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Here you will get Best Scandinavian Cooking, Food & Wine Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Keto Cookbook For Beginners: 1000 Recipes For Quick & Easy Low-Carb Homemade Cooking

Author: by Gerald Hubbell
Published at: Independently published (December 11, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8579816306

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The Complete Keto Cookbook with 1000 Effortless Recipes! Do you find it difficult to start the Keto journey on your own? Do you want to enjoy tasty food without feeling hungry or unmotivated? The Keto Diet is great for one size fits all approach and allows you an easy adaptation to your specific needs.

This keto cookbook provides the means to empower everyone to develop a customizable approach plan, offering many options while dealing with the limitations of the standard ketogenic diet. And all that without sacrificing on Taste or Quality!! This easy to navigate keto cookbook has 1000 Foolproof recipes in the following categories:No-fuss Lunch and Dinner keto recipes Energizing Starters & AppetizersTasty Starters and Salads for Light & Fresh dishesGreat variety of Vegetarian, Vegan and Vegetable meals for those essential nutrients Fascinating Keto Sweets & Smoothies Tons of quality protein keto recipes with Poultry, Red Meat, Fish & SeafoodCraveable & Yummy Snacks & Side Dishes This complete Keto book will take care of your scarce cooking time, increase your desire and comittment to the Keto lifestly and show you the easiest & tastiest way towards a sustainable WEIGHT-LOSS and a BETTER LIFE while being on the keto.

2. The Noma Guide to Fermentation: Including koji, kombuchas, shoyus, misos, vinegars, garums, lacto-ferments, and black fruits and vegetables (Foundations of Flavor)

Author: by René Redzepi
Published at:
Artisan; Illustrated edition (October 16, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1579657185

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New York Times Bestseller Named one of the Best Cookbooks of the Year by the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Houston Chronicle, Esquire, GQ, Eater, and more Named one of the Best Cookbooks to Give as Gifts by Food & Wine, Bon Apptit, Esquire, Field & Stream, New York Magazine’s The Strategist, The Daily Beast, Eater, Vogue, Business Insider, GQ, Epicurious, and more An indispensable manual for home cooks and pro chefs.

Wired At Nomafour times named the world’s best restaurantevery dish includes some form of fermentation, whether it’s a bright hit of vinegar, a deeply savory miso, an electrifying drop of garum, or the sweet intensity of black garlic. Fermentation is one of the foundations behind Noma’s extraordinary flavor profiles.

Now Ren Redzepi, chef and co-owner of Noma, and David Zilber, the chef who runs the restaurant’s acclaimed fermentation lab, share never-before-revealed techniques to creating Noma’s extensive pantry of ferments. And they do so with a book conceived specifically to share their knowledge and techniques with home cooks.

3. Fäviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End (Nordic Cuisine from World-Renowned Swedish Chef Magnus Nilsson)

Author: by Magnus Nilsson
Published at: Phaidon Press (November 11, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1838661250

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“A must-read.” Food & Wine “Insightful, provocative, heartwarming.” Minneapolis Star Tribune Witty, candid, and insightful: Magnus Nilsson’s ode to his extraordinary restaurant, Fviken In 2019, Magnus Nilsson closed Fviken, his one-of-a-kind restaurant in remote Sweden – a difficult decision, as it was close to his heart and at the height of its success.

Here is the Fviken story: how it became a world-class destination, how the industry it was a part of has changed, and why Magnus eventually elected to pursue new projects. Fviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End is a vital commentary on food culture today and includes illuminating essays on subjects as wide ranging as creativity; balancing familial responsibilities while running a restaurant; the hypocrisy of sustainability in restaurants; the search for lagom; social media; imitation vs.

Plagiarism; haute cuisine; the art of hospitality; and the importance of craft over innovation. The book also includes a chronological list of every dish ever served at the restaurant and highlights 100 memorable recipes. The book’s stunning photography includes a mixture of archival photographs and newly shot images of the food, the restaurant, the staff, and the surrounding setting of Northern Sweden.

