Best Teen & Young Adult Music Instruction Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Music Instruction Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids: A Beginners First Book of Easy to Play Classics | 40 Songs (Beginner Piano Books for Children)

Author: by Alex Franklin
Published at: Independently published (June 24, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8635859520

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Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids is a great first songbook for beginners. Songs on every page page have letters above each note to help children who are yet to learn how to read sheet music. Inside you will find 40 familiar favorites that are some of the most popular tunes for those beginning on piano or keyboard and are new to lessons.

The following pieces are included:Mary Had a Little LambTwinkle, Twinkle, Little StarHappy BirthdayAre You Sleeping? The Wheels on the BusItsy Bitsy SpiderLondon BridgeHumpty DumptyHead, Shoulders, Knees and ToesWhen the Saints Go Marching InThis Little Light of MineI’m a Little TeapotThis Old ManJingle BellsRock-A-Bye BabyOld MacDonald Had a FarmThe Muffin ManRow, Row, Row Your BoatShe’ll Be Coming Round the MountainThree Blind MiceHickory, Dickory, DockDeck the HallsBingoRing a Ring of RosesIf You’re Happy and You Know ItRain, Rain, Go AwaySilent NightBaa, Baa, Black SheepHot Cross BunsPop Goes the WeaselSing a Song of SixpenceFor He’s a Jolly Good FellowTake Me Out to the BallgameYankee DoodleHey Diddle DiddleWe Wish You a Merry ChristmasSkip to My LouPolly Put the Kettle OnI’ve Been Working on the RailroadHush, Little BabyThis is a great addition to your young one’s beginner instruction as they start learning notes.

2. Harmonica for Kids: Simple Guide to Learn and Play the Diatonic Harmonica and Have Fun with Easy Songs in Tablature Notation

Author: by Darren Hills
50 pages

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Are you looking for a book for children that teach you in a fun way how to play the harmonica and at the same time that it is a songbook with the best songs for children to practice? It is written in a simple, clear style that can be easily understood by children, contains pictures to help them understand the instructions, practical advice that will allow them to grasp the basics of the harmonica and start making music immediately, and all presented in a friendly, cheerful manner that will ensure they are having fun!

This book contains:Descriptions of how harmonicas work that doesn’t go into too much detail but give the basics to kidsSeveral tablature notations of simple songs kids love that will get them playing and having fun as soon as possibleMore detailed descriptions of how harmonica holes operate and how to blow and draw on themClearly explained step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of exercises that will improve the child’s physical health and make it easier for them to play wonderfullyThe harmonica is one of the most famous instruments most people are familiar with today.

3. 100 THINGS TO DO AFTER I GRADUATE: My Bucket List Journal of Adventures (Graduation Gift for Him 2021)

Author: by Paper Panda Press
112 pages

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The Ultimate Bucket List Journal to Give a New Graduate! Imagine a massive waterfall of wealth, happiness, and good health cascading towards your new graduate. Bless them today with this thoughtful graduation gift! Filled with positive affirmations that will inspire teens to make exciting plans during summer break or before starting work.

This elegant journal allows them to record their goals this year (or the next, it’s all up to them!. It is un-dated, handy 6 x 9 inches to bring on-the-go, premium matt finish, with 100 Extra Epic Bucket List Ideas on pages 109 to 112, and certificate to spur them on!

Start this Bucket List with easy and simple goals that are quick to accomplish, it can be – ~ Try new dishes to savor and prepare ~ Practice self-love, meditation, gratitude ~ Learn new things (music, sports, art) ~ Help others, share your time blessings ~ Travel and explore new placesGet your copies now and enjoy listing and accomplishing your plans today!

4. The Jenson Sight Singing Course (Vol. I) (Methodology Chorals Singer)

Author: by David Bauguess
32 pages

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(Methodology Chorals). This comprehensive method based on the solfege system gives you a step-by-step plan for teaching the fundamentals of sightsinging. With minimal preparation time, your students will experience solid results in only minutes per rehearsal. There are 334 carefully graded exercises in unison, 2-part and 3-part, most with ranges of an octave or less.

