Best Teen & Young Adult Folklore & Mythology Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Folklore & Mythology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Drawing Dragons: Learn How to Create Fantastic Fire-Breathing Dragons (How to Draw Books)

Author: by Sandra Staple
160 pages

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Learn how to draw fierce, breathtaking dragons from around the globe. In easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail, Drawing Dragons teaches you all the tricks and techniques you’ll need to create your own amazing dragons. You’ll discover how to draw all types of dragons using nothing but a pencil.

Drawing Dragons shows how to bring to life fierce warriors and bearded ancients as well as baby hatchlings and protective mothers. It also features a special section on adding claws, scales, horns, jewels and other unique details to your dragons.

Learn to draw: Ferocious, attacking dragons Graceful sea dragons Fire-breathing flying dragons Wise, thoughtful dragons

2. Dracopedia Field Guide: Dragons of the World from Amphipteridae through Wyvernae

Author: by William O'Connor
160 pages

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Identify dragons in the wild with the Dracopedia Field Guide! Have you ever stumbled upon a dragon egg and thought to yourself, “I wonder which type of scaly beast will burst forth from this delicate and dappled shell?” Well, wonder no more.

This fantasy field guide is required reading-and required packing-for both budding and expert dragon enthusiasts. Don’t leave home without it. This comprehensive and elucidating manual identifies the dragons of the world from Amphipteridae through Wyvernae. Each genus of dragon is meticulously chronicled-from winged Coatyls and Sea Orcs to itty, bitty Feydragons to fire-breathing Great Dragons-then broken down into additional subsets to help you discover what sets these magnificent creatures apart.

Uncover the biology, history, behavior and habitat of each stunning and primeval beast through written and illustrated descriptions. Each dragon specimen entry includes the following important information for fast and easy identification: Size Weight Visual descriptors, including color, distinguishing marks, wings, horns, beaks, etc.

3. The Moonfire Bride (Of Candlelight and Shadows Book 1)

Author: by Sylvia Mercedes

March 2, 2021

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Perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and The Cruel Prince, this tale of a human girl stolen to be the bride of a doomed fae lord is irresistibly romantic! Hers is a life without magic or romance.

Until the night he whispers her name. For years, Valera has worked weary hours as a seamstress just to keep food on the table. She would give her all to protect her little sister from the cruelties of the world …

And the tantalizing lure of the fae forest. One day, she fears, the fae will spirit her sister away, and how can Valera hope to stop them?Then the fae come. Not for her sister …But for her. Trapped in a magnificent palace far from her own world, Valera finds herself the unwilling bride of an enigmatic fae lord.

He claims he won’t harm her and vows to return her home after a year and a day if she honors one rule: she must never see his face. Determined to return to her sister at all costs, Valera struggles to unravel the mystery of her so-called husband.

4. The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft

Author: by Jamie Della
Ten Speed Press
224 pages

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Complete with over 50 spells and information on the magickal tools and traditions of witchcraft, The Book of Spells is the ultimate guide to healing, manifesting your desires, and diving confidently into the mysteries of magick. Calling upon ancient powers and the ways of the Witch, The Book of Spells contains rituals and visualizations for releasing negativity, increasing bliss, healing a broken heart, finding your Spirit guides, embarking on the adventure of astral flight, and more.

With the help of timeless myths and fables, as well as author Jamie Della’s personal anecdotes, each spell offers empowering insight to help you uncover your innate Divine essence. This beautifully gilded compendium includes need-to-know information on Sabbats and ancient traditions, Gods and Goddesses, and tools of the Craft such as herbs, crystals, tarot archetypes, moon phases, and runes.

The Book of Spells is the perfect beginner’s guide to following the Path, practicing the Craft, and incorporating magick into your daily life. Advance praise for The Book of SpellsThis book opens the door to a life of magic and inspiration.

5. Drawing Fantastic Dragons: Create Amazing Full-Color Dragon Art, including Eastern, Western and Classic Beasts (How to Draw Books)

Author: by Sandra Staple
128 pages

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Create and Customize the Dragon of Your Dreams! If you can dream it, this book will show you how to bring it to life in distinct and dramatic color. With easy-to-follow, step- by-step instructions, Drawing Fantastic Dragons teaches the tricks and techniques to create your own amazing art.

Start with a sketch of the dragon’s body form. Then add the head, tail, arms and legs. Next customize it with one of the many styles of horns, scales, claws and wings detailed in this guide. You will even learn how to add age, personality and animal attributes to your dragon.

