundley describe in the introduction, “This book began out of a curiosity for how we grow, build, and craft the world around us.

2. Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

Author: by Alan Flusser

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Dressing the Man is the definitive guide to what men need to know in order to dress well and look stylish without becoming fashion victims. Alan Flusser’s name is synonymous with taste and style. With his new book, he combines his encyclopedic knowledge of men’s clothes with his signature wit and elegance to address the fundamental paradox of modern men’s fashion: Why, after men today have spent more money on clothes than in any other period of history, are there fewer well-dressed men than at any time ever before?

According to Flusser, dressing well is not all that difficult, the real challenge lies in being able to acquire the right personalized instruction. Dressing well pivots on two pillars – proportion and color. Flusser believes that “Permanent Fashionability,” both his promise and goal for the reader, starts by being accountable to a personal set of physical trademarks and not to any kind of random, seasonally served-up collection of fashion flashes.

Unlike fashion, which is obliged to change each season, the face’s shape, the neck’s height, the shoulder’s width, the arm’s length, the torso’s structure, and the foot’s size remain fairly constant over time. Once a man learns how to adapt the fundamentals of permanent fashion to his physique and complexion, he’s halfway home.

4. How to Be a Gentleman Revised and Expanded: A Timely Guide to Timeless Manners (The GentleManners Series)

Author: by John Bridges
Thomas Nelson

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If you have ever felt unsure or uncomfortable when facing a social dilemma, John Bridges answers these questions and more in his classic handbook for men. The rules were simpler in bygone days, but technological changes have caused seismic shifts to the cultural landscape of 21st century.

Do the rules of common courtesy still apply? Social media and smart phones have shaped communication in unprecedented ways, and increased connection has created a global melting pot. Social norms that were once understood now feel uncertain. How should a sophisticated man conduct himself in the diverse environments he may encounter?

How to Be a Gentleman is an indispensable guide for men of all ages who aspire to become gentlemen, including tips and guidelines such as:How to respond to those with whom you disagreeWhen and where it is appropriate to use your cellphoneHow to dress for various formal eventsRules for conducting yourself at the gymHow to engage respectfully with different cultural and religious contexts

5. The Daily Journal For Men: 365 Questions To Deepen Self-Awareness (Journals for Men to Write in)

Author: by C.W. V. Straaten
198 pages

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A One-Year Self-Improvement Journal To Become The Ultimate Version Of You. Make self-reflection a powerful, daily habit. Go within, on an energizing journey of true discovery. Find your best self in wealth, relationships, career, and health. Discover new ideas, heal toxic thoughts, breakthrough limiting beliefs & create a strong, versatile character to deal with anxiety.

This Daily Journal For Men guides you with 365 surprisingly powerful questions to the next level of life. Because self-awareness is the essential key for success and living a more exciting & meaningful life.

6. Esquire Dress Code: A Man's Guide to Personal Style

Author: by Esquire
192 pages

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Esquire’s definitive guide to dressing in style. Clothes make the manand Esquire Dress Code helps you put together a great wardrobe. Visually bold, and told with Esquire’s signature wit and humor, this sophisticated guide explains how to dress for any occasion, no matter your age, shape, or size.

It covers closet must-haves, investment pieces (like a watch or winter coat), choosing the perfect suit, selecting office attire, outerwear, and accessories, and much more. Inspiring photos of style icons range from Mick Jagger and Steve McQueen to Lenny Kravitz and Robert Redford.

Fashion might change from season to season, but once a man learns to adapt these fashion fundamentals for his personal look, he’ll be set for life.

7. The Sartorialist: MAN: Inspiration Every Man Wants, Education Every Man Needs

Author: by Scott Schuman
312 pages

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The Sartorialist Man: Inspiration Every Man Wants, Education Every Man Needs, by renowned photographer, fashion editor, and social media sensation Scott Schuman, is the definitive fashion primer celebrating the diversity of today’s well-dressed man. Schuman’s dynamic street photography captures the essence of style as seen through lens of guys of all ages from around the globe.

Setting the new standard, the book will be an invaluable resource for men as they explore and hone their unique personal style. “What I didn’t want this book to be was a list of rules. But I do outline principles that will help you make confident decisions about your many sartorial choices,” says Schuman in the book’s introduction.

