Best Ultrasonography Books

Here you will get Best Ultrasonography Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Examination Review for Ultrasound: Abdomen and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Author: by Steven M. Penny
Published at: LWW; 2nd edition (November 14, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1496377296

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This updated 2nd Edition of Examination Review for Ultrasound: Abdomen & Obstetrics and Gynecology helps students prepare forand excel onthe ARDMS and ARRT certification exams. Focusing on only the information needed for exam success, this proven resource includes a concise, narrative approach, content based on the current exam, and an online exam simulator with registry-style questions.EBook available.

Fast, smart, and convenient, today’s eBooks can transform learning. These interactive, fully searchable tools offer 24/7 access on multiple devices, the ability to highlight and share notes, and much more.NEW! MORE EXTENSIVE REVIEW: 40 review questions for each chapteralmost 1,300 totalhelp students identify strengths and overcome weaknesses so they are fully prepared on exam day.NEW!

Full alignment with ARDMS and ARRT revised content outlines: To achieve alignment, additional pathology coverage appears in each chapter and new topics have been added (breast, organ transplant, facial glands, male pelvis, pediatric hips, fetal presentation, and maternal complications). FREE ONLINE EXAM SIMULATOR: Sophisticated mock exams customizable for both the ARDMS and ARRT exams familiarize students with registry testing format and style.NEW PEDAGOGY!

2. Vascular Technology: An Illustrated Review

Author: by Claudia Rumwell
Published at: Davies Publishing, Inc.; 5th edition (August 1, 2014)
ISBN: 978-0941022859

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For registry candidates, technologists in training, cross-training sonographers, clinical personnel, and RPVI candidates, here is the completely revised, updated 5th edition of the best and most trusted vascular technology review text available now, for the first time, in full color.

Written and peer-reviewed by nationally renowned authors and vascular experts, it remains a silver-bullet review of everything a registry candidate needs to know to pass the ARDMS specialty exam in vascular technology. Also used in labs and diagnostic ultrasound programs across the country, it is perhaps the most widely read vascular reference in print.

This new edition includes more than 500 color illustrations and images, photo-documented physiologic exam techniques, 120 self-assessment case studies, and an integral application for 15 SDMS-approved CME credits. RVT, RPVI, and RVS candidates and DMS students can combine this Step 1 review text with Davies Step 2 mock exam Vascular Technology Review and Step 3 ScoreCards for Vascular Technology for powerful 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation.Ready to score?

3. ECG/EKG Interpretation: An Easy Approach to Read a 12-Lead ECG and How to Diagnose and Treat Arrhythmias

Author: by Nathan Orwell
Published at:
Independently published (November 25, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8571799782

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Are you curious about ECG/EKG and want to learn to read ECG/EKG for academic purpose? Would you like to hold up that next ECG and confidently interpret what you see? If so, then keep reading! An EKG/ECG Interpretation is often the initial component of diagnostic testing available in the evaluation of a patient.

A proper understanding of the EKG/ECG Interpretation allows early detection of important pathological and physiological issues. This book will completely transform your aspects at EKG interpretation, and we guarantee you that by the time you complete this guide with us, you’ll feel like a professional.

Whether you are learning to interpret Electrocardiograms, or if you simply want to better recognize your own diagnosis and results, this book will be able to help. This book provides a comprehensive information about ECG findings of inherited arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies.

Each topic covers a specific condition and highlights typical or critically important ECG findings. Knowing the fundamentals parts of an ECG tracing will lay a good foundation for everything else that is to come. The different waves, complexes and intervals need to be ingrained in your brain.

4. Examination Review for Ultrasound: SPI: Sonographic Principles & Instrumentation

Author: by Steven M. Penny
Published at: LWW; 2nd edition (November 16, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1496377326

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This updated 2nd Edition of Examination Review for Ultrasound: Sonographic Principles & Instrumentation helps students prepare forand excel on the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) certification examination offered by the ARDMS. Taking a concise, narrative approach, this proven resource aligns with the SPI revised content outline and format.

An online exam simulator with registry-style questions makes it easy to create mock exams that allow unlimited practice.EBook AVAILABLE. Fast, smart, and convenient, today’s eBooks can transform learning. These interactive, fully searchable tools offer 24/7 access on multiple devices, the ability to highlight and share notes, and much more.NEW!

