Best Orchid Gardening Books

Here you will get Best Orchid Gardening Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Spring Scenes: An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Beautiful Spring Scenes, Cute Animals and Relaxing Country Landscapes

Author: by Coloring Book Cafe
Published at: Independently published (February 24, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8713186975

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New Release 2021: Unlock the magic of spring with this soothing and picturesque adult coloring book! 50% off for a limited time. Do you want to lose yourself inside a cute and exciting collection of springtime scenes? Are you searching for a way to celebrate the spring season and breathe life into adorable animals, flowers, cottages and more?

Then this book is for you! Specially crafted by Best-Selling brand of 100+ illustrated masterpieces, Coloring Book Cafe, this exquisite and whimsical coloring book will take you on an adventure into the beauty of the spring countryside, showcasing a collection of adorable farmyard animals, rolling hills and flourishing flowers, quaint country towns, and so much more!

Brimming with all the wonder of a springtime spent in the countryside, now you can cherish and celebrate this magical season with the joys of coloring. Perfect as a stress-reliever to help you beat anxiety and calm an overworked mind, the Spring Scenes Coloring Book will help you tap into the proven benefits of meditative mindfulness as you put your thoughts to rest.

2. Flowers Coloring Book For Adults: Beautiful Flower Designs for Stress Relief, Relaxation, and Creativity

Author: by Deena Stone
Published at: Independently published; Illustrated edition (July 31, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8671122497

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Discover a stunning flower-themed coloring book designed for stress relief and relaxation! Are you searching for a way to calm your mind and slip into a meditative trance? Or are you looking for an enjoyable and memorable coloring book to pass the time?Then keep reading!

Packed with a beautiful array of vibrant and intricate flowers, this delightful coloring book provides the perfect way to spark your inspiration and experience the relaxing benefits of coloring. With gorgeous roses, tulips, poppies, sunflowers, daisies, hydrangeas, and so much more, these amazing illustrations are great for anyone who wants to de-stress, relieve anxiety, and breathe life into flowers without ever having to step foot in the garden.

A brilliant gift for a coloring fan or gardener you know, these illustrations are specially designed to soothe your mind, help you focus, and awaken your inner artist. Plus, with so many different flowers inside, you’re bound to find something you’ll love!

Book details:Contains 30 Detailed, Professional-Quality Flower Illustrations Just Waiting For You To Color InPerfect For All Ages and Skill LevelsHelps You Experience Mindfulness, Stress-Relief, and Inner TranquilityLarge Page Size With High-Quality, Single-Sided PaperIdeal For All Pen, Pencil, and Crayon TypesMakes an Ideal Gift For Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Holidays, and More!

3. Gardening Under Lights: The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers

Author: by Leslie F. Halleck
Published at: Timber Press (June 26, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1604697957

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Gardening Under Lights details everything a gardener or hobbyist needs to know to garden indoors. Part One starts with the basics of photosynthesis, the science of light, and how to accurately measure how much light a plant needs. Part Two provides an overview of the most up-to-date tools and gear available.

Parts Three and Four offer tips and techniques for growing popular ornamental plants (orchids, succulents, bonsai, and more) and edible plants (arugula, cannabis, oregano, tomatoes, and more) independent of the constraints of volatile outdoor conditions. Gardening Under Lights is a highly-detailed, accessible guide for seed starters, plant collectors, and anyone who wants to successfully garden indoors.

4. Midnight Garden Coloring Book: Beautiful Flowers and Floral Designs In Midnight Coloring Books Featuring for Adults Stress Relief and Relaxation

Author: by Coco Wyo
Published at: Independently published (October 24, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8552542208

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Midnight Garden Coloring Book From Coco Wyo Publishing. Enjoy a wonderful botanical garden with beautiful plants and flowers in this delightful adult coloring book! Are you looking for a vibrant and beautiful coloring book to help you relax, destress, and relieve anxiety?

Want to learn about stunning botanical plants as you bring them to life with color? Then this book is for you! This wonderful coloring book features a vibrant botanical garden, packed with high-quality illustrations of roses, tulips, marigolds, hibiscus, hydrangea, orchids, blossoms, and so much more!

Why You Will Love this Book:Relaxing Coloring Pages. Every page you color will pull you into a relaxing world where your responsibilities will seem to fade away. Beautiful Illustrations. We’ve included 30 unique images for you to express your creativity and make masterpieces.Single-sided Pages.

Separately printed sheets to prevent bleed-through and allow you to easily remove and frame your favorites. Great for All Skill Levels. You can color every page however you want and there is no wrong way to color (even if you are a beginner).

5. Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Most Exotic Plants

Author: by William Cullina
Published at: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 1st edition (November 9, 2004)
ISBN: 978-0618263264

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Orchids are the largest family of plants in the world. With 30,000 known species, you could acquire a different orchid every day for eighty years and still not grow them all. Back in the realm of reality, readers of this beautiful book can quickly and easily find the orchids that are right for them – which ones will thrive on a windowsill, which prefer artificial lights, and which need a greenhouse; which are for beginners, which for experts.

