Best Nursing Gerontology Books

Here you will get Best Nursing Gerontology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. EKG | ECG Interpretation Made Easy: An Illustrated Study Guide For Students To Easily Learn How To Read & Interpret ECG Strips

Author: by NEDU
NEDU LLC (May 22, 2021)
156 pages

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Over 300 Illustrations Inside – Special Launch Price! Electrocardiograms (or ECGs) can seem very daunting when you first try to read them. There are so many squiggles, often visualized in six different “boxes” on the ECG interpretation page. You’ve been told that those squiggles mean something important about the heartbut what?

In this guide, you will understand how ECGs are performed, what they represent about the heart, and what it means to see something you don’t think is normal. Before you get into the hard stuffthe actual interpretation of ECGs, and what to do about what you’ve readyou’ll study the source of the ECG, which is the heart.

By reviewing what this important organ looks like and does every moment of your life, you’ll see how those ECG lines get generated and what exactly they mean. Then we’ll talk about how the ECG is generated and how you obtain an ECG.

What is the difference between a “rhythm strip” and a 12-lead ECG, for example? What is a P wave or a QRS complex? After you learn these, you’ll be ready to interpret what you see on an ECG reading. The rest of the guide gives you the tools to read any ECG and know what it means.

2. Ebersole and Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging

Author: by Theris A. Touhy DNP CNS DPNAP
Published at: Mosby; 5th edition (March 7, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0323401678

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Discover a wellness-based, holistic approach to older adult care. Ebersole & Hess’ Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging, 5th Edition is the only gerontological nursing text on the market that focuses on this thoughtful, organic method of care. Designed to facilitate healthy aging regardless of the situation or disease process, this text goes beyond simply tracking recommended treatments to addressing complications, alleviating discomfort, and helping older adults lead healthy lives.

Featuring an updated four-color design, additional information on long-term care, evidence-based practice boxes, safety alerts, expanded tables, and careful attention to age, gender, and cultural differences, Ebersole & Hess’ Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging is the most complete text on the market.

Focus on health and wellness helps you gain an understanding of the patient’s experience. Safety Alerts highlight safe practices and quality of care QSEN competencies. Careful attention to age, cultural, and gender differences helps you to understand these important considerations in caring for older adults.

3. Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults

Author: by Carol A Miller
656 pages

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Ensure the most effective wellness-oriented nursing care for older adults in any healthcare setting. Confidently deliver wellness-oriented care for older adults across a changing healthcare environment with the latest evidence-based coverage of gerontological nursing. Comprehensively revised and updated, Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults, Eighth Edition fosters your understanding of both the physiologic and psychosocial aspects of aging, as well as broader issues of cultural competence, legal matters, and ethical concerns.

Organized around the author’s proven Functional Consequences Theory for Promoting Wellness in Older Adults, this trusted text focuses on equipping you to work proactively with older adults to promote high levels of functioning and quality of life, despite the limitations associated with aging, disease, and related conditions.NEW!

Technology to Promote Wellness in Older Adults boxes familiarize you with technology-based interventions for promoting wellness in older adults.NEW! Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) coverage emphasizes strategies for working with other healthcare professionals in managing care of older patients.NEW! Global Perspective boxes illustrate proven international approaches to quality gerontological nursing.NEW!

4. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Q&A Review

Author: by Dawn Carpenter DNP ACNP-BC
398 pages

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The only book designed specifically to prepare students for the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AG-ACNP) exams, this unparalleled review details the step-by-step journey from classroom to patient room and beyond. This book begins with proven test-taking strategies for students and provides an overview of common pitfalls for exam takers.

It features question styles and content material from both the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) and American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) exams, providing an overview of the certification exams written specifically by the certification organizations themselves. With more than 630 unique questions, this review contains completely up-to-date and evidence-based exam preparation.

Practice questions are organized into body system review, special populations, and legal/ethical issues, and culminate in a 175-question practice test that represents the length, variety, and complexity of board exam questions. All questions’ answers have accompanying rationales based on clinical practice guidelines.

5. Gerontological Nursing

Author: by Charlotte Eliopoulos RNC MPH CDONA / LTC

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Awarded second place in the 2017 AJN Book of the Year Awards in Gerontologic Nursing. Prepare your students for successful gerontological practice! Focusing on the content that students need to know for effective practice, this text offers engaging, evidence-based coverage of the aging process, factors contributing to healthy aging, and unique aspects of disease presentation and management in older adults.

Updated to help students meet the challenges of this increasingly diverse population, the ninth edition retains its acclaimed holistic approach through insightful coverage of the psychosocial, legal, ethical, and spiritual elements of patient care. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NINTH EDITIONConcept Mastery Alerts improve students’ understanding of potentially confusing topics, as identified by Lippincott’s Adaptive Learning Powered by PrepU.

