Best Teen & Young Adult Medieval History Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Medieval History Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali

Author: by P. James Oliver
128 pages

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Oliver’s well-researched biography of Mansa Musa reads like an exotic tale of gold, glory, and adventure. During his long reign as Mali’s emperor, Mansa Musa led his empire into its Golden Age; presided over a spectacular, 60,000 person, 9,000 mile pilgrimage; founded a university in Timbuktu; and helped revolutionize architecture across the Sudan.

Oliver does not allow Musa’s story to get bogged down in detail by seamlessly weaving a lot of history into his narrative and by supplying curious readers with an extensive Glossary. Many of the African ancestors of today’s African-Americans came from West Africa.From 700 – 1600 A.D., one after the other, three great, black, commercial empires dominated West Africa.

They were powerful, prosperous, complex, stable – and large. At its height, the Empire of Mali was the size of all of Western Europe. Well-crafted and fast paced, Oliver’s book is enhanced by a liberal sprinkling of enjoyable drawings, clear and helpful maps, and interesting photos.

2. Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction, Revised and in Full Color

Author: by David Macaulay
80 pages

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A 1974 Caldecott Honor Book Readers worldwide recognize Caldecott Medal winner David Macaulay’s imaginary Cathedral of Chutreaux. This critically acclaimed book has been translated into a dozen languages and remains a classic of children’s literature and a touchstone for budding architects.

Cathedral’s numerous awards include a prestigious Caldecott Honor and designation as a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year for Macaulay’s intricate pen-and-ink illustrations. Journey back to centuries long ago and visit the fictional people of twelfth-, thirteenth-, and fourteenth-century Europe whose dreams, like Cathedral, stand the test of time.

This title has been selected as a Common Core text exemplar (Grades 68, Informational Texts: Science, Mathematics, and Technical Studies).

3. The Story of Britain from the Norman Conquest to the European Union

Author: by Patrick Dillon
352 pages

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Stunningly illustrated by P.J. Lynch, Patrick Dillon’s accessible narrative brings the dramatic history of a nation to life. The history of Britain is a thrilling story of kings and queens, battles and truces, discoveries and inventions, expansion and diplomacy.

From William the Conqueror’s arrival in 1066 to the end of the twentieth century, The Story of Britain celebrates the rich diversity of a people and culture, as well as the events, good and bad, that have shaped Britain and the world over the past thousand years.

Royals, commoners, warriors, and scientists have all had parts to play, and each of their stories is told here in lively, lucid language appropriate for a young audience. Timelines summarize each era in a quick-view format between each section, while bite-size chapters and full-color plates make this history easy to pick up and hard to put down.

4. The Middle Ages

Author: by Dorothy Mills
Angelico Press
396 pages

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In The Middle Ages, Dorothy Mills lets medieval chroniclers tell their own tales; poets and troubadours, minstrels and wandering scholars sing their own songs; and serfs describe their hard lot. She combines interesting source material with a scholarly interpretation of important events and of those features that characterized all countries during the Middle Ages: the Church; monks and friars and pilgrims; feudalism and chivalry; the manors and towns; Crusades; students wandering in search of learning; science and magic; poetry and drama; arts and crafts.

Dorothy Mills had an uncanny and unique ability to write history that is interesting and at the same time based on sound scholarship. Her direct, engaging approach is valued increasingly by the many parents in our day who are looking for reliable materials for homeschooling or home study, as well as by many private school educators.

Angelico Press has undertaken to reprint the highly-prized six volumes of her historical works as part of its effort to offer texts ideally suited to the needs of a new generation of teachers and students. In a world where the quality of education has so deteriorated, may the reissue of this wonderful historical series shine as a beacon to a new generation of young (and not so young) scholars!

5. Mark Twain – Medieval Times, Grades 5 – 8 (World History)

Author: by Frank Edgar
Mark Twain Media
96 pages

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Bring history to life for students in grades 5 and up using Medieval Times! This 96-page book features reading selections and assessments that utilize a variety of questioning strategies, such as matching, true or false, critical thinking, and constructed response. Hands-on activities, research opportunities, and mapping exercises engage students in learning about medieval times.

