Best Study & Teaching Reference Books

Here you will get Best Study & Teaching Reference Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. A Swim in a Pond in the Rain: In Which Four Russians Give a Master Class on Writing, Reading, and Life

Author: by George Saunders
Random House
432 pages

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From the Booker Prizewinning author of Lincoln in the Bardo and Tenth of December comes a literary master class on what makes great stories work and what they can tell us about ourselvesand our world today.

One of the most accurate and beautiful depictions of what it is like to be inside the mind of a writer that I’ve ever read. Parul Sehgal, The New York TimesFor the last twenty years, George Saunders has been teaching a class on the Russian short story to his MFA students at Syracuse University.

In A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, he shares a version of that class with us, offering some of what he and his students have discovered together over the years. Paired with iconic short stories by Chekhov, Turgenev, Tolstoy, and Gogol, the seven essays in this book are intended for anyone interested in how fiction works and why it’s more relevant than ever in these turbulent times.

In his introduction, Saunders writes, We’re going to enter seven fastidiously constructed scale models of the world, made for a specific purpose that our time maybe doesn’t fully endorse but that these writers accepted implicitly as the aim of artnamely, to ask the big questions, questions like, How are we supposed to be living down here?

2. Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Teens: A cursive writing practice workbook for young adults and teens (Beginning Cursive Workbooks)

Author: by Sujatha Lalgudi
109 pages

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Ultimate writing success – Guided Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Tweens/Teens/Young Adults to work on their writing penmanship skillsOn Sale for a Limited Time Only! Get your copy today! Practice Tracing Positive Affirmations & Inspiring Quotes to instil a sense of well being, Poems & Speeches to Inspire as you work on mastering cursive!

Get plenty of practice with this Cursive Penmanship Workbook with 100+ pages of practice starting with writing the alphabet and progressing to writing words & sentences. This workbook is for tweens, teens and young adults who are looking to build cursive writing skills.

Get over 100 pages of practice supported by easy illustrated dot to dot method to make learning cursive fun and easy. The book starts with the basic alphabet to develop the required muscle memory and progressively advances to writing using a smaller letter size.

It builds an understanding of how to form each cursive letter correctly and connect them. This book takes the writer on a skill building journey of Tracing the cursive lettersConnecting two, three and four letter words in cursiveWriting simple sentences in cursiveThe included thoughtful quotes and motivational sentences give a great foundation for writing cursive while helping teens and young adults explore new conceptsBuy this today to begin a journey into the beautiful world of cursive handwriting.

3. Highly Irregular: Why Tough, Through, and Dough Don't Rhyme―And Other Oddities of the English Language

Author: by Arika Okrent
Oxford University Press
272 pages

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Maybe you’ve been speaking English all your life, or maybe you learned it later on. But whether you use it just well enough to get your daily business done, or you’re an expert with a red pen who never omits a comma or misplaces a modifier, you must have noticed that there are some thingsabout this language that are just weird.

Perhaps you’re reading a book and stop to puzzle over absurd spelling rules (Why are there so many ways to say ‘-gh’?), or you hear someone talking and get stuck on an expression (Why do we say “How dare you” but not “How try you”?), or your kid quizzes you on homework (Why is it “eleven and twelve”instead of “oneteen and twoteen”?).

Suddenly you ask yourself, “Wait, why do we do it this way?” You think about it, try to explain it, and keep running into walls. It doesn’t conform to logic. It doesn’t work the way you’d expect it to. There doesn’t seem to be any rule at all.

There might not be a logical explanation, but there will be an explanation, and this book is here to help. In Highly Irregular, Arika Okrent answers these questions and many more. Along the way she tells the story of the many influences-from invading French armies to stubborn Flemish printers-that made our language the way it is today.

4. Save the Cat! Writes a Novel: The Last Book On Novel Writing You'll Ever Need

Author: by Jessica Brody
Ten Speed Press
320 pages

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The first novel-writing guide from the best-selling Save the Cat! Story-structure series, which reveals the 15 essential plot points needed to make any novel a success. Novelist Jessica Brody presents a comprehensive story-structure guide for novelists that applies the famed Save the Cat!

Screenwriting methodology to the world of novel writing. Revealing the 15 “beats” (plot points) that comprise a successful story-from the opening image to the finale-this book lays out the Ten Story Genres (Monster in the House; Whydunit; Dude with a Problem) alongside quirky, original insights (Save the Cat; Shard of Glass) to help novelists craft a plot that will captivate-and a novel that will sell.

5. The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8: 125+ Simple Exercises to Improve Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage

Author: by Lauralee Moss
Zephyros Press
268 pages

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Ace your grammar, improve your grades125 simple exercises for grades 6, 7, and 8 Grammar is an essential part of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade curriculum. With The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8, students will build a strong foundation for understanding the concepts of grammar and using them effectively when reading, writing, or speaking.

