Best Sports Health & Safety Books

Here you will get Best Sports Health & Safety Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. 6-Minute Fitness at 60+: Simple Home Exercises to Reclaim Strength, Balance, and Energy in 15 Days

Author: by Jonathan Su
218 pages

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If you want to age gracefully and comfortably, you need to prepare. After the age of 50, our lean muscle mass starts to shrink by 1 to 2 percent every year. Over time, that muscle loss increases our risk of injury from falls and accidents, and it can seriously reduce our independence.

What if you could reclaim your strength, balance, and energy faster than you ever thought possible? What if you had a field-tested approach to exercise that takes only six minutes, twice a day … And what if you could see dramatic results in just 15 days?

In this book, you will learn:A straightforward, science-based exercise plan that only takes six minutes, twice a day and produces consistent strengthening and mobility improvements. Three simple bodyweight exercises that effectively target the muscle groups you need to stay active, prevent falls, and remain independent.

How to design workouts at home that don’t rely on complicated equipment. The seven most important strategies for benefiting from regular workouts. Practical advice and guidance for family members and caregivers helping aging adults with exercise. The exercise program in this book has been tested with thousands of seniors and older adults just like you.

2. Training for a Healthy Life: A Daily Food and Fitness Journal

Author: by Zeitgeist Wellness
128 pages

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Set Yourself Up for Better Health! Open this fitness journal and start your journey to a healthy new you! This easy-to-use book will help you record your everyday stats in order to solidify healthy eating and exercise habits. Whether your goal is losing weight, exercising more, or changing your self-care routines, this handy journal will keep you on track as you set out on a healthy new path.

Training for a Healthy Life features easy ways to: RECORD IMPORTANT DAILY STATS: Write down your weight, what you ate, how much you exercised, and how well you took care of yourself every day.. REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS: Weekly check-ins help you chart your progress and adjust your habits moving forward.

TRACK YOUR GOALS: Set your goals as you start your journey, record daily goals, and evaluate your success at the end of the book.

3. The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster

Author: by Amy Alton
328 pages

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The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for any Disaster is the new abridged version of the bestselling book The Survival Medicine Handbook. This unique medical book is meant to enable the average person to handle injuries and illness in situations in which modern medical facilities and professionals aren’t available due to a disaster.

This book is written by America’s top medical preparedness experts: Joe Alton, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP. Their mission: to put a medically prepared person in every family for when medical help is not on the way. Using decades of medical experience, they address, in plain language, dozens of medical issues associated with surviving disasters and epidemics.

The Altons also discuss the medical supplies needed to become a medical asset to your family and community as well as alternative and natural strategies for when pharmaceuticals aren’t available. Most medical books will send you to the doctor or hospital when an emergency happens.

4. Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance: A Sports Parent's Survival Guide

Author: by Dr. Tommy John
Da Capo Lifelong Books
304 pages

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Dr. Tommy John’s unique program: a diet, lifestyle, and movement plan (Rethink.Rebuild.Replenish. Recover) for injury- and performance-proofing young athletes in every sport Beginning as early as age 6 and continuing through the teenage years and on into their twenties, both male and female athletes are more at risk of serious injuries at younger ages than ever before.

Dr. Tommy John, son of lefty pitcher Tommy John and also a sports performance and healing specialist, offers an invaluable diet, lifestyle, and movement plan (Rethink.Rebuild.Replenish. Recover) for injury- and performance-proofing young athletes in every sport. Dr. John explores the sudden rise of Tommy John surgeries being performed on young athletes today, as well as the many injuries-and the surgeries required to fix them-increasing at an alarming rate in baseball and all youth sports.

Dr. John’s book outlines the three top causes behind this “injury epidemic”: The American lifestyle, the business of youth sports (from coaches to corporations), and the decisions we believe as parents are truly benefiting our children. Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance focuses on prevention, and also offers tips on how to tailor the advice for athletes coming back from an injury, with over 120 black and white photographs.

5. When Violence Is the Answer: Learning How to Do What It Takes When Your Life Is at Stake

Author: by Tim Larkin
Back Bay Books
304 pages

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This book could save your life: Protect yourself from violence and learn survival skills for dangerous situations with this essential guide from a former military intelligence officer. In a civilized society, violence is rarely the answer. But when it is, it’s the only answer.