Lastly, author Sandra Staple shows how to finish your dragon drawing with amazing color effects. Packed with example after example, this hands-on guide features dragons of all shapes and sizes, and includes a special section on how to draw unique beasts like earth, air, and fire dragons, wyverns, hydras, and more.


Turtle Island: The Story of North America's First People

Author: by Yellowhorn
116 pages

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Unlike most books that chronicle the history of Native peoples beginning with the arrival of Europeans in 1492, this book goes back to the Ice Age to give young readers a glimpse of what life was like pre-contact. The title, Turtle Island, refers to a Native myth that explains how North and Central America were formed on the back of a turtle.

Based on archeological finds and scientific research, we now have a clearer picture of how the Indigenous people lived. Using that knowledge, the authors take the reader back as far as 14,000 years ago to imagine moments in time. A wide variety of topics are featured, from the animals that came and disappeared over time, to what people ate, how they expressed themselves through art, and how they adapted to their surroundings.

The importance of story-telling among the Native peoples is always present to shed light on how they explained their world. The end of the book takes us to modern times when the story of the Native peoples is both tragic and hopeful.

7. Samurai Rising: The Epic Life of Minamoto Yoshitsune

Author: by Pamela S. Turner
256 pages

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A samurai fights for honor and survival in a real-life Game of Thrones. Stirring narrative nonfiction recounts the rise of Minamoto Yoshitsune from seemingly doomed infant to immortal warrior-hero (and one of the most famous samurai in Japanese history). Acclaimed author Pamela S.

Turner delivers all the drama, romance, and tragedy of the original story-with delightfully dry wit and a healthy dose of modern perspective. Gorgeous ink paintings by celebrated graphic-novelist Gareth Hinds complete this irresistible package.

8. Classical Mythology & More: A Reader Workbook

Author: by Marianthe Colakis
460 pages

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Using Greek and Roman primary sources, this workbook for the twenty-first century offers middle- and high-school aged students in Classics, English and Language Arts classes a fresh retelling of timeless tales from Hesiod, Homer, Ovid and other authors. A wide variety of exercises, reflections, and vocabulary enrichment tasks accompany each myth.

Students preparing for the ACL Medusa Myth Exam and the ACL National Mythology Exam will find in this an indispensable tool. Creation myths, stories of the Olympians and Titans, legends of the Trojan War cycle, love stories and tales of transformation are all included here.

A teacher resource section provides historical, archaeological, artistic and psychological background, ideas for further research and exploration, as well as hands-on class activities. Special Features -based on primary Latin and Greek sources -a fresh retelling of the timeless tales from Classical Mythology -contains content exercises -English vocabulary words that are based on the myths are explained and accompanied by exercises -reflections upon the enduring quality of the myths are included There is currently no workbook on classical mythology and no book for pre-collegiate students that is based on primary sources.

9. Thief of Cahraman: A Retelling of Aladdin (Fairytales of Folkshore Book 1)

Author: by Lucy Tempest
July 21, 2018

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The Selection meets AladdinONE MONTH.ONE PRINCE.FIFTY CONTESTANTS. AN IMPOSSIBLE HEIST. You have been summoned to Sunstone Palace to compete in our search for the future Queen of Cahraman. After years on the run, Adelaide thinks her lonely and dangerous life as a thief is finally over.

But her world is upended when a witch steals her away to a faraway kingdom, to perform an impossible heist. If Adelaide fails, her newfound family would be sacrificed to a beast. To complete her mission, she’s forced to assume the role of a noblewoman and enter a royal competition.

The prize is the hand of the elusive Crown Prince. Elimination means certain death. As the witch’s literal deadline approaches, Adelaide has one last gamble to save the day, and to escape to a new life with Cyrus, the handsome and mysterious fellow thief who stole her heart.

But everything falls apart when the prince finally reveals himselfThis is a full-length novel at 80,000 words. Book 1 of 3 in the Cahraman TrilogyFairytales of Folkshore is a series of interconnected fairytale retellings. Ada’s story continues in PRINCE OF CAHRAMAN. And concludes in QUEEN OF CAHRAMAN

10. The Faerie Prince: A Retelling of Snow White (Fairytales of Folkshore Book 8)

Author: by Lucy Tempest
April 7, 2021

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A FUGITIVE PRINCESS.A DARK SORCERESS. AN UNLIKELY HEROAfter her stepmother usurped her father, Princess Snezhana of Belograd escapes into the most treacherous parts of Faerie. Her last hope is the Prince of Autumn, whose court houses horrors only he can navigate.

But Prince Keenan is the last partner Jana would have picked for her quest. Confounding and possibly mad, he treats her desperate situation with frustrating levity, and drags them onto paths rife with heart-stopping dangerand excitement. What she unwillingly realizes is exactly what has been missing from her life.

