Best TV Direction & Production Books

Here you will get Best TV Direction & Production Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes

Author: by Ira Rosen
336 pages

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Two-time Peabody Award-winning writer and producer Ira Rosen reveals the intimate, untold stories of his decades at America’s most iconic news show. It’s a 60 Minutes story on 60 Minutes itself. When producer Ira Rosen walked into the 60 Minutes offices in June 1980, he knew he was about to enter television history.

His career catapulted him to the heights of TV journalism, breaking some of the most important stories in TV news. But behind the scenes was a war room of clashing producers, anchors, and the most formidable 60 Minutes figure: legendary correspondent Mike Wallace.

Based on decades of access and experience, Ira Rosen takes readers behind closed doors to offer an incisive look at the show that invented TV investigative journalism. With surprising humor, charm, and an eye for colorful detail, Rosen delivers an authoritative account of the unforgettable personalities that battled for prestige, credit, and the desire to scoop everyone else in the game.

As Mike Wallace’s top producer, Rosen reveals the interview secrets that made Wallace’s work legendary, and the flaring temper that made him infamous. Later, as senior producer of ABC News Primetime Live and 20/20, Rosen exposes the competitive environment among famous colleagues like Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, and the power plays between correspondents Chris Wallace, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Cuomo.

2. Steven Universe: Art & Origins

Author: by Chris McDonnell
240 pages

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Steven Universe: Art & Origins is the first book to take fans behind the scenes of the groundbreaking and boundlessly creative Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe. The eponymous Steven is a boy whoalongside his mentors, the Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl)must learn to use his inherited powers to protect his home, Beach City, from the forces of evil.

Bursting with concept art, production samples, early sketches, storyboards, and exclusive commentary, this lavishly illustrated companion book offers a meticulous written and visual history of the show, as well as an all-access tour of the creative team’s process. Steven Universe: Art & Origins reveals how creator Rebecca Sugar, the writers, the animators, and the voice actors work in tandem to bring this adventure-packed television series to life.

Also Available: Steven Universe: End of an Era (978-1-4197-4284-2) and Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven (978-1-4197-4148-7)

3. The Late Shift: Letterman, Leno, & the Network Battle for the Night

Author: by Bill Carter
October 15, 2019

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New York Times Bestseller: A gripping true story of late-night comedy and behind-the-scenes drama (Los Angeles Times). When beloved host Johnny Carson announced his retirement after thirty years on The Tonight Show, millions of Americans mourned. But inside the television industry, the news ignited a battle between two amazing talentsJay Leno and David Lettermanwho both yearned to occupy the departing legend’s chair.

For NBC, it would be a decision with millions of dollars at stake. Soon these two comedians with strikingly different styles, who had once shared a friendship as they worked the clubs together, would be engaged in a fierce competition for the prize.

Based on in-depth reporting and interviews with those involved, and updated with a new introduction by the author, The Late Shift is a vivid, behind-the-scenes, blow-by-blow account of the fight that ensued, as stars, agents, and executives maneuvered for control of the most profitable program in TV history (Chicago Tribune).

4. The Art of Invader Zim

Author: by Chris McDonnell
240 pages

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The official behind-the-scenes guide to Nickelodeon’s cult-classic animated series and Enter the Florpus Created by indie comics artist Jhonen Vasquez, Invader Zim tells the story of extraterrestrial outcast Zim, from the planet Irk. With the assistance of his malfunctioning robot GIR, Zim repeatedly tries (and fails) to execute his dastardly plan to conquer Earth, all while masquerading as an average elementary school student.

The Art of Invader Zim is the definitive history of both the fan-favorite series and Enter the Florpus. A fully authorized, all-access compendium of never-before-published production art, storyboards, behind-the-scenes photos, and ephemera, the book will feature exclusive, interviews with Vasquez and other key crewmembers that reveal the origins, art, and imagination behind one of Nickelodeon’s most beloved turn-of-the-millennium series.