Recommended for Grades 6-12. Available: Teacher’s Edition Vol. I & II, Student Edition Vol. I & II, and Sightsinging Part Exercises.For Grades 6-12.

5. Progressive Classical Guitar Method: For Beginner to Intermediate Students [Book 1]

Author: by Jason Waldron
LTP Publications
103 pages

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For Beginners to Intermediate – A comprehensive, lesson by lesson method covering all aspects of basic classical guitar technique, progressing through the most common keys and incorporating some of the world’s most popular classical guitar pieces.

6. Ukulele for Beginners: A Beginners Guide and Songbook to Learn and Play Ukulele, Reading Different Chords Including Popular Songs

Author: by Andrew Scott
83 pages

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Are you a beginner and would like to learn how to play the ukulele from scratch? Are you looking for a practical and simple guide to learning to play the ukulele? You found everything that you needed in these pages.

I have made sure that you have all of the necessary material to get started and a few great diagrams to give you a clearer picture. I am going to leave some tips for beginners that you will find in this book:This book assists you with lots of chord changes.

The goal is accuracy and as the speed will naturally come and will not the other way around. Refer to the figures on how to correctly hold your Ukulele standing or sitting. Proper strumming influences your sound when beginning. Besides strumming you can palm mute and then slap the strings to get down and funky.

Do exercises and practice fingering. This will make you more accurate and you guessed it, faster. Playing the ukulele should bring you peace and joy. Do not make it into a job where you feel like you have to practice every day.

7. Progressive Guitar Method, Book 2: Intermediate

Author: by Gary Turner
LTP Publications
88 pages

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For Intermediate Guitarists – A comprehensive, lesson by lesson method covering the most important keys and scales for guitar; with special emphasis on bass note picking, bass note runs, hammer-ons, syncopation and chord construction. Featuring chordal arrangements of many well known Rock, Blues, Folk and Traditional songs.

8. Abracadabra Viola (Pupil's book + 2 CDs): The Way to Learn Through Songs and Tunes

Author: by Peter Davey
HarperCollins UK
64 pages

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This viola tutor contains a beginners’ course in 20 steps, with over 100 popular songs and tunes. It can be used alongside companion tutors for violin and cello for mixed instrumental lessons and includes duets for teacher or second pupil. The playalong CDs are ideal for home practice.

9. Practical Piano Illustrated: Keys, Scales, Chords and Theory for Beginners

Author: by Austin Middleton

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This is an excellent book for beginners of all ages. Colorfully illustrated, the book begins by explaining scales and keys, then moves into chords and chord progressions. The basics of reading sheet music are covered, and the final chapter explains how to construct 12-bar blues type compositions.

The book will prove to be extremely useful to a new student. Keyboard diagrams clearly illustrate all the major scales, the natural minor scales and the blues scales. This leads to several chapters explaining chords, chord progressions and the basic theory behind intervals.

A new student would spend a lot of time researching and compiling all this information. I have attempted to compile all the information that a new student will need. I have tried to strike a balance between what is practical, and useful, right now tempered with an introduction to the larger study of music theory.

This is a book for beginners of all ages. Young students have all the information that they need, older students will find the content fresh and upbeat. I wanted to create a guidebook which was modern and efficient, yet present the material in depth to encourage further study.

10. Recorder Magic (Book 1 + Practice CD) (Bk.1)

Author: by Jane Sebba
32 pages

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A resource on music at foundational stage (for ages three to five). It comprises a book, audio compact disc and CD-ROM, and is supported by a Music Express Web site. Thirty-six starting points and holistic activities guide the practitioner through the QCA’s Stepping Stones to Early Learning Goals.

Arranged in themes which Early Years providers use, the content includes songs, stories, rhymes, dances and games. There are videoclips of the activities in use with young children.

11. Vocal Wisdom: Maxims of Giovanni Battista Lamperti

Author: by Giovanni B. Lamperti
Taplinger Pub Co

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The maxims of singing master Giovanni Battista Lamperti have now become classic among students of the voice. They were first written down by a student of Lamperti in the 1890s. Lamperti had in turn learned them from his father, Francisco Lamperti, who gathered them from Presto, Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, et al.

