Best Travel Humor Books

Here you will get Best Travel Humor Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Gomer the Gassy Goat: A Fart-Filled Tale

Author: by Hayley Rose
28 pages

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Kids and adults alike will love this hysterical, tongue-twisting read-aloud about a goat who farts A LOT! Whether he is making silly faces or farting during goat yoga, Gomer the Gassy Goat will have you laughing out loud before you can say,Trendy-bendy, nosy, noisy, smiley, smelly, classy, silly, sassy, gassy goat!

Always one to laugh with his friends, Gomer is considerate, and apologizes when he inadvertently passes gas. Fun goat facts included. Benefits of Humor in Books: 1. Helps kids fall in love with books.2. Motivates kids to read.3. Enhances comprehension. Benefits of Tongue Twisters in Books: 1.

Tongue twisters clarify the pronunciation of words.2. Tongue twisters stretch and strengthen the muscles which you use to speak.3. Tongue Twisters show you what words and sounds you have trouble with pronouncing.

2. Would You Rather?: The Book Of Silly, Challenging, and Downright Hilarious Questions for Kids, Teens, and Adults(Activity & Game Book Gift Ideas)(Vol.2)

Author: by Dan Gilden
80 pages

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LOOKING FOR FUN-FILLED GAMES AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS AND TEENAGERS? This awesome activity book, packed with hilarious and intriguing “would you rather” questions, is a perfect solution for kids parties, family game nights, long car rides, and every other occasion when you need a fun and engaging game to play!

Whether you’re at home with your family, on a long car trip, in a classroom, or even trying to make an awkward small talk with your next-door neighbor, there’s no better way to pass the time than by playing the game of “Would You Rather…””Would You Rather…” is a fun and thought-provoking conversation game where you and other players have to choose between two equally ridiculous and outrageous situations that you would never be faced with, in real life(hopefully).

It offers hours of laughter and hilarity, and it is a great way to get a conversation started in a fun and interesting way. It is also easy to get into some amazing conversations by just asking “why” after a would you rather question.


1001 One-Liners and Short Jokes: The Ultimate Collection Of The Funniest, Laugh-Out-Loud Rib-Ticklers

Author: by Graham Cann
197 pages

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They’re all here in this classic collection of the most hilarious one-liners on planet Earth! This eye-watering compilation has been carefully selected to get your giggle glands going and is guaranteed to give you hours of laughter and enjoyment. Each of the 1001 gags has been placed into its own category such as Addictions, Religion and Sex so you can find a joke easily on any number of topics.

A wise sage once said, “Laughter is, and will always be, the best form of therapy” so go on, cheer yourself up with this fabulous collection of mirth and merriment. Check out the reviews below: I got this as part of a birthday gift for my aunt and uncle who are cooped up with the shelter-in-place for COVID-19 and they really enjoyed it; said the jokes are funny and good for sharing!

If your mornings are feeling a bit “Groundhog Day” at the moment, I prescribe this gem of a book and some decent coffee. Made me feel better, instantly. The only problem is how to stop reading… A real chortle fest, even had my notoriously grumpy husband chuckling over his bacon sandwich, no mean feat Great book for cheering oneself & others up.

4. Life's A Beach: The perfect laugh-out-loud romantic comedy to escape with in 2021

Author: by Portia MacIntosh
May 6, 2021

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Sun, sea and inescapable exes… Peach is excited to hear that her sister, Di, is getting married. Of course, she would have preferred her little sister to be engaged to someone she’s known longer than a week – and the fact that his name is Charles doesn’t bode well – but who is she to judge?!

After all, her own love life is non-existent, and who doesn’t love a destination wedding…? Whisked away to the gorgeous Italian coast, Peach assumes her role as chief bridesmaid and, despite her reservations about the groom, she tries to ensure everything goes to plan.

But weddings are never straightforward affairs… Throw in some unexpected guests in the form of ex-boyfriends and one night stands, and soon enough there is more drama than a reality TV show. Can Peach keep the show on the road, or might she end up in a whirlwind romance of her own…?

Escape to the stunning Italian coast with bestseller Portia MacIntosh. Perfect for fans of Sophie Ranald and Mhairi MacFarlane. Praise for Portia MacIntosh:’A hilarious, roaringly fun, feel good, sexy read. I LOVED it!’ Holly Martin’This is a heartwarming fun story, perfect for several hours of pure escapism.’ Jessica Redland’Super-romantic and full of festive spirit.