5. Steven Universe: End of an Era

Author: by Chris McDonnell
Abrams (October 13, 2020)
272 pages

Steven Universe: End of an Era Cover

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The official sequel to the bestselling Steven Universe: Art & Origins Steven Universe: End of an Era is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling behind-the-scenes companion book Steven Universe: Art & Origins. Showcasing new concept art, storyboards, background paintings, and exclusive interviews, End of an Era will update the history of the Emmy Awardwinning series to cover season four through to the critically acclaimed nale, Change Your Mind, and beyond.

Fans can expect a special focus on creator and showrunner Rebecca Sugar’s elaborate process for creating the lore for the series, as she and the crew reveal how they discovered and developed the complete story arc for each character, as well as how they were able to design a show that so refreshingly captures and celebrates the experience of childhood.

Steven Universe: End of an Era is a heartfelt send-off to one of the most progressive, imaginative, and beloved animated series of our time.

6. Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

Author: by Gina McIntyre
Del Rey
224 pages

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The official behind-the-scenes companion guide to the first two seasons and beyond, featuring exclusive color photos and stunning concept art. Note: This book has been designed to mimic a used book. The marks, scuffs, and tears on the cover and pages are an intentional design element.

Stranger things have happened…. When the first season of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix in the summer of 2016, the show struck a nerve with millions of viewers worldwide and received broad critical acclaim. The series has gone on to win six Emmy Awards, but its success was driven more than anything by word of mouth, resonating across generations.

Viewers feel personal connections to the characters. Now fans can immerse themselves in the worldor worldsof Hawkins, Indiana, like never before. Inside you’ll find original commentary and a foreword from creators Matt and Ross Duffer exclusive interviews with the stars of the show, including Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and David Harbour the show’s earliest drafts, pitches to Netflix, and casting calls insights into the Duffers’ creative process from the entire crewfrom costume and set designers to composers and visual-effects specialists deep dives into the cultural artifacts and references that inspired the look and feel of the show a map of everyday Hawkinswith clues charting the network of the Upside Down the Morse code disk Eleven uses, so you can decipher secret messages embedded throughout the text a look into the future of the seriesincluding a sneak preview of season three!

7. BoJack Horseman: The Art Before the Horse

Author: by Chris McDonnell

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Netflix’s BoJack Horseman has quickly become one of the most critically acclaimed animated comedy series in recent memory. Set in an off-kilter, cynically spun rendering of modern-day Hollywood, the show follows washed-up horse actor BoJack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett) as he attempts to turn his life around.

BoJack Horseman: The Art Before the Horse is the official behind-the-scenes companion to this cult-hit series. Part oral history sourced from original interviews with the show’s cast and crew, part art bookincluding sketches, storyboards, and background artthis book will trace the series from conception to post-production.

Beginning with the initial development of creator/ showrunner Raphael Bob-Waksberg and production designer Lisa Hanawalt’s inimitable aesthetic vision, The Art Before the Horse goes on to reveal all of the moving partsdirection, writing, casting, animation, and musicthat come together to form this uniquely bleak, emotionally potent, very funny show.

8. Game of Thrones: The Costumes, the official book from Season 1 to Season 8

Author: by Michele Clapton
Insight Editions
440 pages

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2020 IBPA Awards Winner! Discover the secrets behind creating the costumes for HBO’s Game of Thrones in this definitive guide. The official guide to the complete costumes of HBO’s landmark television series Game of Thrones. Discover how BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning costume designer Michele Clapton dressed the heroes and villains of Westeros and beyond, including Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, and Arya Stark.

One of 4 comprehensive and officially licensed Game of Thrones retrospective books from Insight Editions. CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED – … Peruse the best of the robes, gowns, coats, and suits of armor that made up the rich fabric of Westeros in Game of Thrones: The Costumes.

Vanity Fair LEARN HOW COSTUMES DEFINED CHARACTERS – 440 pages of in-depth interviews and commentary on how costume design helped convey the evolution of George RR Martin’s beloved characters such as Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, and Brienne of Tarth. SEE EXCLUSIVE IMAGES AND DESIGNS – Over 1,000 exclusive and rarely seen images including Michelle Clapton’s designs and original concept sketches.

