Best Wok Cookery Books

Here you will get Best Wok Cookery Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two: Perfectly Portioned Recipes for Healthier Fried Favorites

Author: by Gina Kleinworth
164 pages

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Make perfectly portioned air-fried meals for two with these easy recipes In The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two, you’ll find more than 100 recipes for whipping up quick, simple, and flavorful air-fried meals designed to share with a partner, roommate, or friend.

These tasty dishes make mealtime easy with speedy prep, minimal cleanup, and everyday ingredients you can easily find at your local grocer. The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two includes: An intro to air fryingGet essential guidance that will set you up for air frying success, including step-by-step instructions, answers to FAQs, and pointers for cooking for two people.

Recipe tips and tricksFind suggestions for getting the most out of each recipe in this air fryer cookbook, from ingredient swaps to air frying tips. Practical guidanceLearn the best and worst foods for air frying, what ingredients to stock your pantry with, and how to shop and meal prep for two.

Create easy, delicious, air-fried meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert with The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two.

2. The Essential Wok Cookbook: A Simple Chinese Cookbook for Stir-Fry, Dim Sum, and Other Restaurant Favorites

Author: by Naomi Imatome-Yun
Rockridge Press
150 pages

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All the Recipes You Need to Enjoy Comforting Chinese Food at Home Ordering Chinese takeout is easy-but it’s definitely not the healthiest or most affordable way to enjoy Chinese comfort food at home. With this simple cookbook in your kitchen and a mighty wok in your hand, Chinese favorites are now quicker, healthier, and cheaper than delivery.

The Essential Wok Cookbook is your guide to mastering the wok, the versatile pan that makes possible all of the Chinese restaurant dishes you love-no extra salt, oil, or MSG required. Beyond tips for selecting, seasoning, and caring for your wok, this cookbook also provides: Step-by-step illustrations for how to fold a dumpling, egg roll, and wonton Fun features on the origin stories and American reinventions of foods such as egg drop soup and fortune cookies Recipe labels to help you decide what to make when you’re short on time (30 minutes or less) and tight on cash (under $10) Recipe tips to swap ingredients, save time, make a dish more healthy, or kick up the heat If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, start cooking today with your wok and see just how far The Essential Wok Cookbook will take you.

3. Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking

Author: by Fuchsia Dunlop
352 pages

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A James Beard Award Winner “A must-have for anyone who wants to cook Chinese food at home, home cooks and professionals alike.” David Chang, MomofukuFuchsia Dunlop trained as a chef in China’s leading Sichuan cooking school and possesses the rare ability to write recipes for authentic Chinese food that you can make at home.

Following her two seminal volumes on Sichuan and Hunan cooking, Every Grain of Rice is inspired by the vibrant everyday cooking of southern China, in which vegetables play the starring role, with small portions of meat and fish. Try your hand at stir-fried potato slivers with chili pepper, vegetarian “Gong Bao Chicken,” sour-and-hot mushroom soup, or, if you’re ever in need of a quick fix, Fuchsia’s emergency late-night noodles.

Many of the recipes require few ingredients and are ridiculously easy to make. Fuchsia also includes a comprehensive introduction to the key seasonings and techniques of the Chinese kitchen. With stunning photography and clear instructions, this is an essential cookbook for everyone, beginner and connoisseur alike, eager to introduce Chinese dishes into their daily cooking repertoire.

4. The Food of Sichuan

Author: by Fuchsia Dunlop
480 pages

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A Finalist for the 2020 James Beard Foundation Cookbook Award (International)New York Times “Holiday Books 2019Cooking” NPR “Favorite Books of 2019” Guardian “Best Cookbooks and Food Writing of 2019” Cond Nast Traveler “Best Travel Cookbooks 2019” Chowhound “Best New International Cookbooks for Fall 2019” An essential update of Fuchsia Dunlop’s landmark book on Sichuan cuisine, with 200 recipes and stunning photographs.

Almost twenty years after the publication of Land of Plenty, considered by many to be one of the greatest cookbooks of all time, Fuchsia Dunlop revisits the region where her own culinary journey began, adding more than 70 new recipes to the original repertoire and accompanying them with mouthwatering descriptions of the dazzling flavors and textures of Sichuanese cooking.

Food of Sichuan shows home cooks how to re- create classics such as Mapo Tofu, Twice-Cooked Pork and Gong Bao Chicken, or a traditional spread of cold dishes, including Bang Bang Chicken, Numbing-and-Hot Dried Beef, Spiced Cucumber Salad and Green Beans in Ginger Sauce.