The sound of breaking glass downstairs in the middle of the night. The words, “Move and you die.” The hands on your child, or the knife to your throat. In this essential book, self-protection expert and former military intelligence officer Tim Larkin changes the way we think about violence in order to save our lives.

By deconstructing our assumptions about violence – its morality, its function in modern society, how it actually works – Larkin unlocks the shackles of our own taboos and arms us with what we need to know to prevent, prepare for, and survive the unthinkable event of life-or-death violence.

Through a series of harrowing true-life stories, Larkin demonstrates that violence is a tool equally effective in the hands of the “bad guy” or the “good guy”; that the person who acts first, fastest and with the full force of their body is the one who survives; and that each and every one of us is capable of being that person when our lives are at stake.

6. Runner's World How to Make Yourself Poop: And 999 Other Tips All Runners Should Know

Author: by Meghan Kita
Rodale Books

272 pages

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Every runner knows how important it is to prevent an unfortunate bathroom accident midrun. This book can show you how. For any runner who wants a quick, easy reference guide to every running issue under the sun, look no further.

With tips on training, nutrition, gear, motivation, health, and racing, Runner’s World How to Make Yourself Poop is essential reading for runners who want to improve their performance. From The Best Way to Tie Your Shoes to 9 Tactics for Busting Out of a Running Rut and everything in between, these short, easy-to-use tips from reliable experts are the perfect gift for any runner in your life.

7. Sports Nutrition For Young Adults: A Game-Winning Guide to Maximize Performance

Author: by Jackie Slomin MS RDN
192 pages

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Elevate your diet, elevate your performancea cookbook and sports nutrition guide for athletes ages 16 and upA structured and disciplined training regimen is vital to any up-and-coming athletebut without proper nutrition, you are just spinning your wheels. Sports Nutrition for Young Adults introduces you to the essential role nutrition plays in order to excel no matter the sport.

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer with Olympic dreams or a high school running back looking to become a gridiron great, the road to becoming a champion begins with good eating habits. Maximize your performance on and off the field with tasty, nutrient-rich recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Along with protein-packed variations of classics like pancakes and mac n’ cheese, this book offers up selections for particular nutritional needs within various diets, including vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic, gluten-free, and paleo. Sports Nutrition for Young Adults includes:All meals coveredThese sports nutrition dishes cover pre-activity, game day, and recovery periods.

8. New Anatomy for Strength & Fitness Training: An Illustrated Guide to Your Muscles in Action Including Exercises Used in CrossFit (R), P90X (R), and Other Popular Fitness Programs (IMM Lifestyle Books)

Author: by Mark Vella
Design Originals
168 pages

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Get an in-depth look into the most magnificent machine ever createdthe human body! Over 100 anatomical illustrations of 70 muscles in action, detailed and in full colorOver 75 exercises to increase your flexibility and strengthExpert instructions for exercises for strength training and gym fitness, stretching and flexibility training, yoga, Pilates, and bodybuildingLearn how each exercise works and understand how it shapes the body, with the science of movement, training concepts, and fitness principlesPerfect for beginners and advanced fitness practitioners alike, this is the must-have exercise reference for fitness enthusiastsUsing detailed anatomical illustrations, New Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training provides you with visual insight into what happens to the human organic machine during exercisemuscles and tendons working in concert to strengthen your body’s building blocks.

With this basic knowledge of how the body works, you can buff up your body with the book’s 75+ exercises, grouped by body region and involving gym machines, free weights, and body weight/stretching, as well as yoga and Pilates. Included are comparisons of contemporary training options from CrossFit and P90X to Zumba, SoulCycle, TRX, Orangetheory, and more.

9. Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy Training (Renaissance Periodization)

Author: by Dr. Mike Israetel
376 pages

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Summary The Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy Training is a fundamental analysis of what your training should look like if muscle growth is your main goal, or even just one of your goals. The book takes you on a grand tour of all of the main 7 training principles and how to apply them to one’s training – no matter your experience level, diet phase, or sport.