5. Neither here nor there: Travels in Europe

Author: by Bill Bryson
William Morrow Paperbacks
June 2, 2015

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In the early seventies, Bill Bryson backpacked across Europein search of enlightenment, beer, and women. He was accompanied by an unforgettable sidekick named Stephen Katz (who will be gloriously familiar to readers of Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods). Twenty years later, he decided to retrace his journey.

The result is the affectionate and riotously funny Neither Here Nor There.

6. Plant Trees, Carry Sheep: A Woman's Spiritual Journey Among the Sufis of Scotland: A Memoir

Author: by S. A. Snyder
332 pages

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34 pages

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NATIONAL BESTSELLER In this witty and warm-hearted account, Peter Mayle tells what it is like to realize a long-cherished dream and actually move into a 200-year-old stone farmhouse in the remote country of the Lubron with his wife and two large dogs.

He endures January’s frosty mistral as it comes howling down the Rhne Valley, discovers the secrets of goat racing through the middle of town, and delights in the glorious regional cuisine. A Year in Provence transports us into all the earthy pleasures of Provenal life and lets us live vicariously at a tempo governed by seasons, not by days.

9. Freddie The Farting Snowman: A Funny Read Aloud Picture Book For Kids And Adults About Snowmen Farts and Toots (Fart Dictionaries and Toot Along Stories)

Author: by Jane Bexley
34 pages

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Top Gift For 2021!Did you know that snowmen fart?It’s true! Follow Freddie the Farting Snowman to learn the hysterical kinds of farts that are a part of snowman life. The Arctic Blast, the Farticle Collider and many more will have you bursting with laughter!

This book is appropriate for ALL AGES who don’t mind silly toot humor (that is not overly gross). Words used include: toot, fart, gas, booty, rump, and bum. Grab this new release in time for the holiday gift giving season!8.5″ x 8.

5″Premium glossy coverHilarious collection of fart names and situationsFull color, professional illustrationsAn easy quick gift for the kids (and kids at heart) on your gift list

10. Subpar Parks: America's Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Least Impressed Visitors

Author: by Amber Share
Plume (July 13, 2021)
224 pages

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Based on the wildly popular Instagram account, Subpar Parks features both the greatest hits and brand-new content, all celebrating the incredible beauty and variety of America’s national parks juxtaposed with the clueless and hilarious one-star reviews posted by visitors. Subpar Parks, both on the popular Instagram page and in this humorous, informative, and collectible book, combines two things that seem like they might not work together yet somehow harmonize perfectly: beautiful illustrations and informative, amusing text celebrating each national park paired with the one-star reviews disappointed tourists have left online.

Millions of visitors each year enjoy Glacier National Park, but for one visitor, it was simply “Too cold for me!” Another saw the mind-boggling vistas of Bryce Canyon as “Too spiky!” Never mind the person who visited the thermal pools at Yellowstone National Park and left thinking, Save yourself some money, boil some water at home.

Featuring more than 50 percent new material, the book will include more depth and insight into the most popular parks, such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Acadia National Parks; anecdotes and tips from rangers; and much more about author Amber Share’s personal love and connection to the outdoors.

11. My Camp Journal: A Fun Journal for Girls to remember every moment of their incredible adventures at Camp! Cute Llama Cover

Author: by Dadamilla Design
132 pages

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NEW INTERIOR * This Camp Journal is the perfect companion for any kid going to Camp. It has a lot of fun pages to be filled while away from home. There are Daily and Weekly journal pages as well as ample space for Activity Scheduling, Autographs, Drawings, and Bunkmate Addresses.

It will help the kids remember their time and experiences at camp for years to come. While packing for Camp don’t forget the most important thing! Without technology this Journal will be the only way for Kids to record their daily experiences and keep track of their activities.

Available in a variety of covers. Click on author’s name link to check them out!

12. 3000 Unique Questions About Me

Author: by Questions About Me
152 pages

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Spark conversation and connection. No more dull conversations or small talk. Transform your relationships with meaningful conversations and get to know anyone bettereven yourself. A book, but also a game. Use these fun questions to improve communication and quality time with others.

