Best Origami Books

Here you will get Best Origami Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Easy Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)over 30 simple projects

Author: by John Montroll
Published at: Dover Publications; Illustrated edition (October 5, 1992)
ISBN: 978-0486272986

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Here are 32 simple projects that are a snap for beginners! There are illustrations and instructions for folding a hat, cup, and pinwheel. There are even more difficult models such as a penguin, pelican, and piano. The book also includes a swan, lantern, pigeon, fox, rabbit, and more.

You’ll be an expert in no time!

2. Origami Extravaganza! Folding Paper, a Book, and a Box: Origami Kit Includes Origami Book, 38 Fun Projects and 162 High-Quality Origami Papers: Great for Both Kids and Adults

Author: by Tuttle Publishing

Published at: Tuttle Publishing; Book and Kit edition (October 1, 2000)
ISBN: 978-0804832427

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Make dozens of fun and easy origami projects with this colossal origami kit. Origami Extravaganza! Has something for everyone. Whether you’re an origami beginner or an advanced paper crafter, this kit will keep you entertained with its variety of both traditional and modern origami models.

It is one of the most comprehensive origami kits available todaymeaning that if you’re only interested in buying one kit, this should be it. Paper folding models cover a wide range of topics from flowers and animals to elegant containers and celebratory designs.

The simple, straightforward instructions make it a fantastic origami-for-kids kit and an easy way to learn origami. After folding a few dozen projects, you will have a substantial base in the art of origami and should be able to create original origami pieces!

This easy origami kit contains: A full-colored 96-page booklet Clear step-by-step instructions Easy-to-follow diagrams Paper folding basics and tips 45 fun origami projects 162 sheets of authentic origami folding paper A variety of different colors and patterns Several foil folding sheetsThe array of origami creations in this kit is remarkablemaking it one of the most extensive origami kits available.

3. The Awesome Paper Airplane Book for Kids: Creative Designs and Fun Tear-Out Projects

Author: by Stefania Luca
Published at: Rockridge Press (February 9, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1646116935

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Let your creativity soar with paper airplanesfolding and flying fun for kids ages 6-9 Whoosh! Prepare for takeoffyou’re in for hours of high-flying, folding fun with these paper airplanes! Organized by airplane type and level of difficulty, this book is packed with 15 unique paper airplane designs for dart planes, wide-winged glider planes, and exciting stunt planes.

Get a crash course in airplane folding with step-by-step instructions and diagrams. Tear out and color the specially designed included paper, then fold your airplanes using the patterns on the paper to help you. Find hands-on help with how to launch each type of paper airplane, plus troubleshooting tips for problem planes.

This kid-friendly book of paper airplanes includes: Pilot in trainingSimple instructions and diagrams help you level up your folding and flying skills as you progress from an easy Classic Dart Plane to an impressive Around the World Loop Plane. Artistic airplanesMake each plane a work of art by coloring it in, and then fold along the lines to create your own fleet!

4. The Complete Book of Origami: Step-by-Step Instructions in Over 1000 Diagrams (Dover Origami Papercraft)

Author: by Robert J. Lang
Published at: Dover Publications; Illustrated edition (January 1, 1989)
ISBN: 978-0486258379

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Hours of enjoyment await with this big book of origami fun. Whether you’re an experienced paperfolder or you’re just entering the origami world, you’ll find 37 captivating models galore right here, in all their well-illustrated glory.Robert J. Lang, a veteran origami artist, accompanies his step-by-step directions with more than 1,000 detailed drawings, plus a photograph of the finished model.

Start with a kangaroo, a nun, a rocket, or a bust of King Tut. Advance to a dragonfly, a dinosaur, a winged Pegasus, or a cicada. By the end, you’ll be making action folds models with moving parts that re-create flapping birds, rowing ships, and fiddling violinists.

The author includes an introduction to the history of origami, plus helpful hints on tools and materials and a key to the folding symbols.

5. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass

Author: by Philip Pullman
Published at: Everyman's Library (December 6, 2011)
ISBN: 978-0307957832

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HIS DARK MATERIALS IS NOW AN HBO ORIGINAL SERIES STARRING DAFNE KEEN, RUTH WILSON, JAMES McAVOY, AND LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA! The only hardcover omnibus of the best-selling and award-winning fantasy trilogy. Philip Pullman’s trilogy is a masterpiece that transcends genre and appeals to readers of all ages.