For struggling readers, the book includes a downloadable version of the reading selections at a fourth- to fifth-grade reading level. This book aligns with state, national, and Canadian provincial standards.

6. History Alive! Medevial World and Beyond: Interactive Student Notebook

Author: by Bert Bower

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2004 History Alive!The Medieval World and Beyond – Interactive Student Notebook (P) by Wendy Frey *ISBN-13: 9781583713822 *247 Pages

7. A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver

Author: by E.L. Konigsburg
208 pages

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Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife to two kings, mother to two others, has been waiting in Heaven a long time – eight centuries, more or less – to be reunited with her second husband, Henry II of England. Finally, the day has come when Henry will be judged for admission.

While Eleanor, never a patient woman in life or afterlife, waits, three people, each of whom was close to Eleanor during a time of her life, join her. Their reminiscences do far more than help distract Eleanor – they also paint a rich portrait of an extraordinary woman who was front and center in a remarkable period in history and whose accomplishments have had an important influence on society through the ages.

8. McDougal Littell World History: Student Edition Grades 7 Medieval and Early Modern Times 2006

Author: by Douglas Carnine
558 pages

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2006 McDougal Littell World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times California Edition (CA)(H) by Douglas Carnine, Carlos E.Cortes, Kenneth R.Curtis, & Anita T. Robinson *ISBN-10: 0618532943 / ISBN-13: 9780618532940 *679 Pages

9. Great Battles for Boys: Ancients to Middle Ages

Author: by Joe Giorello
122 pages

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Accused of being a demon by those who could not tolerate her independence, Eleanor of Aquitaine made her mark as one of the most dynamic and extraordinary figures of the Middle Ages. Born in 1122, Eleanor refused to be confined by the traditional gender roles of her time.

She became well educated, gaining political and governing know-how from her father, William X, duke of Aquitaine, and armed herself with the skills necessary to become an influential queen-first of France, and later, England. With an impact that reached beyond politics, Eleanor shaped the future of the arts and humanities.

And in a time when women were viewed as inferior to men, the virtues of chivalry and courtly love were born. Once described by a contemporary as “a woman beyond compare,” Eleanor of Aquitaine is a figure who will remain controversial, powerful, and enchanting in the twenty-first century.

11. Medievel And Early Modern Times – California Edition

Author: by Diane Hart
Pearson Prentice Hall
670 pages

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2006 Prentice Hall Medieval and Early Modern Times California Edition (CA)(H) by Diane Hart *ISBN-13: 9780131817470 *670 Pages

12. The Illustrated Book of Knights (Dover Children's Classics)

Author: by Jack Coggins

‎ English
112 pages

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“Lots of information, spiced with bits of legend and story, makes this a wonderful book!”Chicago Sunday Tribune”A welcome addition to any library.”BooklistA celebration of all things chivalrous, this fascinating book features page after page of colorful pictures of heroic knights, fair maidens, and deadly weapons.

It recounts captivating tales of life as it really was a thousand years ago, among the crusaders who followed Richard the Lionheart to the Holy Lands, as well as the much-loved legends of Camelot and King Arthur’s Round Table. Author and artist Jack Coggins wrote and illustrated several books on subjects ranging from space travel to underwater exploration.

His expertise in arms and armor is reflected in the authenticity of these illustrations of medieval weapons. Coggins also provides an informed and lively perspective on the training, duties, and benefits of knighthood.

13. The Middle Ages: An Illustrated History (Oxford Illustrated History)

Author: by Barbara A. Hanawalt

Oxford University Press
160 pages

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A brisk narrative of battles and plagues, monastic orders, heroic women, and knights-errant, barbaric tortures and tender romance, intrigue, scandals, and conquest, The Middle Ages: An Illustrated History mixes a spirited and entertaining writing style with exquisite, thorough scholarship.Barbara A.

