Best Options Trading Books

Here you will get Best Options Trading Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Options as a Strategic Investment: Fifth Edition

Author: by Lawrence G. McMillan
ISBN: 978-0735204652
Published at: Prentice Hall Press; 5th edition (August 7, 2012)

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The market in listed options and non-equity option products provides investors and traders with a wealth of new, strategic opportunities for managing their investments. This updated and revised Fifth Edition of the bestselling Options as a Strategic Investment gives you the latest market-tested tools for improving the earnings potential of your portfolio while reducing downside riskno matter how the market is performing.

Inside this revised edition are scores of proven techniques and business-tested tactics for investing in many of the innovative new options products available. You will find: Buy and sell strategies for Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) A thorough analysis of neutral trading, how it works, and various ways it can improve readers’ overall profit picture Detailed guidance for investing in Preferred Equity Redemption Cumulative Stocks (PERCS) and how to hedge them with common and regular options An extensive overview of futures and futures options Written especially for investors who have some familiarity with the option market, this comprehensive reference also shows you the concepts and applications of various option strategies – how they work, in which situations, and why; techniques for using index options and futures to protect one’s portfolio and improve one’s return; and the implications of the tax laws for option writers, including allowable long-term gains and losses.

2. Investing QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Successfully Navigating the Stock Market, Growing Your Wealth & Creating a Secure Financial Future (QuickStart Guides™ – Finance)

Author: by Ted D. Snow CFP MBA
ClydeBank Media LLC
203 pages

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THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO INVESTING IN 2021! The ONLY investing book that is written by a CFP practitioner with 30+ years of investment experience helping others to invest wisely to achieve all of their financial goals in life. #1 AMAZON BEST SELLER IN STOCK MARKET INVESTING – 50,000 COPIES SOLD!

Do you want to learn how to create real wealth in the stock market? Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today! Do you want to learn how to create passive income and retire early? Then you NEED this book.

Buy now and start reading today! Do you want to learn how to day trade stocks and avoid costly mistakes that beginners make? Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today! Do you want to learn how to create financial freedom and live the life you deserve??

Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today! Best-selling author Ted D. Snow, CFP, MBA has a knack for making complex ideas clear while endowing his readers with a wealth of powerful new knowledge. Whether you are a newcomer to investing or a veteran looking for a fresh perspective, you will enjoy the unique and practical vision for investing success offered in the Investing QuickStart Guide.

3. Trading Options for Dummies (for Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))

Author: by Joe Duarte
For Dummies
416 pages

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A new edition of the trusted trading resource Updated with new facts, charts, and strategies to help investors beat today’s tough markets, Trading Options For Dummies helps you choose the right options based on your investing needs. It will show you how to weigh the costs and benefits, build a strategy to gain no matter the market conditions, and broaden your retirement portfolio with index, equity, and ETF options.

Because options cost less than stocks, they’re a versatile trading instrument. If you’re an investor with some general knowledge of trading but want a better understanding of risk factors, new techniques, and an overall improved profit outcome, Trading Options For Dummies is the book for you.

Protect your investments against a decline in market prices Increase your income on current or new investments Buy an equity at a lower price Benefit from an equity price’s rise or fall without owning it or selling it outright Trading options can be a great way to manage your risk, and this detailed reference gives you the expert help you need to succeed.

4. Option Volatility and Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques, 2nd Edition

Author: by Sheldon Natenberg
McGraw-Hill Education
592 pages

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WHAT EVERY OPTION TRADER NEEDS TO KNOW. THE ONE BOOK EVERY TRADER SHOULD OWN. The bestselling Option Volatility & Pricing has made Sheldon Natenberg a widely recognized authority in the option industry. At firms around the world, the text is often the first book that new professional traders are given to learn the trading strategies and risk management techniques required for success in option markets.

Now, in this revised, updated, and expanded second edition, this thirty-year trading professional presents the most comprehensive guide to advanced trading strategies and techniques now in print. Covering a wide range of topics as diverse and exciting as the market itself, this text enables both new and experienced traders to delve in detail into the many aspects of option markets, including: The foundations of option theory Dynamic hedging Volatility and directional trading strategies Risk analysis Position management Stock index futures and options Volatility contracts Clear, concise, and comprehensive, the second edition of Option Volatility & Pricing is sure to be an important addition to every option trader’s library-as invaluable as Natenberg’s acclaimed seminars at the world’s largest derivatives exchanges and trading firms.

5. Market Wizards, Updated: Interviews with Top Traders

Author: by Jack D. Schwager
512 pages

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The world’s top trader’s reveal the secrets of their phenomenal success! How do the world’s most successful traders amass tens, hundreds of millions of dollars a year? Are they masters of an occult knowledge, lucky winners in a random market lottery, natural born virtuosiMozarts of the markets?

In search of an answer, bestselling author Jack D. Schwager interviewed dozens of top traders across most financial markets. While their responses differed in the details, all of them could be boiled down to the same essential formula: solid methodology + proper mental attitude = trading success.

