Best Sacred Sexuality Books

Here you will get Best Sacred Sexuality Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

Author: by Queen Afua
496 pages

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The twentieth anniversary edition of a transformative blueprint for ancestral healingfeaturing new material and gateways, from the renowned herbalist, natural health expert, and healer of women’s bodies and soulsThis book was one of the first that helped me start practices as a young woman that focused on my body and spirit as one.

Jada Pinkett Smith Through extraordinary meditations, affirmations, holistic healing plant-based medicine, KMT temple teachings, and The Rites of Passage guidance, Queen Afua teaches us how to love and rejoice in our bodies by spiritualizing the words we speak, the foods we eat, the relationships we attract, the spaces we live and work in, and the transcendent woman spirit we manifest.

With love, wisdom, and passion, Queen Afua guides us to accept our mission and our mantle as Sacred Womento heal ourselves, the generations of women in our families, our communities, and our world.

2. Pussy Prayers: Sacred and Sensual Rituals for Wild Women of Color

Author: by Black Girl Bliss
242 pages

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A NEW KIND OF SEX ED. Pussy Prayers is about rekindling the connection to your pleasure center – the space through which you manifest worlds – regardless of the body parts you do or don’t have. These pages speak to the unique sexual experiences of Black women and femmes in order to help them heal from trauma and miseducation while learning how to powerfully conjure up a life that is dripping with sweetness – all by getting in touch with the one part of yourself that was divinely designed for pleasure.

Here, you’ll find stories, sister-girl-talk, and practical, easy-to-do rituals to begin your personal journey of understanding the importance of pleasure, its connection to manifestation, and ways to increase your personal power so you can enjoy #EverydayDeliciousness. BLACK GIRL BLISS is an educational platform dedicated to cultivating the spiritual, sexual, and self-care practices of Black women and femmes.

Learn more at BlackGirlBliss.Com

3. Urban Tantra, Second Edition: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century

Author: by Barbara Carrellas
Ten Speed Press
320 pages

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If you think sexual and spiritual bliss can’t be found in today’s fast-paced world, you haven’t experienced Urban Tantra. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Urban Tantra, acclaimed sex educator Barbara Carrellas radically updates the ancient practice of Tantra for modern sexual explorers desiring to discover new frontiers.

With a juicy mix of erotic how-to and heart-centered spiritual wisdom, this updated edition includes a brand-new introduction, up-to-date references and resources, a new take on the possibilities and responsibilities of Tantra in today’s world, plus new and cutting-edge information to reach an expanded communityadded information on multi-partner play, more intersections for Tantra and BDSM, practices for asexuals and aromantics, expanded practices for trans and gender nonconforming people, and more.

With more than one hundred easy-to-follow techniques for expanded orgasmic states and solo and partner play (as well as more adventurous practices), this in-depth guide reveals the delicious worlds of ecstasy available to all, no matter one’s gender, sexual preference, or erotic tastes.

4. A Mind Set Free: Overcoming Mental Strongholds Through Biblical Meditation (Overcoming Life)

Author: by Jimmy Evans
76 pages

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We live in a world filled with sexual imagery and seduction. These influences seek to assault us at every turn. The enemy has created this battlefield in order to corrupt our minds. Regardless of where you are in life, Ten Steps will guide your through the process of protecting your mind from the temptation that surrounds us every day.

Jimmy Evans exposes such things as “The Secret of Satan’s Success.” He’ll teach you about “The Promise and Process of Biblical Meditation,” and discuss “The Four Pillars of Moral Integrity.” As you apply the truths from this guide, you’ll be equipped to fight and win as you “Enter the Battlefield”.PRAISE FOR A MIND SET FREE: IN A DAY OF EXTREME EMPHASIS ON SEXUALITY AND SENSITIVITY: I rejoice when the concern of a gifted minister brings to the forefront the importance of purity.

Jimmy Evans has approached this issue with compassion and a sincere desire to help set at liberty those who have been entangled in the web of distraction and deceit. I thank God for every attempt to help set captives free from all areas of bondage – but especially the bondage of sex, which has widespread negative effects.

5. Shibari for Beginners: Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Art of Kinbaku and Japanese Rope Bondage – Complete with Pictures of Every Step of Every Knot and Rope Play

Author: by Takeshi Shiba
76 pages

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Discover the Pleasures of Kinbaku and Spice Up Your Sex Life With the Help of Japanese Rope Bondage. Do you feel like spicing up your sex life? Are you yearning for something erotic and sexy in your bedroom? If so, you should try kinbaku/shibari or Japanese rope bondage.

Sensual and provocative, kinbaku is the perfect way to introduce something new to your bedroom. This practice originated in Japan more than 12000 years ago as a means of restraint and torture. During the past few hundred years, it evolved into something completely new.

Kinbaku evolved into a stimulating activity that pleasures all senses. Discover the art of kinbaku and break your sex life’s monotony and introduce pleasures that you never experienced before. The sexy and beautiful bondage techniques are guaranteed to bring steamy hotness to your bedroom and overload your senses with immense pleasure.