It features:1)An in-depth 376 page explanation on nearly every important facet of hypertrophy training with summarized “main points” guide at the end of each chapter2)How to apply hypertrophy training to or around other sports and hobbies3)How to work around injuries and still grow muscle4)Thorough advice on how to construct and modify a hypertrophy program for all experience levels and diet phases5)How to design training programs when you’re limited on time6)Advice on how to troubleshoot your hypertrophy program for best results.

What people are saying about Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy Training Loaded with great info. A university course on hypertrophy! Loaded with useful information and it does a great job with outlining the approach to hypertrophy. The content of the book is amazing and so thorough.Michael S.

10. Breathing for Warriors: Master Your Breath to Unlock More Strength, Greater Endurance, Sharper Precision, Faster Recovery, and an Unshakable Inner Game

Author: by Belisa Vranich
St. Martin's Essentials
272 pages

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Dr. Belisa Vranich’s ground-breaking second book teaches the science, techniques, and benefits of breathing correctly and efficiently for warriors in all walks of life. People are less in touch with their bodiesand especially their breathingthan ever before. Ironically, athletes and others who pride themselves on taking care of their bodies actually put themselves at greater risk.Why?

Because they’re asking their body to take on next-level demands, but failing at life’s most essential skill: efficient breathing. Proper breathing is the world’s most powerful biohack. Learning it will help you feel better, avoid injury, and perform at your very best (including in bed!.

Champion gladiators, master martial artists, even spearfishers all had one thing in common: efficient breathing to achieve flawless execution. An elite few still understand: Navy SEALs who need to make the perfect shot, super-elite weightlifters who truly understand how to harness and channel their energy, free-divers who can spend seemingly impossible amounts of time underwater, and high-profile execs who keep calm before multi-billion-dollar presentations.

11. The Complete First Aid Pocket Guide: Step-by-Step Treatment for All of Your Medical Emergencies Including • Heart Attack • Stroke • Food Poisoning … • Shock • Anaphylaxis • Minor Wounds • Burns

Author: by John Furst
Adams Media
304 pages

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From minor cuts and burns, to heart attacks and strokes, this handy, take-anywhere guide gives you the knowledge and advice you need to recognize and respond to any medical emergency. Be prepared for any medical emergency and handle it safely and efficiently with The Complete First Aid Pocket Guide.

Quickly identify signs and symptoms of a wide range of medical conditions andlearn how to recognize the difference between a minor injury or illness, and those that are more serious with this essential handbook. Each section of The Complete First Aid Pocket Guide includes a quick list of signs and symptoms to look for and step-by-step first aid instructions for dealing with each situation, all in user-friendly, simple language that’s easy to understand.

Medical issues covered include: First aid basics, including roles and responsibilities of a first aider, managing an incident, activating emergency services, and infection control Lifesaving skills including the recovery position, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) Minor injuries and conditions, including soft tissue injuries, splinters, blisters, eye injuries, nosebleed, diarrhea, and vomiting Traumatic injuries including severe bleeding, amputation, shock, fractures, crush injuries, burns, and head and neck injuries Medical emergencies including heart attack, stroke, asthma, anaphylaxis, hypoglycemia, meningitis, seizures, poisoning, and emergency childbirth Environmental conditions including hypothermia, frostbite, heat stroke, sunburn, and lightning strike Pediatric emergencies and illnesses, including assessing an unresponsive child or baby, pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking, croup, and febrile seizures First aid kit lists for home, vehicles, and outdoor use With an appendix featuring an A-to-Z list of every condition covered, it’s easy for you to quickly find the exact information you need in any situation you may face.

12. The Fitness Planner: A 12 Week Health and Fitness Journal to Track Meals, Workouts and Weight Loss for Women – Exercise and Food Journal

Author: by Sara England

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Start your journey toward a better, brighter you with this health and wellness planner. Our increasingly busy lives seem to be packed to the brim with appointments, errands, and deadlines leaving little room for physical and nutritional health. Not to mention the feeling of starting a new fitness and nutrition regimen can seem overwhelming.

This 12-week journal walks you step by step through your wellness journey with guided planner pages, motivational quotes and tips, and check-ins to track your progress. Transform your health and wellness journey in 12 weeks – Each daily page is undated allowing you to start where you are and use what you have!

Track goals, hydration, meals, sleep, fitness activity, and other elements to paint a complete picture of your physical, mental, and nutritional health. Goal check-ins to track progress – Because the non-scale victories can be as important as the numbers, this planner helps track progress in all areas beyond just measurements and weight, including nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness.