Consider This Case, Bringing Research to Life, Practice Realities, and Critical Thinking Exercises make concepts come alive and show students how the concepts they are learning are applied in real-life contexts. In-text learning aids including bolded key terms, communication tips, points to ponder, key concepts, and chapter summarieshelp students master important material.

6. Lubkin's Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention

Author: by Pamala D. Larsen
Jones & Bartlett Learning

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Lubkin’s Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention, Tenth Edition is an essential text for teaching nursing students the impact of chronic Illness on both patients and families. This is the only text of its kinds that truly addresses not only the physical aspects of chronic illness but the important psychosocial issues that individuals and families encounter on a daily basis.

The Tenth Edition takes an application to practice-based approach by covering impact and issues as well as interventions and outcomes. Each chapter employs a theoretical approach to the concept followed by an overview of the impact, nursing interventions and potential outcomes.

To bring this content to life for students, the text takes a personalized approach featuring real-life stories and scenarios focused on the individual’s experience with chronic illness. The journey of the author and her husband through cancer is chronicled throughout a number of chapters.

These feelings about the illness experience, and ultimately his death, are real and are excerpted from the author’s journal. Key Features: Mapped to all three levels of competencies (BSN, MSN and DNP) The Family Caregiving chapter outlines how family members care for their aging parents and relatives Vignettes and journal entries of patients and their caregivers talking about chronic illness Updated Evidence-Based Practice Boxes Instructor Resources: Case Studies Discussion Questions Test Bank PowerPoint Slides Instructor’s Manual

7. Basic Geriatric Nursing

Author: by Patricia A. Williams RN MSN CCRN
400 pages

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Prepare for a successful career in caring for geriatric populations! Williams’ Basic Geriatric Nursing, 7th edition is an easy-to-read text which presents the theories and concepts of aging along with appropriate nursing interventions. This comprehensive book helps you understand the unique physiologic and psychosocial changes that affect the elderly adult.

Threaded throughout this new edition are practical QSEN boxes and Nurse Alert features, which highlight safety, cultural considerations, health promotion, coordinated care, and home care specific to elderly patients. In addition, an online Study Guide, NCLEX-PN review questions, and real-world clinical situation boxes help you to study for exams and apply concepts to practice.

Coordinated Care boxes address such topics as restraints, elder abuse, and end-of-life care as related to responsibilities of nursing assistants and other health care workers who are supervised by LPN/LVNs. Clinical Situation boxes present patient scenarios with lessons for appropriate nursing care and patient sensitivity.UNIQUE!

8. Dr. Sebi Cure for Herpes: The 7 Most Effective Medical Herbs On How To Cure Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Naturally In Less Than 5 Days And Prevent Relapse. Includes Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet Plan

Author: by Samantha Plant
103 pages

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Imagine if you could get all of the practice you need from one study guide and score very high on the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Exam. This Adult-Gerontology study guide combines theory and practice questions so that students are fully prepared before writing the exam.

While other guides only provide around 100 questions, this guide has 450 questions along with answer explanations. There are 3 full-length tests included so that test takers will have enough practice before attempting the real exam. About Newstone Test PrepNewstone Test Prep provides test-takers with up-to-date test questions so that they are well prepared before taking the exam.

We take pride in our guides because they combine both theory and test questions. At Newstone Test Prep, we do not just compile test questions; we compile the same number of questions as the real exams, in the same format.

This has been a great help for past students because they were able to simulate the real exam while studying. Thousands of students have scored higher on their exams after using our study guides.

10. Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care

Author: by Kristen L. Mauk
Jones & Bartlett Learning

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Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care, Fourth Edition focuses on caring for the elderly by employing a holistic and inter-disciplinary approach. The Fourth Edition will feature a greater emphasis on healthy aging and continues to follow the framework of the Core Competencies of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the John A.

Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing. This framework allows students to learn and develop all aspects of nursing care in a familiar and structured learning platform. New to the Fourth Edition: New chapter on disaster preparedness Expanded content on nutrition, sexuality, dementia and care giving Coverage of nutrition and substance abuse

11. Gerontologic Nursing

Author: by Sue E. Meiner EdD APRN GNP-BC
672 pages

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Compassionately care for the aging population with Gerontologic Nursing, 6th Edition, uniquely known for its comprehensive coverage of the most common medical-surgical problems associated with older adults. Organized by body system for easy retrieval of information, it delves into health promotion and both basic and complex gerontologic concepts and issues.

This disorder-focused gerontologic nursing text features an enhanced focus on nursing management and care coordination across health care delivery settings. It emphasizes topics such as nutrition, chronic illness, emergency treatment, patient teaching, home care, and end-of-life care and includes the latest guidelines for mammograms, colonoscopies, pneumonia, and shingles vaccinations.