But beware – there is a thin line between okay and mind-blowing sex, but it’s not easy to achieve that – unless you have proper guidance. Surprise yourself (or your partner) with creative and erotic pleasures that are guaranteed to leave them gasping and yearning for more.

6. The Wild Woman's Way: Unlock Your Full Potential for Pleasure, Power, and Fulfillment

Author: by Michaela Boehm
256 pages

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Discover how to create and enjoy a pleasure-filled and meaningful life with this practical tantra handbook for the high-achieving modern woman. For women today, achieving a successful career, a fulfilling romantic relationship, and a rewarding personal life can feel like opposing goals, leaving their deepest yearnings just beyond reach.

It has even become difficult to enjoy the simplest pleasures of our lives. We are stuck in go-mode, damaging our romantic relationships, pleasure, and creativity. But what if there were a way to experience the simplest pleasures of our lives on a deeper level, freeing the body and psyche from these damaging patterns?

Beyond our current stereotypes about femininity lies the ancient wisdom of the Wild Woman archetype, a model of building a feminine body intelligence. By embodying this archetype and using tantranot just in the bedroom, but also to build intimate connections to our senses and physical movements, bringing bliss to smaller or more mundane activities like taking a sip of tea or walking down the streetwe can break harmful psychological patterns.

7. Magia Sexualis: Sexual Practices for Magical Power

Author: by Paschal Beverly Randolph
Inner Traditions
192 pages

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A step-by-step guide to the occult science of sex magic Based on the practices of P.B. Randolph, occult rival of H.P. Blavatsky Reveals how to perform sex magic rituals for specific real-world results, such as greater strength or enhancement of the senses Explains how to create magical talismans, such as rings with specific planetary forces, how to enliven a painting, and how to charge an effigy Conceived by Paschal Beverly Randolph, Magia Sexualis has been heralded as the most influential book about sex magic ever written, surviving to the present day solely through Maria de Naglowska’s French translation.

Published more than 50 years after Randolph’s death, the authorship of this translation has been repeatedly called into question: While the greater part of the content can be traced to Randolph’s known works, a very significant portion cannot-leading to the conclusion that this work was supplemented by Naglowska’s own sex magic work and extensive occult teachings.

Magia Sexualis explains Randolph’s meticulous science of sex magic, practiced by the Brotherhood of Eulis and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. Beginning with exercises to develop essential skills, the book explains in step-by-step detail how to perform sex magic rituals for specific results, such as greater strength or enhancement of the senses, how to charge and use a volt-an effigy of a specific person you want to influence or protect, how to enliven a painting in order to influence those around it, and how to create magical talismans with specific planetary forces, using what Randolph calls fluid condensers.

8. Don’t F*ck With My Energy: Blank Journal With Inspirational Affirmations & Spiritual Notebook for Badass Women Pink (Slay Witch)

Author: by Gotdess Journals
205 pages

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Hey Beautiful!Recite powerful affirmations and make a badass home for those sacred rituals and spells! The original Gotdess journal! Every Goddess needs words of affirmation to pump her up and help her manifest her best life, as well as a sacred place to record her most sensual thoughts, rituals and powerful invocations.

This blank healing journal is the perfect spiritual notebook to boost your self-confidence and keep your sacred words safe. Complete with over 200 blank pages with a powerful, inspirational affirmation on each page. This is for the badass, unapologetic Goddess or Bruja with Princess Nokia blasting in her ears, sage in her hand and beads on her swinging hips.

Don’t let another day go by without a sacred place to record your spiritual journey! Perfect birthday, graduation, holiday or self-love gift for your coworker, sister circle or spiritual friends.Collect them all! If you like this title, check out the Gotdess Author page for full selection of books.

9. The Magic of Manifesting Love: 15 Advanced Manifestation Techniques to Stop Chasing, Start Attracting, and Become Magnetic to Your Dream Relationship (Law of Attraction)

Author: by Ryuu Shinohara
169 pages

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If you want to attract the right partner without needing to chase or look for them, then keep reading… Are you struggling with:Attracting the wrong kinds of relationships? Are your past experiences negatively affecting your new connections? Not knowing what you want?

Having trouble figuring out who’s the right person for you and how to attract them? The fear of being alone and never finding The One’? Or the fear of putting yourself out there and embarrassing yourself?That’s OK! After being single for a while or just out of a relationship, these fears are perfectly normal.

But if you want toAttract an amazing relationship that is exciting, nurturing, honest, and lastingFind someone who will show you appreciation, provide stability, and commit to youDevelop magnetic self-confidence and feel empowered to pursue your true desiresIt’s time to learn The Magic of Manifesting Love!

Love is the purest expression of your truest self. It can feel like security, spontaneity, excitement, joy, peace, home, comfort, and aliveness. And here’s the most important thing about love: It can’t be earned. If you feel the need to earn it, then it’s not true love, no matter how interesting or fun it may seem at the moment.

