Best Step Parenting & Blended Families Books

Here you will get Best Step Parenting & Blended Families Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Parallel Parenting Solution: Eliminate Confict With Your Ex, Create The Life You Want

Author: by Carl Knickerbocker JD
173 pages

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“I could not stop reading and highlighting! Thank you for writing it! Finally someone that understands and gets that it is impossible to coparent with a high conflict person!” -L. Deshea”This information was liberting to hear… This is exactly what I am and have been going through.

I have purchased your book on Amazon and started reading it. I want to offer a sincere thank you… I am learning a lot about aligning myself with the parallel parenting ideal. Thank you for your posts and for your book.

It has truly changed my life.” -S. Delgado”Thank you for writing this book. It is good to not only know that I am not alone in this, but to have a safe, healthy plan for my son and myself moving forward.” -J.

Dillard”I want to see these changes for all families in my lifetime!” -A. Ngyen The Parallel Parenting Solution was written for people who want to eliminate the unnecessary drama of Coparenting with a high-conflict exparticularly in the wake of a hard-fought divorce battle.

2. It's OK to be Different: A Children's Picture Book About Diversity and Kindness

Author: by Sharon Purtill
Dunhill Clare Publishing
28 pages

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Literary Titan Gold Award Winning BookEvery Child is Unique! Whether they are big or small, short or tall, like to swim, dance, sing or bike. Perhaps they have a special need or are from a different ethnic background. Maybe they wear glasses or talk differently.

The truth is that all children are different and their individuality should be celebrated, not shunned. And this inspiring and brightly illustrated rhyming picture book does just that. By highlighting the ways kids are different from one another it helps children to accept themselves and others as the beautifully unique individuals that they are.

It’s OK to be Different encourages kids to be kind and befriend those who are different from themselves, showing young children that they don’t have to look alike or enjoy doing the same activities to be kind to one another.

Readers will come away with the message: “You should always be kind to those who are different from you. Because to them, YOU are different too.” As more children read this book and learn this concept, we can impact the world in a positive way while at the same time teach early literacy.

3. The Book Of Terribly Awesome Dad Jokes

Author: by Dan Gilden
102 pages

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THE BEST FUNNY GIFT IDEA FOR DADS, HUSBANDS, FRIENDS, AND FAVORITE COWORKERS!”I don’t tell dad jokes often, but when I do…… He laughs!”Splendid collection of 200 hilarious jokes, groan-worthy one-liners, and puns for every occasion, including well-known classics, hidden gems, and all-new material.

Great Father’s Day gift. Funny and unexpected gift for friends and office folks.Make it personal! Let them know and sign the cover! Don’t be embarrassed about your Dad Jokes.Own them! Funny gifts are always a hit, so stock up!

4. Building Love Together in Blended Families: The 5 Love Languages and Becoming Stepfamily Smart

Author: by Gary Chapman
192 pages

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Create a Loving and Safe Environment for Your Blended Family Blended families face unique challenges, and sadly, good intentions aren’t always enough. With so many complex relationships involved, all the normal rules for family life change, even how you apply something as simple as the five love languages.

That’s why Gary Chapman, the bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages and national expert on stepfamilies, Ron Deal, join together in this book to teach you how the five love languages can help your blended family. They’ll teach you: About the unique dynamics of stepfamilies How to overcome fear and trust issues in marriage How to develop healthy parenting and step-parenting practices How the love languages shouldand should notbe applied You’re going to face many challenges, but with the right strategies and smart work, your family can be stronger and healthier together.

5. As We Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Married Couples

Author: by Korie Herold
160 pages

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The perfect gift for newly engaged couple, the newly married couple, or those who have been married for years! It all began with As You Grow, the wildly popular modern baby book by artist Korie Herold. In her second book, As We Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Married Couples, Korie creates a place to celebrate and remember the details of your marriage.

