Best Sports Equipment & Supplies Books

Here you will get Best Sports Equipment & Supplies Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Knot Tying Kit | Pro-Knot Best Rope Knot Cards, two practice cords and a carabiner

Author: by John E. Sherry
J. E. Sherry Company
12 pages

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By Pro-Knot, the number one trusted name in Knots with over 5,000 5 Star reviews! This complete knot tying KIT includes everything you need to learn and practice how to tie 23 essential rope knots. The six card/twelve page waterproof plastic card set contains 23 best all purpose rope knots clearly illustrated and described, bound together with a no-rust brass grommet in the corner!

Use the included cordage and carabiner to practice tying knots with. You can learn to tie two ropes together with the two cords (28 inches each of high quality 3mm static line cordage which is higher quality than paracord and easier to tie and untie), learn to tie rope to an object (a hitch knot) with the included carabiner and of course use one cord to practice loop knots such as the Bowline.

With over one million knot cards sold and more 5 Star reviews than any other knot book author on Amazon, Pro-Knot is America’s favorite knot reference. This Knot Tying Kit will help you learn to tie knots like a pro! Whether you are lashing down a kayak on the roof of your car (use the Trucker’s Hitch), hanging an adjustable line in camp (use the Tautline Hitch), tying a boat to a dock (Cleat Hitch), or you just need a quick peek at the good old Bowline Knot while outdoors, the knot cards will serve you well.

2. The Prepper's Medical Handbook

Author: by William Forgey M.D.
Lyons Press
322 pages

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The basis of adequate prepping is being prepared for both common and dire events that may occur under the worst of all possible circumstances. These circumstances might include the breakdown in normal emergency support services (such as calling 911), the lack of an ability to obtain additional supplies, and the probability that you will not be able to rely on anyone but members of your immediate group or yourself.

Prepping requires forethought with regard to food, water supplies, power, and protection all areas of significant technical preparation. Self-reliant medical care is no exception. This book provides the basis of prevention, identification, and long-term management of survivable medical conditions and can be performed with minimal training.

It helps you identify sources of materials you will need and should stock-pile, it discusses storage issues, and directs you to sources for more complex procedures that require advanced concepts of field-expedient techniques used by trained medical persons such as surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, or midwifes and obstetricians.

3. Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance: The World's Best-Selling Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Guide

Author: by Lennard Zinn
488 pages

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Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance is the world’s best-selling guide to bicycle repair and maintenance. From basic repairs like how to fix a flat tire to advanced overhauls of drivetrains and brakes, Lennard Zinn’s clearly illustrated guide makes every bicycle repair and maintenance job easy for everyone.

Lennard Zinn is the world’s leading expert on bike maintenance and repair. His friendly step-by-step guide explains the tools you’ll need and how to know you’ve done the job right. The book’s two-color interior is easy to readeven in a dimly-lit garage or workshop.

Hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations and exploded parts diagrams show just the right level of detail to lead you through every bicycle repair task. This smartly organized guide shows how to repair new and old bicycles from top to bottom. In over 500 pages, Zinn’s guide includes simple instructions for hundreds of bike maintenance and repair jobs: Basics: How to fix a flat tire, lube a bicycle chain, adjust the brakesEmergency repairs: How to fix a broken chain, tighten loose spokes, repair a bent derailleurEasy shifting: How to adjust shifters, derailleurs, and cables for clean and smooth shiftingWheels: How to true a wheel, install a new tire, change a cassette, replace broken spokes, build your own wheelsOverhauls: How to service and replace pedals, chains and chainrings, saddles, handlebars, stems, headsets, forks, bottom bracketsNew tech: How to maintain 11-speed systems, electronic and wireless shifters, disc brakesCyclocross: How to set up a ‘cross bike for racing, select the right components, and make quick repairsTroubleshooting: How to figure out what’s wrong with any bike and fix itZinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance makes bicycle repair and maintenance easy, quick, affordable, and fun.

4. The Backpacker's Field Manual, Revised and Updated: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills

Author: by Rick Curtis

448 pages

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When it was first published in 1998, The Backpacker’s Field Manual set the standard for comprehensive backpacking books. Now exhaustively updated to offer a more complete view of backpacking today, it covers the latest developments in gearsuch as Global Positioning Systems and ultralight hiking equipmentfirst aid, and Leave No Trace comping, and includes a chapter devoted to outdoor leadership resources and basics.