5. Mister Jiu's in Chinatown: Recipes and Stories from the Birthplace of Chinese American Food [A Cookbook]

Author: by Brandon Jew
304 pages

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The acclaimed chef behind the Michelin-starred Mister Jiu’s restaurant shares the past, present, and future of Chinese cooking in America through 90 mouthwatering recipes. Brandon Jew’s affection for San Francisco’s Chinatown and his own Chinese heritage is palpable in this cookbook, which is both a recipe collection and a portrait of a district rich in history.

Fuchsia Dunlop, James Beard Award-winning author of The Food of Sichuan Brandon Jew trained in the kitchens of California cuisine pioneers and Michelin-starred Italian institutions before finding his way back to Chinatown and the food of his childhood. Through deeply personal recipes and stories about the neighborhood that often inspires them, this groundbreaking cookbook is an intimate account of how Chinese food became American food and the making of a Chinese American chef.

Jew takes inspiration from classic Chinatown recipes to create innovative spins like Sizzling Rice Soup, Squid Ink Wontons, Orange Chicken Wings, Liberty Roast Duck, Mushroom Mu Shu, and Banana Black Sesame Pie. From the fundamentals of Chinese cooking to master class recipes, he interweaves recipes and techniques with stories about their origins in Chinatown and in his own family history.

6. Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen [A Cookbook]

Author: by Leela Punyaratabandhu
236 pages

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Thai takeout meets authentic, regional flavors in this collection of 100 recipes for easy, economical, and accessible Thai classicsfrom the rising star behind the blog She Simmers. Who can say no to a delicious plate of Pad Thai with Shrimp; a fresh, tangy Green Papaya Salad; golden Fried Spring Rolls; or a rich, savory Pork Toast with Cucumber Relish?

Thai food is not only one of the most vibrant, wonderfully varied cuisines in the world, it also happens to be one of the tastiest, and a favorite among American eaters. The good news is, with the right ingredients and a few basic tools and techniques, authentic Thai food is easily within reach of home cooks.

Take it from Leela Punyaratabandhu, a Bangkok native and author of the popular Thai cooking blog She Simmers. In her much-anticipated debut cookbook, Leela shares her favorite recipes for classic Thai fare, including beloved family recipes, popular street food specialties, and iconic dishes from Thai restaurant menus around the world.

7. Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Mastery, with Authentic Recipes and Stories

Author: by Grace Young
Taunton Press
336 pages

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Winner of the 2011 James Beard Foundation Award for International Cooking, this is the authoritative guide to stir-frying: the cooking technique that makes less seem like more, extends small amounts of food to feed many, and makes ingredients their most tender and delicious.

The stir-fry is all things: refined, improvisational, adaptable, and inventive. The technique and tradition of stir-frying, which is at once simple yet subtly complex, is as vital today as it has been for hundreds of yearsand is the key to quick and tasty meals.

In Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, award-winning author Grace Young shares more than 100 classic stir-fry recipes that sizzle with heat and pop with flavor, from the great Cantonese stir-fry masters to the culinary customs of Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, as well as other countries around the world.

With more than eighty stunning full-color photographs, Young’s definitive work illustrates the innumerable, easy-to-learn possibilities the technique offersdry stir-fries, moist stir-fries, clear stir-fries, velvet stir-friesand weaves the insights of Chinese cooking philosophy into the preparation of beloved dishes as Kung Pao Chicken, Stir-Fried Beef and Broccoli, Chicken Lo Mein with Ginger Mushrooms, and Dry-Fried Sichuan Beans.

8. Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand [A Cookbook]

Author: by Andy Ricker
ISBN: 978-1607742883
Published at: Ten Speed Press; Illustrated edition (October 29, 2013)

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A guide to bold, authentic Thai cooking from Andy Ricker, the chef and owner of the wildly popular and widely lauded Pok Pok restaurants. After decades spent traveling throughout Thailand, Andy Ricker wanted to bring the country’s famed street food stateside.

In 2005 he opened Pok Pok, so named for the sound a pestle makes when it strikes a clay mortar, in an old shack in a residential neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Ricker’s traditional take on Thai food soon drew the notice of the New York Times and Gourmet magazine, establishing him as a culinary star.

Now, with his first cookbook, Ricker tackles head-on the myths that keep people from making Thai food at home: that it’s too spicy for the American palate or too difficult to source ingredients. Ricker shares more than fifty of the most popular recipes from Thailand and his Pok Pok restaurantsranging from Khao Soi Kai (Northern Thai curry noodle soup with chicken) to Som Tam Thai (Central Thaistyle papaya salad) to Pok Pok’s now-classic (and obsessed-over) Fish-Sauce Wings.

9. Weber's New Real Grilling: The Ultimate Cookbook for Every Backyard Griller

Author: by Jamie Purviance
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
336 pages

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Grilling out is an essential part of the American culture, and Weber’s name is synonymous with barbecue, bringing friends and families together to create moments that make lasting memories. Weber’s New Real Grilling celebrates the joy of being in the backyard and gathering around the grill.