4. The Nordic Cookbook

Author: by Magnus Nilsson
Published at: Phaidon Press; Illustrated edition (October 26, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0714868721

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The Nordic Cookbook offers an unprecedented look at the rich culinary offerings of the Nordic region with 700 recipes collected by the acclaimed Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson featured in the Emmy-Award winning US PBS series The Mind of a Chef and the Netflix docuseries Chef’s Table.

The Nordic Cookbook, richly illustrated with the personal photography of internationally acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson, unravels the mysteries of Nordic ingredients and introduces the region’s culinary history and cooking techniques. Included in this beautiful book are more than 700 authentic recipes Magnus collected while travelling extensively throughout the Nordic countries Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden enhanced by atmospheric photographs of its landscapes and people.

His beautiful photographs feature in the book alongside images of the finished dishes by Erik Olsson, the photographer behind Fviken. With Magnus as a guide, everyone can prepare classic Nordic dishes and also explore new ones. The Nordic Cookbook introduces readers to the familiar (gravlax, meatballs and lingonberry jam) and the lesser-known aspects of Nordic cuisine (rose-hip soup, pork roasted with prunes, and juniper beer).

5. The Nordic Baking Book

Author: by Magnus Nilsson
Published at: Phaidon Press; Illustrated edition (October 15, 2018)
ISBN: 978-0714876849

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7. Make Mead Like a Viking: Traditional Techniques for Brewing Natural, Wild-Fermented, Honey-Based Wines and Beers

Author: by Jereme Zimmerman
Published at: Chelsea Green Publishing; Illustrated edition (November 2, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1603585989

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A complete, practical, and entertaining guide to using the best ingredients and minimal equipment to create flavorful brewsincluding wildcrafted meads, bragots, t’ej, grog, honey beers, and more!”A great guide … Full of practical information and fascinating lore.”Sandor Ellix Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation Ancient societies brewed flavorful and healing meads, ales, and wines for millennia using only intuition, storytelling, and knowledge passed down through generationsno fancy, expensive equipment or degrees in chemistry needed.

In Make Mead Like a Viking, homesteader, fermentation enthusiast, and self-described Appalachian Yeti Viking Jereme Zimmerman summons the bryggjemann of the ancient Norse to demonstrate how homebrewing meadarguably the world’s oldest fermented alcoholic beveragecan be not only uncomplicated but fun.

Inside, readers will learn techniques for brewing: Sweet, semi-sweet, and dry meads Melomels (fruit meads) Metheglins (spiced meads) Ethiopian t’ej (honey wine) Flower and herbal meads Bragots Honey beers Country wines Viking grog And there’s more for aspiring Vikings to explore, including: The importance of local and unpasteurized honey for both flavor and health benefits What modern homebrewing practices, materials, and chemicals workbut aren’t necessary How to grow and harvest herbs and collect wild botanicals for use in healing, nutritious, and magical meads, beers, and wines How to use botanicals other than hops for flavoring and preserving mead, ancient ales, and gruits The rituals, mysticism, and communion with nature that were integral components of ancient brewing Whether you’ve been intimidated by modern homebrewing’s cost or seeming complexity in the past or are boldly looking to expand your current brewing and fermentation practices, Zimmerman’s welcoming style and spirit will usher you into exciting new territory.

8. Ebelskivers: Danish-Style Filled Pancakes and other Sweet and Savory Treats

Author: by Kevin Crafts
Published at: Weldon Owen; Original edition (March 1, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1616280673

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Book annotation not available for this title. Title: EbelskiversAuthor: Crafts, Kevin/ Kunkel, Erin (PHT)Publisher: Simon & SchusterPublication Date: 2011/03/01Number of Pages: 111Binding Type: PAPERBACKLibrary of Congress:

9. Hygge: Discovering The Danish Art Of Happiness — How To Live Cozily And Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

Author: by Olivia Telford
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 24, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1548283322

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Do you sometimes feel like your life is a mad rush without ending or meaning? Would you like to find something that offers relaxation, happiness and contentment, all rolled into one? In today’s world, we all experience some hectic days in our careers, family, and social lives.

