Best Polymer Clay Books

Here you will get Best Polymer Clay Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Sell Your Crafts Online: The Handmaker's Guide to Selling from Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, Influencers and More

Author: by James Dillehay
Warm Snow Publishers
124 pages

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Are you bewildered about how to market your handmade products online? Discover step-by-step, how makers and artisans succeed selling on e-commerce sites working from home. Has your online sales presence failed to produce the income you’re seeking? As an artisan featured in The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur Radio, marketing pro James Dillehay’s thirty years of experience has made him a master of turning small projects into six-figure enterprises.

Now he’s here to teach you how to position your arts and crafts head-and-shoulders over the crowd of competitors. Sell Your Crafts Online is a one-of-a-kind blueprint for finding success and generating profitable returns in the highly lucrative world of e-commerce.

Between helpful how-to’s and checklists, Dillehay’s proven strategies will speed your landing your passion projects in every buyer’s shopping cart. By following his user-friendly approach, your hard work will reach wider audiences ready to invest in your talent. In Sell Your Crafts Online, you’ll learn:Pro tips for selling on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, eBay, with ShopifyDiscover how to sell from Facebook shops, Instagram, and PinterestHow to post your product listing on multiple channels at the same timeMethods for using SEO to draw in shoppers looking for products like yoursHow to price your pieces online to earn top dollarWays to pitch to influencers so your products secure social media attention and much, much more!

2. How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell: Successful Craft Business Ideas for Pricing on Etsy, to Stores, at Craft Shows & Everywhere Else

Author: by James Dillehay
132 pages

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Are your handmade goods struggling to find buyers? Learn effective tactics to make that cash register ring. Are your sales humming, but you’re operating in the red? Are you making high-quality items but can’t seem to move enough product? Is your current online store failing to attract customers?

With decades of experience as a master craftsman and educator, savvy marketer James Dillehay’s work has been featured in shops and galleries, at competitive shows, and online on Etsy and Amazon. Now he’s here to share how he cracked the code on what to charge, and how to package your merchandise for maximum profitability.

How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell is a modern-day roadmap for rate-setting strategies in the competitive handmade-products industry. With oodles of real-world examples, Dillehay’s time-tested techniques will help you refine your presentation and understand your market to hit the monetary sweet spot.

And by following his commonsense approach, the fruits of your labor will reach an excited audience eagerly clamoring for your next masterpiece. In How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell, you’ll discover:Innovative ways to make your handcrafted wares stand out over other sellersHow to set prices higher while keeping shoppers clicking that buy buttonLogical approaches to position one-of-a-kind items in the premium dollar rangeTax secrets to help you maximize your home business deductionsMethods for spotting trends to skyrocket profits, and much, much more!

3. Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way: 50 Fantastically Fun Projects

Author: by Dani Banani
Rock Point
144 pages

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Let Dani Banani of the popular Etsy shop FunUsual Suspects show you how to make 50 kawaii creations out of inexpensive and easy-to-find polymer clay. Kawaiithe culture of cuteness, originating in Japanis everywhere, and it’s time to join the cuteness revolution with these amazingly fun projects.

Just follow the simple step-by-step photos and instructions to create darling characters, ranging from small trinkets to larger home accessories, including:25 itty-bitty and ridiculously cute charms, earrings, brooches, and figurines of Popsicles, macarons, French toast, waffles, bacon and eggs, donuts, tacos, sloths, unicorns, and more.

15 adorable midsize pieces, such as plant holders, desk accessories, and ring holders in the shapes of llamas, hedgehogs, whales, jellyfish, and more. 10 large showstopper pieces, such as a rainbow soap dish, fairy garden, penguin tic-tac-toe game, and robot paper clip holder.

With information to get you started, including techniques on softening the clay, color mixing, and baking, Crafting Cute will have you delightfully sculpting in no time.

4. Polymer Clay for Beginners: Inspiration, techniques, and simple step-by-step projects for making art with polymer clay (Art Makers, 1)

Author: by Emily Chen
Walter Foster Publishing
128 pages

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Start making beautiful crafts from polymer clay! Art Makers: Polymer Clay for Beginners is your step-by-step guide to making trinkets, animals, plants, and more using this fun, easy, and kiln-free craft. Polymer Clay for Beginners introduces artists, art hobbyists, and polymer clay enthusiasts to the versatile, accessible polymer clay medium.

