Best Vocational Test Guides Books

Here you will get Best Vocational Test Guides Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. EMT Crash Course with Online Practice Test, 2nd Edition: Get a Passing Score in Less Time (EMT Test Preparation)

Author: by Christopher Coughlin Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-0738612355
Published at: Research & Education Association; Second Edition, Revised (January 5, 2018)

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REA’s EMT Crash CourseEverything you need for the exam in a fast review format! REA’s EMT Crash Course is the only book of its kind for the last-minute studier or any prospective Emergency Medical Technician who wants a quick refresher before taking the NREMT Certification Exam.

Targeted, Focused Review Study Only What You Need to Know Written by an EMS Program Director and NREMT paramedic with 30 years of experience, EMT Crash Course relies on the author’s careful analysis of the exam’s content and actual test questions.

It covers only the information tested on the exam, so you can make the most of your valuable study time. Our fully indexed targeted review covers all the official test categories including airway, ventilation, oxygenation, trauma, cardiology, medical, and EMS operations and is packed with practice questions and answers at the end of each chapter.

Also included are tips and insights on rsum building, information on finding additional training opportunities, and more. Expert Test-taking Strategies Our experienced EMT author explains the structure of the NREMT Certification Exam, so you know what to expect on test day.

2. ASVAB Study Guide 2021-2022: ASVAB Test Prep Secrets, Practice Question Book, Step-by-Step Review Video Tutorials: [5th Edition]

Author: by Matthew Bowling
538 pages

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Mometrix Test Preparation’s ASVAB Study Guide 2021-2022 – ASVAB Test Prep Secrets is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass their Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success.

Our study guide includes:Practice test questions with detailed answer explanationsStep-by-step video tutorials to help you master difficult conceptsTips and strategies to help you get your best test performanceA complete review of all ASVAB test sectionsMometrix Test Preparation is not affiliated with or endorsed by any official testing organization.

All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners. The Mometrix guide is filled with the critical information you will need in order to do well on your ASVAB exam: the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the United States Military Entrance Processing Command expects you to have mastered before sitting for your exam.

3. ASVAB Prep Plus 2020-2021: 6 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online + Video (Kaplan Test Prep)

Author: by Kaplan Test Prep
648 pages

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Always study with the most up-to-date prep! Look for ASVAB Prep Plus 20222023, ISBN 9781506277790, on sale June 01, 2021. Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from third-party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitles included with the product.

4. CDL Study Guide 2020 and 2021: CDL Training Book 2020 and 2021 with Practice Test Questions for the Commercial Drivers License Exam [3rd Edition]

Author: by TPB Publishing
227 pages

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Test Prep Books’ CDL Study Guide 2020 and 2021: CDL Training Book 2020 and 2021 with Practice Test Questions for the Commercial Drivers License Exam [3rd Edition]Taking the CDL test? Want to get a good score? Written by Test Prep Books, this comprehensive study guide includes: Quick Overview Test-Taking Strategies Introduction Driving Safely Transporting Transporting Passengers Safely Air Brakes Combination Vehicles Doubles and Triples And More!

Practice Questions Detailed Answer ExplanationsStudying is hard.We know.We want to help. You can ace your test. Each part of the test has a full review. This study guide covers everything likely to be on the CDL test. Lots of practice test questions are included.

Miss one and want to know why? There are detailed answer explanations to help you avoid missing the same question a second time. Are you a bad test taker? Use your time wisely with the latest test-taking strategies. Don’t settle for just learning what is on the test.

Learn how to be successful with that knowledge. Test Prep Books has drilled down the top test-taking tips. This will help you save time and avoid making common mistakes on test day. Get your CDL study guide. It includes review material, CDL practice test questions, and test-taking strategies.

5. Cursive handwriting workbook for Adults: Learn to write in Cursive, Improve your writing skills & practice penmanship for adults

Author: by Sujatha Lalgudi
109 pages

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Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Adults who are looking to learn or build on their penmanship skills. Get over 100 pages of practice supported by easy illustrated dot to dot method to make learning cursive fun and easy. The book starts with the guided basic alphabet to develop the required muscle memory and progressively advances to writing using a smaller letter size.

It builds an understanding of how to form each cursive letter correctly and connect them. This book takes the writer on a skill building journey of Tracing lower case and uppercase cursive lettersConnecting two, three and four letter words in cursiveLearning to write numbers & number wordsWriting affirmations in cursiveTracing quotes, poems, part of a play from Hamlet and the Gettysburg Address will encourage and inspire you to master your handwriting!

