Best Ribbons Books

Here you will get Best Ribbons Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Sketch Book: Notebook for Drawing, Writing, Painting, Sketching or Doodling, 120 Pages, 8.5×11 (Premium Abstract Cover vol.4)

Author: by Spark Drawing
121 pages

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Sketchbook Journal & Notebook: A Large Journal with Blank Paper for Drawing, Doodling, Painting, Writing, School, Class and Home ! Good quality white paper. Best for crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paints, and very light fine tip markers. Extra large size (8. 5″ x 11″)120 pages Premium design.

Beautiful abstract cover A perfect gift for adults, kids, artists, students !

2. CRICUT: 10 books in 1: The complete Guide for Beginners, Design Space & profitable Project Ideas. Mastering all machines, tools & all materials. All you need really to know + "Wow" Bonuses & Tricks

Author: by Jennifer Michaels
500 pages

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Are you still having trouble understanding and learning the fundamentals of Cricut? If so, this guidebook will make your worries disappear! This is the guide damn complete you won’t find it in the box! The 10 manuscripts in this book provide 500 pages of information to master the world of Cricut.

1 – Cricut for beginners2 – First project3 – Design Space 4 – Project ideas for beginners5 – All the materials, tools, and accessories6 – Cricut Business from Home7 – Project ideas for business & advanced makers8 – Cricut Joy9 – Cricut Explore Air 210 – Cricut Maker machineCricut has proven to be one of, if not the most, profitable brands of cutting plotters.

However, operating the machine is understandably difficult. However, with this Cricut guide, you will find yourself free from all the stresses and troubles of managing your Cricut machine. This guidebook includes answers to the most common questions asked by new users of Cricut tools.

It includes the basics and beginner guides for handling a Cricut machine as well as advanced tips and tricks that will surely come in handy. Our Cricut guidebook is detailed and intricate. It even offers information regarding starting a business with your Cricut machine, navigating through the Cricut Design Space, and finding the right tools, materials, and accessories.

3. Cricut Maker: 4 Books in 1: Beginner’s guide + Design Space + Project Ideas vol 1 & 2 . The Cricut Bible That You Don't Find in The Box!

Author: by Daisy Craft
211 pages

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The Cricut Bible That You Don’t Find in The Box! Have you always wanted to buy a Cricut machine, but you never knew where to start? Does this amazing piece of technology seem daunting or difficult to learn?Then keep reading!

For a limited time only you can get this 4 in 1 book bundle at a special price! This book offers a structured approach for beginners and even intermediate designers. With patience, you can master Cricut Design Space and become able to express your creativity like never before.

The first part of the bundle will contain:Learn about the different kinds of Cricut[H1] machines that are available in the market today and their unique features. Detailed explanation of the tools, along with their usage will help you decide which tools and accessories to purchase.

Learn how to use the Edit Bar to easily make changes to images and texts for your design, along with all the other “Design Space” tools. Step-by-step instructions on how to create projects using paper sheets and for decorating household objects made of glass.

4. Sketch Book: Notebook for Drawing, Writing, Painting, Sketching or Doodling, 120 Pages, 8.5×11 (Premium Abstract Cover vol.3)

Author: by Spark Drawing
121 pages

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Sketchbook&Journal: A Large Notebook with Blank Paper for Drawing, Writing, Doodling and Painting. A great gift for artists, kids, adults, students and creative people! Good quality white paper. Best for pens, pencils, watercolor paints, crayons. 120 pagesExtra large size (8. 5″ x 11″)Premium design.

5. Cricut: 7 Books in 1: The Perfect Guide You Can't Find in The Box! Master Your Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2, Joy and Design Space! Including Tools, Accessories & Materials, and The Best Project Ideas!

Author: by Holly Moss
444 pages

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Can’t you use your Cricut machine and software you find complicated and technical? Are you discouraged by your first failed attempts, problems with your device, software, materials, and tools? Are you looking for a guide that will teach you to exploit the full potential of the machine and software?

Today must be your lucky day because you are surfing the correct page on the web to find precisely what you are looking for: “Cricut! The perfect guide you can’t find in the box!”Loyal fans of DIY and those who love DIY will undoubtedly appreciate the Cricut machines, which in recent times have been a great success and allow you to complete various creative projects.

Have you ever heard of the Cricut and the speed with which you can create and customize everything you have ever wanted? These cutting machines, straightforward to use, are especially appreciated for their versatility; they can treat numerous materials with different thicknesses and textures.

In this Comprehensive Guide, you will make a 360^ tour around the Cricut World, exploring every single part of it in detail; nothing is left outside. In this book, you will:Have a Comprehensive and Very Detailed List of all The Available Cricut Machines to allow you to choose the model that best suits your needs without wasting your money choosing the wrong product.

