Best Teen & Young Adult Islam Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Islam Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Cat I Never Named: A True Story of Love, War, and Survival

Author: by Amra Sabic-El-Rayess
Bloomsbury YA
384 pages

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The stunning memoir of a Muslim teen struggling to survive in the midst of the Bosnian genocide-and the stray cat who protected her family through it all. Six Starred Reviews*A YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction FinalistA Capitol Choices Remarkable BookA Mighty Girl Best BookA Malala Fund Favorite Book SelectionIn 1992, Amra was a teen in Bihac, Bosnia, when her best friend said they couldn’t speak anymore.

Her friend didn’t say why, but Amra knew the reason: Amra was Muslim. It was the first sign her world was changing. Then Muslim refugees from other Bosnian cities started arriving, fleeing Serbian persecution. When the tanks rolled into Bihac, bringing her own city under seige, Amra’s happy life in her peaceful city vanished.

But there is light even in the darkest of times, and she discovered that light in the warm, bonfire eyes of a stray cat. The little calico had followed the refugees into the city and lost her own family. At first, Amra doesn’t want to bother with a stray; her family doesn’t have the money to keep a pet.

2. Tales Of Persia: Missionary Stories From Islamic Iran

Author: by William McElwee Miller
P & R Publishing
163 pages

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News from the Middle East finds us wherever we live in todays world. Children often wonder about this far-removed land, while parents struggle to teach their children about Islam. Tales of Persia is a timely book of missionary tales that will teach readers about Islam and encourage a new generation of Christians.

Tales of Persia is especially useful for family devotions and Sunday school classes.

3. The Adventures of Nur Al-Din

Author: by Badees Nouiouat
224 pages

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Amidst a Spanish naval campaign that aims to take over his country, a young Tunisian man joins a fearsome pirate crew that wants to fight back. From the sweltering deserts of Tunisia to the treacherous mountains of Spain, Farid experiences firsthand the importance of loyalty, courage, and most of all, his faith.

Fast paced and full of Islamic history and exciting adventures, this Young Adult novel from debut author Badees Nouiouat will have you itching for a sequel.

4. Mosque

Author: by David Macaulay
Clarion Books
96 pages

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An author and artist who has continually stripped away the mystique of architectural structures that have long fascinated modern people, David Macaulay here reveals the methods and materials used to design and construct a mosque in late-sixteenth- century Turkey. Through the fictional story and Macaulay’s distinctive full-color illustrations, readers will learn not only how such monumental structures were built but also how they functioned in relation to the society they served.

As always, Macaulay has given a great deal of attention to the relationship between pictures and text, creating another brilliant celebration of an architectural wonder.

5. Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs: A Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents (This Little Light of Mine)

Author: by Sarah Conover
Skinner House Books
212 pages

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Winner of the 2004 Aesop Prize, Ayat Jamilah/Beautiful Signs: a Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents is the second book in Eastern Washington University Press’ This Little Light of Mine series. A young adult/adult crossover anthology, it draws from not only the core of Islamic spirituality and ethics, the Qur’an, and the traditions (hadiths), but also from the mystical verse, folk tales, and exemplary figures of the Islamic narrative.

Unlike any other collection of Islamic stories, Beautiful Signs gathers traditional stories from the farthest reaches of the Muslim world, which stretches from Morocco in the west to Indonesia in the east, and from China in the north to Tanzania in the south.

This unique anthology, with its rich and thorough explanatory notes, will be invaluable to anyone wishing to understand, or to teach, geography, world history, or world religions. It will also be treasured by Muslim families and by all parents committed to broadening the lives and values of their children and themselves.

6. Science in the Qur'an: Discovering Scientific Secrets in the Holy Qur'an

Author: by Yasmin Watson
Yasmin Watson
82 pages

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The Holy Qur’an invites us to take time to contemplate our life on Earth, to look at Nature’s signs that appear all around us, and see the greatness of Creation. We now know things about the Universe, genetics, cell life and quantum physics that people 1500 years ago could hardly imagine.