The book begins with “Dressing Your Body Type,” because when you know what fits your unique body, the better you can pull off any look. In section one, “Clothing,” Schuman delves into wardrobe basics with “Elements”-an illustrated glossary of everything from jackets and pants, and collars and cuffs, to outerwear and underwear.

8. The POLYNESIAN TATTOO Handbook: Practical guide to creating meaningful Polynesian tattoos

Author: by Roberto Gemori
156 pages

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Who is this book for? Anyone interested in Polynesian tattoos, their meanings and how to create them. How is this book unique? It is designed as a practical guide that explains in a very clear and simple way how Polynesian tattoos are made, their main traditional symbols and meanings and how they can be used to create a custom personal design.

The book is beautifully crafted for easier consultation and a more enjoyable experience and it features:List of the main symbols and their meanings. Quick reference dictionary to find the right symbols for the desired meanings. Basics of elements placement and positioning.

Step by step creation process. Real tattoo examples deconstructed and case studies. How to deal with letters and namesA lot more! The example tattoos are deconstructed into their main parts and then further into their basic elements to show exactly how they were designed in order to represent the desired meanings.

This is the perfect book for those who want to create their first tattoo, or those who have one and want to know more about its meanings. ENGLISH VERSION, Spanish and Italian available too.

9. Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint

Author: by Mikey Moran
206 pages

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Mikey Moran had only a single advantage when he started his hair and beauty business: his idea was different from anything he’d seen in the industry. Seven years later, Mikey has expanded his original idea into ten different brands, five retail locations, and one partnership with global e-commerce giant Shopify.

Now Mikey wants to share what he’s learned so burgeoning entrepreneurs have a bigger advantage than he had. In Fearless Beauty, Mikey provides you with a roadmap to achieve success easier, faster, and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

He shows you how to think like an entrepreneur by introducing you to practical theories that should guide every decision, then presents a step-by-step plan for taking action and getting started. You’ll learn core marketing techniques that yield the biggest impact, how to select the best web platform for your business, and why consistencyor a lack of itcan make or break you.

No matter your industry or where you are in the process of becoming an entrepreneur, you’ll gain insightful strategies for maximizing returns and enjoying every step in the journey of your business.

10. Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy

Author: by Paul O'Donnell
Artisan (June 27, 2011)
June 27, 2011

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With this easy-to-use guide, learn skills to use in all facets of life, whether it’s on the job, on a date, in the gym, in the home, or in a pinch. For every guy too intimidated to ask a question for fear of seeming inexperienced and unworldly, here’s a book to answer all (or most!

Of life’s pressing quandaries: How do you break off a friendship when it’s not working any longer? What should you cook when a date is coming over for dinner? How do you buy a used car and not get totally taken for a ride?

How do you stop a charging dog?In Man Up!, journalist Paul O’Donnell and his team of knowledgeable experts tackle 367 of these tough questions, imparting their advice in short to-the-point answers. Organized thematically, Man Up! Is packed with essential advice delivered in prose that is as entertaining to read as it is helpful and clever.

The tips run the gamutfrom how to mix up a killer punch for a party to how to throw a punch when there is no other way out. Hip, engaging line drawings help to illustrate the advice, providing more than just sight gags.

11. The Big Book of Small Tattoos – Vol.0: 100 unalome and single-line minimal tattoos for women and men

Author: by Roberto Gemori
46 pages

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This book includes a voucher to download the PDF version at no additional cost. Can minimal tattoos have a deep meaning? The unalome proves it beyond doubt. But what are exactly unalomes? What do they represent?Can I get one?

What is the best placement? This bonus booklet is part of “The Big Book of Small Tattoos” series and it answers these questions about this amazing symbol that can be shaped for women or men alike, while also featuring over 100 original, unpublished before, unalome and single line tattoos.

It is divided into four parts:Origin, meaning, and description of the unalome symbolTraditional design examplesModern unalome designsOne-liners, or simple designs shaped by a single continuous line, for those who love the look of unalomes but don’t feel committed to their symbolism Ready for your next minimal tattoo?

Get now the print and digital book at the cost of one!

12. How to Read a Suit: A Guide to Changing Men’s Fashion from the 17th to the 20th Century

Author: by Lydia Edwards
Bloomsbury Visual Arts
232 pages

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Fashion is ever-changing, and while some styles mark a dramatic departure from the past, many exhibit subtle differences from year to year that are not always easily identifiable. With overviews of each key period and detailed illustrations for each new style, How to Read a Suit is an authoritative visual guide to the under-explored area of men’s fashion across four centuries.

