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1. The Messiah: An Oratorio for Four-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Soli and Piano

Author: by G. F. Handel
Published at: G. Schirmer, Inc.; unknown edition (November 1, 1986)
ISBN: 978-0793505074

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THE MESSIAH, Handel’s most successful and best known oratorio, was composed in the year 1741 in twenty four days, from August the 22d to September the 14th. It was first performed at a concert given for charitable purposes at Dublin, Ireland, on April the 13th, 1742, Handel conducting the performance in person.

As the centuries have passed, a considerable number of vocal scores have, of course, been made after Flandel’s partition; notably that by Dr. Clarke (Whitfield Clarke, 1809)., and a later one by Vincent Novello. Their value, however, was more or less doubtful, their character being rather that of transcriptions in pianoforte style, with not infrequent arbitrary or capricious aberrations, than a faithful and exact reduction of the orchestral score.

Neither have the more recent editions of vocal scores based on the Mozart orchestra score, with its many contrapuntal charms, quite fulfilled expectations, as they materially increased the difficulty of the piano part. Hence, a vocal score which should be in every way reliable and practical has become a matter of prime necessity.

2. The Oratorio Anthology: The Vocal Library Soprano

Author: by Richard Walters
Published at: Hal Leonard; 60176th edition (October 1, 1994)
ISBN: 978-0793525058

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(Vocal Collection).Contents: Bach: Cantata No. 21 (Seufzer, Thranen, Kummer, Noth) * Cantata No. 68 (Mein glaubiges Herze) * St. Matthew Passion (Blute nur, du liebes Herz, Ich will dir mein Herze schenken) * St. John Passion (Zerfliesse mein Herze, Ich folge dir gleichfalls) * Christmas Oratorio (Nur ein Wink von seinem Handen) Beethoven: Christus am Olberge (Preist, der Erlosers Gute) Faure: Requiem (Pie Jesu) Handel: Jephtha (Tune the soft melodious lute) * Joshua (Oh!

Had I Jubal’s lyre) * Judas Maccabaeus (O liberty, thou choicest treasure) * Messiah (Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion, I know that my Redeemer liveth, If God be for us) * Samson (Let the bright Seraphim) Haydn: The Creation (With verdure clad, On mighty pens) * Die Jahreszeiten (Welche Labung fur die Sinne) * Stabat Mater (Quis non posset) Mendelssohn: Elijah (Hear Ye, Israel) Mozart: Mass in C Minor (Laudamaus te) * Vesperae Solennes de Confessore (Laudate Dominum) Pergolesi: Stabat Mater (Cujus animam gementum, Vidit suum dulcem natum) Purcell: Come Ye Sons of Art (Bid the Virtues, bid the Graces) Rossini: Stabat Mater (Inflammatus et accensus) Vivaldi: Gloria (Domine Deus).

3. German Requiem in Full Score

Author: by Johannes Brahms
Published at: Dover Publications; Paperback Edition (November 1, 1987)
ISBN: 978-0486254869

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This edition of Brahms’ greatest, most ambitious vocal work is reprinted from the definitive edition of the composer’s works, prepared by Breitkopf & Hrtel of Leipzig. Inexpensive but sturdily constructed to provide years of pleasurable use, this full score combines all the musical parts in a clear, readable format, with wide margins, large noteheads, and many other helpful features.

Brahms conducted the first major performance of the German Requiem in Bremen Cathedral in April 1868. The occasion attended by many distinguished musicians, among them Clara Schumann provided the 34-year-old composer with his first great public success. Scored for mixed chorus, solo voices, and full orchestra, the Requiem reflects Brahms’ virtuosic grasp of nineteenth-century vocal technique as well as the polyphonic vocal traditions of the previous three centuries.

Above all, it radiates Brahms’ stalwart individuality, technical mastery, and stirring emotional appeal, which were soon to secure his unique position in the musical world. More than a century after its debut, this masterpiece of choral music is one of the most performed and recorded works in the repertoire of religious music.

4. St. Matthew Passion in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)

Author: by Johann Sebastian Bach
Published at: Dover Publications; Reprint edition (February 1, 1990)
ISBN: 978-0486262574

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One of the most performed and recorded of Bach’s major works, the St. Matthew Passion has been a focal point of concert seasons and festivals around the world for over 150 years. First performed in the late 1720s, it is a drama of epic grandeur, long considered the noblest, most inspired musical treatment of the story of the crucifixion of Christ.