But if you are always stressed, then you need to closely examine how your busyness is affecting your quality of life. The solution is to adopt the Hygge lifestyle that encompasses the positivity and enjoyment that one can get from simple everyday things.

By incorporating Hygge into your life, you’ll discover how to put down the phone, pick up that mixing bowl, paint brush, or other dream you’ve been putting off and immerse yourself in the present with warmth and connection. DOWNLOAD:: Hygge – Discovering the Danish Art of HappinessThe goal of this book is simple: It will teach you a new perspective on life and how to embrace the idea of slowing down, appreciating the small things and seeing the beauty in everyday moments.

10. Ekstedt: The Nordic Art of Analogue Cooking

Author: by Niklas Ekstedt
Published at: Bloomsbury Absolute (October 27, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1472961969

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‘With equal parts of birch wood and passion, we keep the flames alive. We cook all our ingredients over an open fire. Charcoal and smoke are our most powerful tools. No electric griddle, no gas stove only natural heat, soot, ash, smoke and fire.

We have chosen these ways to prepare our food as a tribute to the ancient way of cooking. At Ekstedt it is the flames that are superior.’ Through his bold flavours at the eponymous Michelin-starred restaurant, Niklas Ekstedt ignites our primal fire-side instincts.

His abandonment of modern technology may be a little difficult to replicate in your own kitchen, but his spirit will convince you to get back to basics where you can. The restaurant, Ekstedt, is at the very heart and centre of the book, providing the foundation for Niklas’ stories of seasonal, and regional, traditional Swedish cooking.

Dishes from the restaurant, and in the pages of this sumptuous book, include braised lamb shoulder with seaweed butter and wild garlic capers, juniper-smoked pike and perch, ember-baked leeks with charcoal cream, pine-smoked mussels, and wood-oven baked almond cake. Stunning photography from David Loftus brings Niklas’ recipes and the Nordic seasons to life.

11. Power Pressure Cooker XL Top 500 Recipes: The Complete Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Author: by Jamie Stewart
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2nd edition (October 6, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1978002838

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In this cookbook you will find 500 delicious recipes devided into the following categories: Vegetables Poultry Pork Beef Fish & Seafood Vegan Fast Snacks DessertsIf you’re thinking about making the leap from good to great, consider trying the Power Pressure Cooker XL.

This revolutionary kitchen gadget is a highly efficient, modern-day invention that performs various cooking functions such as steaming, rice cooking, slow cooking, sauting, and so forth. The Power Pressure Cooker XL utilizes the pressure of super-heated steam to cook your favorite meals.

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12. How to Hygge: The Nordic Secrets to a Happy Life

Author: by Signe Johansen
Published at: St. Martin's Griffin (January 3, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1250122032

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The Danish coziness philosophy is fast becoming the new French living in terms of aspirational lifestyle books and blogs. There are countless viral articles comparing the happiness levels of Americans versus Danes. Their homes are more homey; their people are more cheerful.

It’s an attitude that defies definition, but there is a name for this slow-moving, stress-free mindset: hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Hygge values the idea of cherishing yourself: candlelight, bakeries, and dinner with friends; a celebration of experiences over possessions, as well as being kind to yourself and treasuring a sense of community.

How to Hygge by chef and author Signe Johansen is a fresh, informative, lighthearted, fully illustrated how-to guide to hygge. It’s a combination of recipes, helpful tips for cozy living at home, and cabin porn: essential elements of living the Danish waywhich, incidentally, encourages a daily dose of healthy hedonism.

Who can resist that?

13. Fika: The Art of The Swedish Coffee Break, with Recipes for Pastries, Breads, and Other Treats [A Baking Book]

Author: by Anna Brones
Published at: Ten Speed Press; 1st edition (April 7, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1607745860

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An illustrated lifestyle cookbook on the Swedish tradition of fika-a twice-daily coffee break-including recipes for traditional baked goods, information and anecdotes about Swedish coffee culture, and the roots and modern incarnations of this cherished custom. Sweden is one of the world’s top coffee consuming nations, and the twice-daily social coffee break known as fika is a cherished custom.