Beginners and experienced hikers alike will find this book indispensable for trip planning strategies and also as a quick reference on the trail for:BACKCOUNTRY SKILLShow to forecast the weather, identify trees, bear-proof your campsite, wrap an injured ankle, and more-illustrated with more than 100 line drawings.

TRICKS OF THE TRAILtime-tested practical lessons learned along the wayGOING ULTRALIGHTdownsizing suggestions for those who want to lighten upEvery traveler knows that space in a backpack is limited, so on your next trip, carry the only guide you’ll ever needthis oneand take to the great outdoors with confidence.

5. Gun Trader's Guide, Forty-Second Edition: A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide to Modern Collectible Firearms with Current Market Values

Author: by Robert A. Sadowski
608 pages

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If you are seeking a comprehensive reference for collectible gun values, the Gun Trader’s Guide is the only book you need. Included are extensive listings for handguns, shotguns, and rifles from some of the most popular manufacturers, including Beretta, Browning, Colt, Remington, Savage, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, and many more.

The Gun Trader’s Guide is a one-stop manual to buying collectible firearms. For more than half a century, this guide has been the standard reference for collectors, curators, dealers, shooters, and gun enthusiasts. Updated annually, it remains the definitive source for making informed decisions on used firearms purchases.

With more than two million copies sold and in its forty-second edition, this updated Gun Trader’s Guide boasts dozens of new entries and includes a complete index and a guide on how to properly and effectively use this book in order to find the market value for your collectible modern firearm.

Determine the new prices for any firearm you want to sell or trade, whether its condition is in-box, excellent, or good. With new introductory materials that every gun collector and potential buyer should read, this book is the ultimate guide to purchasing classic or discontinued firearms.

6. Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects: Simple Instructions for Survival Bracelets and Other DIY Projects (Fox Chapel Publishing) 12 Easy Lanyards, Keychains, and More using Parachute Cord for Ropecrafting

Author: by Pepperell Company
Fox Chapel Publishing
48 pages

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Make your own useful and attractive outdoor gear! 12 easy projects for lanyards, straps, wraps, keychains, and more Survival bracelets that come apart quickly to provide emergency cord Practical gear for camping, hiking, and more Detailed instructions and step-by-step photos Ropecrafting advice for knots, fusing, tools, and materials If you love the outdoors, you’ll love parachute cord!

Strong, lightweight, and durable, it’s the most versatile material ever developed for making outdoor gear and accessories. This book shows you how easy it is to use colorful paracord to create attractive and useful survival bracelets, lanyards, pouches, straps, slings, and more.

Perfect for kids and the beginning paracordist, Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects takes you step by step through all the knots and wraps you need to know. Get practical advice on tools and materials, and learn the right way to melt and fuse the cut ends of your cord.

Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, working outside, attending a game, or just walking the dog, you’re sure to find the ideal DIY project here!

7. Resistance Band Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening and Rehabilitative Techniques

Author: by Karl Knopf
Ulysses Press
120 pages

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Learn how to get fit while preventing injury using versatile resistance bands to build muscle, increase range of motion and balance with targeted, step-by-step workouts. First used in physical therapy to introduce low-intensity strength training for rehabilitating patients, today bands come in all levels of resistance and are perfect for targeting and working every major muscle group.

Using this simple device, you can: Increase Strength; Improve Balance; Reduce Lower Back Pain; Rehabilitate Injuries. Resistance Band Workbook offers more than 70 safe, effective exercises paired with clear captions and step- by-step photos that can be done practically anywhere, anytime.

In addition, special programs will enhance your daily life, whether you’re looking to revamp your physique, elevate your sports performance or simply improve functional fitness.

8. Shooter's Bible, 112th Edition

Author: by Jay Cassell
608 pages

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Published annually for more than eighty years, the Shooter’s Bible is the most comprehensive and sought-after reference guide for new firearms and their specifications, as well as for thousands of guns that have been in production and are currently on the market.

With more than seven million copies sold, this is the must-have reference book for gun collectors and firearm enthusiasts of all ages. Nearly every firearms manufacturer in the world is included in this renowned compendium. The 112th edition also contains new and existing product sections on ammunition, optics, and accessories, along with updated handgun and rifle ballistic tables and extensive charts of currently available bullets and projectiles for handloading.