The included thoughtful quotes and motivational sentences give a great foundation for writing in cursive while keeping the writing interesting and awe inspiringBuy this today to begin a journey into the beautiful world of cursive handwriting. On sale currently – Under $10

6. ASVAB Prep Plus 2022–2023: 6 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online + Video (Kaplan Test Prep)

Author: by Kaplan Test Prep
648 pages

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Kaplan’s ASVAB Prep Plus 20222023 features proven strategies and realistic practice for all sections of the ASVAB and AFQT. Comprehensive subject review, expert tips, detailed explanations, and flashcards will help you face the test with confidence. Kaplan is so certain that ASVAB Prep Plus offers all the knowledge you need to excel at the ASVAB that we guarantee it: After studying with the online resources and book, you’ll score higher on the testor you’ll get your money back.

Essential PracticeMore than 1,000 realistic practice questions with explanationsSix full-length ASVAB practice tests with detailed explanations: 3 online and 3 in the bookFlashcards in the book and also in an app to review on the goQbank for more online practice with every question typeDetailed subject review, including targeted strategies for vocabulary questions and math problem solvingAn extensive word list to help you build your vocabularyNEW: Math video instruction to provide refreshers on the tested concepts Expert GuidanceComprehensive content review and specific methods for tackling all technical topics: science, electronics, auto/shop, mechanical information, and object assemblySpecific strategies for mastering the Computer Adaptive Test formatWe invented test prepKaplan (kaptest.

7. Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (Federal Aviation Administration): FAA-H-8083-25B

Author: by Federal Aviation Administration
Skyhorse (July 25, 2017)
528 pages

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This official Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) handbook provides basic knowledge essential for pilots on topics like decision making, aerodynamics, flight controls, weather theory, airport operations, and more. This updated handbook introduces pilots to the broad spectrum of knowledge that will be needed as they progress in their pilot training.

Written for the pilot preparing for a Remote, Sport, Private, Commercial, or Flight Instructor Pilot Certificate, it is a key reference for all the information necessary to operate an aircraft and to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam and Practical Test.

The table of contents includes:Introduction to FlyingAeronautical Decision-MakingAircraft ConstructionPrinciples of FlightAerodynamics of FlightFlight ControlsAircraft SystemsFlight InstrumentsFlight Manuals and Other DocumentsWeight and BalanceAircraft PerformanceWeather TheoryAviation Weather ServicesAirport OperationsAirspaceNavigationAeromedical FactorsThis handbook introduces readers to flying and a history of flight, then explores the role of the FAA, criteria for earning the various pilot certificates, how to plan their flight education, and the examinations associated with earning a pilot certificate.

8. Airplane Flying Handbook (Federal Aviation Administration): FAA-H-8083-3B

Author: by Federal Aviation Administration
348 pages

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All the Information you Need to Operate Safely in US Airspace, Fully Updated If you’re an aviator or aviation enthusiast, you cannot be caught with an out-of-date edition of the FAR/AIM. In today’s environment, there is no excuse for ignorance of the rules of the US airspace system.

In the newest edition of the FAR/AIM, all regulations, procedures, and illustrations are brought up to date to reflect current FAA data. This handy reference book is an indispensable resource for members of the aviation community, as well as for aspiring pilots looking to get a solid background in the rules, requirements, and procedures of flight training.

Not only does this manual present all the current FAA regulations, it also includes: A study guide for specific pilot training certifications and ratingsA pilot/controller glossaryStandard instrument proceduresParachute operationsAirworthiness standards for products and partsThe NASA Aviation Safety reporting formImportant FAA contact informationThis is the most complete guide to the rules of aviation available anywhere.

10. Exam Review for Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals

Author: by Milady
170 pages

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The Exam Review for Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals contains chapter-by-chapter questions in multiple-choice format to help students prepare for their state board exams. The answer key at the back of the book allows students to check accuracy and identify weak areas.

The questions themselves are unique to this supplement. The Exam Review has been updated to match the contents of Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 11e.

11. 2020 Journeyman Electrician Exam Questions and Study Guide: 400+ Questions from 14 Tests: Practice Exams, Exam Review, Testing Tips

Author: by Ray Holder
310 pages

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The 2020 Journeyman study guide will help you prepare for the exam by providing 12 practice open book exams and 2 Final Closed Book Exams. This book also covers most topics that are included on all Journeyman Electricians exams such as conductor sizing and protection, motors, transformers, voltage drop, over-current protection and residential and commercial load calculations.