The precepts that developed the great voices of the Golden Age of Song are made available in this edition to all vocal students and afficionados of today.

12. The Batsford Book of Music for Children

Author: by Rebecca Rumens-Syratt
128 pages

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Meet Trudi Treble and Barry Bass: they’re here to take kids on a musical journey! With their help, children aged 5 to 9 will begin to learn the language of music and understand clefs, staves, notes, and rhythm. In addition to great games, such as making an edible stave and notes with candy, budding musicians will start to play some of the most popular instruments, including the piano, guitar, and recorder.

Appealing, comics-style illustrations make the experience thoroughly enjoyable.

13. Abracadabra Brass: Bass Clef Edition: The Way to Learn Through Songs and Tunes

Author: by Dot Fraser
64 pages

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Now with a brand new cover to bring it in line with the other books in the Abracadabra series: Abracadabra Brass bass clef edition. This popular tutor book, a reliable favourite with teachers since its publication in 1995, contains the tunes that children will know and want to play.

Carefully graded to take the student from the earliest stages to competence, it contains clear fingering diagrams and exercises to reinforce new notes and tricky corners. A valuable resource for players of bass instruments that don’t usually ‘get the tune’. The trombone, baritone and euphonium are all on the list of ‘endangered species’ instruments identified earlier this year by Youth Music, which has launched a [pound]1m initiative that will put these musical instruments into the hands of over 5,000 children.

14. Abracadabra Oboe (Pupil's book): The Way to Learn Through Songs and Tunes

Author: by Helen McKean
Collins Music
64 pages

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Abracadabra spells ‘excellent instrumental tutors’ and the Abracadabra approach to learning through songs and tunes has set countless beginners on a clear path of progress and enjoyment with their chosen instrument. Now in a third edition, Abracadabra Woodwind has a fresh and contemporary new look and is fully updated.

15. Underprivileged Overachiever: A Crenshaw Story

Author: by Y.A. Salimu
253 pages

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Written with the HEART of a fighter! Readers unfamiliar with memoirs will be spoiled rotten by this book. These are quick short chapters with powerful impacts laced in every turn of the page.”At age 14, I ran away, but not from home – because I never had one to begin with.

At school I participated in every sport, club, and after-school activity, so that when the other kids finally left, I could settle in for the night by my locker. I spent my childhood dealing with gangs, drugs, violence, and my mother’s mental illness, but the real enemy was always poverty.”Y.A.

Salimu almost feels too grown-up in this YA memoir as his compelling story occasionally shifts from gripping novel to raw ego, putting the reader right there in the city with him. Salimu’s story is tough to listen to at times, but ROARS of laughter await anyone brave enough to walk in this man’s shoes.

Readers expecting a sad Oliver Twist tale will instead find a confident, talented protagonist who continually defies low expectations and inspires those around him. While there is language, sexual themes, and a full blown rape scene (did he really have to include the police report?

16. Songbooks – The Singing Storycloth: Song-stories from around the world with activities for music and poetry

Author: by Helen East
A&C Black (April 10, 2006)
64 pages

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A collection of eight song-stories from around the world, collected andretold by Helen East. Each story has a theme related to fabric, and issupported by activities in music. The activities are flexible and canbe enjoyed in the classroom in the course of creative work in music,drama, DT, and language.

The Singing Storycloth is a collection of eight song-stories from around the world, collected and retold by Helen East. Each story has a theme related to fabric and is supported by activities in music. But there are also activities for making and using a variety of simple puppets.

The activities are flexible and can be enjoyed in the classroom in the course of creative work in music, drama, DT, and language, but will also have the potential for short performances at assembly. Puppetry activities are being written by a team of experienced performers and workshop leaders – Liz Waugh MacManus and Mike MacManus of Obelon Arts – with musical activities by Janet Koralambe, music workshop leader and performer with Obelon.