And you can pinpoint the species within a particular genus that are the best ones to start with. Once you select your orchid, William Cullina’s authoritative guide explains what to do to keep it alive and healthy. Featuring more than two hundred color photographs, Understanding Orchids covers everything you need to know to grow orchids successfully, whatever your level of interest or experience.

With improved tissue-culture techniques making orchids more affordable, and the Internet making them readily available to consumers, growing orchids is more popular than ever: membership in the American Orchid Society has more than doubled in the last fifteen years. This is the book orchid fans have been waiting for.

6. The Orchid Whisperer: Expert Secrets for Growing Beautiful Orchids (Orchid Potting, Orchid Seed Care, Gardening Book)

Author: by Bruce Rogers
Published at: Chronicle Books; 46331st edition (May 9, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1452101286

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Orchids can bloom year after year. In this essential guide, Bruce Rogers, “The Orchid Whisperer”, shares his expert tips from more than three decades of breeding and growing orchids. The book demystifies the growing process and features more than 100 lush color photographs of breathtaking plants.

Best of all, it reveals professional secrets not found anywhere else for blooming, repotting, spotting hazards and pests, grooming, decorating, and much more. Perfect for beginners as well as orchid experts looking for new tricks, The Orchid Whisperer provides everything readers need to know to keep healthy orchids that will flower again and again!

7. 100 Beautiful Flowers Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book Featuring 100 Beautiful Flower Designs Including Succulents, Potted Plants, Bouquets, … and Many More! (Flower Coloring Books)

Author: by Coloring Book Cafe
Published at: Independently published; Illustrated edition (March 27, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8631465923

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Unleash your creativity and brush up on your botany skills with this delightful adult coloring book! Are you looking for 100 of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers? Want to practice relaxation while you breathe life and color into bountiful bouquets, wonderful wreaths, and spectacular succulents?

Then it’s time to try this coloring book! Specially crafted by Best-Selling brand of 100+ illustrated masterpieces, Coloring Book Cafe, you’ll be taken on a journey to explore a whopping 100 of the planet’s most amazing flowers. Packed with spring wildflowers, desert succulents and cacti, delightful winter florals, and plants from all over the world, you’ll learn to identify all of these flowers while you relax and lose yourself in the world of flora!

Every page has the name of each flower on the back, so you can supercharge your botany skills as you unlock your inner artist! The ideal gift for a flower-loving friend or family member, coloring is also scientifically proven to spur your creativity, help you focus and destress, and promote the countless healing benefits of meditative mindfulness to drastically boost your wellbeing.

8. Flowers Coloring Book For Adults Relaxation: Easy Adult Flowers Coloring Book And Simple Designs With Relaxing Flower | Catch Cute insects if you can.

Author: by Amanda Grace
Published at: Independently published (February 21, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8712083800

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Catch Hiddend Insects If You Can! Beautiful flowers and hidden insects! Imagine how fun it is when you coloring them away. Combined with hidden activity, this unique coloring book collects 50 beautiful and original flora pattern designs. It’s a must-have for you, if you are coloring book savvy.

It’s a perfect gift for your nature-loving friends. Birthday GiftsChristmas GiftsMeeting New Friends GiftsBFF GiftsFamily Gifts and much more…….. Buy today, and surprise your friends with this unique coloring book. Roll to the top and add it to your cart.


Flowers Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book with Flower Collection, Stress Relieving Flower Designs for Relaxation

Author: by Colormood Books
Published at: Independently published (July 25, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1082569944

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Welcome to a world of flowers. We have created something special for you. A beautiful coloring book with flower collection. If you enjoy coloring and want to escape the stress of daily life and relax, forgetting your troubles, this book is for you.

30 beautiful illustrationsEach image is printed on a separate page to prevent bleed-through. It’s a perfect GIFT for you, your friends and loved ones. We provide other books on variety of topics that you can access on our online store. Keywords: flowers, adult, coloring, book, floral, beautiful, relaxing, leisure, stress relief, beginner, expert, pencils, colors, elves, magic, bok, detailed, definition, patterns, colors, mandala, unique, gift, idea, relieve, relief, stress, relaxation, relax

10. Orchid Basics: Hints, tips & techniques to growing orchids with confidence

Author: by Sara Rittershausen
Published at: Hamlyn; Illustrated edition (April 3, 2018)
ISBN: 978-0600635321

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Elegant and exotic, the allure of orchids is undeniable and this practical guide will ensure that even the most nervous newcomer can grow them with confidence. With expert advice, clear instructions and step-by-step photographs, father and daughter team Brian and Sara Rittershausen explain all the techniques you will need to ensure that your orchids flourish every time.

There are hints and tips on watering, feeding and the optimum lighting and temperature conditions in which to grow your plants in addition to advice on propagation, hybridization and caring for orchids in pots. Also included is an extensive directory of all the specialized and popular orchid groups.

11. Happy Orchid

Author: by Sara Rittershausen
Published at: DK; Illustrated edition (April 16, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1465477019

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Proud new owner of a gorgeous orchid? Learn the essentials of buying orchids, orchid care, and how to keep it flowering beautifully year after year with this bite-size beginner’s guide. Did you know that many orchids hate being in direct sunlight?