9. Honky in the House: Writing & Producing The Jeffersons

Author: by Jay Moriarty
408 pages

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“Jay Moriarty’s Honky in the House is a fascinating look into the inner workings of The Jeffersons, one of the most successful and groundbreaking TV series of all time. The book provides an insightful examination of how The Jeffersons dealt with and helped mold the country’s awakening to crucial social and racial issues.

It’s also a compelling story of personal success, and the capper is that it’s all written with Jay’s inimitable sense of humor.” ~Hollywood JournalIn this witty, very personal and unapologetic account of breaking into the entertainment business, Jay Moriarty serves up a master class in the essentials of writing and producing a TV series.

Moriarty was able to realize his Hollywood dream of writing relevant comedy at a time of national upheaval-movin’ on up with The Jeffersons, first as a writer, then as Executive Producer. Honky in the House introduces us to some of the leading minds in television comedy, including Norman Lear, the first TV producer to successfully combine humor with biting social satire.

10. The Complete Film Production Handbook, Fourth Edition (American Film Market Presents)

Author: by Eve Light Honthaner
Focal Press
544 pages

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This book is for working film/TV professionals and students alike. If you’re a line producer, production manager, production supervisor, assistant director or production coordinator-the book has everything you’ll need (including all the forms, contracts, releases and checklists) to set up and run a production-from finding a production office to turning over delivery elements.

Even if you know what you’re doing, you will be thrilled to find everything you need in one place. If you’re not already working in film production, but think you’d like to be, read the book – and then decide.

If you choose to pursue this career path, you’ll know what to expect, you’ll be prepared, and you’ll be ten steps ahead of everyone else just starting out. New topics and information in the fourth edition include:* Low-budget independent films, including documentaries and shorts* Information specific to television production and commercials* The industry’s commitment to go green and how to do it* Coverage of new travel and shipping regulations* Updated information on scheduling, budgeting, deal memos, music clearances, communications, digital production, and new forms throughout* This guide to production management is on every producer’s shelf and will save you time, money, and hassles* Hundreds of forms, contracts, and checklists available to print and use on your production* New edition is fully updated with information about low-budget productions and much more!

11. The Art of Game of Thrones, the official book of design from Season 1 to Season 8

Author: by Deborah Riley
432 pages

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Filled with gorgeous illustrations and artwork from HBO’s hit series, The Art of Game of Thrones is the definitive Game of Thrones art collection. The official collection of behind the scenes concept art and production design from HBO’s landmark TV show Game of Thrones.

Learn how BAFTA and Emmy award-winning production designer Deborah Riley and her team brought to life the iconic locations of Westeros and beyond. One of 4 comprehensive and officially licensed Game of Thrones retrospective books from Insight Editions. UNMATCHED DEPTH – 432 pages of concept art, sketches, and production design images covering Game of Thrones seasons 1-8.

DETAILED REVELATIONS – Comprehensive behind the scenes details covering the design of iconic locations such as King’s Landing, Winterfell, Dragonstone, and Castle Black. CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE CREATORS – Authored by production designer Deborah Riley and including an exclusive foreword from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B.

12. Downton Abbey – A Celebration: The Official Companion to All Six Seasons (The World of Downton Abbey)

Author: by Jessica Fellowes
St. Martin's Griffin
320 pages

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This perfect present allows fans to revisit the home and the lives of the family and staff of the Emmy Award-winning series-and now feature film-with Jessica Fellowes’s Downton Abbey-A Celebration: The Official Companion to All Six Seasons.”Downton Abbey set a new standard, and it’s probable that in 20 or 50 years critics will look back and say that this was period drama at its very best, often imitated but never bettered.” The Daily MailSince the moment we first entered Downton Abbey in 1912, we have been swept away by Julian Fellowes’s evocative world of romance, intrigue, drama and tradition.

Now, in 1925, as Downton Abbey prepares to close its doors for the final time, Jessica Fellowes leads us through the house and estate, reliving the iconic moments of the wonderfully aristocratic Crawley family and their servants as they navigate the emerging modern age.

