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Here you will get Best Nosology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. MIDNIGHT STONER Coloring Book + BONUS Bookmarks Page!!: Stoner's Perfect Gift! Funny Trippy Coloring Book For Adults, Mindful Zendoodle Coloring.

Author: by Kristina Aldsworth
67 pages

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Stoner’s Perfect Gift! This Midnight Stoner book is designed for stoners, trippy, hippie folks who love to get chilled at night, alone or in a good company, who appreciate a good coloring book to match their mood. 30 images to color and explore!

Psychedelic graphics, trippy and groovy characters, relaxing patterns, doodles and more!! Funny trippy coloring for adults, relaxing and mindful. Single sided pages to avoid bleeding. Bonus bookmarks page to keep or share! Premium designChill And Get Lost In Psychedelia. You will definitely love this coloring book!

2. Risk Adjustment Documentation & Coding, 2nd Edition

Author: by Sheri Poe Bernard Ccs-P Cdeo Cpc CRC
500 pages

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Capturing risk in medical documentation and coding successfully gives a complete and accurate picture of your patients’ health; but it is also critical for ensuring proper reimbursement, managing cost, projecting future resource requirements and delivering high-quality care. Chronic diseases are not outliers, especially in older patients.

80% percent of older adults have at least one chronic condition. If you have any Medicare patients with chronic conditions and if you are participating in Merit-based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS), the AMA’s Risk Adjustment, Documentation and Coding 2e (RA, 2e) will help you capture the care rendered so the severity of your patients’ illnesses is adequately captured to reflect your utilization.

If you omit risk-adjusting diagnoses because a specialist is managing the care of your patient’s chronic condition, you are hurting your MIPS efficiency rating. Most chronic conditions will impact the overall health of the patient; therefore, they are appropriate to capture for your documentation.


Author: by Wallace Wright
124 pages

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The anatomy of the human body is still somewhat of a mystery to us. You might be shocked reading this because even if you do not have medical studies, you still feel that you know quite a lot about the human body, especially with the treasure trove of information you can find online these days.

Yet, there are parts, functions, and processes in the human body that are still very poorly understood (and downright misunderstood in many cases). This is not to make you lose faith in the medical system and all those who represent it; rather, this is to help you understand that some things are still ambiguous even to the best and most experienced medical doctors in the world.

Advancements are made every day. New research reveals important, new facts consistently. And pharmaceutical scientists are coming up with new treatments every day. Even with all these important steps forward, there are still many things to uncover and gain a deeper understanding of.

This book covers: Vagus Nerve Anatomy FunctionsPolyvagal Theory a new Paradigm for Health CareImportant Functions of the Vagus NerveExercises to Activate the Vagus NerveSubstances that May Interfere with the Vagus NerveBreathing and Vagus NerveVagus Nerve Healing with YogaAnd Much More!

4. ICD-10-CM Documentation 2021: Essential Chartin Guidance to Support Medical Necessity

Author: by AMA
521 pages

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ICD-10-CM requires very specific documentation to correctly choose diagnostic codes, a skill that both coders and physicians must master to code successfully. Moving beyond the transition to ICD-10, the new edition focuses on the key role proper documentation plays in supporting medical necessity.

ICD-10-CM Documentation 2021 brings coders and physicians together to ensure documentation success, identifying all ICD-10-CM documentation requirements using detailed checklists. Designed for use alongside an ICD-10-CM codebook, this comprehensive training guide provides all the tools necessary to conduct an effective documentation analysis and to create a corrective action plan, making it ideal for both non-facility and facility coders.