Amazingly, there are verses in the Holy Qur’an that seem to be referring to these modern scientific discoveries, such as the expanding Universe, planetary orbits, predicting the atomic weight of iron and the speed of light as well as revealing the fundamentals of life on Earth.

This book compares side by side, the verses from the Holy Qur’an, and discoveries in modern science with plenty of facts to inspire and amaze, illustrated with full colour images and graphics. Recommended for children aged 8+ and adults of all ages.

Written by Yasmin Watson, a Montessori teacher and Dr. Amira val Baker, who has a PhD in Astrophysics. Original illustrations by Lateefa Spiker and calligraphy by Hana Horack-Elyafi.

7. Quran: A Reformist Translation (Koran, Kuran in Modern English)

Author: by Edip Yuksel
684 pages

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The Reformist Translation of the Quran offers a non-sexist and non-sectarian understanding of the divine text; it is the result of collaboration between three translators, two men and a woman. It explicitly rejects the authority of the clergy to determine the likely meaning of disputed passages.

It uses logic and the language of the Quran itself as the ultimate authority in determining likely meanings, rather than ancient scholarly interpretations rooted in patriarchal hierarchies. It offers extensive cross-referencing to the Bible and provides arguments on numerous philosophical and scientific issues.

It is God’s message for those who prefer reason over blind faith, for those who seek peace and ultimate freedom by submitting themselves to the Truth alone. “A bold and beautiful translation that serves as a timely reminder to all believers that the Qur’an is not a static scripture, but a living, breathing, ever-evolving text whose sacred words are as applicable today as when they were first uttered by the Prophet Muhammad fourteen centuries ago.” – Reza Aslan, PhD., CBS News Consult-ant; Author, No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.

8. Growing Up Muslim: Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Islam

Author: by Sumbul Ali-Karamali

‎ English
224 pages

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Author Sumbul Ali-Karamali offers her personal account, discussing the many and varied questions she fielded from curious friends and schoolmates while growing up in Southern Californiafrom diet, to dress, to prayer and holidays and everything in between. She also provides an academically reliable introduction to Islam, addressing its inception, development and current demographics.

Through this engaging work, readers will gain a better understanding of the everyday aspects of Muslim American life, to dispel many of the misconceptions that still remain and open a dialogue for tolerance and acceptance.

9. A Young Muslim's Guide to the Modern World

Author: by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

‎ 270 pages

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A Young Muslim’s Guide to the Modern World, by one of Islam’s greatest contemporary scholars, was written specifically for Muslims, and in particular young Muslims, urging them to become familiar with their religion and to gain an understanding of the modern world from the Islamic point of view in order to respond positively to its challenges.

This guide, the first of its kind in any language, presents an exposition of the teachings of Islam as revealed in the Qur’an, explained in the hadith and Sunna of the Prophet and commented upon by Muslim scholars and thinkers, as well as outlining the Western religious and intellectual tradition.

This text refers to the mass market paperback edition of this title

10. Forty Steps Closer to God: A Book of 40 Hadith with Commentary for Young Muslim Adults

Author: by Bushra Bajwa
143 pages

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Read about the wise ways of Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). “Forty Steps Closer to God” is a must-read for all Muslim teenagers. It contains a careful selection of forty hadith that present the mode of life of the Holy Prophet (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who God chose to be the perfect example for humankind.

The selected forty hadith were chosen to provide both examples of Prophet Muhammad’s (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) relationship with God as well as his relationship with his fellow beings. Adopting the habits demonstrated in these forty hadith would not only bring one closer to God but would also lead to more peaceful societies.

Written for high-school and college-aged students, covering a variety of interesting and essential topics, with clear and concise explanations on each hadith, and study questions to further the reader’s knowledge, this pocket guide would be ideal for a book club or religious study group.

11. Zara Hossain is Here

Author: by Sabina Khan


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A timely and honest coming-of-age story that explores the complicated relationship between identity, culture, family, and love. Seventeen-year-old Pakistani immigrant, Zara Hossain, has been leading a fairly typical life in Texas since her family moved there for her father’s work.