Enjoy hours of entertainment with loved ones- couples, families, teens and kids. Fun and engaging screen free activity Put down your phone, switch off the TV. Get talking and make meaningful connections. These unique questions will help spark interaction, laughter and discoveries to feel more connected with your kids, partner, family and even yourself.

Unlock endless conversational possibilities to create an abundance of fun memories! Powerful conversation starter and icebreakerThis compilation questions is the ideal social tool that will help improve interaction with colleagues and co-workers and cultivate openness and connections. Whether it’s your couple date night, during Thanksgiving, road trip, dinner party or at your next family games night gathering, the perfect question is always on hand to start a meaningful conversation.

13. Scotland with a Stranger: A Memoir

Author: by Ninya
Ninya (May 15, 2020)
262 pages

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Who goes to Scotland for two weeks with a stranger they met over the internet? At forty-three, Ninya was depressed, out of shape, and filled with crippling anxiety after addiction, cancer, and divorce had destroyed nearly everything. One day, she received a message from a stranger.

This woman offered to lead her on a self-healing trip hiking through the Scottish highlands. It seemed like a signa big sister sent when she needed one most. In this sometimes hilarious, sometimes terrifying, but always inspiring memoir, an introverted pollyanna is paired up with her polar oppositea steamrolling, abrasive female with completely unorthodox healing methods.

As they barrel through the winding one lane roads in a tiny rental car stopping to hike at breathtaking mountains and glens, an outrageous series of events forces Ninya to reclaim her power and find the strength to heal herself in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

14. German Men Sit Down to Pee and Other Insights into German Culture

Author: by Mr Niklas Frank
HJ Publishing
160 pages

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Welcome to Germany, a country where you should always wait at the red man, show up on time for your wedding, and be extremely suspicious if anyone offers you a doughnut. German men sit down to pee’ is a tongue-in-cheek guidebook to German culture that highlights the rules Germans consciously and unconsciously follow, while trying to make a little sense of it all along the way.

Why, for example, mowing your lawn on a Sunday will mean getting an earful from your neighbour, but lie naked in the middle of a public park and nobody will bat an eyelid. Ideal for anyone visiting or moving to Germany, German Men Sit Down to Pee’ offers a collection of insights into German culture while at the same time highlighting rules and cultural norms that those visiting Germany will not only find humorous but useful for avoiding any cultural faux-pas.

15. So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh?: Stuff to Know Before You Go

Author: by Jennifer McCartney
192 pages

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Laugh as you learn about America’s friendly northern neighbor with this step-by-step guide to Canadian customs, pop culture, and slang – perfect for anyone who’s considered moving to (or just visiting) maple leaf country. Written by New York Times bestselling author (and born-and-bred Canuck) Jenn McCartney, this comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about Canada, including: HistoryBewildering residency rules, demystifiedUnique laws and customsContributions to the arts and pop culture (Celine Dion, Margaret Atwood, Justin Bieber)Colorful slang, explainedCreative doodles, helpful charts, and fun graphsHilarious and honest, this guide will delight your politically disgruntled father, nudge your bleeding-heart neighbor to hit the road, and inspire you to plan for (or daydream about) your own Canadian getaway.

16. What Am I?: A Collection of Traditional Word Riddles – Deluxe Edition

Author: by Zack Guido
133 pages

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A collection of over 150 fun, challenging, and engaging riddles for all ages! This is the Deluxe Edition of this book, which includes the previously published Volume One and Volume Two, combined and updated! This is a book of easy-to-remember and fun-to-share word riddles that describe an everyday thing!

They follow a traditional limerick-esque rhyming structure, and sometimes use a little wordplay. Although these are great for kids, adults will find them challenging as well. Sometimes a child-like mind is just what you need in order to solve them.

This book contains original riddles that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s a great way to pass the time on a long car, plane, or train ride and is perfect for family road trips. The difficulty ranges from easy to difficult, but none are so cryptic and tricky that you won’t be able to figure out the answer with enough thought.

Even the simplest ones feel good to solve. None of these riddles should leave you with that dreadful feeling of well, that was stupid, and even though you might be able to come up with multiple answers, you will know the real correct answer as soon as you think of it because all of the pieces will fit perfectly.