The chapter organization mirrors the structure of codebooks and all guidance is geared toward the process of code decision-making. In addition, exercises and quizzes test knowledge and understanding of key points throughout the book. FEATURES AND BENEFITSNew codes, revisions and deletions, plus guideline updates for 2021 – final changes will be integrated into every pertinent chapter, checklist, scenario and quizDetailed, full-page anatomy illustrations – for better interpretation of clinical notesChecklists to identify documentation elements – for categories, subcategories and codesChecklists for specialty-specific documentation – to review current records and identify any documentation deficienciesICD-10-CM documentation scenarios – display documentation requirements with important elements highlightedCDI checklists – identify common documentation deficiencies faced when coding COPD, Pneumonia and Sepsis/SIRSGlossary of Medical TerminologyScenarios – illustrate required documentation in ICD-10-CM with additional ICD-10 requirements highlighted so readers can understand where the documentation will appear in common coding scenarios based on real-life health care encountersEnd of chapter quizzes – dive into coding practice with the conditions discussed in each chapter

5. Lab Values: An Easy Guide to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Laboratory Medicine and Its Relevance in Diagnosing Disease

Author: by Nathan Orwell
196 pages

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Are you curious about Lab Values and want to learn to read them? Would you like to be able to understand them once and for all? If so, then keep reading! Medical laboratory testing is a vital medical procedure that allows for the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

More often than not, these tests are making the difference between life and death, and they are one of the first defense lines that protect patients and their general well-being. Laboratory results greatly influence almost every decision regarding a patient diagnosis, treatment, hospital admission, and discharge all of them.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand and learn how to conduct and order these tests efficiently. This guide is written from a skilled nurse’s personal experience so that you can have easy access to all essential testing procedures at all times.

Organized the way a nurse thinks, up-to-date, and easy to navigate. Perfect when you are in a rush and have no time to search for the information you needan excellent choice for medical students and doctors, not just nurses. This book contains step-by-step guides on choosing the correct procedure (that depends on the anamnesis), tips on preparing the patient for the procedure, and expert information for accurate interpretation of results.

6. Neuroanatomy Coloring Book: Human Brain Coloring Book for Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy Workbook

Author: by Summer Sparks
92 pages

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An Easy, Fun and Effective Way to Learn and Master Neuroanatomy and the Structures of the Human Brain! BOOK UPDATED: Apr 2021 [Revised Content! Thank You For Your Kind Feedback. ]Coloring is the most effective way to study the structure and functions of the human brain and neuroanatomy.

This book is structured for ease of use, with comprehensive coverage of the human brain and nervous system. You assimilate information and make visual associations with key terminology when coloring in this Neuroanatomy Coloring Book, all while having fun! These illustrations show the brain and its components in detail and makes it easy to identify specific structures for an entertaining way to learn neuroanatomy.

With this vivid change-of-pace study tool, you have the freedom to master neuroanatomy in a fun and memorable way. Ideal for all kind of students and science lovers to make the most out of their interest in neuroanatomy. Whether you are following a neuroscience course or just interested in the human brain and its structures, let this book guide you!

7. Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS: A Worktext, 2021 (MindTap Course List)

Author: by Mary Jo Bowie
Cengage Learning
608 pages

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Become proficient with the latest 2021 ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding guidelines and new 2021 ICD-10 codes using Bowies UNDERSTANDING ICD-10-CM AND ICD-10-PCS: A WORKTEXT, 2021 EDITION. This hands-on worktext is updated annually to ensure the latest coverage of today’s ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS diagnostic and procedural coding system.

New content presents codes for emerging issues, such as vaping and COVID-19. This edition’s easy-to-follow approach reinforces your understanding with proven learning features. You immediately apply what you’ve learned with professionally focused exercises in this edition, expanded actual coding assignments and real case studies.

Vivid color illustrations and digital links to medical research websites demonstrate how a thorough knowledge of anatomy and disease processes can increase coding accuracy. Use this trusted resource and accompanying MindTap online tools to prepare for certification exams as well as diagnostic and procedural coding success.