Each entry includes annotated color images of historical garments, outlining important features and highlighting how styles have developed over time, whether in shape, fabric choice, trimming, or undergarments. Readers will learn how garments were constructed and where their inspiration stemmed from at key points in history as well as how menswear has varied in type, cut, detailing and popularity according to the occasion and the class, age and social status of the wearer.

This lavishly illustrated book is the ideal tool for anyone who has ever wanted to know their Chesterfield from their Ulster coat. Equipping the reader with all the information they need to ‘read’ menswear, this is the ultimate guide for students, researchers, and anyone interested in historical fashion.

13. The Official John Wayne Handy Book for Men: Essential Skills for the Rugged Individualist

Author: by James Ellis
256 pages

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Any man who has ever aspired to become a better, more self-sufficient and honorable person will benefit from reading The Official John Wayne Handy Book for Men, a tough little handbook, perfect in size for taking on-the-go, but eye-catching enough to adorn a place of pride on one’s bookshelf.

Filled with step-by-step advice and real-world examples, it illustrates dozens of essential skills, including tying a tie, riding a horse, throwing a punch, getting a clean shave, talking to women, instilling good values in one’s children, writing the perfect thank you note, saving a drowning person, orienteering, building a fire and much more.

Includes hundreds of line illustrations, sidebars, and photos of Duke in action. Throughout, readers will find the tips and techniques they will need to live their lives with John Wayne’s signature confidence, grit and style.

14. The POLYNESIAN TATTOO Handbook Vol.2: An in-depth study of Polynesian tattoos and of their foundational symbols

Author: by Roberto Gemori
206 pages

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The WHAT, WHY, and HOW of Polynesian Tattoos. Each tattoo is made up of several smaller elements, comparable to building blocks, which are selected based on their meaning and then assembled together in a coded order to create the final piece.

JUST AS SENTENCES CONVEY MEANING IF THEIR WORDS ARE CHOSEN AND JOINED PROPERLY, SO DO POLYNESIAN TATTOOS IF THEY ARE PROPERLY DESIGNED. Accurate information is generally very hard to find, but this is not the standard tattoo book; it’s a practical guide unpacking the five main Polynesian styles: Samoan, Marquesan, Tahitian, Hawaiian, and Maori tattooing, with over 400 symbols and variants along with their meanings, fully illustrated with more than 550 images and with 15 original tattoos deconstructed to their basic elements and thoroughly explained.

Each Polynesian style of tattooing is presented with a historical and cultural introduction, highlighting the traditional symbols and their meanings. Fifteen original designs and their stories are examined, showing how to identify and understand their building elements and explaining how they interact with each other to compose a meaningful tattoo.

15. As a Gentleman Would Say Revised and Expanded: Responses to Life's Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations (The GentleManners Series)

Author: by John Bridges
Thomas Nelson
208 pages

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Simple reminders and new ideas for any man who is eager to navigate the obstacle course of his own words. On any given day, a man is faced with situations that demand a response. He runs into a friend who was recently fired …

His date can’t seem to pry herself away from a texting conversation during dinner … Someone at his gym routinely monopolizes the equipment … He finds himself in a nearly unintelligible conversation with a client who has a thick foreign accent. In each of these scenarios, there are distinct responses that can determine the outcomefor better or worse.

Knowing what to say is essential, because regardless of how many doors he opens or how often he remembers to bring a bottle of wine for the hostess, a gentleman’s reputation is often established on his ability to communicate. In this updated version of As a Gentleman Would Say, John Bridges and Bryan Curtis offer simple reminders and new ideas for any man who is eager to navigate the obstacle course of his own words.

16. Art of Manliness Collection

Author: by Brett McKay
HOW Books

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This limited-edition collection contains a wealth of information and inspiration for the modern man. Included inside are the following books:The Art of Manliness. This book is dedicated to helping men uncover what manliness means in the 21st century, from rediscovering the outdoors to dressing with panache to becoming a good father.

The Art of Manliness: Manvotionals. This book contains the manliest wisdom of the ages-a myriad of poems, quotes, and essays designed to inspire men to live life to the fullest and realize their complete potential as men. Together, housed in a classic cigar box, they make the perfect gift for any man (or soon-to-be man) who is conscious of leaving his mark on this world.

(This $38 value is priced at only $29.99. Also includes 6 drink coasters!