The text contains the most widely used electrical calculations and formulas the reader needs to pass the Journeyman electrical competency exam. About the AuthorRay Holder has worked in the electrical industry for more than 40 years as an apprentice, journeyman, master, field engineer, estimator, business manager, contractor, inspector, and instructor.

He is a graduate of Texas State University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Education. A certified instructor of electrical trades, he has been awarded a lifetime teaching certificate from the Texas Education Agency in the field of Vocational Education.

12. MBLEx Test Prep – Comprehensive Study Guide and Workbook 2021

Author: by David Merlino LMT
365 pages

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MBLEx Test Prep – Comprehensive Study Guide and Workbook, 2021 is the most in-depth, easiest to utilize MBLEx study guide to date. Covering subjects such as Massage Therapy, Business, Ethics, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Pathology, and Kinesiology, MBLEx Test Prep offers the most current, up-to-date information available!

MBLEx Test Prep utilizes the Minimum Effective Dose for the MBLEx, covering information most likely to be seen on the MBLEx, and leaving out unnecessary information that is most likely not covered on the MBLEx. This offers the most effective and efficient studying available!

Included in this study guide: Comprehensive subject reviews, Over 700 practice exam questions, Matching assignments, Crossword puzzles, Study skills, Test-taking techniques, Tips on reducing test anxiety. Online resources include: UNLIMITED practice exams, Video lectures on every subject, Flash cards, Downloadable images, Games, and more Assignments to help you prepare!

13. Speak With No Fear: Go from a nervous, nauseated, and sweaty speaker to an excited, energized, and passionate presenter

Author: by Mike Acker
181 pages

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When you think of public speaking, do you get nervous, anxious, or even sweaty? Would you prefer never to give a presentation? Do you want to gain confidence in your communication and beyond? This book can help you. You don’t have to be afraid any longer.

You don’t have to let communication anxiety keep you from your goals. While my upcoming book will give advanced strategies to master the game of speaking, this book allows you to get in the game and get started. Through this book you will learn 7 strategies you can begin today.

These strategies will give you a new perspective, they will prepare you, and they will give you actions to practice. As you implement these strategies, your fear will begin to fade. It can easily seem like everyone is a gifted speaker when you watch TED talks or compare yourself to skilled co-workers giving presentations.

Don’t get caught up in the costly comparison trap. Instead, take action to improve your ability and to overcome your fear. If you struggle in speaking, then first realize that you are not alone. Public Speaking is the #1 fear in America.You are not alone.

14. ASVAB Study Guide 2021-2022: ASVAB Book and Practice Test Questions for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam [10th Edition Prep]

Author: by Joshua Rueda
293 pages

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The fifth edition of Delmars Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Test Preparation Manual for the A5 BRAKES certification exam contains an abundance of content designed to help you successfully pass your ASE exam. This manual will ensure that you not only understand the task list and therefore the content your actual certification exam will be based upon, but also provides descriptions of the various types of questions on a typical ASE exam, as well as presents valuable test taking strategies enabling you to be fully prepared and confident on test day.

16. CNA Study Guide 2020-2021: CNA Exam Prep Book 2020 and 2021 with Practice Test Questions for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam [4th Edition]

Author: by TPB Publishing
159 pages

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Test Prep Books’ CNA Study Guide 2020-2021: CNA Exam Prep Book 2020 and 2021 with Practice Test Questions for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam [4th Edition]Made by Test Prep Books experts for test takers trying to achieve a great score on the CNA exam.

This comprehensive study guide includes:Quick Overview: Find out what’s inside this guide! Test-Taking Strategies: Learn the best tips to help overcome your exam! Introduction: Get a thorough breakdown of what the test is and what’s on it! Role of the Nursing Assistant: Covers the Personal Responsibility and Interpersonal Relations sectionsPromotion of Safety: Covers sections such as Potential Hazards, Common Injuries, Safety, Infection Control, Emergencies and Fire PreventionPromotion of Function and Health of Residents: Covers sections such as Personal Care Skills, Health Maintenance/Restoration, Age-Related Changes and Psychosocial NeedsBasic Nursing Care Provided by the Nursing Assistant: Covers the Non-Life Threatening Situations and Acute Emergency Situations sectionsProviding Specialized Care for Residents with Changes in Health: Covers the Physical Problems, Psychological Problems, Dying Resident Care and Post-Mortem Care sectionsPractice Questions: Practice makes perfect!