Best Roofing Home Remodeling Books

Here you will get Best Roofing Home Remodeling Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement, Updated Edition: Proven Money-Saving Projects; 3,400 Photos & Illustrations (Creative Homeowner) 600 Page Resource with 325 Step-by-Step DIY Projects

Author: by Editors of Creative Homeowner
Creative Homeowner
600 pages

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The most complete home improvement manual on the market, this book offers more than 2,300 photos, 800 drawings, and understandable, practical text. 600 page ultimate home improvement manual 325 step-by-step projects with how-to photos, tools, and materials lists Essential information on tools, materials, and basic skills Comprehensive wiring and plumbing sections Includes a remodeling guide, a special photo-illustrated section on contracts, contractors, and managing your remodeling projects Tech-reviewed by more than 20 industry experts Thorough index and glossary Inside this book, you will find essential instruction on plumbing and electrical repairs, heating and cooling, roofing and siding, cabinets and countertops, and more.

Information is also provided on tools, materials, and basic skills, plus 325 step-by-step projects with how-to photo sequences. The Ultimate Guide to Home Repair & Improvement also includes a remodeling guide and a resource guide. Top to bottom, inside and out, this is the single, ultimate resource book for DIY projects and repairs to save you money when remodeling, renovating, repairing, and maintaining your home.

2. Roofing Construction & Estimating

Author: by Daniel Atcheson
Craftsman Book Co
448 pages

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Installation, repair and estimating for nearly every type of roof covering available today in residential and commercial structures: asphalt shingles, roll roofing, wood shingles and shakes, clay tile, slate, metal, built-up, and elastomeric. Covers sheathing and underlayment techniques, as well as secrets for installing leakproof valleys.

Many estimating tips help you minimize waste, as well as insure a profit on every job. Troubleshooting techniques help you identify the true source of most leaks. Over 300 large, clear illustrations help you find the answer to just about all your roofing questions.

3. Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Sheds, 3rd Edition: Design & Build a Shed: – Complete Plans – Step-by-Step How-To (Black & Decker Complete Guide)

Author: by Editors of Cool Springs Press
Cool Springs Press
256 pages

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Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Sheds has the perfect plan for anyone who is building his or her own tool shed, habitable shed, and many more. The most popular plans from previous editions are preserved, from small garage-style sheds with overhead doors, to kit sheds, to contemporary utility sheds with a dramatic flair.

This new edition delves into new styles that are drawing strong interest today, including tiny sheds, miniature tool sheds, and even small habitable sheds that are designed to function mostly as a quiet retreat for practicing a particular hobby or activity.

As with all of the hardworking, practical sheds from earlier editions, the new varieties include full-color step by step photos, complete building plan drawings with cutting lists, and clear how-to instructions. Shed-building, like any other building process, starts with good techniques.

That’s why the general skills section has been updated and improved. With this complete guide, you can build just about any shed you dream of. Plus, you’ll find information on new tools and products that will make your project go faster and more smoothly.

4. Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke: Have a Stress-Free Renovation and Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Author: by Jim Molinelli PhD
254 pages

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Everyone wants a home they love and are proud to show off.REMODEL! Without Going Bonkers or Broke helps you plan and coordinate your professional renovation so the project meets all your needs and leaves you smiling. Get honest answers to your toughest remodeling questions – and step-by-step instruction from a lifelong industry insider so you can remodel with confidence.

Learn to avoid: costly mistakesruined projects, andshattered dreamsEnd the embarassment of living a home that is dated, broken-down, or has failed to keep up with your changing life. Apply the proven method in REMODEL! Without Going Bonkers or Broke and get ready to fall in love with your home again .”Remodel your home and remodel your life!”

5. PPI Construction Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam, 3rd Edition – Comprehensive Practice Exams for the NCEES PE Civil Construction Exam

Author: by Beth Lin Hartmann PE LEED AP
PPI, a Kaplan Company
84 pages

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Realistic Multiple-Choice Problems for Exam-Like PreparationConstruction Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam contains two 40-problem multiple-choice exams consistent with the NCEES PE Civil Construction Exam’s format and specifications. Like the actual exam, the problems in this book require an average of six minutes to solve.

Comprehensive step-by-step solutions demonstrate accurate and efficient problem-solving approaches. Plus, author commentary is provided in the solutions, explaining time-saving shortcuts and common pitfalls. Taking each exam in this book within the actual exam’s four-hour time limit will simulate exam conditions, enhance your time-management skills, and help you identify which references you’ll need most on exam day.

Once complete, you can easily evaluate your performance by using the two individual answer keys. Topics CoveredConstruction Operations and MethodsEarthwork Construction and LayoutEstimating Quantities and CostsHealth and SafetyMaterial Quality Control and ProductionSchedulingTemporary StructuresKey FeaturesConsistent with the exam scope and format.