8. Learn Medical Terminology: Flash Card Activities, Instructional Videos, & Complete Guide To Master Medical Terms for Healthcare Professionals

Author: by NEDU
149 pages

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Includes Video Training, Flash Card Activities & More! Special Launch PriceGet access to the training by purchasing your copy today. In this book, you will learn: CHAPTER 1: Basic Word ElementsCHAPTER 2: Rules to Defining and Building Medical TerminologyCHAPTER 3: Types of PrefixesCHAPTER 4: Types of SuffixesCHAPTER 5: The Reproductive SystemCHAPTER 6: The Urinary SystemCHAPTER 7: The Digestive SystemCHAPTER 8: The Respiratory SystemCHAPTER 9: The Cardiovascular SystemCHAPTER 10: The Lymphatic System & ImmunityCHAPTER 11: The Endocrine SystemCHAPTER 12: The Musculoskeletal SystemCHAPTER 13: The Special SensesCHAPTER 14: The Nervous System and PsychiatryCHAPTER 15: The Integumentary SystemCHAPTER 16: Terms Related to Body Structures and OrganizationCHAPTER 17: ConclusionGet Your Copy Today – Order Now!

9. ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines Made Easy: 2021

Author: by Terry Tropin
185 pages

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Now includes January 2021 COVID-19 updates! ICD-10-CM updates effective October 1, 2020. New for this edition-Review quizzes to help the reader differentiate between codes for mother and baby, musculoskeletal system and injury, and poisoning, adverse effects, toxic effects and underdosing. This book was developed by a certified coding teacher to help her students and others understand the complicated and confusing coding guides.

It translates the guidelines into plain English and places them into tables for easy reference. See also Coding Made Easy books on PCS, External Causes, and E/M coding.

10. ECG/EKG Interpretation: An Easy Approach to Read a 12-Lead ECG and How to Diagnose and Treat Arrhythmias

Author: by Nathan Orwell

‎ 21495 KB

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NEW EDITION: Revised and Updated with new chaptersAre you curious about ECG/EKG and want to learn to read ECG/EKG for academic purpose? Would you like to hold up that next ECG and confidently interpret what you see? If so, then keep reading!

An EKG/ECG Interpretation is often the initial component of diagnostic testing available in the evaluation of a patient. A proper understanding of the EKG/ECG Interpretation allows early detection of important pathological and physiological issues. This book will completely transform your aspects at EKG interpretation, and we guarantee you that by the time you complete this guide with us, you’ll feel like a professional.

Whether you are learning to interpret Electrocardiograms, or if you simply want to better recognize your own diagnosis and results, this book will be able to help. This book provides a comprehensive information about ECG findings of inherited arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies.

Each topic covers a specific condition and highlights typical or critically important ECG findings. Knowing the fundamentals parts of an ECG tracing will lay a good foundation for everything else that is to come. The different waves, complexes and intervals need to be ingrained in your brain.

11. Buck's Step-by-Step Medical Coding, 2019 Edition

Author: by Elsevier
800 pages

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Take your first step toward a successful career in medical coding with guidance from the most trusted name in coding education! The bestselling Buck’s Step-by-Step Medical Coding is a practical, easy-to-use resource that shows you exactly how to code using all current coding sets.

Explanations of coding concepts are followed by practice exercises to reinforce understanding of the material. In addition to coverage of reimbursement, ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and inpatient coding, an Evolve website includes 30-day access to TruCode Encoder Essentials. No other text so thoroughly covers all coding sets in one source!

A step-by-step approach makes it easier to build your skills and remember the material. 30-day trial access to TruCode Encoder Essentials gives you experience with using an encoder (in addition to separate encoder practice exercises on the Evolve website). Learning Objective and glossary review questions are included at the end of each chapter.UNIQUE!

Concrete “real-life” coding reports (cleared of any confidential information) simulate the reports you will encounter as a coder and help you apply coding principles to actual cases. Instructor-led assessments on the companion Evolve website provide additional assessment options in classroom settings (answers and rationales provided at the discretion of your instructor).UNIQUE!