MORE EXTENSIVE REVIEW: 50 review questions in each chapter, and 120 registry exam review questions at the back of the bookhelp students identify strengths and overcome weaknesses so they are fully prepared on exam day.NEW! FULL ALIGNMENT WITH THE SPI REVISED CONTENT OUTLINE: To achieve alignment, many topics have been added or enhanced, including patient care, bioeffects, Doppler artifacts, cardiac strain and strain rate, elastography, and ergonomics.NEW!

5. Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections (Atlas Series)

Author: by Gerard Malanga
Published at: McGraw-Hill Education / Medical; 1st edition (March 18, 2014)
ISBN: 978-0071769679

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Clear, concise description of more than 100 US-guided injections in musculoskeletal medicine. A Doody’s Core Title for 2017!

Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections includes numerous tips and tricks from the field’s most experienced and respected practitioners. This unique and state-ofthe-art text is ideal for physiatrists, rheumatologists, sports medicine physicians, radiologists, pain medicine specialists, and orthopedic surgeons. With a focus on safety and efficacy, this atlas is a worthwhile investment for any practitioner looking to add ultrasound-guided procedures to their practice or is looking to sharpen their skills.

The book opens with informative coverage of the fundamentals of MSK US, including ultrasound physics, preparation and set-up for MSK US procedures, and the rationale and evidence for performing these procedures. The main body of the book dedicates one chapter to a specific US-guided injection or procedure.

6. Breast Sonography Review: A Question & Answer for the ARDMS Specialty Exam

Author: by Kathryn A. Gill
Published at: Davies Publishing, Inc.; 1st edition (November 1, 2009)
ISBN: 978-0941022750

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Kathryn Gill’s Breast Sonography Review illuminates the facts and principles on which you will be tested by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), hones your test-taking skills, and reveals your strengths and weaknesses by exam topic. Based precisely on the breast specialty exam outline published by ARDMS, this review contains 349 registry-like questions (including CME activity questions) together with answers, clear explanations, and quick references for further study.

Image-based cases and schematic illustrations prepare you to tackle images, anatomy, and pathology on the exam. Coverage includes breast instrumentation and technique, normal anatomy, benign versus malignant features, specific lesions (benign), specific lesions (malignant), and invasive procedures-all in the same proportion as the exam itself.

Approved for 6 continuing medical education credits.

7. Callen's Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Author: by Mary E Norton MD
Published at: Elsevier; 6th edition (September 16, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0323328340

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Get outstanding guidance from the world’s most trusted reference on OB/GYN ultrasound. Now brought to you by lead editor Dr. Mary Norton, Callen’s Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology has been completely and exhaustively updated by a team of obstetric, gynecologic, and radiology experts to reflect the most recent advances in the field.

It addresses the shift in today’s practice to a collaborative effort among radiologists, perinatologists, and OB/GYNs, with new emphasis placed on genetics and clinical management. This must-have resource covers virtually all aspects of fetal, obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound from the common to the rare in one essential clinical reference, allowing you to practice with absolute confidence.

Highly templated, full-color format allows you to locate information more quickly. Full-color medical illustrations present key anatomic details in a clear manner. Thousands of digital-quality images depict the complete range of normal and abnormal imaging presentations. Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase.

8. Atlas of Ultrasound- and Nerve Stimulation-Guided Regional Anesthesia

Author: by Vincent Chan
Published at: Springer; 2008th edition (November 13, 2007)
ISBN: 978-0387681580

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The Atlas of Ultrasound and Nerve Stimulation-Guided Regional Anesthesia shows how to use ultrasound technology and how to master guided nerve stimulation techniques to achieve consistently good results. Throughout the book, ultrasound images are correlated with MRIs to enhance anatomic identification.

In addition, peripheral nerve block techniques for upper and lower extremities and the trunk are demonstrated step by step. With visualized needle placement and the ability to see the nerves, ultrasound and nerve stimulation-guided techniques instill confidence in the anesthesiologist, offer safety to patients, and enhance the efficient use of time in the operating room.