While dealing with the Islamophobia that she faces at school, Zara has to lay low, trying not to stir up any trouble and jeopardize their family’s dependent visa status while they await their green card approval. But one day her tormentor, star football player Tyler Benson, takes things too far, leaving a threatening note in her locker, and gets suspended.

As an act of revenge against her for speaking out, Tyler and his friends vandalize Zara’s house with racist graffiti, leading to a violent crime that puts Zara’s entire future at risk. Now she must pay the ultimate price and choose between fighting to stay in the only place she’s ever called home or losing the life she loves and everyone in it.

12. Islamic History: A Very Short Introduction

Author: by Adam J. Silverstein
Oxford University Press
157 pages

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Opening with a lucid overview of the rise and spread of Islam, from the seventh to the twenty-first century, this Very Short Introduction introduces the story of Islamic history, charting the evolution of what was originally a small, localized community of believers into an internationalreligion with over a billion adherents.

The book examines how Islam rose from the obscurity of seventh-century Arabia to the forefront of modern global concerns, and it highlights how we know what we claim to know about Islam’s rise and development.Historian Adam J. Silverstein also discusses thepeoples-Arabs, Persians, and Turks-who shaped Islamic history, and sheds light on three representative institutions-the mosque, jihad, and the caliphate-that highlight Islam’s diversity over time.

Finally, the book analyzes the roles that Islamic history has played in both religious andpolitical contexts, while stressing the unique status that history enjoys among Muslims, especially compared to its lowly place in Western societies where history is often seen as little more than something that is not to be repeated.

13. Holy Quran for Beginners 30th Part (Juz Amma) (Arabic and English Edition)

Author: by A. H. Eliasi
Kazi Publications, Inc.
Arabic, English
32 pages

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This is recommended for 10th graders. This is a very helpful way to study the Quran for those who are not familiar with the Arabic alphabet. Beginning with this work, they may be stimulated to learn to read the Quran in its original script.

The English translation is by Abdullah Yusef Ali. The book also contains the transliteration.

14. Imperfect: A Story of Body image (Zuiker Teen Topics)

Author: by Dounya Awada
96 pages

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Dounya, a Muslim girl living in Las Vegas, Nevada, shares her very personal story of battling eating disorders when she was a teenager, in order to help other young people suffering from this affliction. Imperfect: A Story of Body Image is the fourth in a series of graphic novels written by young adults for their peers.

Dounya Awada is a 24-year-old, devout Muslim, happy, healthy, and very much alive. But just a few years before, she nearly starved to death. Her struggle began when she was six years old. Little Dounya wanted nothing less than to be perfect, like her mother.

She pushed herself hard every day, excelling in schoolwork and at home. She had to be the cutest, prettiest, smartest girl in the room. The slightest hint of imperfection led to meltdowns and uncontrollable tantrums. Her parents loved her fiercely but were unable to understand what was happening to their little girl.

Being perfect all the time was exhausting. In Dounya’s culture, food is nearly synonymous with love. Food is nourishment, nourishment is love, love is life. Dounya began to eat to fill the growing need within her. She grew in size, eventually hitting over 200 pounds at just age 15.

15. Empire of the Islamic World (Great Empires of the Past (Library))

Author: by Robin Doak
Chelsea House Publications

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From 632 to 1258, the Islamic Empire was the most powerful and cultured domain in the world. This book provides a summary of the Islamic Empire, exploring the empire’s society, culture, and daily life including architecture and art; astronomy and mathematics; customs, holidays, sports, and foods; government systems; and, mythology and beliefs.

16. The Young Person's Guide to Understanding Islam

Author: by Asli Kaplan
149 pages

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This book is a form of guidance for the Muslim youth of today, a guide for their everyday lives, as well as being a compilation of useful information related to the various forms of worship with informative explanations given in an understandable manner.

It has been prepared with color illustrations about every stage of performing rituals of purification and daily prayers. Aiming to meet the practical needs of English-speaking readers for their daily worship, this guide is one that is essential for every young Muslim.