12. Dash Diet For Women Over 50: The Best Natural Solution To Intervene On High Blood Pressure. Food Tips To Keep The Arteries Young And Recipes To Lose Weight And Promote Cardiovascular Well-Being

Author: by Keli Bay
171 pages

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Want to Lose Weight While Keeping Your Blood Pressure in Check the Safe, Natural Way?Then Keep Reading! Are you struggling with dieting because most of the ones you’ve tried sent your blood pressure soaring? Want to learn expert-based tips, tricks, and recipes to stay healthy and fit naturally?

In the market for a comprehensive guide that’s going to address all your health and weight loss needs? You’re in the right place! Most women over 50 suffer from a range of health issues from compromised metabolisms to hypertension. And while most of these risks come with the territory of aging, they are still preventable.

With the right nutrition, women like you can enjoy weight loss and better heart health without putting yourself at risk. Some guides are geared towards a younger demographic, leaving more mature women with fewer options. And we know how that feels!

Lucky for you, there’s an awesome resource that can address your needs the natural and safe way. Introducing the Dash Diet for Women Over 50 by health expert and nutritionist Keli Bay! In Keli’s book, you will learn about why the DASH DIET is perfect for you and how you can harness its benefits!

13. Risk Adjustment Documentation & Coding

Author: by Sheri Poe Bernard Ccs-P Cdeo Cpc CRC
544 pages

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Risk-adjustment practices consider chronic diseases as predictors of future healthcare needs and expenses. Detailed documentation and compliant diagnosis coding are critical for proper risk adjustment. Risk Adjustment Documentation & Coding provides: – Risk adjustment parameters to improve documentation related to severity of illness and chronic diseases.

Code abstraction designed to improve diagnostic coding accuracy without causing financial harm to the practice or health facility. The impact of risk adjustment coding-also called hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding-on a practice should not be underestimated: – More than 75 million Americans are enrolled in risk-adjusted insurance plans.

This population represents more than 20% of those insured in the United States. Insurance risk pools under the Affordable Care Act include risk adjustment. CMS has proposed expanding audits on risk adjustment coding. Meticulous diagnostic documentation and coding is key to accurate risk-adjustment reporting.

14. PENICILLIN: The ultimate guide on how to treat fungi and bacteria infections

Author: by Ron Barrett

28 pages

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PENICILLIN The ultimate guide on how to treat fungi and bacteria infections This article has briefly but in-depth, talk about the various aspects of penicillin. Ranging from the uses, when it was first discovered, how it can be used, the BIO-SYNTHESIS and to mention a few.

It is a known fact that penicillin has helped in treating bacteria causing diseases and has saved lives for many years since it was first discovered. Order this book now by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now to get this book now

15. ATI TEAS 6 Full Study Guide: TEAS 6 Study Manual, 5 Full Length Practice Tests, 850 Realistic Questions, Online Flashcards Second Edition

Author: by Smart Edition

Smart Edition Media
389 pages

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The Smart Edition ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide 2019 was designed to offer significantly more value than any other study manual on the market. We work hard to provide you with the highest quality test prep materials at an affordable price. We sincerely hope we earn your trust to help you prepare for your exam.

We want to help you get into your nursing program so you can be the amazing nurse you were born to be!. Don’t pay the same or more for a study guide that offers you fewer resources than Smart Edition.

This is the ONLY study guide on the market that contains:5 full-length practice tests 850 realistic test questions Online flashcards. Practice TestsOne of the best ways to review for the ATI TEAS 6 exam is to spend as much time as possible practicing test questions.

Most study guide options offer 2 exams, maybe 3, but no other study guide offers you 5 full-length practice exams. You will find 2 practice tests in the book and an additional 3 tests online. Our online tests can be taken an unlimited number of times while some competitors only let you take the test once.

16. Levitra Complete Game: Complete Game

Author: by Susan Baker
51 pages

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