Best Primatology Books

Here you will get Best Primatology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training: How to Ditch Diapers Fast (and for Good!)

Author: by Jazmine McCoy
Published at: Zeitgeist; 1st edition (July 28, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0593196663

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Potty train your child confidently, quickly, and successfully-even as a first-time parent! Are you nervous about potty training? Worried that you don’t know enough to see it through to the end? Concerned that you don’t have enough time to devote to it?

This positive, practical, easy-to-follow guide is here to help. By approaching potty training with a proven program, first-time tips and tricks, the right tools, and a confident mindset, you can cross dirty diapers off your endless to-do list and celebrate your child’s transition to the toilet.

Here’s everything you need to know to get your child out of diapers once and for all! The First-Time Parent’s Guide to Potty Training features: An easy, step-by-step, 3-day program for ditching diapers, including nap and nighttime training, day care strategies, and on-the-go potty training Troubleshooting advice for accidents, backsliding, temper tantrums, and more Guidance for your child if they’re anxious, willful, or simply reluctantYou can potty train your child, and this book will guide you and cheer you on every step of the way.

2. How to Become a Veterinarian: What They Do, How To Train, Daily Life As Vet, Is It Really The Right Career For You?

Author: by Susanna Lee
Published at: Independently published; Illustrated edition (November 4, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1705361788

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The Most Up-to-Date, Comprehensive and Fun Guide to Becoming a Vet – Over 100 pages This fact-pact and enlightening book covers everything kids need to know about becoming a vet. It also gives a realistic view of what daily life is like as a vet – the challenges and triumphs.

My name is Susanna Lee and recently my daughter Monica, who has a passion for animals, asked me to help her find information on becoming a vet. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a book that contains up-to-date information and gives a real insight into what it takes to become a vet.

Most importantly, I wanted my daughter to be able to decide for herself if veterinary medicine was truly the career for her based on getting the most rounded picture possible – the good, the bad and everything in between. So being a journalist and writer for over 20 years, I took up the challenge to create that missing book!

In How to Become a Veterinarian, I share the latest practical information available, but also offer a human perspective on life as a vet and what it’s really like to work towards that goal. This book covers: A History Of Veterinary Practice The Different Types of Vets Training to be a Vet Qualifications You Will Need What Veterinary Students Are Taught Life as a vet Is Veterinary Medicine the Right Career for You?

3. In the Shadow of Man

Author: by Jane Goodall
Published at: Mariner Books; 50th Anniversary of Gombe edition (April 7, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0547334165

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World-renowned primatologist, conservationist, and humanitarian Dr. Jane Goodall’s account of her life among the wild chimpanzees of Gombe is one of the most enthralling stories of animal behavior ever written. Her adventure began when the famous anthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey suggested that a long-term study of chimpanzees in the wild might shed light on the behavior of our closest living relatives.

Accompanied by only her mother and her African assistants, she set up camp in the remote Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve in Tanzania. For months the project seemed hopeless; out in the forest from dawn until dark, she had but fleeting glimpses of frightened animals.

But gradually she won their trust and was able to record previously unknown behavior, such as the useand even the making of tools, until then believed to be an exclusive skill of man. As she came to know the chimps as individuals, she began to understand their complicated social hierarchy and observed many extraordinary behaviors, which have forever changed our understanding of the profound connection between humans and chimpanzees.

4. Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey

Author: by Jane Goodall
Published at: Grand Central Publishing; pages Tight, Some Pages Stained edition (October 1, 2000)
ISBN: 978-0446676137

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From world-renowned scientist Jane Goodall, as seen in the new National Geographic documentary Jane, comes a poignant memoir about her spiritual epiphany and an appeal for why everyone can find a reason for hope. Dr. Jane Goodall’s revolutionary study of chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe preserve forever altered the very, definition of humanity.

Now, in a poignant and insightful memoir, Jane Goodall explores her extraordinary life and personal spiritual odyssey, with observations as profound as the knowledge she has brought back from the forest.

5. The Hoopa Project

Author: by David Paulides
Published at: Hancock House Publishers; 2nd B&W Ed. edition (November 6, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0888390158

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In the tradition of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, Robert Sapolsky, a foremost science writer and recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant, tells the mesmerizing story of his twenty-one years in remote Kenya with a troop of Savannah baboons. I had never planned to become a savanna baboon when I grew up; instead, I had always assumed I would become a mountain gorilla, writes Robert Sapolsky in this witty and riveting chronicle of a scientist’s coming-of-age in remote Africa.

An exhilarating account of Sapolsky’s twenty-one-year study of a troop of rambunctious baboons in Kenya, A Primate’s Memoir interweaves serious scientific observations with wry commentary about the challenges and pleasures of living in the wilds of the Serengetifor man and beast alike.