Because polymer clay does not require the use of a kiln and needs only baking in the oven, it is an easy, approachable art form for even the most inexperienced artist to learn, as well as kids, families, teachers, and anyone else looking for a fun, boredom-busting hobby or craft.

Professional artist and owner of Cat Bear Express, Emily Chen, demonstrates how to make adorable animal figurines, flowers, cookies, cakes, beads, and more through easy step-by-step projects. Each project features colorful, styled photographs demonstrating how finished pieces can be used, displayed, and gifted.

A comprehensive tools and materials section and detailed information on techniques, baking, and glazing guide artists in their quest to become polymer clay pros. A modern approach to sculpture art, polymer clay is the perfect choice for beginners and crafting enthusiasts.

5. Clay Play! Animal Favorites (Dover Children's Activity Books)

Author: by Terry Taylor

80 pages

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Full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow directions explain basic techniques as well as every step of the crafting process for 29 clay projects a sloth, flamingo, narwhal, llama, panda, zebra, unicorn, koala, elephant, and other cute critters. Each project includes a list of materials consisting of colored clay and ordinary household items.

The step-by-step instructions feature numerals corresponding to color photos that provide helpful examples. Crafters of all ages will adore these fun-filled projects, which make charming keepsakes and unique gifts.

6. The Polymer Clay Techniques Book

Author: by Sue Heaser
128 pages

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Discover the wealth of creative possibilities that versatile and colorful polymer clay has to offer. Here are all the techniques you need to create oven-clay projects: buttons, beads, jewelry, figurines, boxes, mosaics, and frames. The book begins with some basic techniques to get you started, including rolling, baking, and gluing.

It then moves on to marbling effects, simulating textiles, making frames, building miniature pots, and creating faux stones. Inspirational examples of work from some of the best polymer clay artists in the world will fire your imagination and provide ideas for developing your own designs.

7. My Recipes: The XXL do-it-yourself cookbook to note down your 120 favorite recipes (letter format)

Author: by Creative Journals Network
133 pages

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The DIY cookbook to note down your 120 favorite recipes. Simply a great recipe book to write in your own recipes and capture all your cooking secrets. Table of contents to keep an overview of your recipes120 lovingly designed pages for your recipes and notesExtra space for more notes at the end of the bookLetter format / approx.A4 (8.

5 x 11 inches / 21,6 cm x 27,9 cm)The perfect gift for your friends, boyfriend or girlfriendKey words: blank cookbook to write in, blank cookbook to write my recipes in, blank cookbooks for family recipes, blank recipe binder for recipe cards, blank recipe binder kit, blank recipe binder to write in, blank recipe book binder, blank recipe book cute, blank recipe book for desserts, blank recipe book for men, blank recipe book hardcover, blank recipe book spiral bound, blank recipe book to write in binder, blank recipe book to write in cute, blank recipe book to write in for men, blank recipe book to write in hardcover, blank recipe book to write in with tabs, blank recipe book with tabs, blank recipe books binder, blank recipe books cute, blank recipe books for desserts, blank recipe books for men, blank recipe books hardcover, blank recipe books spiral bound, blank recipe books to write in binder, blank recipe books to write in cute, blank recipe books to write in for men, blank recipe books to write in hardcover, blank recipe books to write in spiral bound, blank recipe books to write in with tabs, blank recipe books with tabs, blank recipe journal hardcover, blank recipe journal to write in, blank recipe journal with tabs, blank recipe notebook, blank recipe pages for 3 ring binder, cookbook for own recipes, create your own recipe book, empty cookbook binder, empty cookbook for desserts, empty cookbook for men, empty cookbook for recipes binder, empty cookbook hardcover, empty cookbook with tabs, empty cookbook to write my recipes in, empty cookbook to write in, empty recipe binder for recipe cards, empty recipe binder kit, empty recipe binder to write in, empty recipe binder with cards, empty recipe binder with tabs, empty recipe book binder, empty recipe book cute, empty recipe book for desserts, empty recipe book for men, empty recipe book hardcover, empty recipe book to write in binder, empty recipe book to write in cute, empty recipe book to write in for men, empty recipe book to write in hardcover, empty recipe book to write in spiral bound, empty recipe book to write in with tabs, empty recipe book with tabs, empty recipe books binder, empty recipe books cute, empty recipe books for desserts, empty recipe books for men, empty recipe books hardcover, empty recipe books spiral bound, empty recipe books to write in binder, empty recipe books to write in cute, empty recipe books to write in for men, empty recipe books to write in hardcover, empty recipe books to write in with tabs, empty recipe books with tabs, empty recipe journal hardcover, empty recipe journal to write in, empty recipe journal with tabs, empty recipe notebook, make your own recipe book, personal cookbook to write in, recipe book blank binder, recipe book for own recipes hardback, recipe books for own recipes hardback, recipe box and cards, recipe cards and box set, recipe cards floral, recipe notebook for own recipes, write your own recipe book, recipe keeper book, recipe keeper binder, recipe keeper journal, recipe keeper notebook, recipe keepsake book, recipe keepsake binder, recipe keepsake journal, recipe keepsake notebook, empty recipes book blank, empty recipes book journal, cookbook journal for recipes, cookbook notebook blank, cookbook to write my recipes in hardcover, cookbook to write in recipes, recipe book journal, recipe journal notebook, recipe journal blank cookbook to write in, recipe notebook to write in your own recipes

8. Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers: The Complete Technique Guide

Author: by Sue Heaser
192 pages

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Experience metal clay like never before. Going far beyond most other metal clay books currently available, Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers covers basics and much more. Inside, you’ll explore a range of techniques including forming hinges and beads; working with paper clay; adding gemstones, glass, and ceramics; and syringing, burnishing, texturing, and using patinas.

You’ll discover stunningly showcased silver and base metal clays perfected in soft clay, paper, and paste forms. Sue also covers the materials that are often used in conjunction with metal clay, including embellishments, stones, and findings. After covering materials, Sue dives right into techniques, from the basics to specific advanced techniques.

She explores the use of additional materials as well-applying resin, mounting stones, enameling, engraving and more. A section on zero waste-how to conserve and reuse expensive metal clay remnants-completes the how-to section. Packed with more than 500 photographs, this book will give you a clear guide to both the process and end product or effect.

9. Creative Polymer Clay: Over 30 techniques and projects for contemporary wearable art

Author: by Heidi Helyard
144 pages

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Sculpt fascinating creatures! Explore the world of clay and learn to create the dramatically beautiful forms of some of the most fearsome and awe-inspiring creatures your imagination can conjure. Ranging from ferocious dragons to regal griffins to magnificent underwater beasts-they’re all here!

Inside you will learn simple techniques for creating realistic individual parts of fantasy creatures. Wings, horns and bodies-everything is covered here. Then you will discover innovative ways for assembling those parts to form characters straight from your imagination! From start to finish, you’ll learn everything from brainstorming creature ideas to making the armature and building the body with clay to baking and mounting the creature onto a base.

Everything you need to know to build your very own mythological menagerie! So immerse yourself in these easy-to-learn demonstrations and practice the skills necessary to create realistic wings, paws, scales, fur, facial expressions, poses and so much more! 65 step-by-step demonstrations Create a sculpture from start to finish Stunning galleries of finished sculptures, including dragons, a steampunk bird, a fiery dog and more

11. Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book

Author: by Papeterie Bleu
72 pages

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GIFT IDEAS | COLORING BOOKS FOR GROWN-UPS | HUMOR “Teaching is the Best Contraceptive in the World.”-The Snarky MandalaYou’ve molded play dough and minds and guided lessons and lives. You’re a coach, counselor, and cape-less hero who deserves endless thanks and a starting salary of ten million dollars a year.

When inspiring and shaping the future of the world gets to be too much, flip open this Coloring Book for Grown Ups for some laughs and love! #Teacherlife is the best life!Happy Coloring! Product Details:Premium matte-finish cover designPrinted single-sided on bright white paperPerfect for all coloring mediumsHigh quality 60 lb paper stockLarge format 8.5″ x 11.0″ pages

12. One Line a Day, Five Years of Memories: Blue Marble Ink, A Five Year Memoir, 6×9 Dated and Lined Diary (Memoir notebook)

Author: by Panda Studio
368 pages

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Our newly designed collection of One Line a Day: Five Years of Memories is here! This beautifully designed diary allows you to track the moments of your life day by day during 5 years! With it you are assured your precious memories will be safe.