Fika can be had alone or in groups, indoors or outdoors, while traveling or at home. A time to take a rest from work and chat with friends or colleagues over a cup and a sweet treat, fika reflects the Swedish ideal of slowing down to appreciate life’s small joys.

In this adorable illustrated cookbook, Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall share nearly fifty classic recipes from their motherlandfrom cinnamon buns and ginger snaps to rhubarb cordial and rye breadallowing all of us to enjoy this charming tradition regardless of where we live.

14. Eat like a Viking!: A guide to Anglo Saxon & Viking age food & drink

Author: by Craig Brooks
Published at: Independently published (May 24, 2019)
ISBN: 979-8657699340

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Eat like a viking!Is a handy guide to authentic viking age food. With quick and simple recipes, easy to follow sections on brewing and baking, and a reference list of ingredients, it’s perfect for either re-enactors or for anyone who loves cooking on an open fire.

A proportion of the proceeds from this book will go towards supporting Moorforge Viking settlement, a living history site offering a unique Viking discovery experience in Gilcrux, Cumbria

15. North Wild Kitchen: Home Cooking from the Heart of Norway

Author: by Nevada Berg
Published at: Prestel (October 2, 2018)
ISBN: 978-3791384139

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Selected as one of the New York Times best cookbooks of Fall 2018This alluring, elegant cookbook by Nevada Berg, one of today’s most celebrated food bloggers, features recipes and beautifully photographed dishes that delve into the heart of Norwegian food culture.

Named by Saveur magazine as the 2016 Blog of the Year and Best New Voice, North Wild Kitchen and its author Nevada Berg have become one of the best-known voices of Norwegian cooking around the world. Written from her 17th-century mountain farm in rural Norway, Nevada Berg’s blog and Instagram feed are brimming with gorgeous-and achievable-ideas for home cooking and entertaining.

Berg is a self-taught cook, and her simple and charming approach focuses on seasonal food prepared without a lot of fuss. With dozens of mouthwatering recipes for Norwegian-inspired dishes, this book features equally enticing photography of the food and the country’s landscape.

Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Norwegian food culture-foraging, fishing, and farming; hunting, harvesting, and camping; baking, grilling, and frying. Along the way, Berg comments on the unique pleasures of Nordic life as she tends to her chickens, explores the outdoors, or sets a welcoming table.

16. The Great Scandinavian Baking Book

Author: by Beatrice Ojakangas
Published at: University of Minnesota Press; First edition (August 23, 1999)
ISBN: 978-0816634965

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Recipes for savory and authentic morsels from the north country, now in paperback! Food is the heart of a Scandinavian home: scrumptious pies, delicate pastries, millions of cookies, and, of course, savory breads. Each countryDenmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Icelandhas its specialty and no one goes hungry.

In this mouthwatering collection, Beatrice Ojakangas calls on her own Scandinavian heritage and wide-ranging knowledge of baking to produce the definitive cookbook for this rich cultural heritage. Because Ojakangas stresses ease of preparation, even novice bakers will be able to make filled Danish pastries, Christmas buttermilk rye bread, or a few dozen pepparkakor, better known as gingersnaps.

This handy reference highlights Scandinavian traditions too. There are recipes for sweet breads to be served with morning, afternoon, and evening coffee; for trays upon trays of cookies to serve as holiday or everyday treats; and for savory meat-and-vegetable pies.

The Great Scandinavian Baking Book will warm your heart and fill your stomach. Beatrice Ojakangas is the author of more than a dozen cookbooks, including Great Whole Grain Breads (1993) and The Finnish Cookbook (1989). Her articles have appeared in Bon Apptit, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Cuisine, and Redbook, and she has appeared on television’s Baking with Julia Child.