This grammar workbook offers students the flexibility to learn at their own pace while providing the structure they need to successfully retain essential grammar rules, such as parts of speech, sentence structure, phrases and clauses, active and passive voice, mood, punctuation, writing style, and more.

Inside the pages of this grammar workbook, you’ll find: Basics and building blocksStudents can progress at their own pace and build their knowledge as they go. Engaging lessons and reviewsStrengthen students’ learning and skill retention with simple reviews after every three lessons.

Practical quizzes and answersPrepare students for real-world grammar usage with helpful quizzes and an easy-to-navigate answer key. Make learning the fundamental concepts of grammar easy and organized.

6. How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

Author: by Mortimer J. Adler
426 pages

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The creative and structured lessons in Writing Fabulous Sentences & Paragraphs introduce students to essential writing techniques without losing the imaginative spirit that makes writing fun. From main ideas and topic sentences, to figurative language and descriptive details, this book is filled with activities that help your students develop strong writing skills.

You’ll love Writing Fabulous Sentences and Paragraphs because it:supports 6-Trait writing. Activities are designed to build skills in each trait – voice, organization, word choice, conventions, ideas, and sentence fluency. And a trait-based writing guide at the beginning of the book makes it easy to see exactly which skills are being developed.

Contains scaffolded lessons and activities. Help students progress from writing single sentences to multiple paragraphs! Introduces students to important paragraph writing skills. From topic sentences and supporting details to using an outline or web diagram – it’s all covered. There’s even a paragraph skills checklist to help track student progress.

8. Remembering the Kanji 1: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters

Author: by James W. Heisig
University of Hawaii Press
496 pages

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Updated to include the 196 new kanji approved by the Japanese government in 2010 as general-use kanji, the sixth edition of this popular text aims to provide students with a simple method for correlating the writing and the meaning of Japanese characters in such a way as to make them both easy to remember.

It is intended not only for the beginner, but also for the more advanced student looking for some relief from the constant frustration of forgetting how to write the kanji, or for a way to systematize what he or she already knows.

The author begins with writing the kanji becausecontrary to first impressionsit is in fact simpler than learning how to the pronounce them. By ordering the kanji according to their component parts or primitive elements, and then assigning each of these parts a distinct meaning with its own distinct image, the student is led to harness the powers of imaginative memory to learn the various combinations that make up the kanji.

In addition, each kanji is given its own key word to represent the meaning, or one of the principal meanings, of that character. These key words provide the setting for a particular kanji’s story, whose protagonists are the primitive elements.

9. English for Everyone: Beginner Box Set: Course and Practice Books Four-Book Self-Study Program

Author: by DK
720 pages

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Our Beginner Box Set is a great bundle of supportive reference guides and practice books to introduce English for beginners including key language skills, grammar, and vocabulary. Ideal for English test preparations or ESL lesson plans, the Course Books use visual teaching methods to introduce the English language, reinforced through a variety of exercises and examples when used alongside the bundled Practice Books.

In Level 1 learn core English skills such as introducing yourself and talking about your home, city, and hobbies to expand your vocabulary and understanding grammar and punctuation, this is a completely comprehensive introduction to practical English usage. Continue to expand your conversational topics further in Level 2 by explaining emotions, health, and routines, and even learn to discuss holidays and seasons, and tell stories in the past tense.

Whether you are looking for ESL teaching resources, or a structured program for adults to learn English as a second language, the Beginner Box Set provides: Sample language examples: New language topics are introduced in context using clear, illustrated, and color-coded explanations- Supporting audio: Extensive English-speaking audio materials integrated into every unit, giving vital oral and listening practice.

10. Spanish For Dummies

Author: by Susana Wald
For Dummies
432 pages

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Learn Latin American Spanish quickly and painlessly The job market for those who are bilingual is expanding rapidly. Businesses and government agencies are hiring translators; retailers and advertisers are concentrating more energy in targeting the Spanish-speaking ; and hospitals and agencies are seeking to overcome language barriers.

Whether you’re a student studying Spanish, a traveler gearing up for a trip to a Spanish-speaking country and need to learn the basics, or a upwardly mobile looking to get ahead of the pack in your career by learning a second language, Spanish For Dummies, 2nd edition is your hands-on guide to quickly and painlessly learn Latin American Spanish that includes: Expanded coverage of grammar, verb conjugations, and pronunciations A refreshed and expanded mini-dictionary complete with even more essential vocabulary, exercises, and more A revamped and expanded bonus CD-ROM that includes real-life dialogue to aid in your learning Whether you’re looking to learn Spanish for use in the home, class, at the office, or on the go, Spanish For Dummies, 2nd edition has you covered!

11. Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching (What Works for Special-Needs Learners)

Author: by Anita L. Archer
The Guilford Press
290 pages

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Explicit instruction is systematic, direct, engaging, and success oriented-and has been shown to promote achievement for all students. This highly practical and accessible resource gives special and general education teachers the tools to implement explicit instruction in any grade level or content area.

The authors are leading experts who provide clear guidelines for identifying key concepts, skills, and routines to teach; designing and delivering effective lessons; and giving students opportunities to practice and master new material. Sample lesson plans, lively examples, and reproducible checklists and teacher worksheets enhance the utility of the volume.

Purchasers can also download and print the reproducible materials for repeated use. Video clips demonstrating the approach in real classrooms are available at the authors’ website: www. Explicitinstruction.Org. See also related DVDs from Anita Archer: Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction; Active Participation: Getting Them All Engaged, Elementary Level; and Active Participation: Getting Them All Engaged, Secondary Level

12. 3-in-1 Hiragana and Katakana Workbook: Japanese hiragana and katakana writing practice, JLPT Level N5 vocabulary and cut-out hiragana and katakana flash cards (Japanese Writing Workbooks)

Author: by Lilas Lingvo
194 pages

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If you’re starting learning Japanese this is the book for you! Find all the resources required for learning Japanese hiragana and katakana in this 3-in-1 workbook!1. Hiragana and katakana symbols and words writing practice sheets.2. All the words needed for Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N5 for you to memorize.3.

Cut-out hiragana and katakana flash cards with JLPT Level N5 words. Don’t spend money on fancy expensive cardboard cards!Bonus! Flash card and ‘genkouyoushi’ writing paper templates for you to multiply in a copying machine and use for your Japanese language practice!

All pages are designed to be easily cut out and multiplied using a copying machine! Save money and share with your fellow Japanese learning friends!Buy it now!

13. American Sign Language Workbook: Exercises to Build Your Signing Vocabulary

Author: by Rochelle Barlow
Rockridge Press
192 pages

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The simple way to start learning American Sign Language This foundational workbook makes it easy to get started with American Sign Language. Focusing on practical vocabulary and basic grammar, this workbook is ideal for anyone trying to understand and speak ASL right away.

Across 30+ lessons, you’ll be introduced to the essentials, including everyday vocabulary, introductory phrases, and conversational basics. Everyday communicationLessons are centered around real-world situations, including greetings, emotions, family, work, travel, and health. Easy-to-understand lessonsHigh-quality photos support the straightforward sign descriptions and ensure accurate instruction.

Practice makes perfectTest your knowledge with a variety of exercises, including matching, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Lay the foundation for strong signing skills with the simple exercises in this sign language workbook.

14. Amos Fortune, Free Man (Newbery Library, Puffin)

Author: by Elizabeth Yates
Puffin Books
192 pages

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A Newbery Medal WinnerWhen Amos Fortune was only fifteen years old, he was captured by slave traders and brought to Massachusetts, where he was sold at auction. Although his freedom had been taken, Amos never lost his dinity and courage.

For 45 years, Amos worked as a slave and dreamed of freedom. And, at age 60, he finally began to see those dreams come true.”The moving story of a life dedicated to the fight for freedom.”Booklist

15. English Grammar & Punctuation (Quick Study Academic)

Author: by Inc. BarCharts
6 pages

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Whether you are looking for a better grade or just a refresher, get your thoughts onto paper the right way with the updated and expanded English Grammar & Punctuation QuickStudy guide. A concise review of the mechanics of the English language, this new edition features an additional panel of information, including more examples for easy comprehension.

This guide will help anyone looking to sharpen their writing skills and avoid common grammar and punctuation pitfalls.

16. Easy Spanish Phrase Book: Over 1500 Common Phrases For Everyday Use And Travel

Author: by Lingo Mastery
ISBN: 978-1951949105
Published at: Lingo Mastery (March 25, 2020)

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What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced as a student of the Spanish language? You can work hard on your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, but being able to communicate naturally isn’t easy. In fact, the toughest part of learning Spanish is knowing how to speak like a native.

Most textbooks are made to teach you the traditional rules and structures of a language and are great for getting around the grammar and spelling questions you may have. However, how many of them provide you the tools necessary to have a common conversation with a best friend or someone you’ve just met?Not many at all.

Language learners often complain about this a lack of material that can help you familiarize yourself with the most common phrases used in everyday conversation and in native surroundings. For this reason, we at Lingo Mastery have developed Easy Spanish Phrase Book: Over 1500 Common Phrases for Everyday Use and Travel for you, our favorite language-learner, so that you may find the best expressions for common usage in Spanish speaking countries and communicate with your Spanish friends, colleagues and client without any issue!