With a timely feature on the newest products on the market, and complete with color and black-and-white photographs featuring various makes and models of firearms and equipment, the Shooter’s Bible is an essential authority for any beginner or experienced hunter, firearm collector, or gun enthusiast.

9. The Golf Handbook, Third Edition: The Complete Guide to the Greatest Game

Author: by Vivien Saunders
224 pages

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Play Like a Pro with The Golf HandbookLooking to increase your enjoyment of the sport, improve your technique, and, ultimately, take strokes off your scorecard? Comprehensive and easy-to-use, this fully redesigned and updated third edition of the classic manual The Golf Handbook offers essential tips and strategies, plus hundreds of new diagrams, full-color photographs, and features on modern golfing greats like Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Sergio Garcia.

Because The Golf Handbook focuses on every aspect of the gamefrom how to grip the club to advanced strategy and shot makingthis book is valuable for the beginning putter, the competitive low-handicap player, and golfers of every skill level in between.

In The Golf Handbook you’ll find tips on: Perfecting your stance, grip, and swing for each shot Mastering every club in the bag, from driver to putter How to navigate different kinds of courses Exercises and practice programs for players at every stage Selecting the right equipment Strategies for competitive play How to make shots in adverse conditions The language of golf, the rules, the etiquette, and the bets The history of the game and its great playersfrom Bobby Jones to Jack Nicklaus to Annika Sorenstam

10. Shooter's Bible Guide to Firearms Assembly, Disassembly, and Cleaning

Author: by Robert A. Sadowski

‎ English
448 pages

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Shooter’s Bible, for generations the most trusted source of detailed information on firearms, offers gun enthusiasts expert knowledge and advice on gun care. Double-page spreads filled with photos and illustrations provide manufacturer specifications on each featured model and guide you through disassembly and assembly for rifles, shotguns, handguns, and muzzleloaders.

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning help you to care for your firearms safely. Chapters focus on a wide variety of the most popular firearms in several categories, including:Centerfire and rimfire rifles: autoloader, bolt action, lever action, pump action, and single shotShotguns: autoloader, over/under, pump action, single shot, lever action, and side by sideHandguns: pistol, revolver, and derringerMuzzleloadersAlong with assembly, disassembly, and cleaning instructions, each featured firearm is accompanied by a brief description and list of important specs, including manufacturer, model, similar models, action, calibers/gauge, capacity, overall length, and weight.

11. The Complete Guide to Gunsmithing: Gun Care and Repair

Author: by Charles Edward Chapel
512 pages

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The Most Comprehensive Gunsmithing Guide of All Time. Written by one of the most prolific firearms experts of all time, The Complete Guide to Gunsmithing is a highly detailed and essential reference for the gun enthusiast and gunsmith alike. At nearly 500 pages, Chapel covers everything from the use of proper tools to how to get a gunsmithing job, and everything in between.

In more than forty chapters of exceptionally clear prose, the book answers every question a collector, soldier, or home defender could have on topics such as: Drawings and Blueprints Stock Design Checkering and Carving Stock Repairs and Alterations Etching and Engraving And many moreNot only is the book an incredible resource for gun owners and gunsmiths, it’s also a wonderful look at the world of firearms in the first half the twentieth century.

Published just over seventy years ago, the book-and revised by the author two decades laterThe Complete Guide to Gunsmithing is fascinating look at how the nature of firearms has changed. With a thoughtful introductory note by renowned outdoorsman Dr. Jim Casada and eighty-five meticulous illustrations, this is the definitive edition of an enduring and authoritative classic.

12. Gunsmithing Modern Firearms: A Gun Guy's Guide to Making Good Guns Even Better

Author: by Bryce M. Towsley
304 pages

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One of America’s foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley is back again to provide even more projects for anyone interested in building, customizing, fixing, or maintaining firearms. Gunsmith Towsley offers detailed explanations and includes color illustrations for just about every aspect of gun modification, builds, and repair.

Featured tutorials include:how to customize a GLOCK handgunbuild a 1911 handgun or an AR-15 rifle from partshow to do spray on gun coatingsturning a Mosin-Nagant into a tactical riflebuilding a precision or hunting rifle from scratchand much moreThis extensive information is important to anybody interested in firearms care, modification, repair, or improvement.

It takes the reader from easy-to-do, kitchen table projects through advanced techniques. There is something in these pages for anybody interested in working on firearms, and Towsley’s writing style is easy to read and understand and the humor will make you laugh while you learn.