Hanawalt, a renowned medievalist, launches her story with the often violent amalgamation of Roman, Christian, and Germanic cultures following the destruction and pillaging of the crown jewel of the Roman Empirethe great city of Rome. The story moves on to the redrawn map of Europe, inwhich power players like Byzantium and the newly-established Frankish kingdom begin a precarious existence in a “sea of tribes” (in the words of a contemporary).

Savage peoplesthe bloodthirsty Germans, the wild Visigoths and Ostrogoths, the fierce Anglo-Saxons, and the Slavs to the Eastas well asthe sophisticated and ever-expanding Arabs threaten each others borders, invade cities and have their own cities sacked, fight victorious battles and get conquered in turn.

14. Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages

Author: by Vicki Leon
130 pages

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Some were feisty and fiery. Others were cool and dangerous. All were incredibly courageous. Outrageous Women of The Middle Ages took on the challenge of their world-and didn’t worry about ruffling a few feathers. Among the outrageous women you’ll meet are: * Eleanor of Aquitaine-queen of France and later England, she led a group of women on the Second Crusade and created her own financial system * Lady Murasaki Shikibu-besides being a wife and mother, she learned the “forbidden” language of Chinese and wrote the world’s first novel * Aud the Deep-Minded-a Viking wise woman and explorer who led her clan, grandchildren and all, on a risky voyage from Scotland to Iceland * Hildegarde of Bingen-the German nun who, late in life, became a composer, a botanist, and founded convents * Damia al-Kahina-a nomadic freedom fighter, skilled at peacemaking and war, who kept her North African homeland free

15. The Way: Through a Field of Stars (A historical fantasy set on the Camino de Santiago)

Author: by Brian John Skillen
364 pages

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There is a secret code of the Knights Templar on the Camino de Santiago… On April 8, 2017, in the small town of Castrojeriz, I was first told about a secret code of the Knights Templar on the Camino de Santiago. This code inspired me to write The Way: Through a Field of Stars.

As I hiked the Camino across Spain, the things I saw, the people I met, and the experiences I had all wove together into the perfect narrative. Since that day, I have walked more than a thousand miles on the Camino de Santiago doing research for this book series.B.J.S.

2020″Isabella cursed her father for sending her on this quest, but it was her only chance at freedom.” Sent by her father to locate the Knights Templar’s greatest treasure-and save her kingdom from ruin-Princess Isabella of France finds one of seven secret doors that unlocks the Templars’ mysterious treasure.

With this discovery, she expects the mission to be easy. But when she is ambushed on the Camino de Santiago, Isabella is not only forced to seek refuge with the exact company she was sent to steal from, but she’s unexpectedly reunited with her one true love, Etienne.

16. An Age of Empires, 1200-1750 (The Medieval and Early Modern World) (Medieval & Early Modern World, 4)

Author: by Marjorie Wall Bingham
Oxford University Press
157 pages

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The Age of Empires includes some of the most colorful, ruthless, and restless figures in all of history. During this time Genghis Khan told his troops to “fall upon the enemy like falcons,” Ivan the Terrible expelled Mongol invaders from Russia but murdered his own son in a fit of rage, andBabur the Tiger ruled India, combining ferocity on the battlefield with a love of books and poetry.

It is a period of extremes: Muslim Turks tolerated Jews and Christians within the Ottoman Empire yet under the Habsburgs the devastating Thirty Years’ War pitted Catholics against Protestants. Lithuanian society was remarkably open, granting women the right to own property and decide their religious beliefs while Spanish and Portuguese colonizers enslaved Native Americans and Africans in Peru and Angola.

Beautifully illustrated and filled with maps and primary sources, The Age of Empires captures both the historical sweep and vivid details of this transformative period. From Marco Polo’s eyewitness account of an opulent Chinese banquet to a missionary’s sermon denouncing Spanish atrocities in theCaribbean, these documents bring the era dramatically to life.