10. Eleven Minutes: A Novel (P.S.)

Author: by Paulo Coelho
273 pages

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Eleven Minutes is the story of Maria, a young girl from a Brazilian village, whose first innocent brushes with love leave her heartbroken. At a tender age, she becomes convinced that she will never find true love, instead believing that love is a terrible thing that will make you suffer….

A chance meeting in Rio takes her to Geneva, where she dreams of finding fame and fortune. Maria’s despairing view of love is put to the test when she meets a handsome young painter. In this odyssey of self-discovery, Maria has to choose between pursuing a path of darknesssexual pleasure for its own sakeor risking everything to find her own inner light and the possibility of sacred sex, sex in the context of love.

11. Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: The Secrets of Erotic Magic

Author: by Jason Miller

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The sexual act is possibly the most potent-and pleasurable-gateway to the primordial and the divine. From the Tantric mysteries of Hinduism and Buddhism and the inner alchemy of Taoism, to the sacrament of the bridal chamber in Christianity-and, of course, the traditions of Western Magic and Witchcraft-sex pervades the highest and most secret teachings all over the world.

In Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit, Jason Miller draws upon his training in Eastern and Western mystery schools to produce a frank, comprehensive exploration of sexual sorcery and spirituality. In clear language, he will show you how to take your magic to the next level, teaching you:How to use the moment of orgasm as a gateway to the highest levels of spiritual attainment.

The use of sexual elixirs in alchemy and practical sorcery. How to work with sexual spirits and gods. The dangers of sex magic and how to avoid them. A grimoire of sexual spells and rituals. This daring and tantalizing work throws open the doors into the realms of sexual magic that have been hidden behind secret orders and arcane terminology for far too long-until now.


The Art of Sensual Massage: Book and 2 DVD Set

Author: by Gordon Inkeles
Arcata Arts
161 pages

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The Art of Sensual Massage demystified the practice of massage and sold over one million copies. The book has remained a best-seller for more than 40 years. Now two brand new DVDs , one hour each, by Gordon Inkeles bring the book’s sensual massage techniques to the screen.

Sensual Massage Made Simple (2010) shows you what to do on every part of the body. Sensual Massage Master Strokes (2014) focuses on the most popular strokes movement by movement. In both DVDs rhythms and pressures are clearly shown, making learning sensual massage easier than ever before.

The two 70 minute videos have won six awards at international film festivals. Stroke by stroke you will move confidently from head to toes spreading pleasure everywhere you go. Massage is educated touch. You will learn exactly what to do everywhere on the body.

You ll knead from head to toes. You ll learn stroking movements that flow up and down the torso, spreading warmth. And you ll learn to ease pain by applying friction and percussion to weary muscles. Massage is shared pleasure, it s drugless therapy and now for the first time it s easy to do.

13. Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief

Author: by John Lamb Lash
Chelsea Green Publishing
464 pages

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Basing much of Not in His Image on the Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic writings, John Lamb Lash explains how a little-known messianic sect propelled itself into a dominant world power, systematically wiping out the great Gnostic spiritual teachers, the Druid priests, and the shamanistic healers of Europe and North Africa.

They burned libraries and destroyed temples in an attempt to silence the ancient truth-tellers and keep their own secrets. But as Lash reveals, when the truth is the planet Earth it cannot be hidden or destroyed. Not in His Image delves deeply into the shadows of ancient Gnostic writings to reconstruct the story early Christians tried to scrub from the pages of history, exploring the richness of the ancient European Pagan spirituality-the Pagan Mysteries, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia-and chronicles the annihilation of this Pagan European culture at the hands of Christianity.

Long before the birth of Christianity, monotheism was an anomaly; Europe and the Near East flourished under the divine guidance of Sophia, the ancient goddess of wisdom. The Earth was the embodiment of Sophia and thus sacred to the people who sought fulfillment in her presence.

14. Placenta – the Forgotten Chakra

Author: by Robin Lim

210 pages

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The placenta, the root of your origin, is a miraculous organ that shares and protects your life. It is the conductor that unites you with your mother and serves as the control panel of the womb-ship that sustains you until you are born.

It was conceived at the moment of your genesis. Your placenta is genetically identical to you. Though you share some of your parents’ genetic identity, unless you have a monozygotic (identical) twin, no one, except your placenta, has ever been so perfectly, exactly you.

Sexual reproduction, the act of creating new life, only works because of the placenta. As mammals, we reproduce sexually, so sex is the reddest, hottest tile in the mosaic of our earthly lives, and the placenta is the mandala in the center of this miracle.

Historically, our creation stories tell of the Earth Mother birthing the world: her amniotic fluid became the oceans, the placenta became the Tree of Life. This demonstrates how essential the placenta is to our survival and how embedded it is in our psyche.

15. Living An Orgasmic Life: Heal Yourself and Awaken Your Pleasure (Womens Sexual Health, Female Sexuality, Kama Sutra, Sacred Sexuality)

Author: by Xanet Pailet
Mango (August 15, 2018)
264 pages

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120 pages

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