Record the story of how you live and love and preserve it in writinga treasure you can pass to your children and grandchildren. Sections include: How We Met The Engagement Guest Book for Wedding Day Our Wedding and Honeymoon Our First Year Anniversaries Beliefs, Traditions, & Holidays We Celebrate Kids, Vacations, and the Times That Shaped Us Letters to Each Other Special Features: Chic, timeless design Elegant linen cover Ample space for photos Lay-flat design for writing Pocket section dividers to safely store keepsakes Acid-free and archival paper Thoughtful prompts to encourage you to reflect and celebrate

6. André The Best Big Brother: A Story Book for Kids Ages 2-8 To Help Prepare a Soon-To-Be Older Sibling For a New Baby (Live, Laugh, Grow)

Author: by Mikaela Wilson
39 pages

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A new baby is a huge adjustment for the entire family and can be especially confusing for a young child. These changes come to life through the heartwarming character of big brother, Andr, whose experiences will feel very authentic to the young reader.

This is the perfect book to help prepare a soon-to-be older sibling for a new baby! From the Back Cover:Andr is ecstatic about becoming a big brother. But upon the arrival of the new baby, he quickly learns that being an older sibling is both wonderful and confusing at the same time.

Join Andr as he adjusts to life as a new big brother. This sweet story explores family life through the eyes and heart of a child. To say THANK-YOU, this book comes with a free gift at the end of the book!

7. Noelle The Best Big Sister: A Story to Help Prepare a Soon-To-Be Older Sibling for a New Baby for Kids Ages 2-8 (Live, Laugh, Grow)

Author: by Mikaela Wilson
39 pages

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A new baby is a huge adjustment for the entire family and can be especially confusing for a young child. These changes come to life through the heartwarming character of big sister, Noelle, whose experiences will feel very authentic to the young reader.

This is the perfect book to help prepare a soon-to-be older sibling for a new baby! From the Back Cover:Noelle is ecstatic about becoming a big sister. But upon the arrival of the new baby, she quickly learns that being an older sibling is both wonderful and confusing at the same time.

Join Noelle as she adjusts to life as a new big sister. This sweet story explores family life through the eyes and heart of a child. To say THANK-YOU, this book comes with a free gift at the end of the book!

8. Anxiety in Relationship – 4 books in 1: Learn How to Identify and Eliminate Fear of Abandonment, Jealousy, Insecurity, Negative Thinking and Overcome Couple Conflicts

Author: by Michelle Martin
364 pages

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Anxiety, Anger Issues and Complex Couple Problems, Seem Familiar? If You Want To Fix These Problems, Here’s The Right Book For You! Do you get anxious or insecure in your relationships? Do you have a hard time properly expressing your feelings such as anger?

Do you and your partner want to improve your relationship dynamics?Yes, yes and yes? Well, don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place! Anxiety, anger issues and couple issues are common problems that the majority of the world is facing.

You’re not alone and we understand what you feel. These issues have affected about 40 million people but unfortunately, less than 40% seek help. This is because of various reasons like lack of health insurance, low accessibility to professionals, or feeling embarrassed to visit a therapist.

Fortunately for you, you can cope with these feelings without having to worry about the cost, accessibility or embarrassment! Michelle, a relationship counselor, has conducted a study regarding anxiety, couple issues and unhealthy attachments and compiled it all in this book.

9. Mom and Son Journal: Fun, Prompted Journal to Get to Know Your Teen Son Better (Fun Parent and Teen Bonding Journals)

Author: by Catherine Adams
85 pages

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This light-hearted and engaging journal will bring Mom and teen son closer together through painless (promise! Easy, fun questions! An equal mix of fun and thoughtful questions for mom and teen to answer. No essays or long answers required! Questions are all fill-in-the-blank, checklists or multiple choice.

All are engaging, quick and easy. Do you think you know your teen son? Questions include:Does your son believe in Karma? Love at first sight? What skills will help him in a Zombie apocalypse? What world problem would he solve if he was in charge for the day?

Can you predict what qualities he hopes for in his future career? What is he most worried about right now? What things do you say annoy him the most? Take turns answering questions, or just pick up and read aloud and answer and discuss.