6. A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery: A comprehensive manual with over 40 gorgeous designs to stitch (A-Z of Needlecraft)

Author: by Country Bumpkin
Search Press
132 pages

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The appeal of ribbon embroidery is timeless and thousands of embroiderers have been captivated by its ease of use and fabulous results. Here you will find every stitch and technique fully explained with step by step photographs and clear instructions.

Accomplished embroiderers have compiled advice on choosing ribbons, fabrics, needles and frames, as well as a host of other hints and tips. There are forty exquisite designs with full detail provided on the materials and stitches used for every element and a helpful Ribbon Embroidery Index directing you to the appropriate step-by-steps for each technique.

Templates, a pattern key and a comprehensive index make this a must-have manual for anyone wanting to learn or brush up on ribbon embroidery skills.


String Art Patterns: String Art Templates
Author: by Smilonada
94 pages

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37+ different String Art Paper Patterns and templates from simple hearts to complex unicorn and cactus designs. With Bonus Alphabets and numbers string art templates. String Art is not just a craft you do to produce beautiful art to decorate your house or as a gift for a special one.

It also has a therapeutic effect, especially, during hammering the nails. This book includes simple and basic step by step instructions to create string art crafts. The templates in this book are ideal for beginners who want simple and adorable designs.

The level of complexity in this book ranges from easy to intermediate to fairly complex. Please note that NO strings or nails or any tools are included. Please note that the book has only black and white printed templates with general and simple instructions at the beginning of the book.

Tools you need are (Please note that tools are NOT included. Nails or strong pinsBoard: Wood, cardboard, or cotton canvas. The patterns in this book will fit in US Letter Size (8. 5 x 11 inches / 22 x 28 cm). Of course, you can copy and scale the patterns according to your convenience.

8. MACRAMÈ: Forty-Nine Beginner’s Projects and Patterns to Learn Knotting In A Few Days in An Easy, Inexpensive and Fun Way. Make Your Modern Decor for Your Home, Relax and Switch Off from The World.

Author: by Nancy Harris
160 pages

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Would you like to decorate your home with something made entirely with your own hands and feel proud of you? Are you looking for a hobby that allows your mind to relax and free itself from the thoughts that make you anxious?

If yes, keep reading.. UPDATE: The pictures have been made bigger and with better quality. In addition, pictures of all 49 projects have been added. I want to confess something to you. Many years ago I started learning the basics of Macram.

I practiced for days and days and couldn’t wait to complete my first project. However, I continued to make many mistakes. Have you ever tried and tried to do something and always get bad results? Well, this was exactly my situation and I can’t hide that it was very frustrating.

Despite everything I never gave up, and today things have changed radically! My name is Nancy Harris and for over ten years I have been organizing workshops around the world to share my knowledge with people. It is very important that you pay attention to what I am going to tell you.

9. Sketch Book: Notebook for Drawing, Writing, Painting, Sketching or Doodling, 110 Pages, 8.5×11 (Premium Abstract Cover vol.80)

Author: by Spark Drawing

111 pages

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Sketchbook&Journal: A Large Notebook with Blank Paper for Drawing, Writing, Doodling and Painting. A great gift for artists, kids, adults, students and creative people! Good quality white paper. Best for pens, pencils, watercolor paints, crayons. 110 pagesExtra large size (8. 5″ x 11″)Premium design.

10. Textile Artist: The Seasons in Silk Ribbon Embroidery, The: 20 beautiful designs, techniques and inspiration (The Textile Artist)

Author: by Tatiana Popova
Search Press
208 pages

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All the basics of silk ribbon embroidery with innovative techniques and 20 contemporary designs. Beginners and experts stitchers alike will learn to create beautiful embroideries inspired by the seasons, from luxuriant flowers to whimsical owlsSilk ribbon embroidery enthusiasts all over the world have been discovering the work of renowned Ukrainian embroiderer, Tatiana Popova.

Here she teaches all the basic techniques and provides a thorough traditional stitch dictionary with clear instructions and images, giving embroiderers – even beginners to silk ribbon – the perfect grounding. Tatiana then shares her own innovative techniques for achieving easier, quicker and more efficient stitching.

There are excellent sections on using colour and on applying paint to silk ribbons after stitching. Twenty beautiful projects then follow: traditional favourites such as roses, along with a wealth of contemporary designs for embroiderers of all skill levels. The distinct colour palettes of the seasons have inspired Tatiana’s luxuriant embroideries, and as well as a host of flowers, there are delightful whimsical designs such as owls.

11. Little Flowers in Silk and Organza ribbon

Author: by Di Van Niekerk
Search Press
160 pages

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This irresistible step-by-step project book is all about making little flowers in silk and organza ribbon. Using a combination of thread, ribbon embroidery, stumpwork and other techniques, you can produce gorgeous poppies, sweet strawberry blossoms, delightful daffodils and a ring or daisies.

