Best Teen & Young Adult Eastern Religions Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Eastern Religions Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. On The Masons And Their Lies: What Every Christian Needs To Know (Spiritual Warfare)

Author: by Michael W Witcoff
146 pages

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In this second edition of “On The Masons And Their Lies,” ex-Mason Michael Witcoff breaks down Masonic philosophy line-by-line and point-by-point. Drawing from Albert Pike’s “Morals And Dogma” and the thoughts of other 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masons, Witcoff compares Masonic Ideology, Theology, Christology, Soteriology, sacraments and more to what is found and transmitted through the ages by the Holy Orthodox Church of Jesus Christ.

Beginning with the story of his joining Freemasonry – and how the Holy Spirit eventually guided him out of it – Witcoff details the “4 Satanic Deceptions” which Masonic philosophy uses to draw the mind, heart, and soul of man away from the light of Jesus Christ.

If you are a Mason concerned with the state of your soul and your place in the Kingdom Of God, then it is the author’s sincerest hope and prayer that this book reveals God’s truth and helps you untangle the web of Masonic deceit.

It is written as a resource for priests, pastors, Christians and Masons who seek a fuller understanding of what each system teaches – and whether the two are truly compatible. By the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll know far more about Freemasonry than most of its own members do…

2. Wide Awake: A Buddhist Guide for Teens

Author: by Diana Winston

‎ English
304 pages

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Many of today’s teenagers are tired of the pressure to compete and consume-and are looking for a different way to live their lives. This book offers an alternative: the 2,500-year old practice of Buddhism. Written in a style that will have immediate appeal to young “seekers” and those wanting to understand the ancient teachings, this book addresses such relevant topics as peer pressure, emotional difficulties, stress, fostering peace, and even protecting the environment.

For everyone looking for self-help, self-esteem, and self-awareness, this book offers advice on:Discovering truth in a world of hypeFinding peace amid the ups and downs of lifeAccepting ourselvesWorking with difficult emotionsHow to meditateDealing with temptations and making the right decisions about sex and drugsAdvice on volunteering, working for peace, and protecting the environment

3. Rise of the Rainbow Tribe: Of Angels, Jinns & Warriors

Author: by Jannel Mohammed
324 pages

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Rise of the Rainbow Tribe – Young Adult – Urban FantasyIn an affluent neighbourhood in West Toronto, a precocious and privileged teenage girl, Shakti Clairemont, is not your average teenager. She’s painfully awkward, introverted and blessed with clairvoyance. Ordained by the spirit world, Shakti sets out on a quest to combat the enormous and polarizing issue of climate change.

Armed with her best friends, Hikaru and Zoe, she embarks on a series of events and milestone moments to uncover sublimely inconvenient truths about the world. But first, she must find her place amongst the prophetic Rainbow Tribe. When a catastrophic event hits close to home, Shakti will risk everything to accomplish her impossible task.

While mysterious dark creatures haunt her every move, the pressure to succeed mounts. Earth hangs by a thread. Shakti’s world is about to expand through heaven and hell on an elusive scale of destiny.Good Luck, Shakti. You’re going to need it.

Rise of the Rainbow TribeCopyright 2020 by Jannel MohammedAll rights reserved – 1st Edition, October 2020

4. Dear Self, I Love You: Inspirational Coloring Book for Self Discovery, Mindful Gratitude, and Enduring Courage | 52 Weeks Guided Prompts

Author: by Simple Psychology Press
108 pages

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A Colouring Journal to Celebrate and Create a Happier You! Self love is self care. It can boost immunity, promote creativity, and reduce stress. With 52 weeks guided prompts, this gorgeous art journal will help you remember that loving yourself is the happiest way to live.

52 Nature themed pictures, beautifully illustrated and without repetitionsHeartwarming and inspirational quotes in every spread, to lift up your spirits and put you in a positive moodSingle sided and grey backed pages to resist bleed through, perfect for colored pencils, light markers, and your favorite gold and glitter pensEnjoy this beautiful art journal for a stress free coloring experience!

Give a memorable gift of relaxation, gratitude and creativity. Order your copies and gift your loved ones today!

5. The Oracles of Our Stars

Author: by Serge Elie Seropian
124 pages

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Learn to navigate those trying teen years with greater ease using simple, effective teachings, meditations and mindfulness exercises from BuddhismA guide for navigating the teen years, Buddha in Your Backpack is for young people who want to learn more about Buddhism or for those who simply want to understand what’s going on inside themselves and in the world around them.

This ispirational guide tells Buddha’s life story in a fashion teens will relate to, describing Buddha as a young rebel not satisfied with the answers of his elders. It then introduces Buddha’s core teachings with chapters like All About Me and Been There, Why’d I Do That?

Celebrated, bestselling author, Franz Metcalf, presents thoughtful and spiritual insights on school, dating, hanging out, jobs, and other issues of special interest to teens inviting readers to look inside themselves for answers.

7. Coloring Book For Mindful People: Mindfulness Coloring Book For Adults And Teens, Stress Relieving Patterns With Famous Mindfulness Quotes. Stress Relief Gifts For Women

Author: by Happy Place Publishing
42 pages

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If you are looking for a great mindfulness gift- this coloring book with famous mindfulness quotes is a great choice! While the cares of life demand and compete for your attention, permit yourself some time to relax and enjoy this coloring book designed just for you!

Not only does coloring take you back to carefree memories of childhood, it additionally offers mental and emotional benefits. This simple activity promotes focus and creativity while encouraging your mind to rest and allow a sense of calm to lower your stress and levels of anxiety.

While coloring, meditate on the words of wisdom found in this book. Let it soak into your heart and bring peace on the road to discover the true meaning of mindfulness. If you want to buy this coloring book, then scroll up and click Add To Cart button.

8. Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents (This Little Light of Mine)

Author: by Sarah Conover
Skinner House Books
182 pages

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Sarah Conover’s collection of traditional Buddhist tales leads us to the kind of implicit understanding of ourselves and others that only stories can provide. Following the Buddha through his various transformations, these clarified, often humorous narrative journeys open the ancient masters profound and gentle teachings to persons of all ages, religions, races, and ideological persuasions.

Over and over this marvelous book tells us, “let go of your anger, your fear, your greedy desire.Embrace gladness. Follow the path.” And the stories themselves, simply as stories, from a wondrous pageant: of elephants, monkeys, monks, and men working through foolishness toward wisdom and delight.

9. There Is Nothing Wrong With You for Teens

Author: by Cheri Huber
Keep It Simple Books
276 pages

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Based on surveys and interviews with hundreds of teenagers about what does and does not work in their lives, how they perceive the adult world they are about to enter, and what they want adults to know about them, There Is Nothing Wrong With You for Teens provides communication techniques to empower teenagers to take the lead in the conversation that must happen between teens and adults.

10. Discussions on Youth – for the leaders of the future

Author: by Daisaku Ikeda
June 1, 2010

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In Discussions on Youth, a dialogue between Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai International president, and Soka Gakkai youth leaders, Ikeda responds to the myriad of anxieties and harsh realities that universally confront young people and encapsulates the dilemmas facing humanity today.

He details practical ways for youth to overcome issues relating to bullying, relationships and insecurity by drawing on and tapping their “inexhaustible wellspring of infinite potential”-or Buddhahood-to forge a robust self and to create both individual happiness and a future of peace for all.”Courage,” says Ikeda “is the driving force” of our lives.

Whether we have courage has a dramatic bearing on our accomplishments, the direction of our lives and happiness. Young people, and indeed each of us, must take action in our own lives and relationships. We must exhibit a “spirit of challenge,” set our sights on the future and make continuous and vigorous efforts to work and study toward achieving clearly defined goals.

11. What is Buddhism?: Buddhism for Children Level 3

Author: by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Tharpa Publications
32 pages

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This book introduces the mind, as distinct from the brain, and invites the reader to explore and develop their mind using scientific methods taught by Buddha. It shows how the problems we encounter in life do not exist outside of ourself, but are part of our mind that experiences unpleasant feelings.

Learning to control our mind, especially our desire, is the only way to bring all our problems to an end.

12. A la manera de los jóvenes: Sentido común Budista para manejar las preguntas sobre la vida (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Daisaku Ikeda
Middleway Press
224 pages

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A Buddhist spiritual leader responds to the complicated issues facing young people in a straightforward question-and-answer format. For all faiths, this book addresses building character, the purpose of hard work, perseverance, family and relationships, tolerance, and preservation of the environment.

13. SELF LOVE COLORING BOOK: Positive Affirmations for the Morning or Whenever You Need Some Self Compassion

Author: by Meadow Belle
62 pages

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Take a moment for yourself to rediscover how awesome you are! This Self Love Coloring Book has 30 Positive Affirmations to lift your spirits and calm your nerves. Affirmations are hand lettered by the author. 30 Unique Hand Lettered Floral Coloring PagesSingle Sided with a Black Back Page to Help Prevent Bleed ThroughMakes a Great Gift!

White, 55# Paper, Best for Colored Pencils or Gel Pens8. 5″ x 11″Soft, Matte Paperback Cover

14. Buddhism (Understanding Religions)

Author: by Malcolm David Eckel
112 pages

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Describes the origins, principal teachings, scriptures, important figures, historical events, and festivals of Buddhism.

15. Zhiguai: Chinese True Tales of the Paranormal and Glitches in the Matrix

Author: by Yi Izzy Yu
166 pages

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Discover the China that before now was only whispered about in the dark. In this collection, award-winning writers and translators Yi Izzy Yu and John Yu Branscum share paranormal and glitch in the matrix tales from across present-day China. Confided by eyewitnesses, these true stories uncannily echo Western encounters with chilling dimensions of reality and supernatural entities.

At the same time, they thrillingly immerse the reader in everyday Chinese life and occult beliefs. Zhiguai: Chinese True Tales of the Paranormal and Glitches in the Matrix includes such accounts as: *The reincarnation of a teenager whose fate eerily mimics his predecessor’s *A girl who dies in the womb but nevertheless continues to communicate with her twin *Terrifying shifts into demonic parallel universes *Walls desperately painted with blood to save a family from tragedy *Huge populations that disappear into thin air *The revenge-seeking ghosts of murdered cats *Weird temporal shifts *Occult murders From the terrifying to the uncanny, this collection will not only change your understanding of China but of reality itself.

16. A Rose Out of a Rock: The Truth About the Process- A Prayer Warrior's Memoir and Tool for DELIVERANCE HEALING MEDITATION

Author: by Ballalaine Rose Davies
286 pages

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This memoir is based on my personal failures, successes, and relentless desire to know and uphold my truth, the truth and the ultimate truth, The Living Word of God. I am grateful for several friends and family in encouraging me to start the work, persevere with it, and finally to publish it.

This memoir includes reflection pages within so that you can easily jot down memories that coincide with my stories; scriptures that you found helpful, thoughts and just anything that God lays on your heart. There is a release that comes with writing that cannot be taught.

I pray that this book will help others to win the battle waged from darkness. I pray that we all come out as victors and not victims. I pray that these pages are a blessing to anyone who reads them.

I pray blessings and increase upon every area of your life. There’s never a dull moment in the life of this Rose that grows out of a rock. She camouflages sunshine, has serendipitous family secrets, generational dysfunction,and lies. She suffers betrayal, jealousy, abandonment, incest, rape, and hatred.