Teen-testedthis journal is guaranteed to create discussion, have a little fun and do a bit of bonding. This light-hearted journal is a painless way for a teen son to share his thoughts with his mom. Makes a great gift for Mom.

10. Anxiety in Relationships: Fear of Abandonment and Insecurity Often Cause Damage Without Therapy: Learn How to Identify and Eliminate Jealousy, Negative Thinking and Overcome Couple Conflicts

Author: by Michelle Martin
101 pages

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Admit it you’re afraid of falling in love and getting hurt! Claim your happily ever afterHow many times did you think that you’ve found your soulmate? How many times have you cried your eyes out after yet another mister or miss perfect went on to betray you in the most crucial way?

We all carry our baggage from past relationships. For some, however, that baggage leads to paralyzing fear and unwillingness to commit at all. If you have ended a relationship before it got too serious because you were afraid of being dumped, you know what I’m talking about.

Are you letting anxiety ruin your prospects of love? Check the boxes that apply to you:You attempt to control every aspect of the relationshipYou’re so jealous that you check their Facebook account on a daily basis and you’ve even stalked your significant otherYou worry about being dumped every single dayPanic makes you start insane arguments so you can drive them away before things get seriousIntimacy is sufferingYou behave selfishly, you know it, yet you can do nothing about itHaving one or more of the above-mentioned applying to your situation is indicative of serious relationship self-sabotage.

11. Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed: Help and Hope for Adults in the Family Scapegoat Role

Author: by Rebecca C Mandeville MFT
162 pages

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Revised First Edition – June 2021 (Includes Updated Resources)Were you repeatedly bullied, shamed, blamed, or rejected by a parent, sibling, or other relative growing up or as an adult? Have you felt that your concerns about how certain family members were treating you were invalidated or dismissed, perhaps even by helping professionals or friends you counted on to understand?

In this comprehensive introductory guide, psychotherapist Rebecca C. Mandeville (who coined the term ‘family scapegoating abuse’ / FSA) clearly identifies scapegoating as a form of psycho-emotional abuse while providing a means of understanding why dysfunctional families ‘reject, shame, and blame’ one of their own.

Via psycho-education, self-assessment tools, and practical steps and strategies, the abusive and traumatizing aspects of family scapegoating are clearly established while ways to dis-identify and recover from the ‘family scapegoat’ narrative are explored. Resources are include within the chapters and in the ‘Afterword’ and ‘Resource’ sections.


The Children Are Acting Like A-holes
Author: by Marie Aaron
June 22, 2021

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What do you do when the man of your dreams comes with two angry kids and a crazy ex-wife? Marie Aaron never meant to fall for a guy with two kids. And she certainly never meant to fall for a guy with two kids and a cruel, manipulative ex-wifewho sets out to make Marie’s life a living hell, using the kids as pawns.

Now Marie is up against a formidable force: two teenage girls who’ve been programmed to treat her as the enemy. With their mother pulling the strings, the kids launch a full-scale rebellionand Marie finds herself embroiled in a fierce custody battle, with everything on the line.

She loves James, but can she find her place in his family? Or will she be the wedge that drives them apart? Deftly weaving humor with heartache, Aaron tells the true tale of her crusade for stepmotherhood: a man worth fighting for, a villainous ex, and two confused kids who are acting like assholes.

13. Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps To A Healthy Family

Author: by Ron Deal
Bethany House Publishers
320 pages

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Over 150,000 copies sold. An Amazon bestselling book from speaker and therapist Ron Deal, one of the most widely read and viewed experts on blended families in the country. Part of Ron’s Smart Stepfamily Series of books (over 250,000 copies sold) including The Smart Stepmom, The Smart Stepdad, Dating and the Single Parent, The Smart Stepfamily Marriage, Daily Encouragement for the Smart Stepfamily, and The Smart Stepfamily Guide to Financial Planning.