6. Going Off the Grid: The How-To-Book of Simple Living and Happiness

Author: by Gary Collins
165 pages

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Is city life fencing you in? Break free of the daily grind with off-the-grid solutions for a simpler, stress-free tomorrow. Are you overworked and overcrowded? Do you dream of dropping off the radar? Do you crave the peace of mind that only nature can provide?

Fitness and military intelligence expert Gary Collins has helped thousands of people roam free with firsthand advice shared on his popular website. And now he’s here to help you reclaim your independence. Going Off the Grid: The How-To Book of Simple Living and Happiness contains step-by-step instructions for creating your self-sustaining refuge in the untamed wild or the blacktop jungle.

Through Collins’ methods, you’ll identify and purge unnecessary stressors from your everyday life. You’ll also learn the basics of off-the-grid living from home construction to energy alternatives, from sewage disposal to internet access. In Going Off the Grid, you’ll discover: How to downsize your current living conditions for a clutter-free future- Techniques for simplifying your hectic schedule so you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures- How to find the ideal off-the-grid property that will meet your every need- Common types of building techniques and materials for high energy efficiency and insulation- Fun and informative stories detailing Collins’ off-the-grid nomadic lifestyle and much, much more!

7. Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems: Fourth Edition

Author: by C.W. Griffin
McGraw-Hill Education
598 pages

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. For decades, this manual has been the most widely respected guide to designing, constructing, and maintaining low-slope roofing systems.

8. Roofing, Flashing, and Waterproofing (For Pros By Pros)

Author: by Editors of Fine Woodworking
160 pages

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To get the best remodeling results, you need solid advice from the best in the business. For Pros by Pros(R) books bring you field-tested techniques and real-world experience from the expert builders and remodeling pros who write for “Fine Homebuilding” magazine.”Roofing, Flashing, and Waterproofing” gives you the technical expertise and seasoned advice you need to protect your work from water, the home’s eternal enemy.

Leaks large and small cause the majority of damage in the house, and efforts to prevent or repair that damage account for most of the money spent on home repair. This book presents the basic principles you need to know to waterproof residential structures properly to protect them from water intrusion and to prevent callbacks for flashing or roofing failures.

9. The Slate Roof Bible: Everything You Need to Know About the World’s Finest Roof, 3rd Edition

Author: by Joseph C. Jenkins
Joseph Jenkins, Inc.
374 pages

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Joseph Jenkins climbed on his first slate roof in 1968, authored the first edition of The Slate Roof Bible in 1997, and published the second edition in 2003. Both editions received national awards. Now, a dozen years later, Jenkins is still very active in the slate roofing industry.

The third edition of the book reflects more than a decade of additional experience being passed on to the reader by the man who is arguably the foremost expert on slate roofs in the United States today. The third edition, hardbound, completely updates and expands the material in the second edition, with more emphasis on the craft of slate roof installation.

Expanded sections include slate siding, eyebrow dormers, turrets, soldering, flashings, international slate, American slate history, slating styles, installation and repair tips, and trade secrets. Dozens of new color photographs have been added, as well as step-by-step illustrations and line drawings.

This book is sure to become a classic. It belongs on the shelf of every architect, roofer, slate roof owner, architectural consultant, history buff, and anyone in the roofing industry.

10. Living Off the Grid: What to Expect While Living the Life of Ultimate Freedom and Tranquility

Author: by Gary Collins
152 pages

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Worried that living off the grid means a life without comfort and convenience? Discover how to unplug without sacrificing the joys of the modern world. Wondering if an off the grid lifestyle is right for you? Scared that it’ll be too challenging for you and your family to handle?

Author and speaker Gary Collins literally wrote the book on how to transition to a life off the grid. After almost a decade of walking the walk, he’s sharing his successes and failures alike so you can live the simple life without missing out on creature comforts.

Living Off The Grid: What to Expect While Living the Life of Ultimate Freedom and Tranquility is a comprehensive shake-down of what this unique lifestyle looks like in practice. Told through Collins’ much-loved conversational tone, you’ll see complex subjects distilled into easy-to-apply lessons.

Let the book calm your anxiety about taking this next step and find out how easy it can be to live a life of freedom. In Living Off The Grid, you’ll discover:Practical day-to-day tips to make off-grid living simpleStrategies for running a business or telecommuting while remaining mostly unpluggedWays to remain socially and professionally connected in your new lifestyleHow to make the most of your newfound freedom and decreased cost of livingMistakes, expensive errors, and bonehead blunders Collins made so you don’t have to…

11. Adjuster's Life

Author: by Douglas Spurling
August 5, 2013

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Ever dream of having the freedom to travel? Do you ever wish you had more time off? Adjuster’s Life shows you how to do just thatand get paid for it to boot. Your new business as an Independent Insurance Adjuster is at your fingertips.