Complete with more than 200 simple, classic, andmost of alldrop-to-your-knees delicious recipes, this book explores the foods and flavors that are made for grilling: the very best recipes for beef, pork, poultry, and seafood, small plates, vegetables and sides, desserts, and the best rubs, marinades, brines, and sauces.

Find basic grilling skills, valuable tips, and tried-and-true techniques in Weber’s New Real Grilling that will turn any griller into an expert outdoor entertainer. Weber’s New Real Grilling includes:200 delicious recipes, each with a full-color photoA guide on mastering the basics, including essential tools, advice on how to stock the griller’s pantry, knife skills, common techniques, and moreTips on various grill set ups, different fuel types including lump charcoal and how to us and control it, plus grill cleaning essentials and safetyAdvanced Training on how to get the most from your grill with smoke cooking basics, rotisserie cooking, pizza on the grill, and using a wok to stir-fry on the grillGrill skills sections with tips, tricks, and how-tos of barbecue favorites for perfect steaks, ribs, turkey, and salmonFun detours into the past with classic recipes from Weber’s grilling archives – complete with an update for modern palatesClassic remix recipes which dive into Weber’s grilling archives and update classic recipes for the modern palate.

10. Easy Wok Cookbook: 88 Simple Chinese Recipes for Stir-frying, Steaming and More

Author: by Terri Dien
200 pages

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Chinese food in a flash88 easy, tasty wok recipes that sizzle It’s time to toss the takeout menu and start stir-frying like a seasoned master chef. The Easy Wok Cookbook gives you everything you need to get started, including dozens of delicious Chinese dishes, simple instructions, troubleshooting tips and tricks, and more.

From flavorful Kung Pao Chicken to crispy Sesame Beef, this authentic Chinese wok cookbook is sure to tantalize your taste buds without breaking your budgetor your patience. Rock your wok with confidence at home with expert tips, including a step-by-step guide to achieving stir-fry success.

Welcome to your new Asian-inspired cooking adventure! The Easy Wok Cookbook has it all: 88 Classic and creative recipesDiscover how to stir-fry, steam, and simmer a delectable mix of traditional Chinese foods, American Chinese takeout favorites, and Chinese fusion dishes. Doable dishesSave time and money with these easy wok cookbook recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes, under $10, or with 5 ingredients or less.

11. The Breath of a Wok: Breath of a Wok

Author: by Grace Young
Simon & Schuster
256 pages

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Award-winning author Grace Young celebrates and demystifies the art of wok cooking for the Western home cook. When Grace Young was a child, her father instilled in her a lasting appreciation of wok hay, the highly prized but elusive taste that food achieves when properly stir-fried in a wok.

As an adult, Young aspired to create that taste in her own kitchen. Grace Young’s quest to master wok cooking led her throughout the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Along with award-winning photographer Alan Richardson, Young sought the advice of home cooks, professional chefs, and esteemed culinary teachers like Cecilia Chiang, Florence Lin, and Ken Hom.

Their instructions, stories, and recipes, gathered in this richly designed and illustrated volume, offer not only expert lessons in the art of wok cooking, but also capture a beautiful and timeless way of life. With its emphasis on cooking with all the senses, The Breath of a Wok brings the techniques and flavors of old-world wok cooking into today’s kitchen, enabling anyone to stir-fry with wok hay.

12. The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook: Fresh Recipes to Sizzle, Steam, and Stir-Fry Restaurant Favorites at Home

Author: by Charmaine Ferrara
192 pages

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Want to make easy, healthy Chinese food?Go for a wok. In the time it takes to call for takeout, you could make a delicious Chinese dinner at home! The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook shows you how to create nourishing, satisfying versions of Chinese restaurant favorites using just a wok.

With this one versatile pan, you can stir-fry meats, steam veggies, simmer soup, and more. This Chinese cookbook uses lower sodium and sugar, heart-healthy oils, lean cuts of meat, and fresh produceno deep-fryer or MSG in sight. Many recipes include substitutions and variations, so you can experiment with ingredients and customize flavors just the way you like them.

In The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook, you’ll find:A complete wok walk-throughMaster the techniques and tools for cooking Chinese cuisine in just one piece of cookwarea wok. 88 favorite recipesUsing this Chinese cookbook, recreate popular restaurant dishes like Orange Chicken and Honey-Walnut Shrimp, or cook up Chinese family comfort food like Yangzhou Fried Rice and Steamed Egg with Ground Pork.