13. Body Joy – Food & Fitness Journal: A 90 Day Meal and Workout Planner for Weight Loss and Diet Plans. Includes Progress Reports & Mindfulness Prompts

Author: by Soulpress Co
110 pages

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With a charming cover and a take me everywhere 6×9 size, Body Joy is your everyday diet and fitness journal, designed especially to assist you in your journey to become a healthier, fitter, and stronger version of yourself. The interior features 90 daily pages (about 3 months, or 12 weeks, worth) to track your daily food and fitness activities.

It also has 30/60/90-day progress reports, a goals page, and 30-day challenge pages that are totally customisable, depending on your own needs. Body Joy includes the following: 90 pages to track your essential daily self-care routinesMood, sleep, and water intake trackerMindfulness and gratitude prompts to put you in a positive state of mindProgress tracker to keep track of your daily habits30/60/90-day progress reports to know where you stand30-day challenge pages, easily customisable according to your personal needs Space to add your before and after images to visually see your progress after 90 days Motivational quotes to keep you goingSpace for additional notes, to record even more details from your self-care journey Give it a try; you’ll love it!

14. Bodybuilding For Beginners: A 12-Week Program to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Author: by Kyle Hunt
Rockridge Press
212 pages

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New to bodybuilding? This book helps with the heavy lifting. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never set foot in a gym beforethis book will have you bulking up in no time. Bodybuilding for Beginners is the ultimate guide for new bodybuilders.

Learn how to build muscle and burn fat with detailed walkthroughs of 55 exercises that’ll work your legs, chest, arms, and everything in between. Looking for a quick start without the guesswork? 84 straight days of bodybuilding routines will increase both your strength and your confidence.

Exercises you need to knowLift, squat, and stretch with illustrated, step-by-step guides that cover 45 high-impact exercises, as well as 10 warm-ups and cool-downs. 12-Week training programGetting started is simple with a complete plan designed to take you from rookie to experienced bodybuilder.

Core nutrition principlesEnsure your diet supports your gains with macronutrient guidelines, simple meal ideas, and food prepping tips. Develop your body through the right training and nutrition with this guide to bodybuilding for beginners.

15. The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing

Author: by Philip Maffetone
528 pages

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Are you a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, cross-country skier? Learn how to stay healthy, achieve optimal athletic potential, and be injury-free. Dr. Philip Maffetone’s approach to endurance offers a truly individualized outlook and unique system that emphasizes building a strong aerobic base for increased fat burning, weight loss, sustained energy, and a healthy immune system.

Good nutrition and stress reduction are also key to this commonsense, big-picture approach. In addition, Dr. Maffetone dispels many of the commonly held myths that linger in participatory sportsand which adversely impact performanceand explains the truths about endurance, such as:The need to train slower to race faster will enable your aerobic system to improve enduranceWhy expensive running shoes can actually cause foot and leg injuriesThe fact that refined carbohydrates actually reduce endurance energy and disrupt hormone balanceAnd more.

If you are looking to increase your endurance and maximize your athletic potential, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing is your one-stop guide to training and racing effectively.

16. Essential Wilderness Navigation: A Real-World Guide to Finding Your Way Safely in the Woods With or Without A Map, Compass or GPS

Author: by Craig Caudill
272 pages

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All the Skills You Need to Navigate Unfamiliar Terrain *FULL-SIZE fold-out USGS map included for hands-on practice and training! Top wilderness trainer and author Craig Caudill partners with fellow wilderness instructor Tracy Trimble to help you find your way in natureno matter the tools you have on handin this must-have guide at a portable size and with thick, sturdy paper ideal for field-use.

Using real-life stories of wilderness navigation successesand cautionary tales of wilderness exploration gone awryCraig and Tracy start with the basics of rudimentary compass and map use before teaching the finer points of these indispensable resources, making Essential Wilderness Navigation the ultimate go-to guide for explorers of all skill levels.

You’ll also learn how technological aids like GPS and natural elements like flora, fauna and celestial bodies can help you identify your position. Armed with your new knowledge and skills, you will be well equipped to troubleshoot any problems, explore nature and become a master wilderness navigator.