But for that life to continue, Jana must stop Arsenia’s bid for power, not to mention survive Keenan’s maddening, exhilarating company. As their clashing personalities and unexpected bond are put to the test, they embark on a perilous search for the Golden Gardens that hold the one thing to tip the balance of power in her favor.

But will they reach their destination in time before the poison stops her heart, or will the dark cloud her stepmother casts over the land rise, and fracture the Folkshore? This is a standalone, full-length novel. Fairytales of Folkshore is a series of interconnected fairytale retellings.

11. Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children

Author: by Michael J. Caduto
Fulcrum Publishing
240 pages

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Beginning with Native American stories, this invaluable resource provides hands-on activities that inspire children to understand and appreciate Native American cultures and the Earth.

12. Journey Under the Sea (Choose Your Own Adventure #2)

Author: by R. A. Montgomery

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Journey Under the Sea by R.A. Montgomery takes YOU on an undersea adventure in search of the lost city of Atlantis! 9-12 year old readers will explore the depths of the ocean in search of this mysterious and beautiful world, escaping giant squid and shark attacks, discovering shipwrecks, helping the merpeople rebel against a cruel monarchy, and escaping imprisonment!

Choose Your Own Adventure Journey Under the Sea is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next. You are a deep sea explorer searching for the famed lost city of Atlantis. You pilot your personal submarine into the murky depths of the ocean.

Do you descend into a deep, dark hole you discover, or call for help? Do you join the underwater civilization or try to escape back to the surface? Have you ever considered attempting thought travel? For readers who enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure series, including: Terror on the Titanic by Jim Wallace, Forecast from Stonehenge by R.A.

13. Cómo ser una bruja moderna (No Ficción) (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Gabriela Herstik
288 pages

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MS DE 25.000 EJEMPLARES VENDIDOS. Infunde una gota de magia en tu vida diaria. La nueva tendencia sobre la brujera como mtodo para el autoconocimiento. Nos estamos despertando. Y con nuestros ojos mirando la Luna, recordamos la verdad eterna.Eres una bruja.

Ests hecho de magia. Es hora de recordar. Guiada por la escritora, alquimista de la moda y bruja moderna Gabriela Herstik, descubrirs el antiguo arte de la brujera para que puedas encontrar una marca de magia que funcione para ti.

Desde trabajar con cristales, tarot y astrologa hasta entender la magia sexual, los solsticios y las lunas llenas. Aprende a cmo aprovechar la energa, desata tu psquica interior y conctate de nuevo con el mundo natural. Repleto de hechizos y rituales para cuidarte de ti misma y de nuevas oportunidades y varios trucos para mantenerte lejos de la energa txica, este libro es la gua de estilo de vida esencial para la mujer moderna que quiere tomar el control y reconectarse consigo misma.

Porque, al fin y al cabo las mujeres poder dirigen el mundo (y probablemente sean brujas)

15. The Hero's Guidebook: Creating Your Own Hero's Journey

Author: by Zachary P Hamby
113 pages

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Have you ever wondered why people love hero stories so much? The Hero’s Guidebook will tell you the secret reason we find heroes so exciting and inspirational! Humorously illustrated with over 40 cartoons by the author, this book takes readers through the stages of the Hero’s Journey using examples from books, films, and even video games.

Example stories include The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Batman, Spider-Man, Super Mario Bros,-not to mention popular stories from myth and legend.

Important archetypes like the Hero, the Mentor, the Shadow, the Ally, the Trickster, and the Threshold Guardian appear as well. Each stage of the Hero’s Journey also features writing tips for aspiring writers and a character education “Your Journey” section, which applies hero-story lessons to real life.

16. Courage and a Clear Mind: True Adventures of the Ancient Greeks (The Jim Weiss Audio Collection)

Author: by Jim Weiss

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Jim Weiss narrates thrilling episodes from the history and culture of ancient Greece, including the Olympics, the 300 Spartans, and the wisdom of Socrates. In these vivid, true stories, Jim Weiss takes you back 25 centuries to Golden Age Greece. You’ll charge into land & sea battles to defend the world’s first democracy against a vast, tyrannical empire; attend the original Olympics; hear history’s most famous storyteller, Homer, spin his classic adventure, The Trojan Horse; laugh and learn with Socrates, the wisest (and funniest) man in Greece; and meet artists and authors, as well as typical families, in the rival cities of Athens and Sparta.

Jim Weiss’s Courage and a Clear Mind is sure to inspire your own exploration of the potential that lies within us all.