With the addition of new nursing theories, this edition offers a valuable framework for gerontologic care. Overview of age-related changes in structure and function included in all body system chapters. The most current standards and guidelines keep you in the know.

12. Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice, Sixth Edition

Author: by Marie Boltz PhD RN GNP-BC FGSA FAAN
920 pages

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Note to Readers: Publisher does not guarantee quality or access to any included digital components if book is purchased through a third-party seller. AJN Book of the Year 2016 First-Place Winner in Gerontological Nursing! The evidence-based protocols are designed as a primary reference and are useful, substantive, and timely….

The broader contributions of useful format and succinct review of the evidence make it likely that this text will continue to be the leading resource in nursing education and practice. The GerontologistAs a gerontological clinical educator/research nurse, I will often use this as a reference.

The format and the content are good, and the explanations of how to best use the evidence simplify the process of sifting through mountains of information to figure the best practice. Score: 97,*Doody’sThe newest edition of this distinguished reference in geriatric nursing delivers updated guidelines, new illustrative case studies, and the latest evidence-based protocols developed by leading researchers, educators, and practitioners in each topic area.

13. Better with Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging

Author: by Dr. Castel, Alan D.
August 1, 2018

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Age is an important number, but it can also be deceiving. After 40, most people say they feel younger than their years, some lie about their age, and many attempt to hide the signs of growing old. Better with Age addresses the many myths and paradoxes about the aging process.

Although most people think of their later years in terms of decline, they can be one of the best times in life. This book presents the latest scientific research about the psychology of aging, coupled with insights from those who have succeeded in doing it well, such as Maya Angelou, Bob Newhart, Jared Diamond, John Glenn, and John Wooden.

We are all aging, and many people are concerned about what to expect with advancing years. Retirement, happiness, and brain health are some of the many topics covered in this book. Better with Age shows what we can do now, at any stage in life, to make sure we enjoy old age.

14. Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals

Author: by David Haber PhD
536 pages

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This acclaimed text promotes healthy aging by demonstrating how health practitioners, program developers, and policymakers can prevent or manage disease and make large-scale improvements toward health and wellness in the older adult population. The eighth edition encompasses major new research that substantially updates previous recommendations.

It provides important new content on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the ACA; clinical preventive services; global aging; sexual health; saving for retirement; long-term care alternatives; and much more. Accessible and comprehensive, this text is supported by abundant tables, figures, and illustrations.

It describes practical strategiesincluding model community and government initiativesthat have proven markedly successful, as well as health-promotion tools, resource lists, assessment tools, and checklists. New trends such as green burials, LGBT aging, yoga, and dancing exercise regimens are also covered.

Additionally, each chapter features key terms, learning objectives, summary, and thought-provoking questions. An improved instructor package includes upgraded PowerPoints, a new test bank, sample syllabi, chapter summaries, discussion questions, chapter exams, and more. Purchase includes access to the ebook for use on most mobile devices or computers.

15. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Review Book: NP Certification Secrets Study Guide, Full-Length Practice Test, Nursing Review Video Tutorials: [2nd Edition]

Author: by Matthew Bowling
473 pages

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Mometrix Test Preparation’s Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Review Book: NP Certification Secrets Study Guide is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass their Nurse Practitioner Exam. The exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success.

Our study guide includes:Practice test questions with detailed answer explanationsStep-by-step video tutorials to help you master difficult conceptsTips and strategies to help you get your best test performanceA complete review of all NP test sectionsCore CompetenciesClinical PracticeProfessional RoleMometrix Test Preparation is not affiliated with or endorsed by any official testing organization.

All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners. The Mometrix guide is filled with the critical information you will need in order to do well on your NP exam: the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) expects you to have mastered before sitting for your exam.

16. Gerontological Nursing

Author: by Charlotte Eliopoulos RNC MPH CDONA / LTC
576 pages

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Focusing on the content that students need to know for effective practice, this text offers evidence-based coverage of the aging process, factors contributing to healthy aging, and unique aspects of disease presentation and management in older adults. Content is logically organized in five units that provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of the aging process and guide students through the complexities of gerontological care.

The tenth edition retains the text’s acclaimed holistic approach through insightful coverage of the psychosocial, legal, ethical, and spiritual elements of patient care, with updated content throughout to help students meet the challenges of a changing healthcare environment and an increasingly diverse population.

This edition also includes Next Generation NCLEX-Style Case Studies and Questions, which help students review important concepts and practice for the next generation NCLEX, as well as Unfolding Patient Stories that correlate directly to simulated patient scenarios in vSim for Nursing | Gerontology, which equip students with a consistent, realistic experience in patient interaction and enhanced preparation for practice.UPDATED!