His heroine, Lyra, is an orphan living in a parallel universe in which science, theology, and magic are entwined. The epic story that takes us through the three novels is not only a spellbinding adventure featuring armored polar bears, magical devices, witches, and daemons, it is also an audacious and profound reimagining of Milton’s Paradise Lost that has already inspired a number of serious books of literary criticism.Like J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.

Lewis before him, Pullman has invented a richly detailed and marvelously imagined world, complex and thought-provoking enough to enthrall adults as well as younger readers. An utterly entrancing blend of metaphysical speculation and bravura storytelling, His Dark Materials is a monumental and enduring achievement.

6. My First Origami Kit: [Origami Kit with Book, 60 Papers, 150 Stickers, 20 Projects]

Author: by Joel Stern
Published at: Tuttle Publishing; Book and Kit edition (July 9, 2013)
ISBN: 978-4805312445

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Winner of Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award* Children and beginners can make fun and simple origami projects with this playful origami kit. My First Origami Kit is the perfect, affordable introductory kit for kids and parents to learn and master the joys of origami together.

If you’ve never done origami before, My First Origami Kit is a great origami kit for beginners. It is filled with origami of all kindsbirds, beasts, vehicles, even a teddy bear that talks when you open and close its arms.

The folding fun begins with the specially designed origami papers. Both sides are decorated based on the subjectfeathers for the duck, metal plates for the airplane, scales for the cobra, and other surprises. You’ll end up with a great looking paper model no matter with which side you start.

You can add fun stickers to your finished modelsto make eyes, ears, paws, and other features. This easy origami kit contains:Full-colored instructional booklet Easy-to-follow instructions 22 origami-for-kids projects 150 detailed stickers 60 two-sided folding sheets Origami paper is pre-coloredThis kit is sure to keep kids engaged and happy for hours.

7. Origami for Kids: 20 Projects to Make Plus 100 Papers to Fold (Happy Fox Books) Fun and Creative Paperfolding Kit with Easy Fold Lines and Instructions for Bunnies, Crabs, Bugs, Dogs and More

Author: by Mila Bertinetti Montevecchi
Published at: Happy Fox Books; First edition (March 25, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1641240284

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This fun and creative origami kit for children is packed with activities designed to challenge kids’ minds and encourage creative thinking! 100 sheets of large format origami paper that’s easy for little hands to fold, mold, and shape 20 clever projects with step-by-step folding instructions for kids Fold lines are printed right on the illustrations to enable children aged 5-7 to easily create each project Projects for cute animals like bunnies, crabs, bugs, dogs and more QR codes for video tutorials of children folding the origami projects Children often become interested in origami, but the diagrams and explanations meant for grown-ups can sometimes be discouraging.

Enter Origami for Kids! Inside Origami for Kids, twenty easy-to-make projects with simple folding instructions are provided for fascinating bunnies, crabs, bugs, dogs and more. Fold lines are printed right on the illustrations to enable children aged 5-7 to easily create each origami all by themselves.

The book includes 100 sheets of high-quality, large format origami paper for hours of folding fun. Each project in Origami for Kids also features a QR code for quick access to a video tutorial of a young origamist folding the same piece.

8. Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

Author: by Chris Alexander
Published at: Workman Publishing Company; Illustrated edition (August 7, 2012)
ISBN: 978-0761169437

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Kids love origamiand what could be cooler than transforming a piece of paper into Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda, or R2-D2? And not just any paper, but custom-designed paper illustrated with art from the movies. Star Wars Origami marries the fun of paper folding with the obsession of Star Wars.

Like The Joy of Origami and Origami on the Go, this book puts an original spin on an ancient art. And like Star Wars Scanimation and Star Wars Fandex, it’s a fresh take on Star Wars mania. Chris Alexander is a master folder and founder of the popular website StarWarsOrigami.