13. China: The Cookbook

Author: by Kei Lum Chan
Phaidon Press
720 pages

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The definitive cookbook bible of the world’s most popular and oldest cuisine”China The Cookbook is a magnificent insight into the history of Chinese cuisine. I will treasure it in my collection and it will be no doubt be used as valuable reference for many years to come.” Ken Hom OBE,Chef, author and tv presenterIn the tradition of bestsellers including Mexico and The Nordic Cookbook comes the next title in the multimillion-selling national cuisine series, China: The Cookbook.

Featuring more than 650 recipes for delicious and authentic Chinese dishes for the home kitchen, this impressive and authoritative book showcases the culinary diversity of the world’s richest and oldest cuisines with recipes from the 33 regions and sub-regions. China: The Cookbook celebrates popular staples such as Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs and Dim Sum, as well as lesser-known regional classics like Fujian Fried Rice and Jiangsu’s Drunken Chicken, and features additional selected recipes from star chefs from around the world.

14. Everyday Asian Cooking: Egg Roll, Spring Roll, and Dumpling Recipes (Quick and Easy Asian Cookbooks Book 2)

Author: by Lina Chang
The Cookbook Publisher
April 14, 2021

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Make Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, and Dumplings at home with authentic Asian Recipes! Download FREE with Kindle UnlimitedIf you’re a fan of Asian rolls and dumplings, especially the traditional ones, this cookbook offers an authentic recipe collection of egg rolls, spring rolls, dumplings, and dipping sauces from across Asia.

In this cookbook, Lina Chang has brought the best tastes from Asia in the form of their traditional and authentic dumplings and spring rolls. All recipes have a delicious, mouthwatering appeal and bring added value to your table. Try these out for your family and loved ones all year round.

Make it a family event where everyone can help in the preparation. They are easy to make and quick to eat! Inside you will learn:How to make egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings from scratch. How to fold egg rolls and springs rollsHow to use a bamboo steamerThe basics of cooking Asian food including cooking methods and key Asian ingredientsAnd more!

This collection has over 60 of the most delicious Asian dumpling, Spring roll, egg roll and dipping sauce recipes including:EGG ROLL AND SPRING ROLL RECIPESOpen-Ended Egg RollsVietnamese Spring RollsThai Fresh RollsLumpiaShanghai-Style Spring RollsThai Veggie Spring rollsHarumakiSweet and Sour Dipping SauceClassic Plum SauceAnd more!

15. Easy 30-Minute Stir-Fry Cookbook: 100 Asian Recipes for your Wok or Skillet

Author: by Chris Toy
178 pages

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100 Delicious stir fry recipes the whole family will loveall in 30 minutes or lessWith a tantalizing mix of aromatic herbs and spices, savory meats, crisp vegetables, and steamy rice or noodles, stir fry is the perfect meal. Now you can skip takeout with the Easy 30-Minute Stir-Fry Cookbook, a comprehensive stir fry cookbook packed with mouthwatering Asian favorites you can make in minutes with your wok or skillet.

Try beginner-friendly recipes like Curried Shrimp, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Thai Basil Pork that use simple, affordable ingredients you can easily find at your local grocer. With this unique stir fry cookbook, you’ll learn flavor bases and other common ingredients specific to 10 different Asian countries so you can create your own dishes inspired by the diverse flavors of various regional cuisines.Happy stir frying!

This complete stir fry cookbook includes: Tips for stir fry successExplore helpful preparation tricks and techniques within this practical stir fry cookbook, as well as pointers for seasoning and caring for your wok, and suggestions for stocking your kitchen. A cook time cheat sheetDiscover a convenient cheat sheet with cooking times and tips for commonly used ingredients like meat, seafood, tofu, and rice.

16. Chinese Soul Food: A Friendly Guide for Homemade Dumplings, Stir-Fries, Soups, and More

Author: by Hsiao-Ching Chou
Sasquatch Books
256 pages

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Any kitchen can be a Chinese kitchen with these 80 easy homestyle recipesplus tips and techniques for cooking with a wok, stocking your pantry, making rice, and moreChinese food is more popular than any other cuisine and yet it often intimidates North American home cooks.

Chinese Soul Food draws cooks into the kitchen with recipes that include sizzling potstickers, simply but delicious stir-fries, saucy braises, and soups that bring comfort with a sip. These are dishes that feed the belly and speak the universal language of “mmm!” In Chinese Soul Food, you’ll find approachable recipes and plenty of tips for favorite homestyle Chinese dishes, such as red-braised pork belly, dry-fried green beans, braised-beef noodle soup, green onion pancakes, garlic eggplant, and the author’s famous potstickers, which consistently sell out her cooking classes in Seattle.

You will also find helpful tips and techniques, such as caring for and using a wok and how to cook rice properly, as well as a basic Chinese pantry list that also includes acceptable substitutions, making it even simpler for the busiest among us to cook their favorite Chinese dishes at home.