Bach set the text, based on two chapters from the Gospel of St. Matthew, using a large ensemble of two choruses, soloists, and two orchestras. The full score is reprinted here from the fine edition prepared by the Bach-Gesellschaft. Although the St. Matthew Passion is often held to be the apotheosis of Lutheran church music, this magnificent oratorio reaches out to its audience in the language, form, and spirit of opera.

Richly dramatic and theatrical, following the general form of Baroque opera, it unfolds its deeply moving story in recitatives, ariosos, arias, chorales, and mighty choral movements. This finely produced score offers music lovers the opportunity at a price far lower than comparable editions to follow performances score in hand, and to gain a more intimate knowledge of the rich musical textures of this great masterwork.

5. Messiah in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)

Author: by George Frideric Handel
Published at: Dover Publications; 58353rd edition (August 1, 1989)
ISBN: 978-0486260679

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The best-known and most beloved large-scale musical work in the English-speaking world, Messiah was first performed in Dublin over 200 years ago to benefit local charities. Since that time, it has given millions of performers their primary experience in singing classical music.

Today it is the supreme example of the English oratorio. A meditation on the life of Christ, the work is a brilliant amalgam of traditional Italian opera, English anthem, and German Passion. Reprinted from the authoritative edition prepared by noted musical scholar Alfred Mann, this inexpensive, full-score edition will be welcomed by students, musicians, singers, and music lovers who will want to study and savor every detail of this glorious masterpiece.

6. The Oratorio Anthology: The Vocal Library Mezzo-Soprano/Alto

Author: by Richard Walters
Published at: Hal Leonard (October 1, 1994)
ISBN: 978-0793525065

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(Vocal Collection).Contents: Bach: Qui sedes, ad dextram, Agnus Dei (Mass in b minor) * Bluss und Reu, Erbarme dich, mein Gott, Konnen Tranen meiner Wangen (St. Matthew Passion) * Von den Stricken meiner Sunden, Est ist vollbracht (St. John Passion) * Bereite dich, Zion, Schlafe, mein Liebster, Schliesse, mein Herze, dies selige Wunder (Christmas Oratorio) Dvorak: Inflammatus et accensus (Stabat Mater) Handel: Virgam virtutis (Dixit Dominus) * Father of Heaven (Judas Maccabaeus) * O thou that tellest good tidings, He was despised, But who may abide, Thou art gone up on High (Messiah) Haydn: Fac me vere (Stabat Mater) Mendelssohn: Woe unto them who forsake him, O rest in the Lord (Elijah) Mozart: Laudamus te (Mass in c minor) Pergolesi: Quae moirebat et dolebut, Eija mater fons amoris, Fac ut portem Christi mortem (Stabat Mater) Purcell: Vouchsafe, O Lord (Te Deum) Rossini: Agnus Dei (Messe Solennelle) * Fac ut portem (Stabat Mater) Verdi: Liber scriptus (Requiem) Vivaldi: Esurientes implevit (Magnificat) * Qui sedes (Gloria).

7. The Oratorio Anthology: The Vocal Library Baritone/Bass

Author: by Richard Walters
Published at: Hal Leonard (October 1, 1994)
ISBN: 978-0793525089

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(Vocal Collection).Contents: C.P.E. Bach: Fecit potentiam (Magnificat) J.S. Bach: Quia fecit (Magnificat) * Et in spiritum sanctum (Mass in b minor) * Gerne will ich, Komm susses Kreuz, Mache dich mein Herze rein (St. Matthew Passion) * Betrachte, meine Seele (St. John Passion) * Grosser Herr (Christmas Oratorio) Berlioz: O misere des rois!

(L’enfance du Christ) Faure: Hostias (Requiem) Handel: Revenge, Timotheus cries (Alexander’s Feast) * Behold the monstrous human beast (Belshazzar) * See, the raging flames arise (Joshua) * Arm, arm, ye brave (Judas Maccabaeus) * But who may abide the day of his coming?, The people that walked in darkness, Why do the nations so furiously rage together?, The trumpet shall sound (Messiah) * Thy glorious deeds, Honor and arms (Samson) Haydn: Rolling in foaming billows, Now heaven in fullest glory shown (The Creation) * Schon eilet froh der Ackersman, Erblicke hier, betorter Mensch (Die Jahrezeiten) Mendelssohn: For the mountains shall depart, Is not his word like a fire?, Lord God of Abraham, It is enough (Elijah) * O God have mercy (St. Paul) Puccini: Crucifixus (Messa di Gloria) Rossini: Pro peccatis (Stabat Mater) * Quoniam (Messe Solennelle) Verdi: Confutatis (Requiem).