Com, and here are 36 models, clearly explained, that range in difficulty from Youngling (easy) to Padawan (medium), Jedi Knight (difficult), and Jedi Master (tricky!. A front section introduces origami definitions and basic folds. Bound in the back is the book’s unique folding paper, two sheets for each figure.

Illustrated with original art, it makes each creationthe essential lightsabers, the Death Star, and much moretrue to the movies. Star Wars Origami includes a foreword by Tom Angleberger, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and Darth Paper Strikes Back, and is scheduled to be published at the same time as Angleberger’s upcoming book, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee.

9. The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book: Featuring the World Record-Breaking Design, with Tear-Out Planes to Fold and Fly

Author: by John M. Collins
Published at: Ten Speed Press; Csm edition (March 26, 2013)
ISBN: 978-1607743880

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A current world record holder. John Collins has appeared on Conan, Discovery, ESPN, Nat Geo, Science Channel, and the cover of the Wall Street Journal. In addition to the world record plane, this book features the coolest looking paper airplane from the movie, “Paper Planes”. The Star Fighter, in the lower right corner of the cover, plays a starring role in the movie.

It’s the wind tunnel tested, super plane that wins contest after contest for the villain. It’s easily the most dangerous looking plane in the movie. A collection of easy-to-fold paper airplane designs and innovative theories of flight, including the author’s Guinness World Record-breaking airplane.

Features 16 tear-out model planes. This is the book you saw on Conan. Will YOU be the next to break the WORLD RECORD? The first person to officially break the world record with John’s plane will get $1,000. Anything is possible with The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book, the newest collection of designs and theories of flight from John M.

10. Japanese Origami for Beginners Kit: 20 Classic Origami Models: Kit with 96-page Origami Book, 72 High-Quality Origami Papers and Instructional DVD: Great for Kids and Adults!

Author: by Vanda Battaglia
Published at: Tuttle Publishing; Box Pck Pa edition (October 27, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0804845434

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Make traditional, simple and fun papercraft models with this easy origami book and paper kit. The ancient art of origami originated in Japan, where it is steeped in traditional values. The 20 models presented in this kit include many with strong symbolic meanings, such as the carp, the frog and the crane, which symbolize longevity, good luck and perseverance.

Also included in this kit are paper models which have practical uses, such as a bag in which to store spices or powdered medications, the masu box for containing small gifts, and uniquely shaped notes with elaborate closures. The more playful side of origami is represented as well: the stylized sumo wrestler with realistic moves has entertained Japanese children for centuries, and the paper Samurai hat is a favorite of kids.

This origami kit contains: A full color, 96-page book Step-by-step folding instructions 20 classic origami projects 72 sheets of 6” x 6” folding papers Double-sided color 20 beautiful patterns Instructional DVD with 100 minutes of video tutorials Videos are also streamable or downloadable online Origami is an ideal activity for children since paper folding develops dexterity and creativity.

11. Incredible Origami: 95 Amazing Paper-Folding Projects, includes Origami Paper

Author: by Arcturus Publishing
Published at: Arcturus Publishing Limited; Csm Pap/Un edition (September 1, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1784288556

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Discover how to turn a simple square of paper into something incredible with this step-by-step guide to making beautiful origami models – from funky boats and gift boxes, to amazing animals and super-stylish fashion outfits. The perfect book for paper-folding fanatics aged 8 and above.

12. Mind-Blowing Modular Origami: The Art of Polyhedral Paper Folding: Use Origami Math to fold Complex, Innovative Geometric Origami Models

Author: by Byriah Loper
Published at: Tuttle Publishing; Paperback with Flaps edition (November 1, 2016)
ISBN: 978-4805313091

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Modular origami is the latest craze in paper folding! These three-dimensional models are created from many small pieces of paper that are easily folded and then cleverly fit together to form a spectacular shape. They range from paper polyhedra to bristling buckyballs that are reminiscent of sea urchinsto ornate flower-like spheres.

Each piece of paper is held by the tension of the other papersdemonstrating the remarkable hidden properties of paper, which is at the same time flexible but also durable! Author Byriah Loper has been creating modular origami sculptures for just five years, but in that time, he’s pushed the upper limits of the art form with some of the most significant, most complex geometric paper constructions ever assembled.