Or enjoy creating magnificent wild roses, chamomiles and meadow grass in 3D, lisianthus and lavender, with butterflies and ladybirds and so much more. Packed with information and many new techniques, this book will inspire every silk ribbon enthusiast, from the beginner to the advanced, to share in the joy of learning how to make beautiful life-like flowers and little creatures in ribbon and thread.

All completed projects are smaller than A4 size and templates of all the original designs are included, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to layer the embroidery and stumpwork to achieve the exquisite three- dimensional effect. An extensive range of step-by-step photographs as well as a complete gallery of stitches make it virtually impossible to go wrong.

12. The Artful Ribbon: Beauties in Bloom

Author: by Candace Kling
C & T Pub
144 pages

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Presents a variety of patterns to make ribbon flowers, includes roses, pansies, fuchsias, and provides tips and tricks for collecting, storing, and laundering

13. Penny Stock: Trading QuickStart Guide – The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Penny Stock Trading (QuickStart Guides™ – Finance)

Author: by ClydeBank Finance
ClydeBank Media LLC
97 pages

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Penny Stock Trading, SimplifiedFor those who know how to pick the winners, penny stock investing offers an exciting, lucrative opportunity. In Penny Stock Trading QuickStart Guide you’ll learn how to avoid the pitfalls, manage the risks, and secure the fortunes that lay ripe and waiting within this exciting market.

As is true with all titles from ClydeBank Media, Penny Stock Trading QuickStart Guide provides superior value in an easy-to-read, informative format. You’ll learn how to weed out the bad offers and close in on the stocks with maximum potential.

You’ll see how savvy investors size up the vitality of a company, from its executive board to its operating cash flow ratio. Penny Stock Trading QuickStart Guide is the perfect book both for newcomers to the penny stock game and for veterans looking to shore up or refine their fundamental approach.

If you’re looking to acquire the knowledge you need to make the right buy at the right time, and if you’re ready to realize huge profits at sell-off time, then this book is a must-have.Happy trading! You’ll Learn:How to know when a hot tip is the real deal, or just hot airHow to shop for penny stocks using critical financial investment metrics such as price-to-book, price-to-sales, market capitalization etc.

14. Cricut Joy For Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Master Cricut Joy MAchine. Tips and Tricks to Craft 0ut Creative Projects Within Minutes (with Illustrations and Screenshots)

Author: by Tiffany Nicholas

146 pages

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Cricut Joy- A smart and compact machine that helps in turning ideas to reality! Are you aware that there is a new Cricut machine? Are you a crafter with limited space? Do you want a smart machine that is light, compact, and straight forward in usage?

Do you want a machine that will cut and draw vinyl and iron-on without mat? Do you want to learn how the Cricut Joy Machine works? Do you want to convert your imaginations into a reality within minutes?Look no further!

As this Guide will help you in finding answers to the above questions. Recent happenings have shown that people have developed an excellent taste for crafts and DIY kinds of stuff.Why? Most of the crafts in the markets are of low quality, bad designs, and often expensive when compared to the kinds of stuff they are made of.

People have discovered that many of such commercial craft that is mass-produced have a lower life expectancy and come with the latest technology that made them susceptible to non-durability. This is just a way of making consumers buying the products every time as most of them are disposables and does not last at all.

15. Fingerweaving Untangled : An Illustrated Beginner's Guide Including Detailed Patterns and Common Mistakes

Author: by Carol James
64 pages

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This publication is a welcome addition to the literature on the ancient craft of fingerweavning. Carol James, an accomplished Winnipeg weaver and teacher, has dedicated over 20 years to the art. Her knowledge and sash reproductions are based on the detailed study of historical artifacts and are housed in various heritage institutions such as the Manitoba Museum and the Musee de Saint-Boniface

16. ACRYLIC POURING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: A Pictorial Guide On Getting Started With Acrylic Pouring (Acrylic pouring recipes, supplies, medium, tips and tricks)

Author: by Micheal Howard
45 pages

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ACRYLIC POURING tips FOR BEGINNERS: Acrylic pouring recipes, supplies, medium, tips and tricks for every beginner!!! Acrylic pouring remains a great way of expressing your artistic prowess, imaginations and creativity. It’s a fun project that can be done by everybody regardless of sex, age or creativity.

The author has left no stone unturned in providing prerequisite IDEAS and SKILLS that will get you started with acrylic pouring. The book covers all the tips and basic hacks of acrylic pouring and explains all the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) beginners and advanced pourers ask.

So far, this is the best and important knowledge you need for a successful pouring. This guide has been compiled to give you enough information, suggestions and basic tips. Below is a preview of what to expect from this guide: What acrylic pouring is all about-How Acrylic pouring works-Best Acrylic pouring kit, cups, ink and mediums-Fluid Acrylic Pouring Supplies/Tools-101 Essential tips and tricks of acrylic pouring- Tips on pouring grounds/mixing ratios- Best way to induce cell formations -FAQs-And Many MoreWhat are you waiting for?