8. Requiem in Full Score (Latin Edition)

Author: by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Published at: Dover Publications; unknown edition (December 1, 1989)
ISBN: 978-0486253114

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The Requiem was not only one of Mozart’s most inspired works, it was one of his last. It was commissioned in the summer of 1791 to memorialize the deceased wife of Count Walsegg-Stuppach, an amateur musician who was in the habit of ordering works from composers and presenting them as his own compositions.

But his dubious patronage arrived only weeks before the rapid decline in Mozart’s health that would end in the composer’s death by the year’s end. At the invitation of Mozart’s widow, one of the master’s pupils worked from oral instructions and sketches to finish the nearly completed work.

In the centuries since, Mozart’s Requiem has come to be embraced as a masterpiece of vocal composition. One of the most recorded and performed standards of the repertoire, here reprinted in an authoritative edition, it combines the voices of orchestra, chorus, and soloists into a deeply moving, elegiac work of great intensity.

9. Mozart Requiem KV 626 – Vocal Score

Author: by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Published at: Barenreiter; BA04538-90 edition (January 1, 2017)
ISBN: 979-0006450152

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The Requiem, completed by Franz Xaver Sssmayr, in its traditional form Mozarts final work, the Requiem K. 626, was left incomplete and it is fraught with questions and emotions: the expressive depth of its music, sorrow at the great composers early death, truth and legend, fragments and attempts to complete the work.

The completion of the fragmentary score by his assistant Franz Xaver Sssmayr, who helped him with The Magic Flute, has the character of a historical source with utmost closeness to Mozarts thoughts. The completed Requiem score, published in the New Mozart Edition, serves as the basis for this vocal score edition which now appears in a revised form and newly engraved.

Minor corrections have been made to the musical text, the vocal parts have been made easier to read and the piano accompaniment easier to play. Christoph Wolff, an authoritative Requiem connoisseur has supplied a Foreword with a clear and concise account of the works genesis and its musical features.

10. Requiem, Op. 48: SATB with SB Soli (Orch.) (Latin, English Language Edition) (Kalmus Edition) (Latin Edition)

Author: by Gabriel Fauré
Published at: Alfred Music (March 1, 1985)
ISBN: 978-0769245027

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Written between 1887 and 1890, Gabriel Faure’s setting of the requiem is a departure from traditional structure. Faure said the following of his work: “It has been said that my Requiem does not express the fear of death and someone has called it a lullaby of death.

But it is thus that I see death: as a happy deliverance, an aspiration towards happiness above, rather than as a painful experience.” This score represents the choral portion of the Requiem, each voice on a separate staff, including solos, with both Latin and English text.

The book is 75 pages, including an orchestra reduction for either piano or organ accompaniment by Malcolm Binney. Includes: Introit et Kyrie * Offertoire * Sanctus * Pie Jesu * Agnus Dei * Libera Me * In Paradisum.

11. The Oratorio Anthology: The Vocal Library Tenor

Author: by Richard Walters
Published at: Hal Leonard (October 1, 1994)
ISBN: 978-0793525072

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(Vocal Collection).Contents: C.P.E. Bach: Quia fecit mihi magna (Magnificat) J.S. Bach: Deposuit potentes (Magnificat) * Benedictus (Mass in b minor) * Geduld, wenn mich falsche Zungen (St. Matthew Passion) * Ach, mein Sinn (St. John Passion) * Frohe Hirten, eilt, ach eilet (Christmas Oratorio) Beethoven: Meine Seele ist erschuttert (Christus am Olberge) Bruckner: Te ergo quesumus (Te Deum) Gounod: Sanctus (St. Cecilia Mass) Handel: Gentle airs, melodious strains!

(Athalia) * The enemy said (Israel in Egypt) * Waft her, angels (Jephtha) * Sound an alarm! (Judas Maccabaeus) * Comfort ye, my people, Ev’ry valley shall be exalted, Behold, and see if there be any sorrow, But Thou didst not leave His soul in Hell, Thou shalt break them (Messiah) * Total eclipse (Samson) Haydn: In native worth (The Creation) * Hier steht der Wand’rer nun (Die Jahrezeiten) * Fac me cruce custodiri (Stabat Mater) Mendelssohn: If with all your hearts, Then shall the righteous shine forth (Elijah) * Strikke des Todes (Lobegesang) * Sei getreu bis in den Tod (St. Paul) Puccini: Gratias agimus tibi (Messa di Gloria) * Domine Deus (Messe Solennelle) Rossini: Cujus animan (Stabat Mater) Saint-Saens: Domine, ego credidi (Oratorio de Noel) Verdi: Ingemisco (Requiem) Vivaldi: Peccator videbit (Beatus Vir).