Now, there’s no need to waste time and money going to an expensive school. What you need to know, from resume to payday, is packed inside the pages of this little book. No sales gimmick or hook. Just the simple words of a seasoned adjuster penned with sweat from years of one on one field training.

This manual comes not only with words, examples and web-links, but a promise to coach as you build your adjusting career. Do you want to see what it’s like to ride through a storm as an adjuster? Well then, what’re you waiting for?Jump inlet’s roll.

This business thrives in any economy, and you can too. Whether you’re looking for a rewarding career or just want to become a better adjusterthis is for you.

12. Frostheart

Author: by Jamie Littler
Puffin (October 31, 2019)
432 pages

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Bursting with brilliant characters, heart-stopping adventure and tons of laughs, this magical tale is perfect for fans of Nevermoor, Frozen and How to Train Your Dragon! Way out in the furthest part of the known world, a tiny stronghold exists all on its own, cut off from the rest of human-kin by monsters that lurk beneath the Snow Sea.

There, a little boy called Ash waits for the return of his parents, singing a forbidden lullaby to remind him of them… And doing his best to avoid his very, VERY grumpy yeti guardian, Tobu. But life is about to get a whole lot more crazy-adventurous for Ash.

When a brave rescue attempt reveals he has amazing magical powers, he’s whisked aboard the Frostheart, a sleigh packed full of daring explorers who could use his help. But can they help him find his family …?

13. Roof Framing

Author: by Marshall Gross
Craftsman Book Co
475 pages

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This is the complete guide to framing any gable, Dutch, Tudor, California, gambrel, shed or gazebo roof – including irregular roofs that can stump even experienced roof cutters. The author takes you through every measurement and every cut on each type of roof – so you understand exactly what’s required.

He actually builds a model of each roof described, and recommends that you do the same. With this manual you aren’t restricted to rafter lengths and pitches listed in those rafter tables that roof cutters have struggled with for years.

Instead, the author explains how to use an inexpensive hand-held calculator to figure any common, hip, valley or jack rafter in seconds – including rafters on irregular roofs and rafter pitches that aren’t in any rafter table. Anyone who knows the methods described in this practical manual should have no trouble making a good living as a master roof cutter.

14. Contractor's Log Book: Track Bids and Estimates – Plus a lot more [Blue roof design]

Author: by Joel Cannon Books
103 pages

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Organization and communication are key factors to any successful business. This log book includes 50 detailed, fill-in-the-blank pages to provide an easy method for contractors to gather essential customer information, organize bids and estimates, keep track of dates and follow-up actions, price quoted, mileage, project results, as well as how or where customers found you.

Opposite each customer page is a blank page with a dot grid layout for sketching, writing down measurements and additional notes. An index in the back makes it easy to find a particular customer’s page and information.103 pages | 8. 5 x 11 inches | Glossy paperback cover with white interior pagesMake sure to check out my other books on Amazon.

15. Building a Roll-Off Roof or Dome Observatory: A Complete Guide for Design and Construction (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)

Author: by John Stephen Hicks
269 pages

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Almost every practical astronomer eventually aspires to have a fixed, permanent observatory for his or her telescope. A roll-off roof or dome observatory is the answer for the most popular home observatory design. Building a Roll-Off or Dome Observatory will help you decide whether to embark on the venture and will certainly increase your enthusiasm for the project.

The author, both an amateur astronomer and a professional landscape architect, answers many of the common questions asked about observatory construction, covering the following topics: Zoning, and by-law requirements common to most states, towns and municipalities Where to locate the observatory How to tailor the observatory for your particular needs Tools and structural components required Possible variations in design How to combine the structure with other structures (incorporating a garden patio under the gantry inthe roll-off roof observatory, for example) This fully detailed outlines step-by-step construction, with professional detailed diagrams for each phase of construction.

16. Contractor's Estimate Log Book: Quote Record Book (Contractor Log Books)

Author: by Steyerhaus Publications
220 pages

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Never Lose Estimate Details Again Find Quotes in Seconds (No Matter How Old) with this Simple but Powerful Log Book! Keeping track of estimates is a challenge for all but the most organized people. Add in the challenges of customers calling weeks, months, or even years later to tell you they are ready to move forward with the work you quoted them so long ago and the task can seem almost impossible.

This contractor’s estimate log book is the solution. Easily keep a record of customer details, estimate amounts and dates, materials quoted, and what the customer actually asked for – all in one convenient, portable log book. With an easy-to-complete index included, you’ll have all of your customer’s information at your fingertips.

Each estimate sheet in this log book includes a place for:Contact DateCustomer InformationWork RequestedAppointment DateEstimate AmountDescriptionMaterialsNotesDate of AcceptanceScheduled Install DateMeasuring a generous 8×10 size with 220 pages, this log book includes 100 estimate sheets, 100 dot grid sheets on the opposite pages for drawings and calculations, and a quick-reference alphabetized index to input your customers by name and page.