Best Teacher & Student Mentoring Books

Here you will get Best Teacher & Student Mentoring Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Our Class is a Family

Author: by Shannon Olsen

‎ English

‎ 27 pages

‎ 0578629097

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Teachers do so much more than just teach academics. They build a sense of community within their classrooms, creating a home away from home where they make their students feel safe, included, and loved. With its heartfelt message and colorfully whimsical illustrations, Our Class is a Family is a book that will help build and strengthen that class community.

Kids learn that their classroom is a place where it’s safe to be themselves, it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s important to be a friend to others. When hearing this story being read aloud by their teacher, students are sure to feel like they are part of a special family.

Family isn’t always your relatives. It’s the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.Unknown

2. I Choose to Calm My Anger: A Colorful, Picture Book About Anger Management And Managing Difficult Feelings and Emotions (Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose)

Author: by Elizabeth Estrada

‎ B08W6QDDB4

‎ English

‎ 35 pages

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In this rhyming story, Jackson gets upset and doesn’t understand how his emotions are controlling his behavior. Through colorful illustrations and rhythmic rhymes, he learns coping mechanisms on how to deal with big emotions like anger. Does your child get upset easily?

Developing tools that help you cope with everyday struggles can lead to a calmer well-being. I Choose to Calm My Anger is a story with social emotional learning (SEL) in mind. It has been praised by teachers and therapists worldwide.

This story told from Jackson’s point of view will help open your child’s mind to what it feels like to be angry and how to deal with it. Jackson will teach your child how we are empowered to change our mindset and how we deal with life’s setbacks.

With Jackson in real life examples, your child will learn to develop their understanding of their own emotions. Throughout the story, Jackson will show you how it feels to be angry and then how to cope. Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose is an empowering series curated to empower young children to become aware of big emotions.

3. I Can Do Hard Things: Mindful Affirmations for Kids

Author: by Gabi Garcia

‎ English

‎ 34 pages

‎ 0998958085

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What kids tell themselves matters! It becomes their inner voice. It can help them connect with their power within. Help your child tap into their inner strength and resilience when challenges arise. I Can Do Hard Things introduces children to the practice of using mindful affirmations for support and encouragement when they need it.

It reflects the beautiful diversity in our world. I Can Do Hard Things is a perfect addition to your home or school social emotional library. Parents and educators can find free resources to accompany this book at . (Available in Spanish as Yo Puedo Hacer Cosas difciles: Afirmaciones Conscientes Para Nios).

4. The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation

Author: by Elena Aguilar

‎ Jossey-Bass

‎ English

‎ 368 pages

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Hands-on resources for new and seasoned school coaches This practical resource offers the foundational skills and tools needed by new coaching educators, as well as presenting an overview of the knowledge and theory base behind the practice. Established coaches will find numerous ways to deepen and refine their coaching practice.

Principals and others who incorporate coaching strategies into their work will also find a wealth of resources. Aguilar offers a model for transformational coaching which could be implemented as professional development in schools or districts anywhere. Although she addresses the needs of adult learners, her model maintains a student-centered focus, with a specific lens on addressing equity issues in schools.

Offers a practical resource for school coaches, principals, district leaders, and other administrators Presents a transformational coaching model which addresses systems change Pays explicit attention to surfacing and interrupting inequities in schools The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation offers a compendium of school coaching ideas, the book’s explicit, user-friendly structure enhances the ability to access the information.

5. It's OK to be Different: A Children's Picture Book About Diversity and Kindness

Author: by Sharon Purtill

‎ Dunhill Clare Publishing

‎ English

‎ 28 pages

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Literary Titan Gold Award Winning BookEvery Child is Unique! Whether they are big or small, short or tall, like to swim, dance, sing or bike. Perhaps they have a special need or are from a different ethnic background. Maybe they wear glasses or talk differently.

The truth is that all children are different and their individuality should be celebrated, not shunned. And this inspiring and brightly illustrated rhyming picture book does just that. By highlighting the ways kids are different from one another it helps children to accept themselves and others as the beautifully unique individuals that they are.

It’s OK to be Different encourages kids to be kind and befriend those who are different from themselves, showing young children that they don’t have to look alike or enjoy doing the same activities to be kind to one another.

Readers will come away with the message: “You should always be kind to those who are different from you. Because to them, YOU are different too.” As more children read this book and learn this concept, we can impact the world in a positive way while at the same time teach early literacy.


The Art of Coaching Teams: Building Resilient Communities that Transform Schools

Author: by Elena Aguilar

‎ 1118984153

‎ John Wiley & Sons

‎ English

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The missing how-to manual for being an effective team leader The Art of Coaching Teams is the manual you never received when you signed on to lead a team. Being a great teacher is one thing, but leading a team, or team development, is an entirely different dynamic.

Your successes are public, but so are your failuresand there’s no specific rubric or curriculum to give you direction. Team development is an art form, and this book is your how-to guide to doing it effectively. You’ll learn the administrative tasks that keep your team on track, and you’ll gain access to a wealth of downloadable tools that simplify the “getting organized” process.