Gunsmithing is a great hobby. It brings satisfaction that few others can achieve. There is the pride in fixing something that is broken and in feeling the artistic achievement when you modify a firearm to make it better.Bryce M.Towsley

13. Book of Glock: A Comprehensive Guide to America's Most Popular Handgun

Author: by Robert A. Sadowski
Skyhorse (March 13, 2018)
280 pages

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Robert A.Sadowski showcases all of Glock’s American handgun models, from the first model, the Glock 17, which premiered in 1982, to the all-new G43, and educates firearms enthusiasts on the quirks of each. The Book of Glock references all Glock pistols available in the United States with in-depth information on all modelshistory, serial numbers, rare Glock variants, comparative models, cutaway sales models, and more.

Sadowski worked closely with Stanley Ruselowski, the president of the Glock Collectors Association, to bring readers information and photos of rarely seen Glocks. Each chapter is dedicated to a different model. Sadowski provides a timeline of the company’s evolution and a close look at how Glock redefined the combat pistol.

Other chapters touch on rare models, commemorative editions, and Glock tools and accessories. Whether a firearms collector or a new enthusiast, anyone can enjoy Sadowski’s analysis of Glocks throughout history.


Fight Like a Physicist: The Incredible Science Behind Martial Arts (Martial Science)
Author: by Jason Thalken Ph.D.
YMAA Publication Center

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An in-depth look into the physics behind martial arts. Whether you are an experienced martial artist or a curious enthusiast, this book gives you an unfair advantage by unraveling the complex science of effective fighting techniques and examining the core principles that make them work.Did you know?

Momentum is for knocking people over Energy is for breaking bones and causing pain A haymaker travels 3. 14159 times farther than a jab You are only an object when you are rigid Fight Like a Physicist blends inquiry, skepticism, and irreverent humorall while punching holes in myth and mysticism.

Highlights include Making physics your unfair advantage, in the ring and on the street Examining center of mass, pi, levers, wedges, angular momentum, and linear momentum for martial artists Reducing traumatic brain injury in contact sports Exposing the illusion of safety provided by gloves and helmets Overturning conventional wisdom on compliance during an assault Busting up Hollywood action clichs Fight Like a Physicist reads like a manifesto on the rational practice of martial arts.

15. Workout Log Book: Exercise Notebook and Fitness Journal for Personal Training, Weight Lifting and Cardio, Gym Planner for Men and Women, Old School Style Cover

Author: by Dragonfruit Books
108 pages

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Do you want to know how to achieve your dream body in half the time? Start treating your workouts like a science. Studies show tracking your progress with an exercise logbook can make you get to your goals quicker and create long-term habits.

Trying to remember what you did in the last workout? You can now keep track of everything. Each Workout Page Includes plenty of space to record:Date and Week DayStart and Finish TimesWeightWhich Muscle Group you’re targeting for the dayIf you Stretched and Warmed UpExercise Name, Rest Period, Tempo, Sets, and RepsCardio Exercises, how long you did it, the Distance or Intensity, and number of Calories BurnedNotes section for you to write about your Diet, Supplements, and how did the Workout feelDAILY MOTIVATION.

What are your fitness goals and what is your timeline for achieving them? Writing your goals down has been shown to increase the likelihood you’ll achieve them. Use this Workout Log Book and its Goals Pages to give you the best possible start on your journey!

16. The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters: How to Improve Your Accuracy in Mild to Blustery Conditions

Author: by Linda K. Miller
Skyhorse (May 26, 2020)
144 pages

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All other factors being equal, it is your ability to read the wind that will make the most difference in your shooting accuracy. The better you understand the behavior of the wind, the better you will understand the behavior of your bullet.

Now, champion shooters Linda K.Miller and Keith A. Cunningham reveal everything they wish they’d known about reading the wind before they started shooting (instead of having to learn as they went along) in concise, easy-to-read terms and accompanied with handy ninety-five diagrams.

The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters contains straightforward guidance on the simple thought process they use to read the wind, the techniques and tactics they use to win matches, and the underlying skills that support both. Let these champions show you how to put together a simple wind-reading toolbox for calculating wind speed, direction, deflection, and drift.

Then learn how to use these tools to read flags and mirage, record and interpret your observations, and time your shots to compensate for wind. Other topics covered include: Analyzing shot placementRecording and record keepingConfidence and following your hunchesAnd much more!