Or that most orchids have a crucial dormant period when their care needs change? Happy Orchid dispels the myths around how to care for orchids, starting with a simple, step-by-step introduction that demonstrates all the essential growing techniques, including how to plant, what food to give them-orchids are fussy eaters!

And how to water and maintain humidity. Then discover more than 120 illustrated profiles of the most desirable orchids to grow: graceful Phalaenopsis, delicate Dendrobium, spectacular Cymbidium, and many more varieties. Each orchid profile lets you know exactly what it needs for optimum growth, including the best spot for them, how often they need repotting, and how to prolong flowering and encourage reflowering.

12. Orchids For Dummies

Author: by Steven A. Frowine
Published at: For Dummies (March 4, 2005)
ISBN: 978-0764567599

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Packed with photos, including 8 pages in full color Color your world with orchids Orchids are beautiful, fragrant, wonderfully varied, and surprisingly affordable. But aren’t they hard to grow at home?No! Says orchid grower extraordinaire Steve Frowine. In this handy guide, he shows you step by step how to select the right orchids, keep them healthy, encourage blooms, and even propagate your own plants.

Discover how to: * Select orchids that will thrive in your home * Water, fertilize, repot, and propagate orchids * Decipher complicated orchid names * Get familiar with favorite orchid varieties * Create spectacular orchid displays

13. The New Encyclopedia of Orchids: 1500 Species in Cultivation

Author: by Isobyl la Croix
Published at: Timber Press; Illustrated edition (August 21, 2008)
ISBN: 978-0881928761

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1500 orchid species are profiled in this authoritative, detailed, and carefully researched encyclopedia. Infinitely varied and hugely interesting, these strikingly beautiful plants are sumptuously illustrated with over 1000 photographs in a reference that no orchid lover can afford to be without. Isobyl la Croix is a scientist, plant hunter, and horticulturalist; her deep passion for orchids informs the plant selection and adds depth to the plant descriptions.

The cultivation advice includes information about the orchid’s native habitatincluding elevation, geography, and climate. Recent developments in DNA analysis have led to some surprising findings with regard to the relationships between orchids, and the author has undertaken an extensive effort to bring all orchid names up-to-date to reflect the latest scientific thinking and taxonomy.

From Acampe to Zygostates, no other serious reference approaches the depth and authority of this remarkable book.

14. The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

Author: by Susan Orlean
Published at: Ballantine Books; 13th edition (January 4, 2000)
ISBN: 978-0449003718

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK A modern classic of personal journalism, The Orchid Thief is Susan Orlean’s wickedly funny, elegant, and captivating tale of an amazing obsession. Determined to clone an endangered flowerthe rare ghost orchid Polyrrhiza lindeniia deeply eccentric and oddly attractive man named John Laroche leads Orlean on an unforgettable tour of America’s strange flower-selling subculture, through Florida’s swamps and beyond, along with the Seminoles who help him and the forces of justice who fight him.

In the end, Orleanand the readerwill have more respect for underdog determination and a powerful new definition of passion. In this new edition, coming fifteen years after its initial publication and twenty years after she first met the orchid thief, Orlean revisits this unforgettable world, and the route by which it was brought to the screen in the film Adaptation, in a new retrospective essay.

Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more. Praise for The Orchid Thief Stylishly written, whimsical yet sophisticated, quirkily detailed and full of empathy … The Orchid Thief shows [Orlean’s] gifts in full bloom.

15. The Book of Orchids: A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred Species from around the World

Author: by Mark W. Chase
Published at: University of Chicago Press; Illustrated edition (March 13, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0226224527

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One in every seven flowering plants on earth is an orchid. Yet orchids retain an air of exotic mysteryand they remain remarkably misunderstood and underappreciated. The orchid family contains an astonishing array of colors, forms, and smells that captivate growers from all walks of life across the globe.

Though undeniably elegant, the popular moth orchida grocery store standardis a bland stand-in when compared with its thousands of more complex and fascinating brethren, such as the Demon Queller, which grows in dark forests where its lovely blooms are believed to chase evil forces away.

There is the Fetid Sun-God, an orchid that lures female flies to lay their eggs on its flowers by emitting a scent of rancid cheese. Or the rare, delicate Lizard Orchid, which mimics the appearance of lizards but smells distinctly of goat.

The Book of Orchids revels in the diversity and oddity of these beguiling plants. Six hundred of the world’s most intriguing orchids are displayed, along with life-size photographs that capture botanical detail, as well as information about distribution, peak flowering period, and each species’ unique attributes, both natural and cultural.

16. The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids: The Art and Science to Grow Your Own Orchids (Kew Experts)

Author: by Philip Seaton
Published at: White Lion Publishing; Illustrated edition (January 21, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0711242807

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A combination of botanical beauty and practical advice in The Kew Gardener’s Guide to Growing Orchids will inspire beginners and experienced growers to love and grow 60 beautiful orchids in their homes, gardens and greenhouses. From sowing seed to planting a terrarium and creating a floral corsage, the projects will bring the world of orchids to life and produce confident, keen growers wanting to expand their experience of these exotic flora.