Let’s record the beautiful story of your life in just one line a day! PRODUCT DETAILSDimensions: 6×9 inches (15.2×22. 8 cm); Cover: Thick Cardstock Matte Cover; 368 PagesThis Memoir Belongs to on the 1st page; An Inspirational Quote on the 2nd page; Beautifully designed date on each page; 365 daily entries appear five times on each page, just fill in the year beside each daily entry.P.S.

It makes the perfect gift for anyone in the family at any age or buy it for yourself and ensure your memories are never forgotten. Durable and elegantly designed, this diary is sure to be a treasured addition to any desktop, bedside or bookshelf!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us. Just write a customer review. We hope you’ll enjoy our specially designed journals! Discover more journals, planners, guest books and notebooks just search for “Panda Studio” in the Books section. Visit our Panda Studio author page – beautiful, colourful, and trendy journals, notebooks, planners and guest books are awaiting you there!

13. Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures

Author: by Katherine Dewey
Potter Craft
144 pages

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Katherine Dewey’s expressive and elegantly detailed sculptures enchant all who see them. With the magical medium of polymer clay and this book, you can follow in her footsteps. Thorough instructions supported by more than 400 step-by-step color photos and 200 detailed drawings cover the entire process of sculpting realistic figures.

Easy-to-read maps of the figure illustrate the landmarks of the body, while scale diagrams indicate the simple shapes hidden within the human form, as well as how to combine and model those shapes. For anyone who loves fantasy, romance, natureor sophisticated craftingthis book is a must-have.

14. Natural History: Gift & Creative Paper Book Vol.72 (Multilingual Edition) (Gift & Creative Paper Books) (English, Spanish, French and German Edition)

Author: by Pepin Van Roojen
16 pages

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PEPIN gift and creative paper books all contain 4 pages of introduction and 12 large sheets of very high-quality wrapping paper. They can easily be removed from the books by tearing them along a perforated line. The wrapping papers are folded to fit into the book; when removed and opened they measure 50 cm x 70 cm (19 inch x 27 inch; a standard size for gift wrapping papers).

Depending on the theme, we have selected a suitable light-weight paper quality. For example, papers with designs in gold, silver or bronze are printed on silky art paper on which the inks show to their best advantage. Designs with an antique or hand-made feel are printed on high-quality creamy offset paper.

PEPIN papers make your gift package look very special. In addition, our papers are suitable for scrap booking and all sorts of craft projects. Each volume contains 12 different, exceptional designs.

15. Making Mini Food: 30 Polymer Clay Miniatures

Author: by Lynn Allingham
208 pages

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Now you can indulge in your love for pizza, cake, burgers and ice cream without putting on any weight! With these sumptuous miniature polymer clay food projects you can enjoy all of your favorite treats without any guilt at all.

30 polymer clay miniature projects clear step-by-step instructions beautiful photography includes an extensive techniques section Making Mini Food includes projects are split into three sections based on experience level, and an extensive primer on tools and techniques will tell you everything you need to know to embark on creating these adorable, intricate projects.

16. Sculpting the Figure in Clay: An Artistic and Technical Journey to Understanding the Creative and Dynamic Forces in Figurative Sculpture

Author: by Peter Rubino
192 pages

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A comprehensive guide for sculptors looking to recreate the human body using clay, from the author of The Portrait in ClayIn Sculpting the Figure in Clay, acclaimed portrait bust sculptor Peter Rubio teaches a master class in the essentials of figurative sculpture.

In this intensive, all-inclusive guide, he introduces students to a natural, straightforward geometry that will help them become masters at forming figures of clay. Rubino’s unique approach utilizes a geometric system consisting of blocks, simple shapes, and guidelines that instruct students in a new and instinctive sculptural style, With these easy-to-follow instructions and informative concepts, students will see figures as the basic shapes beneath the form as well as learn vital approaches such as BLT: Bend, Lean, and Turn, to create evocative expression, and the Three Ps: Position, Proportion, and Plans, for accurate representation.

Other topics include: The Fundamentals of the Clay Torso Observing the Model Essential Materials and Tools Sculpting the Female Torso from the Live Model Sculpting the Reclining Figure from the Live Model Sculpting the Hand, Foot, and Lower Arm Plus Many Photographic Reference Poses for Continued Study This unparalleled resource is the definitive guide to figurative sculpture.