Just as importantly, you’ll explore what it means to be the kind of leader that can bring people together to accomplish difficult tasks. You’ll find practical suggestions, tools, and clear instructions for the logistics of team development as well as for building trust, developing healthy communication, and managing conflict.

Inside these pages you’ll find concrete guidance on: Designing agendas, making decisions, establishing effective protocols, and more Boosting your resilience, understanding and managing your emotions, and meeting your goals Cultivating your team’s emotional intelligence and dealing with cynicism Utilizing practical tools to create a customized framework for developing highly effective teams There is no universal formula for building a great team, because every team is different.

7. The Onward Workbook: Daily Activities to Cultivate Your Emotional Resilience and Thrive

Author: by Elena Aguilar

‎ Jossey-Bass

‎ English

‎ 672 pages

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An empowering journey that keeps great teachers in the classroom The Onward Workbook is a collection of tools and strategies that help teachers banish the burnout and cultivate true resilience. Keyed to the framework presented in Onward, this companion piece augments the text with practical exercises, coaching, and step-by-step walkthroughs of beneficial practices.

Deep introspection allows you to verbalize your feelings, name your challenges, and identify the tools you have and the tools you needfrom there, you’ll explore each of the 12 Key Habits and learn how to put them into practice every day.

In cultivating resilience within yourself and your teaching practice, you improve your health, your outlook, and your relationships while building an environment in which every child succeeds. This workbook takes you on a journey of specific self-discovery that changes your perspective, renews your confidence, and empowers you to make the much-needed changes that allow you to continue inspiring young minds.

8. After The Mask: A Guide to Caring for Students and Schools

Author: by Christopher Jenson M.D.

‎ English

‎ 346 pages

‎ 1641847050

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How do we prepare for life after the mask? After the Mask: A Guide to Caring for Students and Schools provides expert insight, honest conversation, and deeper understanding regarding the pediatric mental health crisis that has been accelerating since the early 2000s and exacerbated by the pandemic.

Educators, perhaps more than ever, need definitive guidance to address the social, emotional, and academic complications associated with the mental health concerns among youth today. After the Mask integrates high-level science from public health leaders with the expertise and perspective of educators to provide evidence-based strategies that enhance student well-being without asking teachers to be health care providers or social workers.

These are strategies educators want to implement in their classrooms. A 50-page appendix, including example lesson plans, program evaluations, and additional resources, helps guide focused mental health prevention. Pick up your copy today!

9. The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide: Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day (J-B Ed: Survival Guides)

Author: by Julia G. Thompson

‎ Jossey-Bass

‎ English

‎ 544 pages

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The Updated Fourth Edition of the Award-Winning Book that Offers Beginning Educators Everything They Need in Order to Survive and Thrive! Designed for new educators, this award-winning book covers the basic strategies, activities, and tools teachers need to know in order to succeed in the classroom.

Now it its fourth edition, The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide contains new and updated material on essential topics including: classroom management (how to prevent or minimize disruptions), sustaining professional growth, differentiated instruction, nurturing a growth mindset, and much more. The fourth edition also offers downloadable forms and worksheets, and video instruction on key topics.

In addition, this must-have guide: Offers ideas for dealing with homework and instructional concerns from parents and guardians Includes suggestions for helping new professionals maintain a successful work-life balance Contains guidelines to classroom technology and ideas for using digital tools to create engaging lessons Proposes proven strategies for forging positive, supportive relationships with students Presents recommendations for successfully managing the most common discipline problems This must-have guide is filled with the information and tips new teachers need in order to face classroom situations with confidence.

10. Gifted and Talented COGAT Test Prep: Gifted Test Prep Book for the COGAT Level 7; Workbook for Children in Grade 1

Author: by Gateway Gifted Resources

‎ English

‎ 96 pages

‎ 0997943947

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Help your child do his/her best on the COGAT! Don’t risk your son or daughter being unprepared and underperforming on test day. Your child must be familiar with test material AND be able to focus for longer than the typical 4-5 minute attention span of most young kids.

This book offers a chance to do both. Ensure your child is ready for test day, thanks to this book’s 200+ practice questions. Make sure (s)he has acquired the mental stamina to focus on test questions with the book’s COGAT Level 7 Practice Test (the book’s Practice Question Set).

Pinpoint your child’s areas of strength/weakness with the practice test answer key. Capture your child’s attention with bright, colorful illustrations and fun characters: full-color pages. Help them pass the test, thanks to thorough coverage of the COGAT Level 7 test sections: Picture Analogies, Picture Classification, Sentence Completion, Figure Analogies, Figure Classification, Paper Folding, Number Analogies, Number Puzzles, and Number Series.

11. B is for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings

Author: by Dr. Melissa Munro Boyd

‎ English

‎ 32 pages

‎ 0692189831

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From the letter A to the letter Z, B is for Breathe celebrates the many ways children can express their feelings and develop coping skills at an early age. Fun, cute, and exciting illustrations, this colorful book teaches kids simple ways to cope with fussy and frustrating emotions.

This book will inspire kids to discuss their feelings, show positive behaviors, and practice calm down strategies.

12. Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations That Matter

Author: by Will Wise

‎ English

‎ 318 pages

‎ 1545322996

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What might happen if small talk was replaced with conversations that matter? In their Bestselling book, Will Wise and Chad Littlefield explain how the questions we traditionally ask are often meaningless when it comes to establishing a connection. Introducing a set of practice tools for understanding others by changing the way we ask questions, Will and Chad show how to transform How are you?

I’m fine, thanks into conversations that change not only how you lead but who you are as a person. Educators, business professionals, personal coaches, and anyone in a position of leadership will relate to the personal successes and failures Will shares.

He unpacks the art of asking questions that lay the foundation for trust, psychological safety, productivity, and impact. Chad complements Will’s personal stories and examples with fascinating facts and nuances in neuroscience that are behind the art of asking. Together, the art of asking and the science behind it join to create a simple and powerful framework for leaders to build a culture of connection.

13. The Classroom Management Secret: And 45 Other Keys to a Well-Behaved Class

Author: by Michael Linsin

‎ JME Publishing

‎ English

‎ 192 pages

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From how to set up an easy-to-use classroom management plan to how to handle difficult students, The Classroom Management Secret will equip you with everything you need to effectively manage your classroom, regardless of where you teach or who shows up on your roster.

Based on the popular blog, Smart Classroom Management, the book progresses step-by-step through 45 time-tested strategies, showing you how to manage your classroom in a way that inspires students to want to behave. Binding these strategies together is a little-known secret shared by the most exceptional teachers, those remembered and beloved for a lifetime.

By the end of the book, you’ll have the knowledge to free your classroom of misbehavior and disrespect, build easy rapport with your students, and teach with a spirit of joy and passion that you’ve always longed for.

14. Free to Learn

Author: by Peter Gray

‎ Basic Books

‎ English

‎ 289 pages

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A leading expert in childhood development makes the case for why self-directed learning – “unschooling” – is the best way to get kids to learn. In Free to Learn, developmental psychologist Peter Gray argues that in order to foster children who will thrive in today’s constantly changing world, we must entrust them to steer their own learning and development.

Drawing on evidence from anthropology, psychology, and history, he demonstrates that free play is the primary means by which children learn to control their lives, solve problems, get along with peers, and become emotionally resilient. A brave, counterintuitive proposal for freeing our children from the shackles of the curiosity-killing institution we call school, Free to Learn suggests that it’s time to stop asking what’s wrong with our children, and start asking what’s wrong with the system.

It shows how we can act – both as parents and as members of society – to improve children’s lives and to promote their happiness and learning.

15. Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life

Author: by Bryan R Johnson

‎ Candy Wrapper

‎ English

‎ 128 pages

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From the best-selling award-winning author of The Proto Project by Bryan R. Johnson2020 Moonbeam Gold Award Winner2020 Readers’ Favorite AwardMom’s Choice Gold Award WinnerRoyal Dragonfly Award WinnerWishing Shelf Award WinnerPraised by School Library JournalAge Level: 6 and up Grade Level: 1 and upLife at Flint Hill Elementary School may seem normal, but seven friends find themselves on a path to crack the code for an epic life.

Whether they’re chasing their dreams on stage, searching for an elusive monster fish, or running a makeshift business out of a treehouse, can these heroes find a way to work together to change their community?”Code 7 engages kids through entertaining stories that reveal important insights about character, integrity, and social responsibility.

This book is an inspiration to children who wish to pursue their passions and bring original ideas into the world.” – Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling authorFeatures diverse girl and boy characters with seven short stories that culminate in a clever twistCan be read independently by young readers, ages 8-10 (3rd, 4th and 5th grade)Great as part of your bedtime stories routine for kids ages 6-8 who love early/easy readers and are ready to tackle chapter books (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade)Perfect for children who are growing out of picture books and enjoy series books and chapter books with spot illustrationsMakes a wonderful gift for anyone looking for fun, meaningful reading that is not related to video games, TV shows, or movies “I read this to my [7 year old] son (bedtime routine) over the course of a week and we both loved each of the chapters.

16. I Choose to Calm My Anxiety: A Colorful, Picture Book About Soothing Strategies for Anxious Children (Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose)

Author: by Elizabeth Estrada


‎ English

‎ 39 pages

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In this rhyming story, Lucas is weighed down by his worry and anxiety. Through colorful illustrations and rhythmic rhymes, he learns coping mechanisms on how to deal with big emotions like anxiety. For every child who has experienced anxious thoughts, this story teaches kids how to respond to anxiety through several soothing strategies.

I Choose to Calm My Anxiety is a story with social emotional learning (SEL) in mind. It has been praised by teachers and therapists worldwide. Lucas acknowledges negative thoughts, then actively replaces them with positive thoughts instead. He shares how he uses deep breathing and focus on things he can control.

With Lucas in real life examples, your child will learn to develop their understanding of their own emotions. I Choose to Calm my Anxiety is a quiet, thoughtful story that teaches readers how to practice mindfulness, focusing on thoughts that bring happiness and calm into their lives.

Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose is an empowering series curated to empower young children to become aware of big emotions. A new book series developed in tandem with teachers and therapists to help children cope with a range of emotions and teach them that they indeed hold the power to choose their actions and reactions.