9. Pocket Anatomy & Protocols for Abdominal Ultrasound

Author: by Steven M. Penny M.A. RT (R) RDMS
Published at: LWW (October 3, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1975119416

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Get the perfect level of pathology coverage to help you learn how to consistently produce quality radiographic images with Comprehensive Radiographic Pathology, 7th Edition. This full-color text provides a foundation in the basic principles of pathology and then focuses on the radiographic appearances of diseases and injuries that are most likely to be diagnosed with medical imaging.

Understanding these disease processes, the radiographic appearances, and the treatments is necessary for technologists to fully contribute to the functioning of the diagnostic team, and this text is the perfect way to ground yourself in all three of these areas.

Enhancements to this new edition include updated images in all modalities, content aligned to the latest ARRT Guidelines, updated Radiographer Notes, and the inclusion of some pediatric pathologies. Thorough explanations help you select proper modalities and producing optimal images. Hundreds of high-quality illustrations covering all modalities clearly demonstrate clinical manifestations of different disease processes and provide a standard for the high-quality images needed in radiography practice.

11. Scorecards for Vascular Technology (A Q&A Flashcard Study System for Vascular Technology)

Author: by Cindy A. Owen
Published at: Davies Publishing; 2nd edition (November 1, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0941022866

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The new second edition of the sophisticated ScoreCards flip- and flashcard study system yields maximum gain with minimum pain, and it’s fun. Exercise your ability to think fast and recall key facts wherever you are-at lunch, on weekend outings, or between patients.

Written by well-known experts, these handy ScoreCards deliver nearly 500 questions keyed to the registry’s own exam outline, plus answers, explanations, and quick references. More than sixty image-based cases prepare you to tackle scans on the exam. Step 3 in Davies’ CME-approved 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education and Test Preparation program.

12. Introduction to Vascular Scanning: A Guide for the Complete Beginner (Introductions to Vascular Technology)

Author: by Donald P. Ridgway
Published at: Davies Publishing Inc.; 4th edition (May 1, 2014)
ISBN: 978-0941022835

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The new 4th edition of Don Ridgway’s unabashedly practical and famously unique how-to guide to vascular scanning will astound and delight both beginners and veterans who are cross-training in vascular ultrasound or earning CME credit. All of the features that have made this book so popular and useful are updated in full color-how to scan all of the vascular systems, numerous scanning exercises and quizzes, Other Vascular Diagnostic Modalities, Those Darn Doppler Angles, The Important and Somewhat Tricky Bifurcation Maneuver, Seven Tips toward Good Probemanship, and Getting Stuck: A Word about the Flop Sweats.

There are more than 700 illustrations in all, full-color technical and anatomic illustrations, 150+ diagnostic images, Doppler waveforms, and scores of schematics, cross-sections, and clinical photographs. As praise for previous editions suggests, you won’t find anything else like this stepwise guide for the relative novice: extremely reader-friendly, lavishly illustrated, and focused squarely on real-world skill building.

13. Diagnostic Ultrasound: Musculoskeletal

Author: by James F. Griffith MD MRCP FRCR
Published at: Elsevier; 2nd edition (December 10, 2018)
ISBN: 978-0323570138

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Gain a solid understanding of musculoskeletal ultrasound anatomy, pathology, and technique with the second edition of this award-winning reference. Written by Dr. James F. Griffith and other leading experts in the field, Diagnostic Ultrasound: Musculoskeletal offers more than 100 detailed, clinically-oriented chapters of ultrasound anatomy, technique, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, reporting, and ultrasound-guided interventional procedures for the entire musculoskeletal system.

This wealth of updated information helps you achieve an accurate musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnosis for every patient. Ensures that you stay on top of rapidly evolving musculoskeletal ultrasound practice and its expanding applications for everyday clinical useContains new chapters on how to properly examine the joints of the upper and lower limbs with ultrasound and the best ultrasound technique for examining the groin, including groin herniaeProvides new information on ultrasound diagnostics and interventional techniques, keeping you up-to-date with improved accuracy of ultrasound diagnoses and clinical benefits of ultrasound-guided techniques, including joint injections for the upper and lower limbsUses a bulleted, templated format that helps you quickly find and understand complex information, as well as thousands of high-quality images and illustrationsDescribes how to write an efficient, useful, and factually correct ultrasound reportApproaches musculoskeletal ultrasound from the viewpoints of a specific diagnosis (Dx section) as well as that of a specific ultrasound appearance (DDx section)Offers updates on fundamental ultrasound technique and ultrasound anatomy, ideal for those either new to musculoskeletal ultrasound or those with limited experience who wish to improve their skillAn ideal reference for radiologists, sonographers, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, sports physicians, and physiotherapistsExpert Consult eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices


Basic to Advanced Clinical Echocardiography. A Self-Assessment Tool for the Cardiac Sonographer

Author: by Bonita Anderson DMU (Cardiac) MAppSc (Me
Published at: LWW; 1st edition (June 3, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1975136253

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A unique resource, this book is designed to determine not only your level of expertise and applicability of knowledge but also serve as an up-to-date clinical resource in the practice of cardiac sonography. This powerful, long-needed resource presents the essentials of clinical echocardiography in a precise Q&A format fashioned after Clinical Echocardiography Review A Self-Assessment Tool edited by Allan L.Klein and Craig R.Asher.

Whether you are just beginning your training, are already preparing for your examination, or simply want to review and increase your knowledge depth, this easy-to-use resource will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need for success. Flexible: A wide range of multiple-choice questions identified as beginner, intermediate, or advanced make it easy for you to select the level of material you want to review.

Quick-review format: Concise chapters by experts in the field follow an easy-to-follow, Q&A style to ensure content mastery. Concise Answer Outlines: Each question is supported by a detailed answer outline to enhance understanding and skill development. Visual: More than 400 online echo clip videos bring concepts and techniques to life and help you to internalize key essential elements of disease recognition.

15. First Trimester Ultrasound Diagnosis of Fetal Abnormalities

Author: by Alfred Z. Abuhamad MD
Published at: LWW; Illustrated edition (October 4, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1451193725

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Stay up to date with recent advances in the use of ultrasound in early gestation with this comprehensive, full-color reference. First Trimester Ultrasound Diagnosis of Fetal Abnormalities is an authoritative, systematic guide to the role of first trimester ultrasound in pregnancy risk assessment and the early detection of fetal malformations.

High-quality illustrations and numerous tables throughout enhance readability, making this text an excellent daily resource in clinical practice. Features:Presents state-of-the-art information accompanied by hundreds of superb illustrations reflecting today’s best ultrasound technology. Covers general aspects of first trimester ultrasound, including physical principles and bioeffects, technical aspects, fetal biometry and pregnancy dating, screening for chromosomal aneuploidies, multiple pregnancies, and more.

Features a chapter on detailed first trimester ultrasound which presents a new, comprehensive and systematic approach to ultrasound imaging in early gestation. Provides detailed coverage of first trimester ultrasound findings in normal and abnormal conditions, covering various organ systems as well as the placenta and umbilical cord.

16. Diagnostic Ultrasound, 2-Volume Set

Author: by Carol M. Rumack MD FACR

Published at: Elsevier; 5th edition (October 4, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0323401715

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Now fully updated with more than 2,000 new images, 200 new videos, and new content throughout, Diagnostic Ultrasound, 5th Edition, by Drs.Carol M. Rumack and Deborah Levine, remains the most comprehensive and authoritative ultrasound resource available. Spanning a wide range of medical specialties and practice settings, it provides complete, detailed information on the latest techniques for ultrasound imaging of the whole body; image-guided procedures; fetal, obstetric, and pediatric imaging; and much more.

Up-to-date guidance from experts in the field keep you abreast of expanding applications of this versatile imaging modality and help you understand the “how” and “why” of ultrasound use and interpretation. Covers all aspects of diagnostic ultrasound with sections for Physics; Abdominal, Pelvic, Small Parts, Vascular, Obstetric, and Pediatric Sonography.

Uses a straightforward writing style and extensive image panels with correlative findings. Features 5,000 images more than 2,000 brand-new including new 2D and 3D imaging as well as the use of contrast agents and elastography. Includes a new virtual chapter on artifacts with individually labelled images from throughout the book, displaying artifacts with descriptive legends by category and how they can be used in diagnosis or corrected for better quality imaging.