In Market Wizards Schwager lets you hear, in their own words, what those super traders had to say about their unprecedented successes, and he distils their responses down into a set of guiding principles you can use to become a trading star in your own right.

Features interviews with superstar money makers including Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones, Michel Steinhardt, Ed Seykota, Marty Schwartz, Tom Baldwin, and more Tells the true stories behind sensational trading coups, including the one about the trader who turned $30,000 into $80 million, the hedge fund manager who’s averaged 30 percent returns every year for the past twenty one years, and the T bond futures trader who parlayed $25,000 into $2 billion in a single day!

6. Mastering the Trade, Third Edition: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups

Author: by John Carter
McGraw-Hill Education
448 pages

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The go-to guide for launching a lucrative career in tradingfully updated for today’s turbulent marketsOne of today’s most successful traders, John F. Carter has made his popular guide more relevant and effective than ever. This new edition of Mastering the Trade includes the essential content that has made it a bestselling classic, and includes critical new information for making the best trading decisions in every situation.

Combining insightful market overview with trading strategies and concepts, Carter provides:Proven set-ups, with optimal markets and non-negotiable trading rules Exact entry, exit, and stop loss levels for swing and intraday trading Seven key internals, from Skew to VIX Pre-market checklist for analyzing recent market behavior Scanning techniques for pinpointing high-probability setupsEffective risk control techniques Methods for ensuring your computer runs at max speedTechniques for predicting market correctionsFrom valuable hardware and software to market mechanics, pivot points, and position sizing, Carter delivers a suite of tools for beating out the competition on a regular basis.

7. El inversor inteligente: Un libro de asesoramiento práctico (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Benjamin Graham
HarperCollins Espanol
624 pages

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A lo largo de los aos, la evolucin del mercado ha comprobado lo sabias que han sido las estrategias enseadas por Graham. A la vez que conserva la integridad del texto original, esta edicin revisada incluye comentarios actualizados del famoso periodista financiero Jason Zweig, cuya perspectiva incorpora las realidades del mercado presente, traza paralelismos entre los ejemplos de Graham y los titulares financieros actuales, y brinda a los lectores una comprensin ms plena de cmo hacer para aplicar dichos principios.

Fundamental e indispensable, El inversor inteligente es el libro ms importante que usted leer jams sobre cmo alcanzar sus objetivos en lo financiero.

8. Covered Calls for Beginners: A Risk-Free Way to Collect "Rental Income" Every Single Month on Stocks You Already Own

Author: by Freeman Publications
168 pages

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Stop settling for ever-decreasing dividend yields and bank CDs which pay less than 1%… And start making your investments work for you againIf you’re worried about the current market uncertainty, covered calls are your antidote to chaos. You can use them to generate safe returns, no matter what happens to your stock.

It’s like generating rental income on stocks you already own, even if those stocks don’t already pay dividends. Which is why with smart covered call writing, you can double your monthly cash flow. Making it the perfect income strategy, because you can use covered calls to create instant cash, with premiums paid directly into your brokerage account.

So you can use this smart, safe strategy to generate Synthetic Dividends on stocks that you already own. In fact you can make as much as 40% extra per year by writing covered calls compared to if you just bought and held the same stock.

Perfect for retirement investors. Covered calls aren’t risky when used correctly they actually decrease your risk and even the most conservative investors can benefit from adding covered call writing to their investment strategy. Even if you know nothing about options, this book will get you right up to speed.

9. OPTIONS TRADING: The 2021 CRASH COURSE (2 books in 1): The Comprehensive Guide for Beginners To Learn Options Trading and The Best Strategies, Including a Day Trading and Swing Trading Bonus Chapters

Author: by Andrew Swap
202 pages

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You are tired…Tired of working so many hours a day without having time for you, your hobbies and your family… Tired of working for a boss who asks more and more without rewarding you for what you deserve… You are seriously thinking about changing your job to change a life and make it a better one.

That is why you are surfing the net trying to find something different online; maybe options trading could make you turn life into something more interesting, something to start from to improve your financial situation. Probably you’re thinking, “Investing in financial markets is very risky.”The answer is no.

Or rather, not if you use options and the correct information only this bundle can give you. Learn how to use options to generate extra low-risk earnings; no matter what the market will do, you can earn from any situation!

Here is a part of what you’ll find inside:What Options Trading Is and How It Works, with a complete overview of all different types of options to help you choose the best for your needs. How to Choose the Best Broker that is crucial to trading in options correctly, minimizing risks, and avoiding a scam.

10. INTRINSIC: Using LEAPS to Retire Early

Author: by Mike Yuen
270 pages

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What if you had more time to do what matters most in life. Learn how to beat the market using options LEAPS and retire early. AWARDS2021 Axiom Business Book Award – Silver Medal2021 International Book Award (IBA) – Winner2021 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) – Gold MedalAMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS – Verified Purchase “Most valuable investing book on investing I own” – N.

Armstrong “Intensely factual and pragmatic resource” – bearkill “Financial chicken soup for the soul!” – kaicat “Recipe for early retirement” – Scott Lahman “Avoid the charlatans and check this book out” – DbThe clock is ticking for all of us.