Over two decades, Sapolsky survives culinary atrocities, gunpoint encounters, and a surreal kidnapping, while witnessing the encroachment of the tourist mentality on the farthest vestiges of unspoiled Africa. As he conducts unprecedented physiological research on wild primates, he becomes evermore enamored of his subjectsunique and compelling characters in their own rightand he returns to them summer after summer, until tragedy finally prevents him.

7. Mama's Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves

Author: by Frans de Waal
Published at: W. W. Norton & Company; Reprint edition (March 10, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0393357837

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A New York Times Bestseller and winner of the PEN / E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award “Game-changing.” Sy Montgomery, New York Times Book ReviewMama’s Last Hug is a fascinating exploration of the rich emotional lives of animals, beginning with Mama, a chimpanzee matriarch who formed a deep bond with biologist Jan van Hooff.

Her story and others like itfrom dogs adopting the injuries of their companions, to rats helping fellow rats in distress, to elephants revisiting the bones of their loved onesshow that humans are not the only species with the capacity for love, hate, fear, shame, guilt, joy, disgust, and empathy.

Frans de Waal opens our hearts and minds to the many ways in which humans and other animals are connected. 16 pages of black and white illustrations

8. American Cryptids: In Pursuit of the Elusive Creatures

Author: by Kenney W. Irish
Published at: Beyond The Fray Publishing (March 4, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1954528017

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Welcome to the United States of Cryptids… Please enjoy your stay! Each year across the United States, there are mysterious and unexplainable firsthand encounters by average people. These encounters beg the question, do monsters exist? From east to west across the US, professionals are actively researching these encounters to prove once and for all that these creatures do exist.

American Cryptids takes you on a journey across the country, visiting each state along the way. On this adventure, renowned ‘cryptopunkologist’, Kenney W. Irish, details historical data of each state, details Native American lore and chilling creature encounters with such cryptids as Sasquatch, Mothman, and Champ the Lake Champlain Monster to name a few.

9. Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex among Apes

Author: by Frans de Waal
Published at: Johns Hopkins University Press; 25th anniversary edition (September 30, 2007)
ISBN: 978-0801886560

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The first edition of Frans de Waal’s Chimpanzee Politics was acclaimed not only by primatologists for its scientific achievement but also by politicians, business leaders, and social psychologists for its remarkable insights into the most basic human needs and behaviors.

Still considered a classic, this edition is a detailed and thoroughly engrossing account of rivalries and coalitionsactions governed by intelligence rather than instinct. As we watch the chimpanzees of Arnhem behave in ways we recognize from Machiavelli (and from the nightly news), de Waal reminds us again that the roots of politics are older than humanity.

10. Tribal Bigfoot

Author: by David Paulides
Published at: Hancock House Publishers; 2nd (B&W reprint) edition (November 6, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0888390219

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Further research into Middle America bigfoot sightings indicates a strong connection between bigfoot and Native Americans, and witness descriptions show a strong human likeness. The latest research from the author of the groundbreaking The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California named 2008 Bigfoot Book of the Year by Cryptomundo.Com.

Dave Paulides brings his law-enforcement investigative and analytical skills to an expanded area of research: the counties in Northern California that have reported the greatest numbers of bigfoot occurrences, and beyond to Minnesota and Oklahoma. Gaining access to many people who have never discussed their bigfoot experiences publicly before now, the author obtains intriguing details that broaden our perception of the elusive creature; and his subsequent analysis leads to the discovery of a strong and consistent link between bigfoot and the Native American community.

The expert interview and artistic skills of forensic artist Harvey Pratt help to define the creatures described by the witnesses – – once again with astonishing and illuminating results. The presentation of startling new forensic evidence indicates that there truly is an as-yet-unidentified primate living in the wilds of North America, and the author hints at new data on the horizon that will finally provide the tantalizing truth about the existence of bigfoot in North America.

11. Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide

Author: by Robert Michael Pyle
Published at: Counterpoint; Illustrated edition (August 15, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1619029378

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The inspiration for the film The Dark Divide starring David Cross and Debra Messing, one of America’s most esteemed natural history writers takes to the hills in search of Bigfootand finds the wildness within ourselves. Awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to investigate the legends of Sasquatch, Yaletrained ecologist Dr. Robert Pyle treks into the unprotected wilderness of the Dark Divide near Mount St. Helens, where he discovers both a giant fossil footprint and recent tracks.

On the trail of what he thought was legend, he searches out Indians who tell him of an outcast tribe, the Seeahtiks, who had not fully evolved into humans. A handful of openminded biologists and anthropologists counter the tabloids Pyle studies, while rogue Forest Service employees and loggers swear of a vast conspiracy to deepsix true stories of unknown, upright hominoid apes among us.