While many geo-modular origami artists focus on creating dense floral spheres, Byriah has pioneered the open, linear “wire frame” approach, which results in a very complex-looking model that reveals the interior of its form. He regularly exhibits his sculptures annually at the Origami USA convention in New York and was recently a featured artist at the “Surface to Structure” exhibition at the Cooper Union gallery in the East Village.

13. Origami Made Simple: 40 Easy Models with Step-by-Step Instructions

Author: by Russell Wood
Published at: Rockridge Press; Illustrated edition (April 14, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1646113118

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Spark a lifetime of creativity with a few sheets of paper! Discover the art of paper folding with Origami Made Simple. Featuring 40 classic and original origami models, complete with detailed diagrams and written instructions for every step, it’s the fastest way for you to start creating eye-catching paper sculptures.

If you’re new to origami, the iconic yet approachable designs in this book are a great way to hone your skillsand have a blast doing it. Start with straightforward models that take 10 steps or less and work your way up to more complex creations.

No matter the level of difficulty, every model is diagrammed for ease of use, with tricky folds highlighted and broken down into multiple steps. This origami book includes:Classic and contemporaryTry your hand at recognizable models, like Crane and Sailboat, as well as original designs, like Cobra and Teapot.

Tips and techniquesPay attention to tips that help you select the right paper, work through tough steps, and add your own creative twist. Symbol glossaryFind a comprehensive guide to standard origami symbols, as well as helpful info on how to read origami diagrams.

14. Amazing Origami Boxes

Author: by Tomoko Fuse
Published at: Dover Publications (April 18, 2018)
ISBN: 978-0486822464

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Simple but unique, an origami box represents the thoughts and feelings of its maker. Between the pleasure of paperfolding and the satisfaction of having a handmade item to use (or give!, the box forms a positive association for the maker (and between the giver and recipient).

In this guide, origami master Tomoko Fuse presents 20 original designs for origami boxes some simple, others more complex, all made from a single sheet of paper. Beautiful, full-color photographs accompany step-by-step instructions and diagrams for a splendid variety of completely functional boxes.

They range from conventional square and rectangular shapes to those in the form of a bird, a basket, a cat’s head, a flower, and other shapes. By varying the type of paper and color combinations, folders can create an endless variety of effects.

Suitable for origami enthusiasts of all skill levels, this guide promises hours of creative joy.

15. Karakuri: How to Make Mechanical Paper Models That Move

Author: by Keisuke Saka
Published at: St. Martin's Griffin (March 16, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0312566692

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Originally published in Japan, Karakuri is an introduction to the simple mechanisms, such as gears, cranks, cams, and levers, used to bring to life these amazing moving paper models or automata. Included are pull-out pages for you to use to construct your own moving models of the different types of gears.

These models serve as the basis for designing your own karakuri or may just be admired on their own. Detailed explanations, accompanied by diagrams, explain the physics behind how karakuri move and operate, so you really learn about the properties of the different types of gears and cams.

And to inspire you, also included are four fun, full-color karakuri models designed by the author, a well-known paper engineer. Printed on pull-out pages and easily assembled, the projects include a whimsical tea-serving robot, an amusing penguin perched on an iceberg and trying to fly, a delightful peek-a-boo-playing teddy bear, and a mesmerizing train that goes around on a track and through a tunnel!

16. Star Wars Origami 2: 34 More Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. . . .

Author: by Chris Alexander
Published at: Workman Publishing Company (October 13, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1523508730

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A paper-folding adventure in a galaxy far, far away! Make Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, BB-8, ships, droids, and more! Combining the mythic power of Star Wars with the fun of origami, here is everything you need to create a collection of characters, creatures, Jedi starfighters, and those very special objectslike Kylo Ren and Rey’s lightsabersimbued with a galaxy of meaning.

Ingeniously designed by origamic master Chris Alexander, each of the 34 projects includes illustrated step-by-step instructions and a photograph of the finished model. Includes:A primer on origami definitions, symbols, and how to make the basic folds72 sheets of specially printed folding paper, plus step-by-step folding directions for 34 projects to foldEverything you need to make lovable porgs, the unfathomably evil Supreme Leader Snoke, Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon with its graceful lines, and so much more