Foreword and endorsement by Dr. Gary Chapman, New York Times bestselling author of The Five Love Languages. Discover the Keys to a Healthy StepfamilyLeading stepfamily expert Ron L. Deal reveals the seven fundamental steps to blended family success and provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily.

Whether married or soon-to-be-married, you’ll discover how to Solve the everyday puzzles of stepparenting and stepchildren relationships Communicate effectively with an ex-spouse Handle stepfamily finances confidently “Cook” your stepfamily slowly rather than expect an instant blendThis revised and expanded edition has updated research and two new chapters with even more real-world advice on topics such as stepsibling relationships and later-life stepfamilies.

14. Dad, What's Your Story?: Guided Journal for Dads – A Keepsake Personalized by Your Father (What's Your Story Journals)

Author: by Jim Graziano
135 pages

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Dad’s Memories Become Your Family’s Treasure Get to know Dad better than ever while giving him the perfect heartfelt gift guaranteed to be treasured by your family forever. This lovingly designed guided keepsake journal makes Dad the hero of the story.

Who doesn’t want to know what Dad was like as a kid? Or what was Dad’s most important life lesson he learned? How about his favorite vacation memory, or how he handled his biggest setback or disappointment in life? You want to learn about the craziest thing he’s ever done?

Proudest achievement?Biggest pet peeve? (I bet you already know that one! What would Dad do if he could live forever? With 60 carefully chosen prompts and 50 optional discussion topics, your family will be thrilled with getting to know their father better than ever before.

Dad can write in his experiences & thoughts by himself and give it as a gift later – or even more fun – schedule some family time and make a night of it. These fun & enlightening prompts are designed with plenty of room for answers, while the large 8″x10″ format is easy on the eyes.

15. Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel, and Act the Way We Do

Author: by Wednesday Martin Ph.D.
350 pages

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Half of all women in the United States will live with or marry a man with children. And what woman with stepchildren has notin order to defuse the often overwhelming challenges and anxieties she experiencesreferred to herself as a stepmonster?

What Hope Edelman’s book has done for motherless daughters, Wednesday Martin’s empowering and original Stepmonster does for stepmothers: unlocks the emotional mysteries of why they think and feel and act the way they do. Martin draws on her own experience as a stepmother, interviews many stepmothers and stepchildren, and gathers insights from literature, psychology, and evolutionary biology to reveal the little-understood realities of this demanding role.

Stepmonster illuminates the harrowing process of becoming a stepmother, exposes the myths and realities of being married to a man with children, counteracts the prevailing notion that stepmothers are solely responsible for the problems they encounter, identifies the five step-dilemmas that create conflict, and considers the emotional and social challenges men with children face when they remarry.

16. Mystery at the Chateau Madrigal: A Chef Dani Rosetti Cozy Mystery (Chef Dani Rosetti Cozy Mysteries Book 4)

Author: by Dianne Harman
June 30, 2021

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Being hired to cater a wedding in Provence where the who’s who of France will be attending is a dream come true. Even better that it’s being held at the Chateau Madrigal, a winery just outside of Marseille. Chef Dani assumes there will be plenty of time off to explore Michelin restaurants, where Van Gogh lived and painted, and Provence in all its beauty, with its flamingos, black bulls, and miles of Camargue salt flats.

To say nothing of imbibing in the award-winning wines the chateau produces. Sounds ideal, right?Not quite. Not when Amalie, the bride-to-be, goes missing hours before the wedding. Kidnapped for ransom is ruled out, but who would want to kidnap the bride-to-be?And why?

Perhaps the disgruntled maid of honor? Or the bride’s jealous sister? Or even the man who wasn’t chosen to be the new winemaker at Chateau Madrigal? Good thing the caterer’s sous-chef is a private investigator! And have you ever heard of a dog being a maid of honor?

Join Chef Dani Rosetti, her sous-chef, Arthur, and Killer, a huge Mastiff dog, as they search the wine caves beneath the chateau for Amalie. Caves that are dark and frightening. But if the chateau’s security force hasn’t had any luck finding Amalie, how can they hope to find her in time for the wedding?