He attends Sasquatch Daze, where he meets scientists, hunters, and others who have devoted their lives to the search, only to realize that these guys don’t want to find Bigfootthey want to be Bigfoot! Since its original publication, the author’s fresh experiences and finds have been added to his original work through an updated chapter.

12. The Discovery of the Sasquatch

Author: by John Bindernagel
Published at: Beachcomber Books (January 1, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0968288719

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In The Discovery of the Sasquatch, biologist John Bindernagel reconsiders much of the prevailing knowledge regarding the sasquatch. Illustrating evidence which contradicts the widely held perception of the sasquatch as merely a cultural phenomenona myth, hallucination, imaginary being, misidentified bear, or hoaxhe explains why criteria such as testability, consistency, predictive power, and simplicity actually support an alternative hypothesis: the sasquatch as an extant mammal.

The Discovery of the Sasquatch offers important understanding of both the strengths and weaknesses of Science as it is practiced in the modern world a book that will, I believe, take its place beside the works of Thomas Kuhn and Michael Polanyi as a lasting contribution to philosophy of science.” David A.Walsh, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Southern California”John Bindernagel has given us a closely argued, cogent, convincing explanation why the evidence has not brought widespread acknowledgment that sasquatches are extant.

13. Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe

Author: by Jane Goodall
Published at: Mariner Books; 50th Anniversary of Gombe edition (April 7, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0547336954

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Through aWindow is the dramatic saga of thirty years in the life of an intimately intertwined communityone that reads like a novel, but is one of the most important scientific works ever published. The community is Gombe, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, where the principal residents are chimpanzees and one extraordinary woman who is their student, protector, and historian.

In her classic In the Shadow of Man, Jane Goodall wrote of her first ten years at Gombe. In Through a Window she brings the story up to the present, painting a more complete and vivid portrait of our closest relatives.

We watch young Figan’s relentless rise to power and old Mike’s crushing defeat. We learn how one mother rears her children to succeed and another dooms hers to failure. We witness horrifying murders, touching moments of affection, joyous births, and wrenching deaths.

In short, we see every emotion known to humans stripped to its essence. In the mirror of chimpanzee life, we see ourselves reflected.

14. Can You Find My Shoe?: A Zoo Adventure for Ages 3-7

Author: by Patty Lennox
Published at: Jumping Juniper Press (August 20, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1733399500

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A shoe is lost at the zoo, and hilarity ensues! Why are children so drawn to this adventurous rhyming story? Because they love to be in on the joke! One day in the summer I went to the zoo,And somehow or other I lost my right shoe!

A fun adventure, engaging rhythm and rhyme, and an unlikely culprit keep children giggling all the way to the end of the story, where a delightful discovery is made. If you’re planning to have a fun day at the zoo,You might want to bring along one extra shoe!

Grab yours now and join in on the fun!

15. CLEP® Biology Book + Online (CLEP Test Preparation)

Author: by Laurie Ann Callihan Ph.D.
Published at: Research & Education Association; Third Edition, Revised (January 17, 2013)
ISBN: 978-0738611020

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Earn College Credit with REA Test Prep for the CLEP Biology Exam Everything you need to pass the exam and move ahead with your education or career. CLEP is the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program in the United States, accepted by more than 2,900 colleges and universities.

For over two decades, REA has helped students pass the CLEP exam and earn college credit while reducing their tuition costs and avoiding extra debt. Our CLEP test preps are perfect for adults returning to college (or attending for the first time), military service members, high-school graduates looking to earn college credit, or home-schooled students with knowledge that can translate into college credit.

There are many different ways to prepare for the CLEP exam. What’s best for you depends on how much time you have to study and how comfortable you are with the subject matter. Our test prep for CLEP Biology and the free online tools that come with it, will allow you to create a personalized CLEP study plan that can be customized to fit you: your schedule, your learning style, and your current level of knowledge.

16. The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon

Author: by Thom Powell
Published at:
Hancock House Publishers (October 3, 2003)
ISBN: 978-0888395528

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Bigfoots ARE The Locals.They live here. They were here before we humans showed up on the continent and they will likely outlast us. This is a bigfoot book yet it probes much deeper than a simple treatment of the hackneyed question of Does Bigfoot Exist?

This book delves into such questions as why bigfoots exist, why they behave as they do, and why they have not yet been, and may never be dragged into the spotlight of science and the media. And don’t look to science for answers, because science is currently unequipped to shed any light on this profound anthropological mystery.

The author’s personal experiences in investigation and experimentation of the bigfoot hypothesis are chronicled. Frightening and humorous personal experiences are detailed in the manner of the genre we know of as the bigfoot book. We have a lot to learn about The Locals and there is even more we could learn from The Locals.