Travelling from Great Hall to servants’ hall, bedroom to boot room, we glimpse as we go Matthew and Isobel Crawley arriving for the first time, the death of Kemal Pamuk, Cora’s tragic miscarriage, Edith’s affair with Michael Gregson, Mary’s new haircut, Thomas and O’Brien’s scheming, Anna and Bates’s troubles with the law, and Carson’s marriage to Mrs Hughes.

13. Improvisation for the Theater: A Handbook of Teaching and Directing Techniques (Drama and Performance Studies)

Author: by Viola Spolin
412 pages

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Here is the thoroughly revised third edition of the bible of improvisational theater. Viola Spolin’s improvisational techniques changed the very nature and practice of modern theater. The first two editions of Improvisation for the Theater sold more than 100,000 copies and inspired actors, directors, teachers, and writers in theater, television, film.

These techniques have also influenced the fields of education, mental health, social work, and psychology. Also available: Spolin’s Theater Game File

14. True Blue

Author: by David Baldacci
608 pages

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As former D.C cop Mace Perry investigates a mysterious high-profile homicide in a last-ditch attempt to get her badge back, she finds herself on a collision course with the dark side of national security in this New York Times bestseller.

Mason “Mace” Perry was a firebrand cop on the D.C. Police force until she was kidnapped and framed for a crime – and then spent two years in prison. Now she’s back on the outside and focused on one mission: to be a cop once more.

Her only shot to be a true blue again is to solve a major case on her own. But even with her police chief sister on her side, she’ll have to work in the shadows: A vindictive U.S. Attorney will stop at nothing to send Mace back to jail.Enter Roy Kingman …A young D.C.

Lawyer, Roy meets Mace after the murder of one of the firm’s female partners. Soon Roy and Mace are investigating together – and uncovering surprising secrets from both the private and public sectors of the nation’s capital.

15. Goodnight John-Boy: A Memory Book of The Waltons, One of Television's Greatest Families

Author: by Earl Hamner
Cumberland House
240 pages

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A wonderful history and celebration of The Waltons TV show. Goodnight, John-Boy is a nostalgic memory book of The Waltons, the number-one television show of its time. Filled with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and profiles of people who appeared on the show, it introduces readers to the Hamner family members who later became characters on The Waltons, suggests events and locales that inspired many of the episodes, and traces Earl Hamner’s life as a writer from Virginia to New York to Hollywood.

For eight wonderful years The Waltons, the story of a family living in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains during the Depression, entertained America and the world. Yet this television show was more than entertaining. Each episode combined wonderful stories and “teachable moments” in which adults and children alike learned the importance of honesty, hard work, respect, responsibility, self-sacrifice, and kindness.

As is true in most families, the Waltons faced many challenges, occasionally stumbled along the way, but they struggled to live their lives within the framework of the values they believed and taught. Included in Goodnight, John-Boy:A description of each episodeEvents and locales that inspired the episodesReminiscence, comments, and personal feelings from writers, actors, directors, producers, family, and fansPublicity shots and personal photographs taken by cast, crew, and othersThe perfect conversation-starting coffee table book or gift for grandpa, grandma, or any fan of The Waltons

16. Seth Rogen Book: The Biography of Seth Rogen

Author: by University Press
47 pages

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University Press returns with another short and captivating biography of one of history’s most compelling figures, Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen may already be the most accomplished actor / comedian / writer / producer / director / humanitarian / entrepreneur of the 21st century. From stand-up comedy to big screen blockbusters, and from charity work to a bold new business venture, Rogen is a humble guy with a great laugh.

But make no mistake: he is changing Hollywood, fighting disease, shaping public policy, and promoting a burgeoning industry. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 15, 1982, Seth Aaron Rogen was raised by Jewish parents, started doing stand-up comedy at age 12, wrote Superbad at age 13, met Judd Apatow, dropped out of high school, moved to Los Angeles, landed a role in Freaks and Geeks, starred in Hollywood blockbusters, created an international incident involving North Korea, testified about Alzheimer’s disease before the United States Congress, wrote and directed more movies, and started a promising new company.