12. Britten – War Requiem, Op. 66: The Masterworks Library (Boosey & Hawkes Masterworks Library)

Author: by Benjamin Britten
Published at: Boosey & Hawkes (June 1, 2004)
ISBN: 978-0851621982

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(Boosey & Hawkes Scores/Books). Words from the Missa pro defunctis and the poems of Wilfred Owen. Other scores available: Vocal (48009029), SATB Choral (48009030), Boy’s Chorus (48009031). Orchestral performance materials available on rental from Boosey & Hawkes.

13. Requiem in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)

Author: by Gabriel Fauré
Published at: Dover Publications; Reprint edition (August 24, 1992)
ISBN: 978-0486271552

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Among the most widely performed choral works in the repertoire, the Faur Requiem is generally considered the greatest achievement of its highly influential French composer. Written in memory of Faur’s father, the work was first performed at La Madeleine in 1888.

Although it did not attain immediate popularity, the Requiem’s clarity, balance, serenity, and ethereal beauty eventually won it many admirers. Critics have been especially impressed by the way in which the score conveys great emotional power with scrupulous economy of means.

Today, Faur’s Requiem enjoys enormous popularity with concert-goers and lovers of sacred music all over the world. Now you can enjoy the complete masterpiece in this attractive, inexpensive volume, reprinted from an authoritative French edition. It offers musicians and all music lovers an opportunity to study and appreciate Faur’s uncommon mastery of the choral genre.

14. The Messiah, An Oratorio for Four-Part Chorus of Mixed Voices – Complete Vocal Score (G. Schirmer's Editions of Oratorios and Cantatas)

Author: by George Frederick Handel

252 pages

1.05 pounds

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The Messiah An Oratorio for 4 part chorus of mixed voices Soprano, alto, tenor and bass soli and piano by G.F.Handel edited by T. Tertius Noble revised according to Handel’s original score by Max Spicker Vocal score, complete Published by G.

Schirmer Vintage, pre-owned copy in good condition, green tape reinforcement to spine 252 pages Amazondrawer 2

15. Requiem (Dover Music Scores)

Author: by Giuseppe Verdi
Published at: Dover Publications; Softcover Edition (October 1, 1978)
ISBN: 978-0486236827

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“From the purely artistic and musical points of view the Requiem is certainly Verdi’s greatest work to this date and an astounding manifestation of continual progress and inner development. The stream of melodic invention is unfailing and of the highest quality.

Most impressive of all is the mastery of form, of constructive power on the largest scale.” Grove’s Dictionary of Music and MusiciansComposed in 1874 for the first anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni, Verdi’s Requiem reveals the composer at the height of his powers.

The work, immensely popular with choral groups and music lovers, is frequently performed in concert, and numerous recordings are available. The study score of this rich and dramatic work, called by some as Verdi’s greatest opera, is presented here complete and unabridged, and in a fine, clear modern edition.

Scored for four solo voices (soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, bass), chorus, and orchestra, the Requiem is divided into seven sections:No.1 RequiemNo.2 Dies iraeNo.3 OffertorioNo.4 SanctusNo 5.Agnus DeiNo 6.Lux aeternaNo 7. Libera meThe music has been reproduced in a size large enough to be read easily, with large noteheads, wide margins (for written notes, annotations, etc., and on opaque paper with sturdy, sewn bindings.

16. Israel in Egypt in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)

Author: by George Frideric Handel
Published at: Dover Publications (June 13, 2012)
ISBN: 978-0486404110

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One of Handel’s greatest oratorios, this magnificent work features a series of superb choral pieces ranging in mood and technique from grim intensity to tender humility, from simple narrative to grandiose jubilation. Israel in Egypt portrays the tribulations of the Jews, the plagues of Egypt, and related Biblical events in a spellbinding demonstration of the composer’s influential use of the chorus as a dramatic medium.

Reprinted from the authoritative Breitkopf & Hrtel edition.Preface. Full contents in English and German.