There are only 24 hours or 1,440 minutes available in a daylife’s common denominator shared by all humans. Have you ever imagined what you would do if you were able to achieve financial freedom, retire early, and spend more time with who and what mattered most to you in life?

In January 2017, that’s exactly what INTRINSIC author Mike Yuen was able to do. Today, he spends his days with his family, and it has been priceless. Trading options LEAPS (Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities) in tech stocks such as AAPL, AMZN, FB, MSFT, and NFLX is what made this possible.

11. Trading Options Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profits

Author: by Dan Passarelli
Bloomberg Press
368 pages

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A top options trader details a practical approach for pricing and trading options in any market condition The options market is always changing, and in order to keep up with it you need the greeksdelta, gamma, theta, vega, and rhowhich are the best techniques for valuing options and executing trades regardless of market conditions.

In the Second Edition of Trading Options Greeks, veteran options trader Dan Pasarelli puts these tools in perspective by offering fresh insights on option trading and valuation. An essential guide for both professional and aspiring traders, this book explains the greeks in a straightforward and accessible style.

It skillfully shows how they can be used to facilitate trading strategies that seek to profit from volatility, time decay, or changes in interest rates. Along the way, it makes use of new charts and examples, and discusses how the proper application of the greeks can lead to more accurate pricing and trading as well as alert you to a range of other opportunities.

13. Stock Market Candlestick Handbook: A Visual Beginner's Guide To Stock Market Patterns, How To Read Candlestick Charts, & Increase Your Win Rate in 2021

Author: by Nick Russell
110 pages

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Want To Learn Dead Simple Techniques That Are Proven To Make Money In The Stock Market?Then Read On… Do you want to learn simple yet effective methods to making money in the stock market? Do you want easy to understand instructions, with pictures, that will help plan the perfect entry and exit points?

Are you ready to take advice from a successful trader with 20 years of experience? Then the Stock Market Candlestick Handbook is for you because it was written by a trader that once struggled to understand candlestick chart patterns too. Imagine being able to grow your bank account using only 1 hour of trading a dayImagine being able to look at a chart and pick your entries and exits like a proImagine being good enough to make trading your stay-at-home job, or just an easy side hustleWhy This Book Is DifferentThe Stock Market Candlestick Handbook is different because its easy to understand and full of high quality pictures.

You’ll Soon Discover How to easily read candlestick chart patterns using my own personal instructions and pictures. How to find sniper positions to enter and exit trades proven to dominate the market. More than 30 pro-trading tips that big banks don’t want us little guys to know about.

14. The Options Playbook: Featuring 40 strategies for bulls, bears, rookies, all-stars and everyone in between.

Author: by Brian Overby
September 11, 2009

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Get ready to sharpen your options game with the Options Playbook. The Options Playbook was created to demystify options trading and teach all types of investors different plays for all market conditions. Written by Brian Overby, Senior Options Analyst at Ally Invest, he’ll give you clear, easy-to-understand explanations of more than 40 of the most poplar option strategies broken down into a play-by-play format.

If you’re new to options, head over to the Rookie’s Corner for the basic definitions and concepts, common beginner mistakes to avoid and introductory plays to get your feet wet. For more experienced traders, Brian dives into an expanded section on implied volatility explaining how this handy variable can be used to find the potential range of the stock over the options life.

He provides a detailed section on pricing variables (Greeks) to help you understand how an option’s price is affected by changes in market conditions. Plus, you’ll learn how time decay and change in implied volatility can affect your trade after it’s in place and how to recover if things don’t go according to plan.

15. Study Guide for Options as a Strategic Investment 5th Edition

Author: by Lawrence G. McMillan
Prentice Hall Press

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This Study Guide for the Fifth Edition of Options as a Strategic Investment will help you maximize your understanding of options, thereby increasing your profits.

16. Positional Option Trading: An Advanced Guide (Wiley Trading)

Author: by Euan Sinclair
240 pages

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A detailed, one-stop guide for experienced options traders Positional Option Trading is a rigorous, professional-level guide on sophisticated techniques from professional trader and quantitative analyst Euan Sinclair. The author has over two decades of high-level option trading experience. He has written this book specifically for professional options traders who have outgrown more basic trading techniques and are searching for in-depth information suitable for advanced trading.

Custom-tailored to respond to the volatile option trading environment, this expert guide stresses the importance of finding a valid edge in situations where risk is usually overwhelmed by uncertainty and unknowability. Using examples of edges such as the volatility premium, term-structure premia and earnings effects, the author shows how to find valid trading ideas and details the decision process for choosing an option structure that best exploits the advantage.

Advanced topics include a quantitative approach for directionally trading options, the robustness of the Black Scholes Merton model, trade sizing for option portfolios, robust risk management and more. This book: Provides advanced trading techniques for experienced professional traders Addresses the need for in-depth, quantitative information that more general, intro-level options trading books do not provide Helps readers to master their craft and improve their performance Includes advanced risk management methods in option trading No matter the market conditions, Positional Option Trading is an important resource for any professional or advanced options trader.